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What You Don't Know about Banana


Mother nature has gifted us herbs as a subtle wise agents that maintain our body functions, whether we know how they do it or not. Banana tree is a valuable herb that not only maintains our health, but it also provides us with materials that when used properly they add a smooth touch to our lives. It is nature’s candy bar and superfood.

While very much is written about banana, a little of this writing is going in depth for recognizing the exact helpful role of many materials produced by banana tree on scientific documented basis, rather there are just repetition of the same information.

In this hub you will read about everything banana that concerns normal folks like, their varieties, some weird facts about them, their health benefits, how can banana peel, leaves, flowers and stalks be unique utilities for us, and how popularity of banana is utilized in many cultural and social aspects.

You will learn about only documented facts about their health benefits, how to get unprecedented teeth whitening and shaving using banana peels, how to use ripe banana to get delicious recipes, every banana tree parts recipes, how science tells us that banana is good for weight loss, and other interesting information about banana.

For readers that are inclined to read somewhat specialized information about banana like, taxonomy, historical and modern cultivation, Pests, diseases, and natural disasters affecting banana, may find this detailed information at Wikipedia.com using the search term; banana.


Did You Know These Banana Facts?

Banana tree is actually a herb that is similar to ginger and amaranth. It is harvested every day and their fruits are available year-round. Banana fruit itself is a berry. Banana plants can continue producing fruit for up to 100 years. It is the fourth largest fruit crop worldwide, following wheat, rice and corn. Over 100 billion bananas are consumed annually in the world.


• All commercial banana plants (Cavendish) originates from a single plant from southeast Asia, and they are perfect clones of one another. They could be wiped out worldwide in a very short amount of time. This is what typically happened to Gros Michel variety which was almost completely wiped out globally by a fungal infection over a few decades of the first half of the 20th century and was replaced with the Cavendish. There is currently no variety of banana that is seen as a good replacement for the Cavendish. There are approximately 1000 types of banana plants in the world today, but most are unpalatable.


• Americans eat more bananas than apples and oranges combined. Every person consumes on average 26.2 pounds per year. Ugandans eat on average 500 pounds of banana per person per year as the highest consumers of bananas in the world.

• Over 25% of human genes are the same of those of banana.

• The vivid yellow color normally associated with supermarket bananas is in fact a side effect of the artificial ripening process


• Bananas are slightly radioactive because of the high amount of Potassium they contain, a part of which is the radioactive isotope Potassium-40, the radioactivity of bananas is determined by the soil content of this isotope.

• In 2008, there was a shortage of bananas in food stores in Japan, this was after a Japanese pharmacist created the Morning Banana Diet. The diet recommends eating bananas for breakfast, drinking water, eating a normal lunch, and dinner before 8pm.

Nutrients in a Banana, per serving

Calories In Banana

Serving Size : 1 Medium Banana (126.0 g)

Calories per serving : 110

Calories in 100g : 95

Calories from Fat : 0

Nutrients :

Total Fat ------------------------- 0 g

Saturated Fat ---------------- 0 g

Trans Fat --------------------- 0 g

Cholesterol ---------------------- 0 mg

Total Carbohydrate ------------ 30g (10% of Daily Value)

Dietary Fiber ---------------- 3g (12% of Daily Value)

Sugars ----------------------- 19g

Protein --------------------------- 1g

Sodium -------------------------- 0 mg

Potassium ---------------------- 450 mg (13% of Daily Value)

Vitamin B6 --------------------- .5 mg

Manganese –------------------- .3 mg

Vitamin C –--------------------- 9 mg (15% of Daily Value)

Magnesium –------------------- 34 mg

Folate –-------------------------- 25.0 mcg

Riboflavin –---------------------- .1 mg

Niacin –--------------------------- .8 mg

Vitamin A –----------------------- 81 IU (2% of Daily Value)

Iron –------------------------------ .3 mg

Nutrition Facts

Banana Health Benefits

The banana health benefits far outweigh those of the apple and orange because it has many more vitamins and nutrients than their round counterparts, in addition to a special type of carbohydrates (Resistant Starch or RS). You'll never look at a banana the same way again after discovering the many health benefits and reasons to add them to your diet.


Banana Health Benefits to the Cardiovascular System

• Among the herbs used for hypertension, banana proved to reduce high blood pressure without any complaints. Its known high content of potassium helps the cells to restore the normal sodium/potassium balance which is affected by prescription drugs of hypertension. Low potassium is associated with a risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke.

BBC News - Health : 'Eat bananas and live longer'

• Potassium rich foods together with magnesium, and cereal fiber reduce the risk of stroke, particularly among hypertensive men.

PubMed : Intake of potassium, magnesium, calcium, and fiber and risk of stroke among US men

• Bananas contain the highest amount of Potassium when they are fully ripe

Comparison Of Mineral Content Of Some Ripe And Unripe Fruits In Nigeria


Banana and the Brain

• Bananas deliver you a happy brain through their content of Tryptophan Tyrosine and vitamin B6, and these increase brain content of Serotonin and Dopamine.

The Science Creative Quarterly : The Pursuit of Happiness

• Banana relieves depression.

Banana is a Tool to Relieve Depression

• Banana eating can help reduce emotional symptoms associated with PMS. It compiles nutrients that are known to positively affect the brain.

• Milkshake of banana with honey as a sweetener is a quick way to cure hangovers.

HowStuffWorks.com : Food and Drink Remedies of Hangovers


Banana Health Benefits for Women

• Potassium content of banana may be beneficial for postmenopausal women at risk for osteoporosis, particularly those consuming a diet generous in sodium chloride (Table Salt)

NCBI : Potassium citrate prevents increased urine calcium excretion and bone resorption induced by a high sodium chloride diet

• Avoid hunger and morning sickness with Banana when you are pregnant

MedicaNewsToday.com :Top Tips To Minimize Morning Sickness

You may benefit from this recipe as a snack before going to bed:

Banana-Strawberry High Protein Shakes

• More bananas increase birth of boys

CNN : Study shows bananas make baby boys

• Safe alternative to feed your baby his first solid foods.

Finger Foods for Your Baby

Other Health Benefits of Banana

• Bananas prevent sexual transmission of HIV

Health.HowstuffWorks.com : Will Bananas Prevent HIV?

• Bananas provide a good energy source during prolonged and intensive exercise

Plosone.org : Bananas as an Energy Source during Exercise

• Drinking water may alleviate leg cramps that some people suffer when eating bananas

Can Bananas Cause Leg Cramps?


Banana For Weight Loss?

- With 27 grams carbohydrates, 105 calories, and 3-3.5 grams fiber per serving, banana may be considered by many as if it is not very good for losing weight. Despite its previously mentioned values, it is a slimming superfood by virtue of its content of Potassium (422 mg) and Resistant Starch (4.7 grams) per serving.

- According to Wikipedia , Consumption of foods containing natural resistant starch seems to positively affect weight management in 6 ways:

• Fiber fortification:

Resistant Starch can increase fiber content of fortified foods without affecting taste or texture. WHO concluded that dietary fiber had convincing evidence showing a protective effect against weight gain and obesity. Its ability to increase satiety and decrease subsequent hunger, along with altering the secretion of hormones related to food digestion, are considered likely mechanisms

• Calorie reduction:

Natural resistant starch delivers between 2-3 calories/gram versus 4 calories/gram of higher calorie food ingredients, such as flour or other rapidly digested carbohydrates.

• Satiety:

Multiple recent studies have shown that naturally occurring resistant starch increases satiety and reduces food intake in the short term (within a few hours) and longer-term (for 20–24 hours).

• Lipid oxidation:

Resistant starch may help burn fat and may lead to lower fat accumulation. One clinical trial with high amylose corn resistant starch showed that it increased fat oxidation after a meal. These findings suggest a possible metabolic effect of resistant starch that may affect body weight.

• Fat storage:

Resistant starch from high amylose corn has been shown to improve fatty acid metabolism within adipose tissue. A human clinical trial found increased levels of lipases (hormone-sensitive lipase (HSL), lipoprotein lipase (LPL), and adipose triglyceride lipase (ATGL)) which may indicate increased adipocyte differentiation within the adipose tissue.

• Improves metabolism: An animal study has demonstrated that resistant starch independently altered metabolism in ways that prevented weight regain in a high fat diet.

Effect of Resistant Starch on Glycemic Response :

- Decreased glycemic response in healthy individuals and in diabetics

- Increase insulin sensitivity in healthy individuals, individuals with Type II diabetes, as well as insulin resistant individuals. One study found a 50% increase in insulin sensitivity in overweight men consuming 15 grams of resistant starch/day for 4 weeks.

- Increase glycemic health of next generation when fed to pregnant mothers An animal study demonstrated that when RS2 resistant starch from high amylose corn was fed to pregnant, diabetic rats, it resulted in increased insulin sensitivity and preservation of beta-cell mass within the pancreas of the dams as well as lower fasting blood glucose levels in the pups.

- Improves first phase insulin secretion A human clinical trial demonstrated improved first phase insulin secretion when RS2 resistant starch from high amylose corn was fed to overweight, insulin resistant adults

Role of Banana’s Potassium in Weight Loss :

There are many weight loss plans and tips that recommends building muscles in a certain organ like abdomen, breast, thighs ...etc to eliminate fat stored in that organ.

Exercise that is a part of the majority of diet plans aims at building muscles that burns more fat than any other tissue, apart from burning calories.

According to healthvitaminsguide.com , Potassium can help the body build muscles through:

• Potassium is needed for growth, building muscles and transmission of nerve impulses

• Potassium is needed to conduct nerve impulses and initiates muscle contraction

• Potassium is needed to help dispose body wastes

Banana in the Kitchen

Fans of banana did not confine its use to eating the fruit, rather they made it into recipes that contain other foods, to get the maximum health benefits and add more attractive colors, aroma or taste. They utilized almost all the banana tree parts in recipes, salads, desserts, smoothies...etc.

In the following segment we will provide you the best resources for making the best recipes of all the banana tree parts.

Healthy Banana Recipes

These recipes are very appealing, very delicious and very healthy, to make them go visit Healthy Banana Recipes.

By the way I have no relation with the owner of the blog yet they are truly attractive recipes.

Banana Oatmeal Squares

Banana Oatmeal Squares

Best Banana Bread

make it. They are delicious and healthy. To make them go visit Best Banana Breads . Again I do not know the owners of the website.

Basic Banana Bread

Basic Banana Bread

Banana Corn Muffins

Banana Corn Muffins

Perfect Paleo Banana Bread Recipe

Banana is already naturally sweet and it adds much moistness to the bread and they’re a perfect complement to the more dense almond and coconut flours. Banana bread is so versatile.

To make it go visit :

Perfect Paleo Banana Bread


Healthy Banana Smoothies

If you like to have fun while enjoying the health benefits of bananas then your choice is smoothies. Here are some delicious smoothies that makes eating banana a real fun. To make them go visit Healthy Banana Smoothies which I have no relation to its owners.

Peanut Butter & Banana Smoothie

Peanut Butter & Banana Smoothie

Ripe Banana Recipes

If you did not freeze a bunch of bananas and you watch them ripen and you know you won't be able to eat them before the brown spots spread. Don’t toss them and don’t think of turning them into banana bread you know it will end up with you throwing them up, and think of making these recipes that use ripe banana . To prepare any of them or to make all, go visit

Wonderful Recipes for Ripe Banana

One Ingredient Ice Cream

One Ingredient Ice Cream

How to Freeze Banana:

You may keep the leftover bananas for future use in smoothies, shakes, bites ...etc by freezing. To freeze banana follow these instructions:

1- Peel the bananas

2- Cut into 5-6 pieces (the size you need defines number of pieces)

3- Put them in freezer bag

4- Write or stick today’s date on freezer bag

5- Store in freezer (for 1-2 months)

6- Use as needed in one of your favorite recipes (within 30 days for baking and within 60 days for smoothies and frozen treats.)

Banana Flower (Blossom)

It is a teardrop-shaped purple red flower at the end of the banana fruit cluster. It is an edible flower that is considered a vegetable in southeast Asia and India. When you open the inside, you can see small flowers that would turn into banana. The flavor is a little starchy and bitter.

Banana blossoms can be eaten raw, and are also cooked in soups, stews, and curries. They can also be steamed and served with dips, and peeled apart like an onion until the petals start to fade in color. Don’t eat the brown tiny baby banana and if you want only eat the yellow ones.

Recipes with Banana Blossoms:

Banana Blossom Guinatan

Banana Blossom Guinatan


Washington Post : Shrimp and Banana Blossom Salad


BananaBblossom &Prawn Curry


Banana Stalks (Stems)

It is the stem that holds the banana fruit in a cluster and is usually around 10 inches in length. It may be off white, light pink or purple in color. It is available in most markets.

According to thehindu.com website, banana stalks contain high amounts of fiber, potassium and vitamin B6. Like the fruit, it helps prevent high blood pressure, and maintain fluid balance within the body. Banana stem is said to be a diuretic and helps detoxify the body. It is used to prevent and treat kidney stones, it also helps in weight loss.

Banana stem juice is said to help in weight reduction, relieve ulcers, burning sensation and acidity. Its astringent quality helps in blood coagulation. To make the juice, combine chopped banana stem and water and grind it in a mixer till it becomes smooth.

For how to prepare banana stem for soup and curry recipe visit

How to Prepare Banana Stem

Banana Leaves : The Green Kitchen Foil

Long before people knew Aluminum kitchen foil, Asians had used banana leaves to for the same purpose foil is used for and much more than that.

Banana leaves may reach 9 feet long and 2 feet wide. They may be totally green or green with a purple color on the bottom part of the leaf. They are waxy, smooth, very flexible, palpable and waterproof.

The nature of banana leaves made people in Asia and Latin America to use them mainly in the kitchen and as an aid of cooking. They use them as table cover, serving plates, wrapping foods before and after cooking especially steaming and grilling.and as a mat for barbecue.

Some people use it as an umbrella for rain protection(according to ehow.com), for polishing items made from animal horn or bone using a green banana leaf smeared with coconut oil, or metal items, you can use a banana leaf coated with a mix of oil, ash and lime (according to Chiangmai & Chiangrai website). They are also used for cigarette wrapping according to Purdue University website.

Some other people use dried banana leaves for crafting natural chemical-free household items like woven baskets or chairs and furniture.

According to Vita Search , over 4 years they have used banana leaves as a sheet to lay on, and as a covering for denuded areas in individuals with these skin conditions. Blistering is reduced. Banana leaves are also very clean; they were effective in preventing secondary infections of the skin surfaces in all 8 of the patients with whom this technique was used.

To make full use of this hub we must delve in the experience of other people experience in cooking using banana leaves. Wrapping food in banana leaves seals in moisture and flavor and infuses the contents with a subtle, grassy aroma.. Asian and Latin American dishes using banana leaves include:

Steamed fish – Grilled fish (and other foods) – Savory custards –

Tamales – Pasteles – Cochinita pibil – Idlis – Bibingka – Sticky rice – Presentation.

TheKitchen.com : 10 Ways To Cook With Banana Leaves

Banana Leaves


Banana Peel

Banana peel as the outer skin of the fruit is full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Since it is unpleasant and inedible they are usually removed and discarded. You will never do that again after you discover how valuable it is to your skin and in household daily uses.

• Banana Peel Teeth Whitening:

A common use of banana peel is to whiten teeth by rubbing a yellow peel (neither green nor ripe) on them for 2 minutes every day , and your teeth will be noticeably whiter in 2 weeks.

There is yet an easier way to do that by making a paste using banana peel, this paste may replace your regular toothpaste you are used to buy. You will need the following ingredients :

½ -------------- Banana yellow peel (about 40 grams)

2 TBSP ------- Glycerin

2 drops -------- Peppermint oil

2 drops -------- Sage oil

2 drops -------- Thyme oil

Mix all the ingredients using a blender and use glycerin freely to get the consistency you like since the peel weight is not standardized, but make sure that glycerin constitutes at least half the weight of the final paste for preservative purposes. Pack the paste in a clean jar and keep in the fridge.

Use it like a normal toothpaste using toothbrush (sell it?.. may be). The essential oils will add to the paste good taste, soothing and antibacterial effects. If you want to use peppermint only, it is OK.

• Smooth Shaving:

You can use banana peel to get very smooth shaving you have never

experienced before. Moisturizing your face will be a free bonus.

To make it follow the below instructions:

- Boil 1g (1/4 TSP) Fenugreek seeds in water until softened and swollen

- Grate a toilet soap (90g)

- Add 1g softened fenugreek seeds to, 90g grated soap and 60g of the previously mentioned banana peel toothpaste

- Add 20 ml more of glycerin to preserve

- Blend to mix and get a smooth paste

- Use this paste to shave or alternatively mix this paste to you regular shaving cream in a ratio of 1 part paste to 3 parts shaving cream

• Banana Peel : Anti-allergic, Anti-inflammatory, and Pain Killer

You can rub the inside of a banana peel on mosquito bite, scrape, scratch, burn or a splinter (you can tape it), it will relieve the symptoms associated with any of them like swelling, itching, or pain. It will prevent wound from being infected and helps them healed.

You can use the previously mentioned banana peel toothpaste instead of using the peel itself for all these purposes.

• Headache

Rubbing a banana peel on your forehead can help cure a headache. Adding 1 drop of basil essential oil to a portion of the previously mentioned banana peel toothpaste and rubbing it on the forehead, relieves pain even faster.

• Skin Ink Stain

It instantly removes ink stain from the skin when its inside face is rubbed on the affected area.

Banana peel has other wonderful household uses :

• Polish both Silver and Leather

Rub a dull silver object, a leather shoes or handbag with the white side of the peel and then buff it using a clean cloth. It will put a sparkle back on silver and diminish any scuff marks in the leather.

• Floor Wax

Mix raw wax crystals and kerosene with banana peels to create a substance suitable for use polishing your wooden floors.

How to Make Floor Wax From Bananas | eHow

• Fertilizer and plant leaves polisher

Banana peels make great fertilizer (you can compost them, bury them whole, or cut them in small pieces and mix them with garden soil) because of their phosphorous and potassium content.

Give your plants a healthy shine in no time at all by giving their leaves a polish with inside of a banana peel.

• Dried Banana peel kills both aphid and ants

Cut up two to three banana peels and place on a baking tray and bake in oven at 100°C for approximately fifteen minutes. Dig an inch deep hole at the base of your plant with the aphid problem and place the dried banana peel in the soil. This is also lethal to ants.

• Banana peel powder can remove roughly 65% of heavy metals from river water. Repeating the process can completely purify water.

Bananas that are not Bananas

Things that are named after banana yet they themselves are not bananas. They vary from entertainment places, to consumer good shops and even to humans.


Banana Boat (Water Sled)

It is an inflatable recreational boat meant for towing. Different models usually accommodate three to ten riders sitting on a larger, main tube and resting their feet on two laterally flanking tubes which stabilize the boat. The main tube is often yellow and banana-shaped. Some models have two main tubes. During the ride, the driver of the powered boat attempts to flip the banana boat upside-down by doing sharp turns. Riders should always wear life jackets for safety reasons.

Riding in a banana boat is considered to be a safer activity than water-skiing or other towed-water sports, and is similar to tubing. It is generally safe to ride at 4+ years.


Banana Republic

A global apparel and accessories brand focused on delivering modern,covetable style for professional men and women. They offer elevated clothing, handbags, jewelry, and eye wear designs at accessible prices.

Founded in 1978 and acquired by Gap Inc. in 1983. Banana Republic has over 600 stores located internationally.


Banana Protector - Banana Holder

A plastic device device allows for the safe transport and storage of individual bananas letting you enjoy perfect bananas anytime, anywhere. Its other features include multiple small perforations to facilitate ventilation thereby preventing premature ripening.and a sturdy locking mechanism to keep the device closed.

Banana Slicer

Slice an entire banana with one quick motion.Safer than a knife. Made from dishwasher safe material.


Big Banana - Giant Banana

A popular tourist attraction offering facts and history on the banana plantations in the area as well as souvenirs and samples of everything 'banana'. It is Australia's first BIG THING! Located just north of Coffs Harbour on the Pacific Highway, 565 kilometers north of Sydney and 450 kilometers south of Brisbane.


Blue Banana

It is a discontinuous corridor of urbanization in Western Europe, with a population of around 110 million. It stretches approximately from North West England in the north to Milan in the south. The curvature of this corridor (hence the "banana" in the name) covers one of the world's highest concentrations of people, money and industry.The concept was developed in 1989 by RECLUS, a group of French geographers managed by Roger Brunet.

There is also a famous English fashion store that is called Blue Banana.


Banana Hobby

Headquartered in Los Angeles, Banana Hobby is a leading distributor of electric & gas R/C planes, helicopters, cars, tanks, boats, and etc.


Banana Pepper

is a medium-sized member of the chili pepper family that has a mild, tangy taste. While typically bright yellow, it is possible for them to change to red or orange as they ripen. It is often pickled, stuffed or used as a raw ingredient in foods. It is a cultivar of the species Capsicum annuum.

Its flavor is not very hot (0–500 Scoville units), and as is the case with most peppers, its hotness depends on the maturity of the pepper, with the most ripe being sweeter than younger ones.


Banana Yoshimoto

The Japanese author of Kitchen (novel) written in 1988 and translated into English in 1993. The Independent, The Times and The New Yorker have all reviewed the novel favorably. There have been two films made of the story, a Japanese TV movie in 1989 and a more widely released version produced in Hong Kong

Banana Songs

According to Yahoo! Music : Top 10 Banana Songs are :

1. Day-O (Banana Boat) - Harry Belafonte

2. Banana Co - Radiohead

3. Bananas And Blow - Ween

4. 30,000 Pounds Of Bananas - Harry Chapin

5. Fried Bananas - Cal Tjader

6. Banana Pancakes - Jack Johnson

7. Banana In Your Fruit Basket - Bo Carter

8. Banana Split (The Tra La La Song) - The Dickies

9. Smokin' Banana Peels - The Dead Milkmen

10. Yes! We Have No Bananas - Spike Jones

You can listen to them at Rhapsody

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