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What Does Healthy Living Mean?

Tonette believes that healthy living begins at home and one has to experience it to live a healthy life.

Healthy living is about a better sense of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being in a wholesome, optimistic, and active lifestyle.

Getting a full dose of a healthy lifestyle seems elusive. What does healthy living means to you and me? Is it too strict? Can we really have it? In a sense, looking at it as the "should-be" way to live and then challenging ourselves, we might realize how simple these things are to make it a healthy habit.

Are you in? Then let's reset our goals and prepare for these 10 challenges.

1) Healthy Living Eats Healthily


Healthy eating is all about getting a nutritional lifestyle that delivers a balanced diet. It considers consuming different food groups in the right quantities. It means a balance of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, protein, dairy, fat & sugar to supply enough of everything a human body needs for good health.

It helps a lot to eat whole grains such as brown rice and pasta, whole wheat bread whenever possible, and darker colored fruits and vegetables.

Another example is snacking on fruit and nuts instead of sugary treats; this provides the fiber, protein, and healthy fats enough to sustain you to your next meal.

It can even promote weight loss by helping to reduce cravings and letting enough time for the body to burn calories in between meals. Check out this guide to eating a balanced diet.

2) It Is Having Good Rest and Sleep


Sleep sustains well-being. It is when you sleep that the body heals and replenishes itself. Even if a straight 6-8 hours of nightly sleep seems impossible, catnaps can be very helpful. The body rebels with illness when it is forced to work long periods without enough rest.

Getting enough sleep isn’t only about how many hours you need to sleep, but it also concerns, more importantly, the amount of rest the body needs to prepare it for another day.

3) It Includes a Good Regular Exercise


Exercise pumps the heart to health. A 20-minute brisk walk, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or playing with your kids are forms of exercise.

Exercising means increasing your physical activity regularly. Not only it keeps the body at a healthy weight by burning calories, but it also allows the mind to release stress. Make your own simple exercises at home as your simplest calorie-burning activities every day.

One tip to get you exercising regularly is to think of a motivator. You want to look and feel great, right? Well then, invest in workout gear that excites you to put them on every day. Wanting to exercise regularly and actually doing it can be a big challenge. Success requires some changes to the way you think and behave.

4) It Chooses Water to Drink


You need to constantly sip water even if you're not thirsty. The body needs adequate fluids to help itself digest and process the food you are eating. Drinking plenty of water energizes the body and helps it release toxins for optimum health.

It can slowly reduce the amount of soda you drink in one day. So if you haven't already given up your unhealthy drink-a-day habit, start replacing it with lots of water. Set the 8 glasses of water as a daily goal. If you can make it to 12, wow!

5) It Breathes with Nature

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Breathing keeps us all alive. It fuels the brain and muscles allowing the body to work harder for longer, and yet it is something that is undervalued.

Most of us breathe in a shallow manner preventing fresh oxygen from getting in. The body also wants us to take a full breath and then exhale every last bit of carbon dioxide. This is something we are not very good at so giving time to breathe will pour more oxygen into the body.

Did you know that giving special time to breathe each day allows you some quiet time for yourself? That's true. In fact, breathing takes care of your heart and promotes a healthy mind and spirit? The Medical News Today has tips for breathing properly.

6) It Finds Time to Slow Down


One cause of stress is trying to perfect everything you do rather than accepting things as good enough.

Excessive demands of your time caring for children, aging parents, household chores, office projects, and budgeting are the most unavoidable situations of stress. Taking time to plan ahead can minimize pressures and help you put all tasks in order.

Over-committing to something is not impressive at all. It grinds the brain and body beyond capacity. If you're already skipping meals, missing appointments, and not having time to talk to your child for 10 minutes - then you're making yourself sick. Stop and go back to your senses. Slowing down is a big step to healthy living.

7) It Highly Believes in Family


With today's fast-paced living, everybody is busy and so are children. It feels like there is a lot to do but you only have so little time. Healthy living can do so much to win back family time.

Every family needs a good leader and you are that leader. It may take a great conviction to create a healthy family time, but including it in the plan matters a lot.

Thinking about how the family can live life at its best can start with a good breakfast together. It updates everyone about each other's whereabouts for the day.

Letting the kids talk and share their stories wins their attention. The welcoming gesture excites them about coming home. Not forgetting to teach children the right use of technology saves them from living in unreality. One word to this is - being always there for each other - regardless.

8) It Appreciates Friends and Laughter

Good friends make you healthy. They help boost happiness and increase a sense of belongingness. They help you cope with stress and encourage self-worth.

Friends give you the opportunity to laugh. You don't mind how tired you are because they are so good at giving back your energy and that feels so relieving.

How I love this Someecard quote of two friends. Can you feel them, too?

How I love this Someecard quote of two friends. Can you feel them, too?

Studies found that a rich social life is likely to allow people to live longer than those with fewer connections. This is great for older adults, then.

If you are motivated to meet new friends, don't limit yourself to certain social status. There are so many nice people from all walks of life. One strategy is to broaden your horizon. Give everyone a chance and the greater your likelihood of meeting the best people on earth.

9) It Does Not Brew Hatred


A forgiving attitude encourages mindfulness.

Being annoyed with someone can lead to being angry at the person. When this prolongs, it is detrimental to well-being.

An awareness of possible grudges helps sway away from qualms while calmly acknowledging one's feelings. It sounds hard to achieve, but one with a forgiving spirit wins the battle against resentment.

As Nelson Mandela quotes:

It’s like drinking poison and expecting the other person to feel the effects. Keeping anger locked in can cause resentment, which may lead to you feeling depressed.

In any situation, moving on to the next clear road is reconnecting to peace of mind. Being resilient when things don't go your way also leads one to move forward and live life without detriment.

10) It is Powered by Prayer


Even a small wish for safety if it comes from the heart is prayer.

A sense of peace that happens with prayer brings positive effects on the body. It leads the way to calm your cardiovascular system and is a perfect moment to combat stress. Saying a small prayer is not unusual. It acts as a cushion that lifts people up from the curves of life - strengthening one's emotional health.

Allow prayer to take charge of your health and well-being. The relaxation response releases control to something greater than oneself. It's the love of GOD people feel and trust that keeps the world whole.

I personally find a great time for prayer in solitude. There are no words to follow yet silence gave me the perfect time to talk and listen.

So, how many of what healthy living means have you been mastering or are ready to start today?

Discovering Something Great

As I was creating this hub, I ran into this prayer for healthy lifestyles. Reading it made me realize that I haven't been giving my body enough sleep. Thanks to this hub, I have seen some of what I need to live healthier, as well.

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Tonette Fornillos (author) from The City of Generals on June 28, 2012:

caribbeanmedskuls - Healthfully addicted is something good, you're always welcome. Thanks so much for reading and keep the good shape. All the best.

caribbeanmedskuls on June 10, 2012:

Hi Tonipet. I am becoming "healthfully" addicted to your hubs. You are my icon! All the best!

Tonette Fornillos (author) from The City of Generals on June 06, 2012:

Very true Dan... and if your heart is not ready, all the more that you can't climb up - just the beauty of making the heart healthy. Thank you for the encouraging comment. Power and safety in your next mountain trips!

Dan Human from Niagara Falls, NY on June 06, 2012:

I try to live healthier by being passionate about my outdoor hobbies. From daily workouts, to eating the right foods - you can't climb mountains if you aren't living healthily.

Great Hub!

Tonette Fornillos (author) from The City of Generals on May 29, 2012:

Thank you christin - it's even more interesting that you are for healthy living, as well. What we give our body is what our body gives us in return. You're awesome!

Ann-Christin from UK on May 29, 2012:

Very interesting hub I'm all for healthy living. We owe it to our body's and mind to look after them.

Tonette Fornillos (author) from The City of Generals on May 24, 2012:

Whatever we consider best for our health I think sums up healthy living. I wish you the best of health! Thank you for voting up and useful. Blessings!

Injured lamb on May 24, 2012:

What a well-written hub that states out what a healthy living is all about...thanks for the sharing Tonette, voted this up and useful, cheers!

Tonette Fornillos (author) from The City of Generals on May 22, 2012:

Lucky body to have you shaped it to it's best. With a music-loving mind and such a giving heart, you must've lived that healthy. A body that rocks is a body well-loved. Thank you Mhatter, so glad you've stopped by, that was awesome of you. Best of all!

Martin Kloess from San Francisco on May 22, 2012:

my body wasn't indestructible after all

Tonette Fornillos (author) from The City of Generals on May 15, 2012:

Thank you for stopping eric. Your cleaning-up goal is one factor that shapes up healthy living, I believe. Best of all!

eric-carter from Fulham, UK on May 15, 2012:

up for your great hub :)

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