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Three Easy Steps to Begin Again; Repeat as Necessary

Today is the Perfect Day to Start Fresh

A fresh start might be just what you need to achieve your goals.

A fresh start might be just what you need to achieve your goals.

Now is the Time

Whether it's just past the New Year and you've forgotten about those life changing resolutions you made, or you've just had a birthday and you're ready to revamp your entire life, or maybe it's just another Tuesday and you've not gotten where you thought you'd be.

Whatever the case, it is not too late to succeed. No matter your age, no matter the time of year, no matter the day of the week or any other external circumstances. Right now is the perfect time to begin again.

This article gives you three reasons why now is the time to achieve those goals, intentions and desires.

Now is the Perfect Time

Get up right now and do one thing toward your most pressing goal.

Get up right now and do one thing toward your most pressing goal.

Just Get Started

Get up. Right now. Stop reading this article, stand up, take a deep breath, stretch a little. Count backwards 5-4-3-2-1. When you get to one, go!

Go do one thing toward achieving your goal. I did just that. I stopped writing. Stood up and walked into the kitchen. One of my goals is to drink a gallon of water daily. I grabbed my water bottle, swallowed several refreshing glugs of cool water, then brought the water bottle back to my desk.

Our brain will talk us out of just about anything that feels a little uncomfortable. I learned the 5-4-3-2-1 method from a great book by Mel Robbins, "The Five Second Rule." It makes a huge difference in achieving goals.

You don't have to read the entire book (although I highly recommend it) to benefit from her wisdom. Whether you know you want to work out, start your taxes or declutter a space, procrastination prevents you from achieving many of your desires.

When you feel the impulse, or when it's the time you said you'd go outside for a walk, don't think about it. Count backward from five and go! Do it now.

There is no other time in your life than right now. Whatever your goal is, you can't go back in time and get started. You can't jump forward in time and have the achievement. You live in the here and now, and this is the time to take action.

Rather than letting your mind talk you into another handful of chips, one more episode of the show you are binge watching, or hitting the snooze button, countdown and go! Launch yourself into the next step toward accomplishing your desire.

Rules are Meant to be Broken

Listen to your gut, rather than someone else's rules

Listen to your gut, rather than someone else's rules

Break a Few Rules

There are too many rules. Rules around what we should eat. What we should drink. When we should work out. When we should retire or have children or begin saving money.

Too many rules can block you from achieving your dreams. When you get caught up in counting all the carbs or measuring BMI or saving this amount of money, you lose sight of why you set the goal in the first place.

Most of us set goals because we believe that in accomplishing the thing, we will feel better. We'll feel happier, we'll be healthier, we'll feel safer. Your why is far more important than a bunch of rules that someone else created.

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Following a workout program or a savings plan or a specific diet can be useful to get you moving in a direction. The problem comes when you miss a day because you were sick, or you are unable to adhere to the stringent rules because of a real life issue.

Sure, it builds resiliency to overcome adversity. Yes, it makes you tough to do hard things. Sometimes, though, when we mess up the rules or fall off the plan, we quit. We give up entirely.

Rather than quitting because you messed up and ate some cake or spent too much money before you saved it, let go of the rules.

Release yourself from the burden of strict adherence to a made up set of rules. Listen to your body. Just because a body builder said you could lose weight eating 800 calories a day, doesn't mean that's the best thing for your own body.

Rules are fine when you use them as guidelines. In the long run, listen to your body, trust your instincts and keep moving forward. Take a step forward, regardless of whether you broke the rules.

Learn to Manage Your Expectations

Keep your expectations low and you'll never be disappointed

Keep your expectations low and you'll never be disappointed

What Did You Expect?

When you learn to manage your expectations and keep them in line with reality, you'll rarely be disappointed.

When setting goals, we all have high expectations of our behavior and the predicted outcome. Reality shows up to throw a curve ball at your goals and intentions. Sure, you intended to get up at sunrise and run a mile every day. Unfortunately, you forgot to factor in the fact that it's snowing and you haven't run farther than a block in years. Or you planned to start saving ten percent of your paycheck every week, but didn't count on needing new tires.

Small setbacks can destroy your expectations and derail any forward progress you've made toward improving your life. Setting realistic goals is a great way to manage expectations.

In addition to the actual goals or intentions themselves, is the fact that when you don't perform as you'd planned, you get discouraged. When you get discouraged, it's easy to quit.

Rather than give up entirely, give yourself a break. Life happens. That's real. With the facts in hand, how can you move forward?

I'd planned to finish editing my novel by the end of the year. Unfortunately, I didn't plan on moving and needing to find a job. Instead of giving up entirely, I decided to keep my laptop and book on the table. When I have even five minutes, I sit down and work. A few minutes a day is better than watching my dream go up in smoke.

You can only do what you are willing and able to do. Rather than beat yourself up over unrealistic expectations, cut yourself some slack. Countdown from five and go! Get started, and do it how you want. What does your gut say?

With these three easy steps, you're sure to achieve your goals and intentions, one step at a time. First, start now. Then, break some rules. Finally, manage your own expectations. Every day offers you an opportunity to begin again, exactly where you are. Good luck with whatever your heart desires! I believe in you.

Namaste, friends

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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