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Assistance Dogs for Disabled

I love dogs, my parents have dogs and many of my friends love dogs. Dogs are always make me smile and entertaining. Many of us have realized the benefits to have dog. Not just entertaining parts, but dogs also may become our best friends.

Well, despite all the hair coating your seat, or the vomit on the floor, or the potty runs :) Dogs are great for your health. Many of us who have dogs are more relax, have lower blood pressure, healthier because we have to run with them every morning, and many believe that as dog owner, one can lives longer than other, but the latter depends on God's will :)

But I'm serious, dogs are great for senior people. Dogs may make the seniors happier and of course healthier. Dogs were also shown to increase socialization among persons with Alzheimer's disease in a Special Care Unit of a nursing home.

But the dogs for the disabled are really amazing.

Cute dogs

Cute dogs

Assistance Dogs

I have seen many dogs are trained to take care of blind people. Not just for the blind, people with any kind of disabilities seem will react well with assistance dogs.

Assistance dogs will work well with both disabled adults or child, many have their life changed after they have assistance dogs.

Like what happened with 8 year old boy Sam Daly from England with his dog Josie. Sam is a wheelchair user with muscular dystrophy, and he always feel angry and frustration before he had Josie. His mommy, Sara Daly once said,“Sam’s frustration and anger at his condition boiled over in to every part of his life. He was desperate to join in with all the things that other children did, but his condition limited so many things that he could do.  He would watch his little sister be able to play and start to do things that Sam has either never been able to master or even worse that he was no longer able to manage.  While he still delights in his sister’s new found abilities each milestone she achieves is bittersweet.” (from

It must be really hard for parents to watch their child's sorrows, but Sam's life has changed drastically after Josie arrived. Josie helps Sam with everyday tasks including undoing zips, opening doors, and even passing notes between Sam and his parents. Since having Josie Sam’s confidence has improved and she sleeps by Sam’s bedside where her intuitive and caring nature has brought peace of mind to the whole family.  She has previously awoken Sam’s parents to alert them that he was about to be sick, which could have resulted in Sam choking because he is unable to turn in his sleep. Josie’s quick reactions undoubtedly ensures that Sam never comes to any harm. This what little Sam said "Things were rubbish before she came to love me." (oh..they both are adorable.)

Not just Sam, I have seen from talk shows on TV how people's life changed drastically after they've got their assistance dogs and read articles about that. 

They are really a blessing for people, with disability or not.  

Need Assistance Dogs ?

How you will get the help of the assistance dogs ?

It depends  on your need. Dogs are also have many kind of personalities, abilities, characters, and interests. So, I think what you should first do is to contact the organization that has assistance dogs service.

You need to apply and tell them why you need assistance dogs and many more. There are many kind of dogs that help someone who is deaf, blind, in a wheelchair, using crutches, or even a child with autistic. So, it really important to specify what do you really need.

A book about dog

The dog's abilities

Guide Dogs,
This is probably the most familiar type of assistance dog. These dogs are trained to help blind or visually impaired people, they serve them as the eyes, navigating them through traffic, stairs, and sidewalks and also avoiding all obstacles that could cause injury.

Mobility Assist Dogs
These dogs are trained to pull a person's wheelchair, pick up things a person drops, carries thing in a backpack, help the handler get dressed or undressed and open or close doors.

Hearing Dogs
They are trained to assist deaf people. The dogs will alert their owner to sounds by approaching their owner and give signal like going back to the source of the sound. Such as doorbells, phone calls, smoke alarms, microwave bells, crying babies, approaching cars, and even the kettles whistling.
And many more, there are also dogs which are trained to take care of people with seizure and respond the right way. Like to stay with the person or go get some help. Some dogs are trained to hit a button to automatically dial 911!

Even if people with mental disability may need some dog companions. Those dogs are amazing and they are well trained.

The costs

Usually range about $900- $1200 a year.

But you have to remember that assistance dogs need to be looked after, groomed, fed, exercised and taken to the vet just like any other dog.

For many people however, assistance dogs have brought a great deal of independence and confidence as well as companionship into their lives.



melzmidnightbrew from Northern Virginia on October 13, 2010:

Awesome post, thanks so much for sharing!

febriedethan (author) from Indonesia on August 21, 2010:

Hi A lady, thank you for commenting, have a great day!

A Lady on August 20, 2010:

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An excellent overview, helpful for a newbie to the online community of assistance dogs trainers

febriedethan (author) from Indonesia on May 07, 2010:

Rev Lady, yes, they're such amazing creature and really a blessing to mankind :) Thank you for visiting!

Sandyspider, thank you and I believe you're a dog lover too :)

Hello,hello you're welcome and thank you for always supporting :)

vox vocis, yes, you're right. Thank you for stopping by.

Have a great day everybody!!

Jasmine on May 06, 2010:

We don´t say ´´dog is man´s best friend´´ for nothing :-) It´s really great that there are assistance dogs helping the disabled.

Hello, hello, from London, UK on May 06, 2010:

Thank you for a wonderful hub. I enjoyed reading it and the pictures.

Sandy Mertens from Wisconsin, USA on May 05, 2010:

Wonderful article on assistance dogs. Dogs rock!

RevLady from Lantana, Florida on May 05, 2010:

I think assistance dogs, not to mention dogs in general, are such a special and helpful gift to those with physical challenges. It is a real blessing and I thank God for His loving kindness is making this a part of mankind's reality. Great hub.

Forever His,

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