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Balance According to the Law of One

Balanced Stones


What is True Balance?

True balance is simply where you cannot be swayed. You see all things with compassion and as love. Triggers, reactions, and struggles just slip away. Aging as we now know it no longer has meaning.

Balancing is a process that begins with learning from our 3rd density experiences and continues through 4th, 5th and 6th densities, and perhaps on from there.

To balance oneself, one first needs to understand the energy centers. These energy centers are what you may have heard called Chakras. These energy centers are associated with color rays, for example the Base Chakra is associated with the Red Ray. It is the understanding and acceptance of the energy of each color ray that is fundamental to the balancing process.

In our density, our role is to experience all things that we desire (on a soul level), then analyze, understand, and accept our experience, and then draw out the wisdom from the it. By doing this, nothing needs to be overcome, as it will fall away naturally when it is no longer needed. The action of trying to overcome is an unbalanced action and creates the environment where one wants to hold onto that which they are attempting to overcome.

Although it may seem like a shortcut to ignore or overcome a challenge, or even to suppress or repress a reaction to a trigger, it is self-defeating in the end. Lasting transformation that results in greater and greater balance is achieved through understanding and acceptance with the added ingredients of honesty, patience, and compassion for oneself and for others. Understanding comes from recognizing and analyzing the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that arise from a trigger. In the Law of One, Ra states, “Thus the gradual increase in the ability to observe one’s reactions and to know the self will bring the self ever closer to a true balance.”

Balance and Spiritual Advancement

The key to being ready to advance to the next density, in our case this means the 4th density, lies in the harmony and balance within our energy centers. According to Ra, when one does their own inner work, it is more important for them to pay attention to the totality of their experience and how it relates to all their energy centers, and relatively unimportant to activate any one energy center to its maximum. Any imbalance between the energy centers will cause one to be unable to sustain the impact of the higher frequencies required for advancement.

Ra also states: “In the fully potentiated entity the rays mount one upon the other with equal vibratory brilliance and scintillating sheen until the surrounding color is white. This is what you may call potentiated balance in third density.” Like a prism, our energy centers express unique aspects of the full spectrum of light, and when fully balanced, they are capable of expressing all aspects of the full spectrum.

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