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Art, Music, Aroma, and Creativity, as Therapy

Music, Art, aroma, and creativity are healing. Proven by science. Cooking supports the healing process, through nutrition, and creativity

My Artwork, Acrylics, on Canvas

My Daily Therapy, Classic Rock


Art, Music, Aroma, and Creativity, as Therapy

Art, music, aroma, and creativity, which includes cooking, gardening, decorating, fashion, are self healing. Keeping the mind sharp learning a new skill, reading, and research. It's not about perfect, it is about discovery.

Music is probably the easiest, and fastest way to lift depression. 15 minutes a day, will improve mood, and has a lasting effect. Go back to a time, when life was good. When you felt you could do anything. Look up that music, download, or save to a playlist on your phone. It will take you back to those times. Most effective was upbeat, Classic rock, and Jazz. Play those songs whenever you are feeling down, or need motivation. Play it on repeat if necessary. Never underestimate the power of dancing around the kitchen to your favorite tunes, like a fool. Turn on the radio, find a favorite station, and crank that sucker up, after a long stressful day. The commute home is your daily 15 minutes of therapy. Side effects? A smile, head bobbing, and toe tapping. Take as needed, for as long as necessary.

Unlimited Music Choices. Unlimited Streaming.Eagles are still my favorite

Daily, Aroma



Aroma, the smell of Apple pie, the beach, suntan lotion, the smell of pine at Christmas, nothing replaces those scents. Among my favorites are Vanilla, Amber, coconut, pine, and sugar cookie.

Cooking is also a way to reinforce the sense of self. Soup, green pepper, chocolate, cilantro, all take me back to my childhood. Mom cooking in the kitchen, Dad on the grill, music playing, sunshine, the sights, and scents of a happy childhood.

Spring, fresh linen, windows open, mom cleaning, and fresh laundry hanging on the clothes line. Colors, green, and blue.

Summer, coconut, reminds me of many days spent at the beach, or poolside. Colors, blue, light beige, and white.

Fall, vanilla, and amber, fresh apple cider, falling leaves, crisp, clean air, warmth and safety.

Winter, pine, a freshly cut Christmas tree, fallen snow, peaceful nights by the fireplace.

As soon as I smell those scents, it puts me right there. I use a scent warmer year round, and candles occasionally. When I get home from work, the smell hits me first, and the stress of the day, just melts away. The same scents are available for your car, an easy way to leave work behind.

Visuals, Evoke Emotion

Art, and Creativity

Art, and creativity, are also self healing. Whether you paint, garden, cook, or even cleaning are creative. Photography, writing, design, fashion, and style are also creative. The art of self expression, should never be dismissed, as unimportant. Creativity, can be defined as anything you do. It isn't about perfect, it is about self healing. Picasso once said, the best artist is a child, they do not care what others think, nor are they influenced by it.

The use of color will influence an artist's endeavour. Color evokes a mood. Calm, excitement, power, trust, sensual, or security are all conceived through the use of color. A very powerful tool.

The Reds, burgundy, apple, or crimson, can evoke a feeling of warmth, excitement, or attraction, in decorating, painting, or fashion. A red blouse implies power, and strength, which can convey a positive response at work, or a sensual accessory for a night out, or your bedroom. Promotes attraction, sensual, warmth, and security.

The Blues, aquamarine, cobalt, sky blue, evoke a feeling of peace, and relaxation. In decorating, blue will bring calm, and relief from stress. A blue blouse, or shirt, implies being trustworthy. Why a person in the labor industry, wears blue shirts, hence a blue collar man. Greens evoke the same response as blues, as it relates to nature.

The neutrals are grey, brown, white, and black, meaning they will go with any color you choose. Whether in fashion, painting, or decorating, they pair nicely.

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White implies purity, and is a unifying color. It will bring a painting, attire, or room together, and provide balance.

Grey, and black are cool colors, usually joined with warm colors. Where as browns are a warm color, and usually joined with a cool color. Although, can pair nicely with a warm mauve, and beige, as a highlight. Monochromatic is the term, or Same.

Black, is the down, or shadow, of a neutral. It can be combined with any color, usually a bright tone, such as cobalt, or crimson. Can be utilized in clothing, or decorating.

To choose the best colors to decorate with, go to your closet. Which have you held onto the longest, or feel the best in? Which color is most dominant? Which materials evoke comfort, and confidence? Those are the best choices for growth, and discovery.

Blue, on Black


There are numerous how to videos on you tube. My attempt at an abstract.


Art as Therapy, Easy Dutch Pour, for Beginners

Easy Dutch Pour for beginners. Supplies: 3 paint colors. 1 dark, cobalt. 1 medium, white, 1 neutral, grey. 3 4 oz Dixie cups, straws, 1 garbage bag. 2 canvasses.
If you want bubbles, add 3 to 4 drops of silicone, to the paint mixture.
Simple for beginners, and inexpensive.
2 hours, total time.

The mixture:
1 part paint
2 parts matte fluid medium
1 part water

I used a black garbage bag as a drop clothe. Prop up canvases, I used straws. Use something disposable, it will get paint on it.
My recipe: Mix in 4 oz Dixie cups. Not too thin, not too thick. About the same consistency as liquid Pepto. Lol.
Clean, and dry, canvas, old or new.
For each canvas, about 2 oz. of each paint color.
Pour the lightest mixture down the middle, for contrast a darker color, then a neutral, such as grey.
Blow with a straw, keep going in one direction. Until you see results.
Dry time about 48 hours. Depends on humidity. Some say to use a blow dryer, I didn't care for it. The heat made the paint dry too fast.

Easy Dutch Pour, for Beginners

In Conclusion

Your environment, the clothes you wear, scents you choose, influences your mental health, and outlook.

For peace, and confidence, linen, or coconut scent, blues, and greens. For visuals, oceans, skies, open fields, with subdued grey.

For warmth, and security, reds, browns, vanilla, and amber scents. For visuals, sensual subject matter, flowers, candles, dimmer switches, and warm light bulbs

Surround yourself with the things you want to feel, with sound, color, aroma, and visuals to help achieve mental wellness, and stress relief. A journey of discovery. A life unexamined isn't worth living.

The use of Grey, evokes peace. The use of warm colors, evokes security. Result relaxed, and stress free. Headphones on, world off.


My Artwork, and Photography. Music credit Alex Grohl

Probably the best explanation of visual, sights, and scents to evoke an emotion. Dior, Sauvage

The study on Music


My Tribute to Some of the Best Musicians of Our Time

Johnny Depp's Style and Evolution

No style? Johnny is the standard for style.
The use of color, and texture, are his Hallmark, and Iconic. The only man, I know who can pull off a sweater vest.

From a t-shirt, to a suit his use of Classic styles rival among the best. His heritage is Cherokee, as is mine. Many of the blends he uses, go back to his roots. The tattoos he chooses, also have Cherokee connotations. A broken arrow, his latest, means the battle is over, warrior.

He is from Kentucky, Owensboro. My roots go back to Greenville, Kentucky. Many tribes were there, back to my ancestors. High cheekbones, almond eyes, dark hair, are all traits of Native American. In no way does he disrespect them. Nor do I. It is about honoring them, and nothing more.

Style? Johnny Wrote the Book

Not about perfect, About Discovery. Abstract, Dutch Pour


© 2022 Sherrie Gill

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