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Attracting Good Luck and Good Fortune

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It's Your Lucky Day

It's your Lucky Day

The thing called luck has perplexed us through history. Most of us consider it to be illusive, imaginary thing. After all, luck certainly isn't something that can be controlled right? Some people seem to have good fortune smile upon them, and good luck flows to them like magic. Others seem to have the furies unleashed upon them, slogging through one mishap after another. Why do some people seem to have better luck than others? Is it simply preparation, and hard work? If so, why do some people work long hours every week, and yet have misfortune dog their every step. Let's face it, some people just seem to be luckier than others.

But can you do anything to bring you more luck in life? Is there a way to increase the good fortune in your life? The general answer is yes. Let's look at a few ways to increase your luck, or at least help smooth your path through life a bit. Then perhaps people will be wondering why you are so lucky, and why the breaks seem to go your way more often than not. You may well also notice that a number of coincidences happen in your life, both big and small which may give you the idea that you are definitely luckier than most.

Finding Your Good Fortune

There certainly are way to help good luck find it's way to you. Having a positive attitude as you go through your day is a plus. Like attracts like. However there are other ways to bring you new opportunities, and make you cherish your good fortune in life. Here are a few.

  • Going Out and Meeting New People- A simple concept really, the more people you know the more opportunities that may come your way. Whether in business, or even in social settings, the fact that you put yourself out there and people know who you are, may give you a look in that others won't receive. When a position or an opportunity arises, you want somebody mentioning your name as a possibility. They are not going to do that if your sitting at home every night living the hermit life. You need to get out and about occasionally and meet new people. The more people you know, the better chance for you to receive that “lucky” break.
  • Taking Chances (the Risk-taker)- Timidness rarely gets you anywhere in life. It's the people who take chances, who are the ones who normally have great luck. Yes, they can fall on their face as well. However they tend to get up, brush themselves off and keep moving forward. You can figure the odds all you like, but eventually you have to take the plunge and find out for yourself. You will find that the people who out there taking chances and doing things tend to find success quicker than those who don't.

Intuition and Visualization

  • Write it Down and Visualize- Visualization has become a new age buzzword in recent years, which has made many write it off completely. However writing down your goals and then following up with visualization can help you reach those goals. Keep in mind that visualization is not daydreaming. You visualize the thing you want to acquire, visualize yourself owning it, and then follow up. If you want a house for instance, make an appointment with the realtor to see it. Look into getting a raise to pay for it etc. Writing down your goals can help keep you focused as well. Taking action is important too. Once you've decided on a certain outcome, or acquiring a certain thing, start working working towards that goal.
  • Feeling Lucky- I've tried a few experiments with luck over the years. The one I've had some “luck” with is a simple one. I go throughout my day often reminding myself just how lucky I am. I'll say things like, “I feel lucky today”, or “Why am I so lucky?”. You can add in any kind of phrase you like about luck or how wonderful life is. Doing it once does nothing. Constantly reaffirming it does seem to make things happen. The idea is that your subconscious has no filter. So if you believe and confirm as to how lucky you are, your subconscious follows through to help make you lucky.
  • Success- I won 11 out of 13 scratch tickets I bought just doing this. I also depended on intuition to tell me when to buy. Was it coincidence? Perhaps, but I'll take coincidences like that any day of the week. The idea is that your subconscious has no filter. So if you believe and confirm as to how lucky you are, your subconscious follows through to help make you lucky.
  • Following Your Intuition- If you get a hunch that just bubbles up from your mind, follow it. Intuition can be very subtle. In the above example with the scratch tickets, when I went to the store, my intuition wasn't like a buzzer going off. In fact usually I would pay no attention to the tickets. Over the course of about 3 months or so, I would just glance over at them, and would get the feeling to buy one. Don't second guess with intuition. Your first hunch or impulse is always the right one.
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A Lucky Coincidence


An Amazing Coincidence (and Some Luck)

Here is a small example of coincidences that just seem to pop up in your everyday life when things are going your way, and luck is in your corner.

A few months ago ago I was browsing on Amazon, and decided to purchase a used book. The book is called "The Great Lakes Triangle", and is from 1977. One of my favorites and fascinating reading. So I went ahead and bought it. I have owned two copies previously. One I purchased around 1981, and had it in my library until 15 years ago when I decided to give up a storage shed full of stuff in Virginia after I moved to Arizona because I couldn't afford to pay for it any more. The other copy I had in Arizona for a few years before leaving it somewhere and losing it.

So fast forward to yesterday. The book arrives and I take it out of the package to have a look at it, and I notice that this book has a little sticker on the top that says happy birthday on it. It seems really familiar, and I'm thinking that I've had that sticker on one of my books before. Slowly it dawns on me that it was this particular book that had the sticker. the book I left behind in Virginia years ago. I check where the Amazon buyer was located and discover it was a bookseller in Kentucky, but when I open the book it lists a used bookstore in Virginia. Much to my amazement I find that my old paperback has traveled cross country and over a 15 year time span to find it's way back home to me. A bit eerie to tell you the truth.

Now I must admit that the book coming back to me was not winning the lottery, but it was pretty neat all the same. Money will sometimes find it's way to you as well. I once found $50.00 in an airport literally at my feet. I had needed that money to pay a overdue bill. So I calmly visualized myself with the money in hand, and reminded myself how lucky I was constantly. A week or so after I started, I was walking in an airport I worked in at that time. I just happened to look down and the money was right under my foot. Nobody else had noticed it because they were all on their phones, or looking above at the gate signs. I happened to look down at the right moment. I was quite grateful for my lucky break.

Good Luck!

Anyway these are a few steps that may well cause that next lucky break to become yours. Certainly other things can help you like focusing on a particular goal you want, and taking action on what it takes to accomplish it. Of course you could just carry around a four leaf clover, or a lucky rabbit's foot, but I think these ideas may work a bit better. If nothing else just constantly affirm how you love your lucky life! And when things do go your way, be grateful and smile. The world seems a little brighter that way.

Attracting Good Luck

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