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Avoid these 'Five Things' after Eating

Nowadays, we have lots of health's problems. I trying to share some good things and my personal opinion about health to everyone.

We often hear that, even after a meal, some people say, the stomach does not feel full. Or some people say, eat a lot but don't get fat. But keep in mind that food is not the only food that you can eat to stay healthy. Because the food eaten needs to be digested. So that the food eaten does not have a negative effect on the body. Often falls asleep or becomes lethargic after eating. Information on what not to do after eating for it.


Smoking :

Many people have a habit of smoking after meals or after breakfast. But smoking after a meal is very dangerous. Cigarette smoking after eating not only affects the lungs but also the intestines. It increases the risk of bowel cancer.


Consumption of fruits :

Eating fruits has a direct effect on the digestive system of the body. This causes indigestion, flatulence.


Drink tea :

Many people ask for tea after eating. But tea leaves contain an ingredient called amelia and it has a direct effect on the digestive system. Therefore, drink tea at least one to two hours after eating. Immediately after questioning.


Sleep :

It takes time to digest food after eating. So do not go to bed immediately after eating. Sleeping immediately after a meal can cause indigestion or flatulence.


Bathing after meals :

Immediately after digestion, blood flow to the abdomen is increased to digest the food eaten. If water is taken on the body for bathing, the blood flow goes to other organs of the body and then digestion is not done properly, so do not take bath after meal.

Thus, these are the 'Five Things' to avoid after meal and so that, you can be care about your health.

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