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Beating Cabin Fever


Cabin fever is a problem for many people, especially in current times, with so many people quarantined or self isolating. It’s important to find ways to keep ourselves busy so that we stay healthy, both mentally and physically. Everyone has their own ways to cope with being cooped up, but here’s some suggestions if you’re looking for new ideas to beat cabin fever.

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Start a Project

If you're stuck in isolation, one of the best ways to keep yourself busy is to start a new project. Find somewhere in your home that you want to improve and set about doing it. This doesn’t have to mean a major (and expensive!) renovation. There are endless DIY projects that are inexpensive and will give your home a spruce. Anything from stenciling designs onto doorframes or walls to covering the shelves of your linen closet can work. If you’re new to DIY home improvement, start with something small until you build confidence.

You can also work on organizing a room or area of your house that is cluttered. Clearing through old junk that has piled up can be a great catharsis and really boost your mood if you’re feeling down. It’ll keep you busy for a few days and at the end, you’ll look over your hard work and feel great!

Another idea is to organize all those old photos that you have been meaning to sort through. Whether these are digital pics or hard copy photos that need to into albums, it's the perfect project for when you have a lot of hours to fill.

Find a New Hobby

A tried and tested method of dealing with cabin fever is to start a new hobby (or go back to an old one). There’s no limit to the possibilities here. You just have to find the hobby that’s right for you. Here's just a few ideas:

  • cooking (or baking)
  • woodworking
  • knitting or sewing
  • cross stitch, needlepoint, or crochet
  • scrapbooking
  • writing a blog
  • creative writing (poetry, novel, short stories, journal)
  • learn a new language (that would certainly keep you busy!)
  • try a new form of exercise (yoga, tai chi, palates)
  • gardening (this has the added benefit of giving you vitamin D, which is a great mood booster)
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Be a Bookworm

Reading is a great way to pass the time. If you’re a reader, you probably have a shelf full of books you’ve been meaning to get around to. Now is the perfect time to conquer that giant pile! If you don’t have a stash of books already laying around, you can do some online shopping or, if you’re on a budget, head to your local library. Find out what the latest trending books are online and pick up a copy, or tackle some of the classics that you’ve always meant to get around to reading. Whatever your tastes are, you’ll never run out of reading material, so it’s a perfect winter (or quarantine) activity. Curl up with a warm drink, a blanket, and a good story.



It's incredibly important to stay physically healthy, even when you can't get out. It increases your immune system so you're less likely to get sick, and keeps you mentally healthy, helping to beat cabin fever. If you are able to get outside, make sure to go on a daily walk (or run, if you're a runner). If you can't get outside, there's ways to exercise inside.

The easiest way to get exercise indoors is to find exercise videos on YouTube. Try out different types of videos and see what you like best. Vary them day by day to make sure getting stretching and cardio. If you need motivation, do the videos with a friend or family member (even if it's just over the phone or video chat!). If you're in an apartment building, you can spend time everyday going up and down the stairs, increasing the intensity each day. Another great way to exercise is to clean. Vigorous cleaning tasks like mopping and vacuuming can actually be a great physical workout, and is productive at the same time.

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