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Don't Fall For The Asperger's Syndrome Fairy Tale!

*Note - This article here of mine was initially published on February 6, 2021.

ArtsyBee is the creator of this image.

ArtsyBee is the creator of this image.

My, oh, my, oh, my! Have I actually published another article here on this writing platform once again without bringing up the subject of politics? It looks as though I have, except this article here of mine is going to spark as many emotions as my articles about politics have done inasmuch as it deals with the sensitive subject of autism. Then again, I must admit that one of my sources of information herein does bring up the subject of politics very briefly, but this article here of mine is not limited to one partisan denomination. It contains information that applies to everyone.

Now, I am not going to pretend that I am a medical expert on this topic. I am not. My role here is not to diagnose anyone with anything or tell anyone what the magic cure is for anything that they are suffering. However, it has come to my attention that there has been a vicious cycle of fraud and abuse involving "Asperger's Syndrome" testing and treatment that is pulling innocent victims into very dangerous situations in which they are being exploited and manipulated for personal and profitable reasons here in the United States of America.

Where this whole situation becomes extremely disturbing is that many of these same fraudsters and master manipulators are these victims' own parents and siblings. My biggest concern is that hardly anyone on the Internet seems to be saying anything about it. The mainstream press and the mainstream media here in the United States of America do not seem to care about it.

If you are one of my followers and you have read my article titled "Protect Your Children From Shady Shrinks," you probably already realize by now that I am someone who is trying to raise a public awareness about psychiatric malpractice. It is bad enough when a mental-health professional misdiagnoses someone with autism, but it is an absolute disgrace when that mental-health professional exploits and manipulates that person for nefariously and selfishly profitable objectives after an abusive family member has either pressured or coerced that individual into seeking "Asperger's Syndrome" treatment that he or she does not need, especially when that same family member abused that individual in the past in one way or another and continues to mistreat him or her.

Now, if you are someone who claims to have been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome and you are currently receiving treatment for it from which you feel that you are benefiting, I am not going to rain on your parade and get into an altercation with you on whether or not you are doing the right thing. You have the right to do whatever you want with your life.

I've noticed a great number of articles here on this platform from people who describe their struggle to cope with "Asperger's Syndrome" and how their persistence to do so has taken them on what they believe to be a rewarding journey. I'm not looking to belittle those people or disparage anything that they have done to improve their quality of life. However, I am not going to pretend that there is not this whole dark side to the entire world of "Asperger's Syndrome" that seldom gets exposed or even discussed anywhere in the public arena.

If you are somebody who prides yourself for being on the autism spectrum in this regard and for having sought treatment for it, I will not attempt to put you down in any manner. If you don't want to read anything I have to tell you herein about my concerns and misgivings regarding this topic, I will not take it personally. However, I must be brutally honest about this topic, because there is a mass of misinformation out there that has placed innocent individuals in harm's way; and if I can stop another person from falling victim to this sort of thing, then at least I will know that I have done something constructive.

I have no contempt for any of you out there who identifies yourself as an Aspie or an Aspergian. However, I am not going to do anything to hide the fact that I do have my fair share of skepticisms over the authenticity of this so-called form of high-functioning autism known as "Asperger's Syndrome."

I am very leery about a whole host of claims that mental-health professionals have made about "Asperger's Syndrome," and it's only because I have learned of many cases of psychiatric malpractice in which a said diagnosis of "Asperger's Syndrome" was involved. In other words, this overly misdiagnosed autistic condition, if it is even real, has turned the mental-health profession into a playground for fraud, abuse, and exploitation here in our nation; and we as Americans need to put a stop to it once and for all.

This will likely not be the last time that I ever publish an article here about this same topic, because it has me so angry that it has my blood boiling over. Also, I can assure you that I am not a troll and that I am reporting this information herein with all due honesty and candor. In any event, I will not remain silent about it, and I will not allow anyone to silence me about it either.

Sozavisimost is the creator of this image.

Sozavisimost is the creator of this image.

1. Psychiatric Malpractice Is Running Rampant In Our Nation

Medical malpractice cases have become more and more common than in years past in our civil court system here in our nation. Scandals have flooded the press and the media about doctors and other medical practitioners getting caught committing crimes and other illegalities against their own patients. However, despite that the number of psychiatric-malpractice incidents continues to increase, most lawyers are still reluctant to represent patients in civil actions against mental-health professionals.

Throughout my life, I have learned about very unfortunate situations and even tragedies which men of all ages and some females have ended up in because of their involvement with what can be best described as a shady shrink, which is a mental-health professional who has no scruples and very little, if any, conception between right and wrong. Therefore, my advice to all of you is that if you decide that you want to go to see a psychiatrist for therapy, please do proceed with caution.

When you establish a doctor-patient relationship with a psychiatrist, it is not the same as going to a doctor to have an ingrown toenail removed and then that's the end of it. Instead, it is almost as though you are marrying someone into your family. That marriage can either go well or it can turn into a nightmare. Unfortunately, way too many of these doctor-patient relationships involving the mental-health profession turn into nightmares.

The first time that I had learned about an incident involving psychiatric malpractice that had resulted in a death was when I was on a business trip in San Diego, California so many years ago. I phoned one of my former co-workers on the East Coast to catch up on the latest events in each other's lives. His name was Robert. He informed me that a friend and a former supervisor of ours named Eleanor was upset, because a friend of hers who worked in our agency had recently committed suicide. The name of the person who had recently taken his own life was William. I asked Robert for the details of this incident, and he told me exactly what had happened. I will only make reference to each one of these individuals on a first-name basis herein.

William was only 22 years old when he had gone into the woods behind his house and had hung himself. Robert explained to me that William had been placed on administrative leave inasmuch as he was seeing a psychiatrist and this psychiatrist had contacted his place of employment to request that they removed him from his office until further notice. Robert stated that the bizarre characteristic of it all was that William never liked for anyone to ask him questions about his father.

I later phoned Eleanor that same evening, and she gave me the full details of what had happened. She sounded very grief-stricken, because she had been very close with William. She and I came to a consensus that this psychiatrist had probably medicated William so heavily that it drove him to losing touch with reality. She and I also questioned whether William's father had been abusive with him from the time he was a child. Eleanor explained to me that William had begged his superiors to allow him to return to his office to work, but they had refused to agree to it.

Everything about the situation impressed upon me and Eleanor as very suspicious. Eleanor even agreed with me that our employer may have illegally obtained confidential information about William from his psychiatrist that William had told the psychiatrist in their therapeutic sessions. I told Eleanor that if William had never gotten involved with this same psychiatrist, he probably still would have been alive and would have never had thoughts about ending his life. She agreed with me.

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If you read my article titled "Are People Who Talk To Themselves Mentally Deranged?," you will find that back when I was living in California, my supervisor, Victoria, had sent her then-9-year-old daughter, Crystal, to a psychiatrist. The whole situation turned into a nightmare for the little girl, and Victoria eventually started talking about bringing a lawsuit against the psychiatrist. Luckily, Crystal got out of that horrendous situation, but she will likely have emotional scars from it for years to come.

Several years later a co-worker of mine named Angela and her fiancé came into my office one morning, and Angela told me that she was going to be out of the office for a couple of days inasmuch as a 22-year-old friend of theirs had shot himself dead. I asked Angela what could have been the problem with this young man, and she responded to me that the only information that she and her fiancé were ever able to get out of him was that he hated his job. She explained to me that his job was one that had required a security clearance.

As I began to think about what had happened to William so many years earlier, I had wondered if this 22-year-old friend of Angela had gotten involved with a psychiatrist and had become hooked on prescription medications because of it. All of these shady shrinks appear to have a predilection of pumping their patients up with prescription drugs that they don't need.

As recently as August of 2020, a 19-year-old YouTuber named Landon Clifford committed suicide after becoming addicted to medications that his psychiatrist had prescribed to him for depression, anxiety, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (A.D.H.D.) and panic attacks. In a nutshell, according to his wife, Camryn Clifford, the medications that he was taking were stimulants and then depressants, and he, therefore, developed a very strong case of insomnia insofar as he could no longer cope with it. Camryn Clifford provides all of the details regarding her husband's addiction to prescription drugs and his suicide in her video below.

Camryn Clifford Gives The Full Story Regarding Landon Clifford's Ultimate Tragedy Because Of A Psychiatrist

What is particularly disturbing about Ms. Clifford's video above is that she doesn't bring up the probability that her late husband's psychiatrist took wrongful advantage of him for his own selfish and profitable gain. She never puts the blame on Mr. Clifford's psychiatrist, when it is more than obvious that this mental-health professional was the one who was responsible for putting her late husband into the situation he was with his sleeping disorder, among other things. It appears that Mr. Clifford did everything that his psychiatrist had told him to do and he still ended up dead as a result of the medications that this charlatan had prescribed to him.

Perhaps Ms. Clifford has received advice from an attorney who has told her not to publicize the prospect of a psychiatric-malpractice and wrongful-death lawsuit against her late husband's psychotherapist. She and her late husband's family would have every right to sue this same psychiatrist for everything he has and owns. If I had my way about this whole situation, this psychiatrist would no longer be practicing medicine anywhere in the world.

What is so unusual about this particular matter is that usually shady shrinks target young men who are socially isolated and/or socially awkward. Mr. Clifford was married and had two kids. Therefore, he was hardly a loner and he was definitely not a social outcast. Then again, shady shrinks have become more and more inventive and cunning about whom they victimize with their malpractice in recent years than they have so further back in the past.

The sad reality of it all is that more and more men are taking their own lives than in years past. YouTuber Joker talks about it in his YouTube video below.

YouTuber Joker Claims That The Suicide Rate Among Men Is At A 20-Year High

I would not doubt that psychiatric malpractice has much to do with the above-described spike in suicides among men here in our nation. The fact of the matter is that psychiatrists seldom ever take accountability for their wrongdoing or abuses against their patients. While I can appreciate that there are ethical individuals in the mental-health professional hierarchy at the American Psychiatric Association ("A. P. A.") who oversee regular psychiatrists and other mental-health professionals to ensure that they do not victimize their patients and others, this same institution is obviously too understaffed to police every corner of their field of medicine.

Now, many of you may be asking what any of these events have to do with "Asperger's Syndrome" treatment. Well, I'm getting there.

The main point here is that psychiatrists, more often than not, get away with harming their patients here in our nation. The American civil court system protects them. The American criminal justice system seldom ever punishes them for their abuses and even crimes. Even our nation's mainstream press and mainstream media cover up for them by not reporting any professional misconduct that they commit. The A. P. A. does not have enough manpower to investigate each and every one of them who engage in professional misconduct.

If you get a chance to see the movie titled Changeling starring Angelina Jolie, do see it. In that film, Angelina Jolie plays the role of a mother whose son has gone missing. To make a long story short, the police bring a little boy to live with her and try to convince her that he is her missing son, when she knows very well that he is not her son. After she questions their actions, they lock her up in a psychiatric ward and the attending psychiatrist begins to abuse her in a violent manner and to commit all sorts of unspeakable acts against her.

After you see this film, you will never feel the same about the mental-health profession again. It shows how mental-health professionals have gotten away with so many atrocities throughout the years and that a great portion of their activities go unchecked to this very day.

If you read a Quora forum that asks the question "Why do some people hate psychiatrists so much?," you'll notice that most of the individuals who respond to that same question therein have nothing positive to say about psychiatrists and for very good reasons. What I find so interesting is that more psychiatrists are carrying guns nowadays than in previous years. English-speaking, industrialized nations now have a serious problem with mental-health professionals sexually victimizing their own patients according to a recent report.

There are way too many shady shrinks out there for the American people not to notice it. Unscrupulous individuals like the ones that I will be describing very shortly herein send victims their way, and "Asperger's Syndrome" fraud, for a lack of a better term, is providing these same people with the tools they need to participate in this same injustice.

I came across a very interesting article on the Internet titled "Jesse Kaplan: Boy with Asperger's Syndrome commits suicide after being forcibly sterilized" by Brian Ball and Rita Kaplan. Therein Rita Kaplan set forth her true story about how she and her husband were coerced into putting their son, Jesse Kaplan, into psychiatric therapy and eventually into "Asperger's Syndrome" treatment.

According to Ms. Kaplan, Jesse Kaplan had nothing psychiatrically wrong with him but rather he was out of his element at a new school that had a bullying problem. Of course, the school administrators didn't want to do anything to stop Jesse from being bullied, and they decided to pressure his parents into sending him to a psychiatrist instead. From that point on, the young boy's life took a downward spiral. He was only 9 years old back then.

The parents later became concerned that the psychiatrist was overmedicating their son and causing him to become even more alienated from others than before. A social worker eventually got involved in that situation and threatened legal action against the parents if they didn't continue to send their son to a psychiatrist, even though he did not need one. They eventually got him a new psychiatrist, but the situation only went from bad to worse and here is where problems really began to transpire.

By the time that Jesse Kaplan was in high school in 1996, his new psychiatrist conveniently decided to diagnose him with "Asperger's Syndrome" as it had become a predatory trend in the mental-health profession by then, and this same charlatan prescribed him heavy psychotropics that began to eat away at his overall quality of life. To make a long story short, Jesse Kaplan committed suicide at the age of 21 because of all the problems that this same charlatan had caused him. His parents brought a civil action against the state of California because of it, but the amount of compensation they won in the lawsuit did not make up for the loss of their son. Then again, no amount of money could have done so. The damage was irreversible.

At the end of the above-described article, Brian Ball made this statement:

You have read the testimony of one Rita Kaplan. Once a California Democrat but no longer after experiencing first hand the horror and trauma of liberalism. Asperger's syndrome is not a real disorder. It is a falsehood invented by the left to deprive us of our freedom and liberty. At the same time to target innocent people and to help government employees, enemies of our republic to profit at the expense of others. Asperger's syndrome is not real.

If your child is diagnosed with Asperger's or any other disorder remove him or her from public school immediately and if necessary leave your state. You will be doing your child a favor perhaps even saving his or her life. Even if your child is not diagnosed, if your children goes to public school you should take them out. Consider homeschooling, a loving and merciful alternative. Either that or Charter school. But whatever you do never trust the government and never let your child be subdued by the state. They are your children not the government's children

What was even more disturbing is that there was a post in the comments section of that same article that stated:

It's actually becoming more common than you think. I am shocked that so many people do not know about this. Risperdal is the same drug used in prisons and mental asylums to castrate sex offenders and people at risk for being sex offenders. Zyprexa, Lupron and a few other drugs will do it.

A friend of mine was in the psych ward in Bakersfield California in Kern regional hospital back in 07. He had a nervous breakdown because his parents told him he was stupid with Asperger's syndrome and confiscated his bank account to force him on *S.S.I. Dr. Tai P. Yoo sided with his abusive parents against him and told him it was for his own good and even told him he must never have children. He was forcibly proscribed Risperdal.

The diagnosis was because he was abused as a child and bullied. He told him it was his fault he was abused. He told him that "his children would be retarded like he was if he was not proscribed this medicine."

Fortunately he wasn't on the meds long enough to affect him permanently. He was able to get out, but they forced him back into his parents' custody and they later threw him out of the house. He became homeless for almost a year because of that. S.S.I. doesn't even pay him enough to live off of.

The person who had made that post in the comments section of the above-described article went by the username of Snickering Hound. (*Note - "S.S.I." is Supplemental Security Income that one can collect from the Social Security Administration. However, it appears that he may have been referring to Social Security Disability Income, which is from a different government program from the other one.) In my humble opinion, as in the case of Dr. Yoo, any psychiatrist who blames a child for being abused should have their medical license revoked, and Dr. Yoo should not even be allowed to go near children in any professional capacity.

As I have stated previously herein, I may not be a medical expert. However, like many of you, I am a prudent consumer who warns people to steer clear of quacks and charlatans in the mental-health profession. My concern is that many of them misuse the so-called "Asperger's Syndrome" diagnosis to drum up business for themselves under fraudulent pretenses.

If you are an adult and you are a survivor of child abuse of any kind, do not allow for the parent or the immediate family member who victimized you to coerce or even pressure you into going into "Asperger's Syndrome" treatment. These people have no moral high ground to convince you that you have any kind of psychiatric illness, because they are not in touch with all of their mental faculties themselves.

Do not let them talk you into taking any sort of psychiatric evaluation for "Asperger's Syndrome." Once you walk into that same fire, you will be burned left and right and there will be no return for you back to your life as it was before. My best advice for you is that if these people continue to pressure you and hound you into getting involved with a psychiatrist for "Asperger's Syndrome," take this one online autism test that will tell you right up front whether or not it is worth it for you even to get involved in anything that drastic.

Psychologist Simon Baron-Cohen and his colleagues at Cambridge’s Autism Research Centre have tailored this same online autism test so that anyone can find out whether they even come close to having autism. They are straightforward about the fact that this autism test is not a substitute for an actual clinical examination from a licensed physician, but these people are experts and they knew what they were doing when they put this entire online autism test together so that individuals like you could self-diagnose informally before making any critical decisions about your mental health. If you score below a 32 on this same test, then it will probably be a waste of your time and your money for you to go to a doctor for a formalized clinical examination to determine whether or not you have autism.

If you tell the abusive parent or the abusive immediate family member who is pressuring you into getting involved in "Asperger's Syndrome" treatment that you scored too low on the test to be concerned about having any form of autism and they still insist that you go to a psychiatrist, then tell them that you don't have that kind of money or time to throw away inasmuch as it is both expensive and time-consuming. Chances are that they will likely not offer to pay for the full evaluation for "Asperger's Syndrome," because deep down inside they are probably aware that their perception of you having that ailment is a deluded fantasy on their part that they have concocted in their twisted mind and they're not going to reach into their deep pockets to fund something that even they are not sure about.

It should also be noted that an "Asperger's Syndrome" evaluation is specifically for children rather than adults. According to Kimberly Holland's online article titled "Understanding Asperger’s Symptoms in Adults," there is currently no specific test or diagnostic criteria for diagnosing Asperger's syndrome in adults. However, beware that there are still unscrupulous mental-health professionals out there who could lure you into taking what they claim to be an authentic "Asperger's Syndrome" evaluation for adults. Such mental-health professionals should be stripped of their medical licenses, but, unfortunately, too many of them get away with such crimes because of the lack of oversight of their activities.

Even if you were to go to a psychiatrist and you were lucky enough that he or she was honest enough to tell you whether or not you suffered from any kind of mental illness, a clean bill of mental health from him or her would likely cause your abusive parent or abusive immediate family member to insist that you get a second opinion. You are not obligated to feed anyone's vanity or become a hostage to anyone's ego trip.

These above-described kinds of circumstances involving abusive parents bring to mind how some Puritanical pseudo-intellectuals will ramble on and on about how they believe that it is selfish for someone not to want to have children someday. Well, what those same dunces say could not be any further from the truth, because the fact of the matter is that it is selfish for people to want to have children that they cannot treat right and that they will misuse as a stepping mat or a punching bag insofar as they will exploit and manipulate them for their own self-serving purposes. We Americans all need to bring our societal norms out of the dark ages and into the 21st century.

Johannes Plenio A.K.A. "jplenio" is the creator of this image.

Johannes Plenio A.K.A. "jplenio" is the creator of this image.

2. The Concept And The Theory Of Asperger's Syndrome Has A Very Nebulous And Disturbing Background

Now, I realize that if any of you out there are in "Asperger's Syndrome" treatment and feel that you are benefiting from it, you may not like me referring to it as a concept or a theory. However, I have acquired a multitude of misgivings regarding the authenticity of it after having researched information that indicates that it may not even be real.

I am well aware that "Asperger's Syndrome" was removed from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition ("DSM-5") back in 2013, and it was reclassified therein as a high-functioning subtype of Autism Spectrum Disorder. The irony of it is that many people who believe themselves to know everything about it still misuse the term "Asperger's Syndrome" to this very day in spite of its absence from the medical books since 2013.

There are self-proclaimed experts who believe that "Asperger's Syndrome" is not autism. I have even come across YouTube videos from parents of children with advanced levels of autism who insist that "Asperger's Syndrome" is a made-up thing. In any event, I'm going to refer to it as "Asperger's Syndrome" herein to prevent any confusion about this article here of mine and for the purposes of communicating my points and information across to my readers, even though most mental-health professionals currently refer to it as a high-functioning subtype of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

I cannot understand why there are people out there on discussion threads on the Internet who act all excited about being on the autism spectrum after receiving a diagnosis of "Asperger's Syndrome." I've even read stories about people faking autism in this regard to gain access to government programs, which is a felony. After reading the above-aforementioned article titled "Jesse Kaplan: Boy with Asperger's Syndrome commits suicide after being forcibly sterilized" by Brian Ball and Rita Kaplan, I would think that most people would want to distance themselves from this controversial and questionable concept and theory as much as possible.

What is particularly bewildering and even infuriating is that there is an infestation of parents in English-speaking, industrialized nations who aggressively seek for their kids to be diagnosed with "Asperger's Syndrome" as though it is some kind of badge of honor for these same parents to wear. Dr. Mike Shooter, who is a British mental-health professional, describes how this trend is poisoning the United Kingdom's way of life in his article titled "DR MIKE SHOOTER: Yes, some children suffer terribly. But I fear many parents want them to be labelled autistic... just to excuse their own failings." Unfortunately, American mental-health professionals are not spreading enough of this same awareness to others here in the land of milk and honey.

After reading Snickering Hound's post in the comments section for the above-aforementioned article titled "Jesse Kaplan: Boy with Asperger's Syndrome commits suicide after being forcibly sterilized" by Brian Ball and Rita Kaplan, I have begun to become suspicious that many parents are resorting to this so-called diagnosis to hide the fact that they either are abusing their kids or have done so in the past. When a kid's emotional scars manifest later on in life as a result of abuse and the abusive parent does not want to be exposed to the world for what he or she did to that kid, it is so easy for him or her simply to insist that their kid suffers from some form of autism or some kind of mental illness.

Autism & Oughtism expresses this same concern in their article titled "When a doctor over-diagnoses autism." Therein they mention about how some people may seek to get their kid an "Asperger's Syndrome" diagnosis from any mental-health professional for the right price only to cover up their bad parenting.

What I found is that there are parents who seem to obsess over "Asperger's Syndrome" insofar as they cannot stop insisting that their kids, even adult ones, go to see a psychiatrist to be tested for it. However, American mental-health professionals cannot always be trusted to do the right thing in that event.

Dr. Misty Hook has a Ph.D., which I do admit is quite impressive, but she is one of those psychotherapists whose on-the-job conduct raises many questions about her professional ethics. In her article titled "I Hate My Father — He Lays Guilt Trips on Me," she quotes a 28-year-old man who expresses his discontent about his deteriorating relationship with his father and also complains that his father continues to insist that he (the son) suffers from "Asperger's Syndrome" despite that no psychiatrist has ever diagnosed him with it.

Where Dr. Hook's response to this 28-year-old man falls apart is where she states:

[Y]our father seems to think you have Asperger’s. Given that most people’s behavior fits with some diagnostic criteria, this means that there may be some things that you do that are consistent with Asperger’s. If these behaviors bother you, then try to work on them. If they don’t, then I wouldn’t worry about it. People are free to believe what they want but you don’t have to agree with them.

Now, I find this response from Dr. Hook to be very unprofessional and quite offensive, because she has not even examined this 28-year-old man in person. Therefore, she would have no way of diagnosing him with anything. Moreover, it alarms me that she made this kind of response to him, because it shows that she may be one of those charlatans who look to diagnose a patient with a mental illness or disorder even if that person does not have it or it isn't even real.

This is the reason that each and every one of you have to remain on your guard with these mental-health professionals whenever addressing something that is as controversial and questionable as the concept and the theory of "Asperger's Syndrome." Anyone can see that the above-described 28-year-old man's father is not accusing the 28-year-old man of having Asperger's Syndrome out of the kindness of his heart or out of genuine concern for him. There are actually parents who misuse these scientifically disputed and even refuted diagnoses to demonize their own children on purpose and for selfish reasons no matter how young or old they are.

In figurative language, in an article titled "Asperger’s History of Overdiagnosis," a psychiatrist named Dr. Paul Steinberg equates the diagnosis of "Asperger's Syndrome" to the Red Scare of the 1950s and implies that labeling someone with this so-called diagnosis is defamatory at best. Therein he warns the American people about the mistake of lumping anyone who has been given this so-called diagnosis in with actual autistic people. Dr. Steinberg in this respect represents what little decency is still left of the American mental-health profession.

On a Reddit discussion thread, a mother complains that her 4-year-old child's father was misinforming others that their son was autistic. She complains that this man was only looking for attention. Even though he did not specifically use the term "Asperger's Syndrome," his actions were still offensive and manipulative at best.

Another discussion thread on the Wrong Planet website disclosed that many child abuse survivors get misdiagnosed with "Asperger's Syndrome." My response to that contention is that if it is not a real diagnosis, then nobody should be labeled with it in the first place. Parents who abuse or have abused their children should not have it as an escape path from someday being exposed for the kind of people they are. I am not alone in my belief that "Asperger's Syndrome" is nothing more than a concept or a theory.

I've been looking for the correct medical term to describe parents who obsess over diagnosing their underage children and even adult children with "Asperger's Syndrome," when, more often than not, their reasons for believing so are based upon some deluded fantasy they have of making their offspring into a freak show at a circus only to make themselves look like infallible parents who did everything they could to raise their kids properly. I realize that I cannot technically label anyone with any diagnosis inasmuch as I am solely a layman who does not possess a medical degree.

Nevertheless, I was looking for the medical term to describe these Asperger's-Syndrome-obsessed parents. According to the DSM-5, Factitious disorder imposed on another ("FDIA"), which was formerly known as Munchausen syndrome by proxy ("MSP"), is a mental illness in which a person acts as if an individual he or she is caring for has a physical or mental illness when the person is not really sick. A subset of this same mental illness is referred to as "Asperger's by proxy," which is the specific medical term to describe a parent who dangerously obsesses over diagnosing their underage child or adult child with "Asperger's Syndrome" when, in fact, their belief that their kid falls on the autism spectrum is either completely fabricated in their mind or an exaggeration of actual reality.

What stood out to me the most about parents insisting that their child suffered from "Asperger's Syndrome" was that some of them complained about medical insurances not covering testing and treatment for this so-called autistic condition. If medical insurance companies are not wanting to get involved with mental-health professionals who promote what these medical insurance companies discount as nothing more than a concept or a theory, then they must have professionals who have investigated into the background of this so-called autistic condition and have arrived to the conclusion that they didn't want to have any part in promoting this same fairy tale.

When you look at the fact that the diagnosis of "Asperger's Syndrome" originated from a neo-Nazi pediatrician named Dr. Hans Asperger who was in bed with Adolf Hitler, in figurative words, and misused this same so-called diagnosis to send hundreds of innocent children to what can be best described as a death camp, it is no mystery why this so-called autistic condition is a magnet for so many horrific injustices up to this very day. For many years, medical experts celebrated the late Dr. Asperger as a genius in his field of medicine and even as a compassionate child advocate. However, in 2018, Dr. Herwig Czech, a medical historian at the Medical University of Vienna, exposed the shocking and horrendous truth about this maniac and disgrace to all humanity. You can get the full scoop about it in the video below.

Daniella Nguyen Describes The Genocide That Dr. Hans Asperger Committed Against Children On Adolf Hitler's Watch

Watching the video above nearly put me in tears upon seeing it for the very first time. At the end of the day, even though the late Dr. Asperger reaped the glory and the honor for many years of the medical community praising him as some kind of hero who was dead set on protecting children from the Third Reich during Adolf Hitler's reign of terror over Austria, fact has it that the late Dr. Asperger was a state-sanctioned child murderer who was ever so loyal to the cause and the objectives of the Nazi Party.

The late Dr. Asperger was a pediatrician who contributed to the conceptualization of "Autistic Psychopathy." In other words, the late Dr. Asperger is the one who started this dangerous and destructive fairy tale now known as "Asperger's Syndrome" upon concocting it under the original term he coined for it, which was "Autistic Psychopathy." He had many medical experts fooled with his charming façade insofar as he impressed the late Dr. Lorna Wing enough that she decided to take his make-believe medical condition called "Autistic Psychopathy" and rename it "Asperger's Syndrome" in 1976 in his honor, when, in reality, his actions made him underserving of any honor at all, to say the least about him.

It is my wholehearted contention that probably most of these children that the late Dr. Asperger had euthanized had nothing medically wrong with them at all, even though the late Dr. Asperger misused his position and authority as a physician to diagnose them wrongfully with "Autistic Psychopathy" so that he could send them to their lethal fates. This man was pure evil on his face, and he was a strong supporter of the Nazi regime that Adolf Hitler had forced upon the German and Austrian people for many years. The best thing that the late Dr. Asperger ever did for the world was die in 1980, and even that was not soon enough.

For all of the reasons above, among many others, I urge each and every one of you never to submit to any pressure from an abusive parent or an abusive immediate family member to get involved in this dark and destructive fairy tale in the form of "Asperger's Syndrome" testing and treatment if you know for a fact that you have nothing wrong with you and that this same abusive parent or abusive immediate family member is only seeking a way to demonize you or get you involved in something that would only be for their own selfish benefit. Even if they have the same blood that you do running through their veins, these people do not really care about you and they don't have your best interests at heart, because if they did, they would not be trying to push you into something that could have very severe consequences for you in the long run.

If these same immediate family members continue to approach you on getting tested and treated for "Asperger's Syndrome," insist that they get a psychiatric evaluation before you will even discuss doing anything that they want you to do, because, in that event, they probably will back down inasmuch as they know that they would not be able to obtain such an evaluation for themselves without serious psychiatric problems being discovered about them. In all due likelihood, you are one of the people in your immediate family who is neurotypical, and they are the ones who are in need of professional help. If they disrespect you and behave derisively toward you whenever they insist that you get tested for "Asperger's Syndrome," those actions of theirs alone should be enough of a red flag for you not to give in to any pressure they put on you to comply with their wishes in that regard.

Now, I am not mindless that after Dr. Czech made his above-described revelation to the world regarding the late Dr. Asperger back in 2018, anyone who reported about it in the media and on the Internet received a great amount of pushback from autistic communities throughout the world, especially from individuals who identified themselves as Aspies or Aspergians. Usually, after people get themselves involved in something controversial and uncertain insofar as it could involve misinformation and/or injustices, those same individuals never want to believe that they have walked right into something that could later prove that they made a wrong decision about their future and their life.

Nevertheless, we all must keep in mind that the atrocities against innocent children that the late Dr. Asperger was to blame for were wrongfully covered up for 80 years. If you watch the video below, you will find how much this entire concept and theory of "Asperger's Syndrome" stinks to high heaven and is a product of an evil genius whose crimes against humanity could not have been any more unconscionable than they were.

The Late Dr. Hans Asperger Was As Close To Being A Nazi War Criminal As A Physician Could Get

Throughout the years, self-proclaimed medical experts have been giving "Asperger's Syndrome" an unstable and subjective definition that has needlessly absorbed mentally sound individuals into its vicious vortex of stigmatization. Benjamin Nugent explained this concern in his article titled "I Had Asperger Syndrome. Briefly."

Now, there are self-proclaimed medical experts who are even claiming that people who suffer from "Asperger's Syndrome" have a short lifespan. In 2016, an article came out about it that was titled "People with autism are ‘dying younger,’ warns study." If you are survivor of child abuse of any form, do not allow for your abusive parents or abusive immediate family member to pressure or coerce you into jumping onto this same merry-go-round of deceit. Being wrongfully diagnosed with "Asperger's Syndrome" or the likes could haunt you for the rest of your life, and none of these people are going to come to your rescue once you find yourself strapped for money and about to become homeless.

I am someone who is all for the institution of family. However, sometimes the very same people who have your DNA can be your worst and most dangerous enemies. Don't allow yourself to fall prey to them.

"zeradodich" is the creator of this image.

"zeradodich" is the creator of this image.

3. A Highly Intelligent Loner Or Wallflower Does Not Necessarily Fall Anywhere On The Autism Spectrum

What I find so outrageous is that self-appointed know-it-alls hold this misconception that if someone is not a glittering social butterfly and/or does not possess a romance-related or marriage-related curriculum vitae that mirrors that of Tony Danza, then that same individual undoubtedly has to fall somewhere on the autism spectrum, usually in the form of "Asperger's Syndrome." However, when you look at the kind of eccentricities and depravities that people in the spotlight who fit this perfect "Tony Danza" mold have engaged in even to the point of criminality, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that such a misconception could not be any further from the truth.

Take the examples of Josh Duggar and Toby Willis. Both of these men married their respective high-school sweethearts shortly after they graduated from high school. Both of these men became famous for being barely in their adulthood when they got married and started a family. Both of these men were financially successful immediately after they became family men. However, both of these men also have very dark and disturbing sides to them that caused both of them to fall out of grace with the public at large. Both of these men have had notorious confrontations with the criminal justice system for their depravities. They both belong in prison.

There exists a stereotype within American society that if someone is highly intelligent and does not have a large circle of friends from the time that they hit puberty, then they must suffer from "Asperger's Syndrome" or some form of autism. However, it is not fair to generalize about anyone in this regard, because there is so much misinformation out there regarding "Asperger's Syndrome" and autism in general that anyone who wasn't a quarterback in high school or had a steady girlfriend from the sixth grade and beyond can become an easy target for "Asperger's Syndrome" fraud and manipulation, for a lack of a better term, especially by their immediate family members in cases of prior or ongoing abuse.

Some of you may be old enough to remember the song titled "At Seventeen" by Janis Ian. If you're not, you may listen to the lyrics of that song below.

The Song Titled "At Seventeen" By Janis Ian

I was never a major fan of this same song. It does sound like one of those depressing songs that you hear about someone embedding in a comment they have posted on a discussion thread on an incel website. I once saw Janis Ian in a television interview wherein she complained that she had a lonely adolescence and had still felt isolated from her peers and from the dating scene when she was 21 years old.

Later on, I came across information on one of my Music Choice channels on my cable television line-up that indicated that Ms. Ian had gotten married at the tender age of 20. That is when I realized that the above song of hers may have been merely an insincere publicity stunt on her part to promote her own music career by misleading less fortunate youngsters to believe that she shared their pain and disappointments.

Nevertheless, Ms. Ian may not have been doomed to remain a spinster until the age of 99 as she had misled her fans to believe so in her song above, but the lyrics of the song above do map out the alienation that the less popular and the less romantically successful youngsters experience during their adolescent years and even on into their early adult years. Trying to force these people onto the autism spectrum when they do not belong there in the first place does not benefit our society in any way, shape, or form.

There are reasons that smart people have fewer friends than people of average intelligence do, and it has nothing to do with autism or mental illness. You can find out what those reasons are from the video below.

Smart People May Have Fewer Friends, But They Can Still Be Neurotypical Like Everyone Else

Nowhere in the video above does it mention anything about smart people with fewer friends suffering from "Asperger's Syndrome" or any kind of autism. The mental-health profession does not have the answers to everything.

Highly intelligent people may not be versed in the social skills needed to find the love of their lives, but it doesn't mean that they suffer from autism. Unlike the past, this day and age presents a multitude of challenges for single people to meet up with prospective significant others and start a romantic relationship. The lyrics in the song below tell us all how most of us would like for such a pursuit to be.

The Song Titled "What's Your Name" By The Moments

Nevertheless, highly intelligent people have the most difficulty finding love and forming romantic relationships. However, it has nothing to do with autism or "Asperger's Syndrome." You can find out what the reasons typically are that highly intelligent struggle with love in the video below.

Here Are Fifteen Reasons Why Highly Intelligent People Struggle With Love

The video above points out that the reasons that highly intelligent people struggle with love is because: (1) they are set in their ways; (2) they are high achievers; (3) they have a sense of independence; (4) they get bored easily; and (5) they find that love and courtship are outdated rituals. Nowhere in the video above does it mention that any of these highly intelligent people struggle with love because of "Asperger's Syndrome" or autism.

Like me, Gonzalo Lira (also known as Coach Red Pill on YouTube) believes that Asperger's Syndrome is a fairy tale insofar as socially inept individuals as well as romantically challenged individuals are being misjudged and even misdiagnosed by charlatans in the mental-health profession. Mr. Lira lays out his opinion in that regard in his video below.

Gonzalo Lira Expresses His Skepticisms Regarding "Asperger's Syndrome"

Like Benjamin Nugent who published the above-aforementioned article titled "I Had Asperger. Briefly.," Mr. Lira believes that socialization is the answer to remedying the alienation that a loner or a romantically challenged individual suffers rather than being misdiagnosed with "Asperger's Syndrome" and overly medicated by some charlatan in the mental-health profession. In his video above, Mr. Lira stresses that social skills are learned rather than being instinctive from birth.

In his video above, Mr. Lira does not deny that bad parenting can cause people to be socially inept or socially awkward, but he contends that those people are not locked into that situation forever. What is so interesting about Mr. Lira's video is that he differentiates those who have been diagnosed with "Asperger's Syndrome" from people who actually suffer from real autism and would, therefore, be unlikely to be able to understand anything he was saying in his video. He uses animals in his analogy, and then he warns people not to let these charlatans in our mental-health profession fool us into believing that "Asperger's Syndrome" is a real autistic condition.

Mr. Lira received some pushback from people who posted in the comments section of his video above. Many of those individuals claimed to be suffering from "Asperger's Syndrome" or had loved ones who had been diagnosed with it. In any event, Mr. Lira made very valuable points in his video above that should not be ignored.

"geralt" is the creator of this image.

"geralt" is the creator of this image.

4. My Final Thoughts Regarding This Topic

The United States of America is confronting a major epidemic of "Asperger's Syndrome" fraud and abuse, for a lack of a better term. Abusive parents are pressuring and even coercing their offspring, both underage and of legal age, to get involved in a fairy tale that could have serious repercussions for these same individuals in the future. Abusive siblings are doing the same.

Do not submit to the whims of these abusive and derisive members of your immediate family, because they will not come to your rescue once the damage has been done. If they keep on pressuring you and hounding you to be tested for "Asperger's Syndrome," I recommend that you take the online autism test that I mentioned herein. It costs you nothing. Furthermore, if you score way below the minimum score of 32 needed to warrant a formal clinical examination for Asperger's Syndrome, you'll be able to throw that in their faces.

If an abusive parent or an abusive sibling of yours pressures you into getting involved in "Asperger's Syndrome" testing and treatment and tries to talk you into applying for Social Security Disability Income ("S.S.D.I.) based upon a disability that you don't really have, stand firmly against them and refuse to go along with their shenanigans. Disability fraud is a very serious crime; and you do not want to put yourself in the line of fire to be someday investigated and even arrested for it, because these same family members of yours are not going to come running to your defense once the time comes that you have to stand before a judge in a criminal court of law simply for making the wrong decision.

These same immediate family members are not going to pay to hire you the best criminal defense attorney that money can buy. If they do anything, they will deny that they had any role in sending you to a psychiatrist for "Asperger's Syndrome" testing and treatment and applying for Social Security Disability Income benefits from the Social Security Administration. Moreover, there is no specific test to determine whether or not an adult has "Asperger's Syndrome."

If these same immediate family members make fun of you, which they probably do, they don't care about your future or your life. In fact, they are out to destroy you for their own self-serving purposes. If you don't have medical insurance, you don't want to allow them to force you down this same expensive road. If they were pressuring you into all of these different things and they really cared about you, then they would offer to pay for your "Asperger's Syndrome" testing, which can cost as much as $6,000, in the event that you are among the many medically uninsured Americans. However, because we don't live in a nation that has Universal Healthcare, you don't want to be incurring needless medical debt to appease an abusive parent or an abusive sibling who will not bail you out of it once the time arrives that you can no longer meet your expenses. If you actually have $6,000 to throw away, you're better off using the money to travel to Europe or Australia on vacation instead.

Also, the psychiatrist who participated in getting you involved in disability fraud in this same regard will be long gone by the time the Federal authorities attempt to reach him or her for questioning. You will be on your own, and chances are that your criminal defense lawyer will be a public defender who won't care one way or the other if you go to prison for a lengthy period of time.

Shady shrinks are thriving off of this "Asperger's Syndrome" fairy tale for their own self-serving and profitable motives, and people who fall prey to it are even going as far as taking their own lives. Our laws are not making these unscrupulous mental-health professionals take accountability for their actions in this regard. Therefore, they do what they do, because they know that they can get away with it most of the time.

Life is too short to get involved in the "Asperger's Syndrome" fairy tale. Once you walk into that psychiatrist's office and begin allowing him or her to invade your most private thoughts, there will be no turning back for you. You will fall completely to his or her mercy. Now that we live in the information age, he or she will make records of conversations that he or she has with you that could someday be easily accessible on the Internet or by some other electronic means. It could mean serious problems for you whenever you apply for a job in the future.

Now, I get it. Our nation has what is called the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 ("ADA") that is supposed to protect Americans diagnosed with "Asperger's Syndrome" from any sort of employment discrimination. However, we have to be realistic and keep in mind that jobs are now very scarce and the job market is very competitive because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ("EEOC") has faltered in its efforts to protect employees from discrimination in recent years. Making a wrong decision about "Asperger's Syndrome" could become a recipe for homelessness and suffering for you in the future.

Anyone whom a psychiatrist has ever victimized can tell you not to get involved in this "Asperger's Syndrome" fairy tale and that abusive parents and abusive siblings do not have your best interests at heart in pressuring you to do so. That person can also tell you that those same immediate family members are using you as a fall guy for seriously deep-seated problems they have going on in their own minds. Do not ignore that person's warning, because you may never get a second chance like that again. Do not fall for the "Asperger's Syndrome" fairy tale if you value your future and a quality of life.

A Poll For Americans Who Want To End "Asperger's Syndrome" Fraud And Abuse

A Poll For Americans Who Want The Law To Punish People For Disability Fraud

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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