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How to Balance Your Protein for Muscular-skeletal Strength

Miebakagh57 is a retired Chief Administrative Officer. I am passionate about aerobic exercises, food, nutrition, and good health.

Introducing animal and vegetable proteins

Proteins are important foodstuffs available to all living things. Without protein, life could not exist. It is the basis of all living beings.

Thus, we have protein in the form of animal and vegetable sources. Seeds, roots, and fruits also provide small amounts vital to good health.

In this article, we will consider the best of how to get the most from any source.

Eat only animal proteins, and your bloodstream is likely to be acidic. Animal proteins are acid forming. Vegetable proteins result in an alkaline bloodstream.

A normal bloodstream is alkaline. Vegetables affect this. If the bloodstream becomes acidic, skin rashes can rise. This is the reason pimples, eczema and ulcers appear on the skin.

Fish is high quality protein

Fish like mullet builds muscles

Fish like mullet builds muscles

Peanut or ground nut is good quality vegetable protein

Roasted peanuts can boost over-all health

Roasted peanuts can boost over-all health

Combined animal and vegetable proteins

The question is: should I combine animal and vegetable protein? Yes.

A protein is formulated to contain carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms plus sulfur and or nitrogen and sometimes phosphorus. Here is a general empirical formula for protein: C400H620N100O120P11S1 Letters C, H, N etc stands for carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and sulfur atoms. All these we learn as basic in our chemistry or biology lessons. I hope it makes you remember your notes.

Let’s take some example of protein sources in everyday life: red or lean meat, skinless poultry and turkey, egg white, milk casein and whey milk. Fish like the sardine, tilapia, mullet, tuna, and cod. Kinds of seafood like oysters, lobsters, clam, shrimp, and crabs. But beware crabs can be very toxic.

Plant protein is obtained from seeds, nuts, roots and sometimes fruits. Almonds, ground nuts, cashew nuts, legumes and quinoa contained plant proteins.

A combined chop plate afford one a balanced meal


Animal proteins are first class proteins

Science tells us that animal protein is first class protein because these contain the traditional important 9 essential amino acids, the building blocks of protein that help make other 10,000 proteins to help build tissues, make blood and maintain the growth process. There are between 9 to 22 essential amino acids. The number has lately grown to 30.

  • A protein that has 20 or more of the essential amino acids is a polypeptide, and it is those that are considered as food protein.
  • In meat like poultry, steak, or egg, you get all the 9 essential amino acids.
  • These first-class proteins supply the essential omega -3 and -6 fatty acid, that plays a serious part in heart health. The heart is a muscle.
  • If your chop plate can deliver 9 to 20 of the essential amino acids, you can be such that the question of lack of high-quality protein in your diet is zero. So, you have to include at least two animal sources like milk and egg or red meat and fish.

For this reasons, eat high-quality food proteins.

100g Red Meat Contain About 48% Protein

Red meat that enhanced muscle and bone development

Red meat that enhanced muscle and bone development

Animal proteins are better absorbed by the body

Again, science says that the animal proteins are better absorbed by the body citing an instance in the absorption of milk casein into the bloodstream compared to soy protein. Iron (not a protein, but a mineral) in meat and eggs is much more easily absorbed into the bloodstream than that of leafy greens.

Thus, animal protein is essential than plant protein, since humans cannot make all the essential amino acids the body needs and the only way to get it is from animal sources.

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Hence, the very reason why vegetable protein is second to animal protein in spite of the fact that getting a combined chop plate of more than two vegetable sources like corn and peanuts. Better make it brown rice, corn, peanuts, peas, and bean in combination.

Make your voice to be heard

Eat eggs weekly for heart health

Egg-white is a good quality protein

Egg-white is a good quality protein

Protein is a fuel for nourishing the body

I read that protein will not make your bones and muscle strength. There is some truth in the statement.

But protein will help fuel the bones and muscles before, during and after executing some moderate physical exercises. It is the exercise, fueled by protein cells that impact strength to both bone and muscles.

Isometrics, that is resistant or strength training exercises; or plyometrics, jump training will deliver the much need strength to bone and muscle. You never can tell all that moderate physical exercises including aerobic or anaerobic exercises can impart the body with.

Protein, like carbohydrate and fat or oil, is a fuel. Protein helps fuel tissues and cells of the body, thus renewing and maintaining growth process. It will help build up your muscles and bones.

Lean, but not bulky muscle is what matters most in a fitness program.

Fish is an excellent source of protein for the body muscls

Eating fish proteins helps build your muscles

Eating fish proteins helps build your muscles

Vegetable proteins are as good as animal protein

Then, they are the vegetable proteins, beans and all legumes, whole grains, peanuts and all other nuts and seeds.

Nowadays, buckwheat, flax seed, quinoa, and chia are added to the vegetable list as they contained the traditional 9 essential amino acids. But all the 9 essential amino acids in the vegetables are not as potent as those found in fish, meat, casein milk, whey milk, and egg white. The protein absorption into the bloodstream is between 50 to 60 percent and so are limited; whereas, meat, egg white, casein protein, poultry and fish is 100% absorbed.

Get high-quality vegetable proteins in your chop plate and combine them. This will enable maximum absorption.

Scientific limitations of food terms

These first or second class terms are just limitations as quinoa and chia seeds have been proved to contain all 9 essential amino acids. Hemp protein is now considered to be of much better value than soy protein.

The vegetable and plant kingdom is still being explored. A relatively new source of protein from the wild will be added later. We all were ever in the learning process.

Due to the fact that animal sources of protein is the first class and taken to be much better than plants, human beings hardly think they are vegetarians by nature.

Less wonder, such people who subsist more on animal sources of protein and the refined carbohydrates, get sick more often than those vegetarian and vegan idiots.

Vegetarians and vegans do not meat sources

Vegetarians and vegans have one disadvantage in not eating meat sources from animals, fish, and birds. The iron and calcium absorption from the vegetables is poor. It is suggested a glass of milk will remedy the issue.

In later course, nature even tells mankind to balanced they chop plate with both animal and plant. Yet, many still hold a mindset in favor of animal protein or rather being ignorant of this fact, and prefer to be a complete vegan or vegetarian.

One good thing about these vegetable proteins is that they are balanced with the good complex carbohydrates and many phytonutrients most essential to the body. With the exception of vitamin B12, D, and E, all the others are provided in fullness. They also provide polyunsaturates. In other words, they oils are safely. So are easily digested and absorbed compared to solid animal fats. Peanut and corn oil, is as good as extra virgin olive oil. All these make vegetable proteins a vital health factor with little or no health or heart risk in your chop plates.

If a carbohydrate is not complex, it is clearly devoid of any protein and it is not good for muscle and bone health.

Some of these plant proteins, as science said are second class protein, since these contained less of the amino acid building blocks; and are derisively called incomplete or the poor man protein.

This is the reason majority of the middle and high-income persons eat more of the animal, bird or fish sources. But from time to time eat less of the vegetable proteins. In the latter case, half or all of the proteins have been removed or destroyed as in yam, potato, and cocoyam, where their skins have been completely removed and the fleshly starch only remain. In rice, the milling process removed the embryo which contains the germ, making the resultant product 'white rice' instead of the natural 'brown rice.' As a result, we have 'white flours' and so on which are less nutritious, but fortified with synthetic chemicals in the form of vitamin A, B-complex, and C.

This is the reason why many people suffer from heart-related and muscular diseases.

Vegans and vegetarians eat vegetable proteins like avocado

Avocado is 3% protein but 80% fat

Avocado is 3% protein but 80% fat

Proteins are muscle and bone building foods

Proteins are held to be bodybuilding foods. They form blood, maintain and nourish the body more than any food items. They build muscles and bones.

Now, you may eat three or more sources of first-class protein and remain thin as ever if you are thin. But should you consider three or more vegetable sources like nuts (peanuts or cashew nuts), beans, corn or maize, brown rice or semi-polish rice plus fish and meat, you are sure to gain some pounds within a week from the good carbohydrates in these food items.

This is not theory. I have tried the reality of it and it works. I do not get this from any vegetarian or nutrition expert. I experiment with eating habits and it works. Once I almost over do it, and it almost sent me to the hospital sick bed.

Why you may ask. I balanced the fish and meat protein with vegetable proteins and I gain some weight and stay healthy. Going beyond extreme is bad. This is the way it works.

On the other hand, eating only vegetable mixed protein that contained all the basic 9 essential amino acids, you will get thinner or fatter. Either way, you are a loser in most cases, especially if you are into a fitness program. Add a glass of milk to the chop and you are okay.

We have noted above that amino acids from vegetables are not as potent as animal sources.

For this reason, animal proteins seem to have a significant edge over vegetable proteins.

High quality animal and vegetable proteins that enhanced fitness

Eating combination of proteins from animals, fish and vegetables delivers maximum muscle and bone health


Casein protein, whey protein, egg-white, chicken, yogurt

Soy, quinoa, chai, buck wheat

Coco yam shoots, potatoes in their skins

Sea foods:sardines, mullets, tuna, cod, shark


leafy greens: broccoli

Meat: red meat or beef, lean meat

Coco nut

Yam, potatoe, cocoyam

Eggs is good quality protein

Egg-white contain all the protein requirement of the body

Egg-white contain all the protein requirement of the body

Root tubers and leafy greens can furnish your body with protein foods

In the plant kingdom, protein is also sourced from root tubers and leafy greens, and not only from legumes, pulse, and nuts.

As a boy growing up, I am influenced by the grandmother is right lore, that the soft and tender stalk of the pumpkin leaf is full of fish, meaning protein. Now science confirmed some leafy greens have up to 5% protein compared with avocado which is 3%. Sprouting seeds and nuts can contain more than this amount. Regularly add mint, basil, broccoli, or your favorite leafy greens to your chop plates.

Yams, potatoes, cocoyam and other root tubers have they protein stored in the

skin. Wash the sands away with fresh running water and then bake them. Otherwise, you lost out their proteins in peeling off the skin. The wax of root tubers does not contain proteins.

Spring onions,coco-yam and potatoes have some protein in their shoots and leaves. The shoot of the coco-yam, for this reason, is a pickle and canned for marketing. The leaves of the vegetables can be cooked for eating.

Yam is a root vegetable but store its protein in the skin

Eat yam roasted with the skin

Eat yam roasted with the skin

How to balanced your protein consumption

Noteworthily, both animal and plant supply good levels of protein to the diet. That of animals seems to be more efficient to the body than vegetable-based proteins.

Our task as keep-fit enthusiasts is how to balance both so as to have a maximum of health impact bot to the bones and muscles; and the dynamic body.

As keep fit zealot, animal protein should have an edge in your chop plate over that of vegetable sources. You should make it a ratio of 5 to 2. For every 5g of animal protein, add 2g of vegetable protein. So, if your chop plate contained 50g of animal-protein which is the basic minimum, you have to add at least 20g vegetable protein from various sources, legumes, nuts, seeds, whole grain, leafy greens and root tubers.

Depending on the intensity of your physical exercises, you can increase the ratio of the animal sources to 7, and corresponding increase in the vegetable protein.

To get that lean muscle, at least 70g of protein is necessary in your chop plates.

This is because proteins speed up your metabolic rate, make insulin and take off some unwanted fats from your body and much more.

Remember that energy given out in exercises must be replaced. In addition, eat to provide energy that you may need for rest, repair, work, sleep, and so on. Hence your overall intake of energy from the various combinations of food items other than protein must be taken into account.

This is why you have to eat some complex carbohydrates regularly.

Here is a typical example of my intake during a day of workout.

  1. Animal protein:
  • Chicken leg or gizzard 11g. The leg or gizzard is mostly a muscle. Use your favorite part of the chicken as you like.
  • Fish (sardine) 10g
  • Red meat or beef 10g
  • 1 egg 8g.
  • Milk 2 tablespoonful power 20g.

2. Vegetable protein:

  • ½ cup corn whole grain 2g.
  • 2 slice whole grain bread 10g.
  • Half cup brown or semi-polish rice 2g.
  • 1 cup leafy greens (basil) 10g.
  • ½ cup peanuts 18g.
  • ½ cup brown bean 4.3g

When you sum all together, you get enough for that specific activity. Remember any extra is converted to fat and use or store as an insulator.

The example is just an ingredient. I can vary it anytime because my wants and preferences differ all day and on the day of my work-out.

Proteins whether animal or vegetable is essential in every chop plate

Ideal fruit proteins

So far, our talks concentrate on protein from animals, birds, and kinds of seafood in addition to nuts, whole grains, roots, seeds, and leafy greens.

Okay, what about fruits? Do they supply some proteins? What part do they play in muscle building?

Certain fruits can be considered a protein source. Avocado is one such fruit. Although it is mostly a vegetable fat, its protein is 3g. Make a mash of the fruit and spread it on the whole grain bread instead of margarine.

Enjoy avocado generously with your chop plate.

Avocado is the best fruit protein

Avocado contain 3% fruit protein

Avocado contain 3% fruit protein

Conclusion: Significant of eating protein rich foodstuffs

I have shown that protein is important in a diet and have an edge over the carbs and fats because it help sustained life, make cells and blood vessels, and promote growth in the body.

Think of what you will like for breakfast first. Is it fruit juice or a combination of steak, cooked eggs, fried fish along with a cup of hot milk-tea? I prefer the later after an active exercise session.

If you are desirous of building strong bones and muscles, always think of eating quality proteins for breakfast.

For a snack, eat fish and yogurt. Eat peanuts with vegetables and fruits. Your launch and super should be your ordinary meals. But put quality protein in these.

To your muscle and bone strength!

© 2018 Miebakagh Fiberesima


Audrey Hunt from Pahrump NV on July 18, 2018:

An informative and well-presented hub about balancing protein. Thank you for sharing such valuable resources. I'm an avocado lover and eat a whole one every day. I do not eat red meat. I prefer fish and plant protein.

Sunflower seeds are my preference, but I do like peanuts too.

Have a joyous day.

Miebakagh Fiberesima (author) from Port Harcourt, Rivers State, NIGERIA. on June 13, 2018:

Hello Natalie, I appreciate you. Every morning, I eat nuts and grains with fruits, limes specific in semi-raw state, if I am not stretching or exercising. I wash down this with a cup of milk-tea.

Because of their B-complex, and other mineral matters, my muscles stays healthy. Grains and complex carbs are good for the muscles.

Thanks for visiting.

Natalie Frank from Chicago, IL on June 12, 2018:

Thanks for the useful information. I don't eat much meat or other protein unless I pay close attention to my diet. I eat far too much grains and carbohydrates. Your article will make me more aware of improving my diet and protein intake. Thanks! (Also thanks for following me. I appreciate it as well as the comment you left).

Miebakagh Fiberesima (author) from Port Harcourt, Rivers State, NIGERIA. on June 04, 2018:

Hello Ruth Coffee, thanks for visiting. I will consider that in my next editing.

Ruth Coffee from Zionsville, Indiana on June 04, 2018:

This was educational. The information about the different types of proteins and why some are better than others was good. I think I need to find some specific recipes (or meal plans) for good combined chop plates.

Miebakagh Fiberesima (author) from Port Harcourt, Rivers State, NIGERIA. on February 25, 2018:

Hi hubbers/readers, this article is 2700 words. Happy reading.. Any help to improved it is welcomed Thank you and have a nice time. Feel free to criticized constructively. Does it has enough or need more information? Thanks again.

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