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Back Exercises for Men and How to Perform Them.

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The back is comprised of many different muscle groups.

The back can be worked very, very frequently with many exercises.

Many gym-goers conveniently forget to work their back because they cannot see it in a mirror.

Don’t make that same mistake, a strong back is essential.

You will need to work out your back muscles at least 3 times per week.


Pullups are must-do exercises for development of the back (lats) and the biceps.

They will also develop strength and conditioning.

There are also many variations to perform.

1. Rope Pullups.

Rope pull-ups will help with grip and hand strength along with back development.

How to perform:

Grab a rope from anywhere in the gym and drape it over the pullup bars.

Do as many repetitions as you can.

2. Monkey Pullups.

Monkey pull-ups are another fun way to break out of the normal routine.

Monkey pull-ups are a combination of pull-ups and abdominal crunches.

As you pull yourself up, you want to pull up your legs and contract your abdominals.

Monkey pull-ups will work your back, biceps and abdominals and they also work as a fat-burning exercise.

Do as many repetitions as you can, be sure to squeeze the abs at the top.

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3. One Armed Pullups.

Grip the bar with one hand using an overhand grip.

With your free hand, grab your wrist and pull yourself up and over the bar.

This will develop grip strength and unilateral strength.

Do as many repetitions as you can with each arm.

4. Multi Finger Chinups.

Multi-fingered chin-ups are great for hand, wrist and forearm development and strength.

To perform multi-fingered chin-ups you will use different fingers in each hand.

For example, use only your first 3 digits on each hand and don’t use your pinkies.

Continue using as many variations of fingers as you can.

Supreme chinup masters can do these with only one finger per hand.

b. ROWS.

Chinups are for back width, rows are for back thickness.

There are many variations of rowing but we will only need to cover a couple of them.

1. Bent Rows.

Bent rows are performed with a loaded barbell.

Grab the barbell from the ground or rack, bend at the waist, pull the barbell to your sternum and squeeze your back as you do.

Bent rows do not need to be performed super heavy.

Aim for 5 repetitions at the low end and 12 repetitions at the high end.

When performing bent rows be sure to bring all the way to the sternum and squeeze your back.

You can use an overhand grip or an underhand grip.

Experiment in the gym and see which is more comfortable for you.

2. T-Bar Rows.

T-bar rows are performed with a barbell.

You will put weight on one side of the barbell only, the other side of the barbell should go into a corner.

You will grab the barbell with one hand in front of the other and row the weight to your chest and back down again.

T-Bar rows can be done with very heavy weight.

It is not uncommon to use 4, 5 6, 7, 8 or 45 lb weight plates on one side the barbell.

Remember, one end of the barbell should be placed in the corner for support.

When you start to add weight, real weight, to the bar you may have a hard time keeping the weightless corner on the ground.

When that happens you can add a 45 lb weight plate ON TOP of the barbell itself.

The added support will keep the lighter end of the barbell on the ground.

3. Dumbbell Rows.

Bent rows can also be performed with dumbbells (though barbell should be your main rowing exercise).

Grab a heavy dumbbell (don’t play around with 25 pounders), set one knee on a bench, bend at the waist and bring the heavy dumbbell up to your waist, squeeze your back, and let down again.

Aim for as many repetitions as you can with as heavy a dumbbell as you can manage.

These are a very easy exercise to use heavy, heavy dumbbells with.


Pullovers are a back exercise and they are very good for obtaining a nice v-taper shape.

Grab a moderately heavy dumbbell, lie sideways across a bench, lower the dumbbell behind your head and back up again.

Aim for 8-12 repetitions.

Pullovers are a shaping exercise and do not need to be performed super heavy.

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