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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Effective Direct and Supportive Treatment

Patty has advanced degrees in preventive medicine and health psychology, with 35 years of work in allergy and other autoimmune treatment.

David Grant USAF Medical Center - Hyperbaric Medicine Department. Several practitioners use the HBOT room.

David Grant USAF Medical Center - Hyperbaric Medicine Department. Several practitioners use the HBOT room.

Ask Your Doctor About Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment (HBOT) is an important adjunct treatment has been used to reduce and alleviate a variety of conditions besides "the bends" suffered during deep sea diving. At least 13 different conditions respond well to this treatment.

In the decades of the 2000s and 2010s, additional conditions have been found to respond well to this mode of treatment. Weight loss and maintenance may be one of those conditions responding well to HBOT among some individuals, whether they have weight reduction surgery or not.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment, or HBOT, can speed the recovery time from many types of surgery for a large number of patients. It can lessen the time for recovery from Bariatric Surgery just as it can for other surgeries.

Hyperbaric Chamber for One Patient.

Hyperbaric Chamber for One Patient.

Faster Medical Results

HBOT can speed the healing of body tissues and enable medications to be processed more efficiently in the human body. This means that a far smaller amount medication might be required than previously expected with other treatments alone.

We have increasing amounts of evidence sine the year 2000 that HBOT can treat obesity without surgery or weight loss drugs.

If you are a good candidate for HBOT, your doctor, nurses, and HBOT technicians can educate you about the process it entails and answer questions about it.

Your treatment team may begin giving you sessions of HBOT before your surgery occurs, in order to add additional oxygen to your body, and thus increasing its healing potentials beforehand.

This builds the body's healing functions with oxygen provided to the deep tissues. Oxygen enables many functions of the body to operate more fully and efficiently.

Dad and son in a HBOT chamber.

Dad and son in a HBOT chamber.

Could HBOT help?

Ask your doctor if HBOT would be beneficial as a treatment if used in conjunction with your Bariatric Surgery. HBOT has produced the following positive health outcomes for many patients in any of 13 approved medical areas of use listed in the next section. In addition, HBOT can help by:

  1. Stopping or eliminating harmful bacteria and microbial actions,
  2. Forming and building new blood vessels,
  3. Increasing oxygen to the body tissues,
  4. Constricting dilated blood vessels,
  5. Reversing a type of inury known as reperfusion [blood flow is cut off and restored, as in some surgery], and
  6. Reducing gas bubbles in the blood stream or tissues [bubbles may happen with certain medical procedures].

New applications for HBOT are being discovered and practitioners of HBOT are kept aware of them.

What are the Benefits of HBOT?

Here are some of the benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy that you may appreciate and that have been officially approved for use.

Improved quality of life.

HBOT promotes healing of problem wounds and can mean the difference between permanent disability and loss of limbs, and healing.

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Improved care.

Delivering HBOT (high oxygen under pressure), hypoxic tissue (not enough oxygen) can be restored and healing can proceed.

Lower costs.

By accelerating healing and the reduction of additional medical care, HBOT assists in cost reductions that insurance providers demand.

New blood vessels are created.

Increasing oxygen promotes tiny new blood vessels to grow .

Decreased swelling (edema).

Controlling swelling is especially useful in radiation burns and for wound sites. Decreasing the swelling allows the blood to flow more freely throughout affected body parts, bringing more oxygen in for quicker healing.

Infection control.

High oxygen levels increase the ability of white blood cells to kill bacteria and can itself kill bacteria.

Approved Uses for HBOT

These are the current 13 Medically-accepted uses for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). These are officially approved by the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS).

  1. Brain Abscesses
  2. Bubbles in the blood stream: Air or Gas Embolism
  3. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
  4. Crush Injuries
  5. Cyanide Poisoning
  6. Decompression Sickness
  7. Enhancement of Healing in Problem Wounds
  8. Exceptional-Blood-Loss Anemia (anemia from a large blood loss)
  9. Gas Gangrene
  10. Ionizing Radiation Exposure and Damage
  11. Necrotizing Soft Tissue Infections (killing the flesh)
  12. Osteomyelitis (bone-related infections)
  13. Skin Grafts
  14. Thermal Burns

Note: One of the most promising recent uses for HBOT is the treatment of some autism spectrum disorders with increased oxygen and blood flow (Dr. Bob Sears in the Desert News, 2018).

Mayo Clinic leaders state in their website that HIV/AIDS can likely be helped with HBOT and that current research literature supports this stance.


These contacts will provide you with a large supply of information about Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, its accepted uses, and the many alternative uses that are coming under scrutiny and consideration for widespread use as treatments.


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