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Be Gentle With Your Mind


Be gentle with your mind

The way people are affected by their environment, by different stressful situations, by the disturbing factors around is dependent upon the condition of their minds, how healthy it is, how much openness or willingness the mind has to accept the present situation, how much active it is to face and respond the stress or anxiety that is trying to overcome the emotional stability. The health of mind is very important to not only face the challenges but also to come out of the stressful environment.

Mental health is very important

Taking care of mind is as important as taking care of the physical health, if there is no development of filtration system in mind that can distinguish between the useful thoughts which should be encouraged and the useless constant negative thoughts which should be rejected, if there is no proper drainage system within the mind of a person that can empty the space by expelling the grief, pain, regrets, insecurities, fears and hopelessness and replacing those thoughts and refilling that space with determination, will power, use of intellect and wisdom, exploration and use of the potential of the brain, the power of thinking big and beyond the problems of life, if there is no such system which should be developed by conscious effort, then it will be very difficult to cope up with the challenges of life because these struggles, these trials will not wait for the mind to be cleaned and comforted and then to arrive in someone’s life. So it’s very important to realize how to maintain the health of the mind on regular basis.

Regular Cleaning

If the mind will remain stuffed with all the past regrets and present grief and future worries then there is going to be no more space left for new challenging thoughts to rest and relax, so the example of taking the mind as a room is very relatable here, consider a room not cleaned and organized for months and months, what will be it’s condition? Books on the floor, dust on the racks, clothes out of the cupboard, spider webs will be hanging from the ceiling and what not, similarly if human mind is left forgotten, uncleaned and polluted and unorganized for months and months, it will result in abundance of dusty negative thoughts leading to emotional disturbance which will cause the occurrence of painful doubts and confusions about self and life, ultimately leading to complete chaos just like the spider webs hanging from the ceiling in a forgotten room.

How to be gentle with the mind?

Now the question is how to maintain the health of the mind when continuously the mind has to encounter the challenges? In this regard, it’s very important to understand the connection human actions have with the mind and how this connection effects the life of the people. The emotions of heart and behaviors that are expressed by the body are based on how much a person is aware of the thoughts that are entering the mind. Are these thoughts harmful or beneficial? Are these thoughts positive or negative? Does these present thoughts going to help in the long run or not? To improve this connection, to enhance the understanding of the mind, it’s important to promote the concept of Self-awareness. Briefly discussing the concept of self-awareness, the two important aspects that are very significant are the realization of ‘self’; knowing who I am? What are my abilities, strengths, potential? And secondly being aware of the purpose of life, the more a person will become aware of the purpose of life, there will be more clarity of thoughts in his mind and will be able to realize his hidden potential to combat the negativities around by taking care of the mind through the process of filtration. Self-awareness leads to the realization of the strengths that are hidden inside humans and they ignore them and think that they don’t have any strength or ability and feel inferior and deprived due to the severity of situations they face. So it’s very important to start from self-awareness and it can be done through positive self-talks, through reading books and doing research on this wonderful concept. Also writing can help a lot, it can also be the source of cleaning the mind. Writing just a page everyday, about everyday problems, worries and the challenges faced in life can help in removing useless elements of mind and can ease the burden of negative thoughts and making a habit of writing a motivational sentence for one’s own self can replace the chaos of mind with clarity, it may seem very tiny effort with regards to effect but these small efforts of taking care of the mind, expressing compassion and empathy for one’s own self by being gentle with one’s mind can make a huge difference in the long term.

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Give value to your thinking power

Mind has very high sensitivity to external factors such as validation, social pressure and the changes that occur in the environment. When challenges are faced in life, when a person is discouraged or dejected or ignored or avoided or faces a failure then in response to that disappointment a person always blames his incapability of mind, blames his inability to think big and better rather he should focus on the potential of his mind. So giving value to the thinking power of mind is very much needed, it can be done by giving it some breathing space through cleaning it regularly and consciously instilling more positive thoughts inside, also taking good sleep and doing exercise on daily basis can help the mind to relax and refresh. The more fresh and organized the mind will be the more easy it will be to overcome the challenges of everyday by focusing on the solutions and to use the mind in healthy activities to live a productive and meaningful life.

Empty the space covered with hate and grief

Fill it with thoughts of love and hope of relief

Look at your strengths, shine you will find

Be true to yourself, be gentle with your mind

© 2021 Siddiqa Bano

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