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Asian Eyelid Surgery: Before and After Pictures and Cost of Procedure

This hub provides Asian eyelid surgery before and after pictures, cost figures, and discusses Asian identity issues associated with the procedure.

Asian Blepharoplasty: Before and After


Asian Eyelid Surgery: Cost of Prodecure

Factor #1: Location

While the bigger the city is in which you get your cosmetic surgery done, the higher the cost will be. In cities such as New York, Boston, and Los Angeles Asian eyelid surgery will cost about $3,000 to $4,500 USD.

At the same time, it is best to have your surgery done in a city with a large Asian population, for example in large cities of California, New York, and Hawaii.

This is because the procedure will be much more common and you will have a larger array of doctors who are skilled in this. While people of European heritage also get eyelid surgery, the procedure is done differently. It is better to get a surgeon who specializes in Asian eyes, simply because they will be experienced.

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The cheapest locations to get the procedure will be in Asian countries. In China or Korea it might cost you about $1,500 USD.

Factor #2: Surgeon's Reputation

When you decide to get your eyelid surgery done in a larger city, you will realize you have a larger amount of surgeons to choose from. You will want to investigate your doctor beforehand.

You can do this by verifying the surgeon's certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Then you should check with your state medical board for disciplinary actions. If you are comfortable, you should also ask within your social circle if there are any experienced surgeons they recommend.

Asian Eyelid Surgery: Before and After Pictures


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Asian Identity Issues Associated with Eyelid Surgery

There is controversy within the Asian community as to whether eyelid surgery is motivated by the desire to look more European. Here are some major reasons as to why Asians elect for this kind of surgery:

  • Asian Media -- such as magazines, TV shows, and movies often feature celebrities and models who already have creases in their eyelids. Many members of the viewing public are encouraged by famous figures and desire to look like them.
  • Peer Pressure -- When members of social circles have had creases put in their eyelids, often other people in that circle desire to make the same changes their peers have.
  • Simply Liking the Aesthetics -- Some people simply like the look of having a crease in their lid over the look they were born with. It is solely an individual choice and desire.

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