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Study Says that Anxiety May Help to Shape a Stronger Personality.

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Someone who suffers from Anxiety Disorders is not asking for your attention, he or she is not asking you to pity them. If you do not understand what they are going through, or even if you think that they are stupid to ever feel that way, then you better save your silence and thoughts to express elsewhere. You can't understand someone if you have not walked in his shoes after all. Most of the times, anxiety just happens. Most of the times, it has no reason at all, no event or words to trigger it, but suddenly the breathe becomes shorter and faster and the mind starts spinning. You feel this kind of rage that you do not know how to get it out and it starts eating you up because you are afraid to show it as people won't understand, or you are afraid to act on it because you may hurt somebody.

Even though an Anxiety Disorder eats you up and more times than not, it causes you to lose friendships or relationships, or break somebody's heart, there are times when you can really see the good side of this kind of mental disorder, if you are just willing to work on yourself.

Instead of trying to constantly cheer yourself up, and you fail badly at it many times, maybe it is time to consider the benefits of a bad mood.

It is always a tricky situation, sometimes it may throw you over the cliff, and many more times you make the wrongest decisions possible as though they were the only choice. A good mood it is not to be not looked for anymore, of course you should choose to smile a zillions times a day, but sometimes you have to understand that even a bad mood may have its positive sides.


How can You Benefit from an Anxiety Disorder?

You can prevent getting burned twice.
The same situation, or a similar one, the same or similar behavior of people that surround you, or the same circumstances will not burn you twice. Now you have vision, you can calculate those things better, and manage to save yourself from a huge headache or even disappointment.

It provides you with a x-ray vision in fact.
This is what a research came out with. Two groups of people were shown a movie each. The first group got to watch a short comedy, while the other one was to watch a short depressing movie. Then the two groups of people were reunited and the moderator threw them a topic to discuss. The conclusion? The first group which was happy, gave subjective arguments, based on feelings and very personal experience ideas, and were very superficial. While the second group was more analytic, more objective, and richer in concrete content and details.

They improve your memory.
People who are in bad moods tend to have improved recalling and they tend to reduce errors in being judgmental. They also are more aware and detect faster and better when they are being lied to. People in bad mood also can help other people to be more polite and sincere and altruist one to the other.

You will learn to fight depression.
When you learn that you can also be in a bad mood, and sometimes you can do nothing about it, you may also have won the war against depression. Why? Because people who tend to accept their bad moods, have better chances at detecting their moods and managing them the right way, in this case, to benefit them well.
While other people, who tend to always show the world the funny, strong side of them, use to push away as hard as they can the bad mood so they seem happy. The problem is that the bad mood never goes that far away to never come back. It comes back like a boomerang. But the thing is, the more you push it away with force, the faster will come back, the harder it will hit you, and you may fall into the depression dark path.

How to improve the bad mood coming from anxious feelings and thoughts?

  • Take a 10 minute walk alone, to clear your thoughts, away from anything buzzing or people you may know.
  • Talk to someone you know that will understand and one who will not ask much questions.
  • Put on your favorite DVD or surf Netflix to find the one serial show, or comedy, or whatever movie that seems to have the ability to put you on the right mood.
  • Take a blank paper, and a pen, and write down things that have gotten you mad. Do not re-read them, [or do if you Must, I can not stop you], so when you finish writing, burn the letter, [or spare the mess and just tear it apart with your bare hands.] You will realize the things that got you mad in fact are not that big, or do not matter that much. If any of them does matter, than take the steps to make it right, do not spend time on a bad mood.
  • Write, paint, sing, do whatever you love, or are passionate about, or that you have not done in a while.
  • And if you feel like eating chocolate, do not hesitate. It will improve your mood!

How can you turn to the safe side of the good mood?

Happiness is a choice. Anxiety can't take over your life, if you do not allow it to.

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In an era when you are bound to connect with anyone on social media and we have to accept those friend requests, hit like on that Instagram photo, follow back the I-tweet-what-I-had-for-dinner, and so on.
There comes a point when we realize this does not benefit us at all. These social sites were not created to connect with your classmates, or your friends, just because you know them. These sites were created so you can build the connections you need to grow up, to promote your business, to find people with the same interests and to share inspiring things for yourself and others too.
This is not what is happening, and you are struggling to not get out of the game; you are valued based on your likes and comments calculator!
What you may not realize is that you are allowed to terminate the toxic relationships. You are allowed to unfriend the annoying person, you are allowed to unfollow the one who only posts photos of his marvelous face. You are allowed to choose your own safe game to play, and you own happiness. Do not rely on what others like or not like at you, if they clicked the heart shapped button or not.
Happiness is a choice. Happiness does not derive from a like.


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Jenni Layne on August 24, 2020:

I read this backwards, I don't know why, I just did, and I didn't really like the cutting people off thing, because that can be widely misused as a reason to cut people off who may have anxiety, like if that is annoying to someone, and i don't feel like everyone's attachments to people should be so fickle and lose, that they just cut people off for adding the slightest bit of negativity to their life they are struggling to keep drama-free. Can't you see where that propaganda goes? If you are annoyed by someone, just block them forever without explaination? That may explain a couple of people who blocked me, but it is still mean and causes pain, and i for one don't want to be the source of pain to anyone. Whether I particularly like them or their posts or not. The days when you need to talk to that one person who will just listen and not ask a bunch of questions or judge, i am gonna guess you are glad that that person loves you and isnt annoyed at your less than positive interaction, and just lets you speak your mind, because none of us would have anyone in our lives if we just cut people off left and right for not being a ray of sunshine every day in our lives. But to the first part, because i read it backwards and i have a hard time accepting anything i feel as anger because i think anger is so mean, and bitter at it's conception. But yet it exists. And it is terribly alienating to be conscious of everyone else's anger and not be able to change any of it, give anyone any peace, and not understand what creates so much of it, or that anyone would choose to be angry when they could choose not to. When being happy and loving is more enjoyable than being mad at anyone. When you block someone, you are saying 'your life is of zero value to mine', basically. And i refuse to do that until shows me that is how they feel about me. Because then they don't care. But most of my friends annoy me at least to some extent, and family. They have some degree of weirdness, but they are MY weirdos. I won't knock them or block them for it. Maybe get to know them better, see how they are just people, and maybe what drives them to be annoying. I mean, not everyone is gonna think the same way, but we are a product of our environment in the long run, and everyone has reasons they feel the way they do about certain things, but there will occassionally be some people that are just complete idiots, and yeah, they should have been blocked years ago. Idiots are really annoying. Anyways, just be nice.

Deb Hirt from Stillwater, OK on April 02, 2016:

Happiness can come from so many things, as can unhappiness. We must make so many choices, but we are bound to end up in a happy mode with the right stimulus.

Ensorcelie (author) from Albania on March 29, 2016:

I know how hard is to fight your own mind, because I have anxiety issues. So, I am happy you have found the solution for you! :)

Denise W Anderson from Bismarck, North Dakota on March 28, 2016:

I can see how you would come to the conclusion that a bad mood is a good thing! When I started getting treatment for my depression, I uncovered a lot of anger. Writing about my anger was very therapeutic. I was able to find the roots of the emotions that I have been suppressing. I was not only able to work through my anger, but heal much of my depression as well. Now, I am able to recognize these emotions before they get to that point, and I am a much happier person.

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on March 24, 2016:

Good ideas to improve the bad mood. I agree that the bad mood can benefit us if we stop to discover what causes it and why.

Denis Lubojanski from 7 Station Street, London on March 24, 2016:

Nice hub. Really I tried that method of my own! I wrote the things making me mad and tore that apart. I don't know how much it will help other but for me it worked. Thanks a lot!

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