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Aromatherapy Essential Oils to Spice Up a Love Life

It starts with her beauty in my eyes, it moves to her scent in my nose, then how her soft skin feels against my fingers and lips. Very intoxicating!  by kainr on flickr

It starts with her beauty in my eyes, it moves to her scent in my nose, then how her soft skin feels against my fingers and lips. Very intoxicating! by kainr on flickr

Aromatherapy and Aphrodisiacs

Ladies did you know the simple smell of pumpkin spice might be enough to increase your man’s desire for you? Men would you like to know how to get your special lady in the mood? Well let’s take a look at how using aromatherapy essential oils to spice up a love life works. Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine that uses explosive aromatic plant materials, known as essential oils, for the purpose of improving one’s mood, cognitive functions, or health.

Aphrodisiac name came for the Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of sensuality and love and is a substance that is used in the belief that it increases sexual desire. Now, I guess this a good place to say that essential oils, herbs, foods, chemicals, or any other substance will magically or immediately arouse someone that does not want to become aroused. Even drugs like Viagra are not aphrodisiacs; they simply assist a man’s system to function as it should if he does wish to engage in intimacy.

Individuals that have medical problems, that are emotionally or physically exhausted, lacking proper nutrition, suffering from anxiety or depressed, and or under stress will have a more difficult time enjoying intimacy. However, the substances in essential oils that are considered aphrodisiacs are substances that can help to dissipate the emotional or psychological, and normal ranges of physical ailments like exhaustion and or stress that might be interfering with sexual desire or arousal.

Aromatherapy and aphrodisiacs have been known to appeal to the senses, uplift one’s mood, calm and ease anxiety and or depression, relax the body and reduce stress.

Learn about Essential Oils

It’s All about the Smell

O.k. now that the we’ve describe to you what it is let’s get to the fun part of taking a look at the aromatherapy essential oils to spice up a love life.   The nose can be one of the most sensual oracles if one will just slow down long enough to enjoy the aromas around them.  Have you ever walked into a bakery and had memories of the favorite things that your mom used to make.  Or entered into a flower shop and remember that certain special guy or girl you haven’t seen in a long time.  Well these are examples of how smells can ease the mind and bring back good or bad memories. 

So the key is to find those aromas that will “light your fire” for a sensually sexual experience.  Essential oils that you find sensually stimulating or that can relax you and ease the stress of the day away can act as an aphrodisiac for you.  This will require some experimentation on you and your sexual partner’s part because everyone’s olfactory nerves are the same.  In other words what smells pleasant to one person may smell bad and or indifferent to another.

Aromatherapy Essential Oils

Please note: The video above and the rest of the videos in this hub is just to add emphasis on the effect that aromatherapy can have on individuals; I am not personally endorsing any of the products. Believe it or not pheromones have been traced back to the primal beasts an in many animals it is the driving force that entices that special lover and increases sexual passion and attractiveness.

While preparing this hub I discovered that one of the essential oils that can entice a man from a distance is cloves. Now go figure! Well if you don’t believe me then check out the article, titled Spice Up Sex Life with Aromatherapy. Now let’s take a look at more aromatherapy essential oil scents that may increase the passion and attract the lover of your dreams. You can furtively dab, spray, or lightly filter these on to your skin or add a few drops into your bath and rub-a-dub, dub. Or if you really want to have a fun times give each other a massage aromatherapy in your lover’s favorite oil. So here goes a list:

Relaxes and Reduces Stress

Cedarwood – Has a woody aroma that helps to alleviate minor physical complaints, aides the respiratory system, and soothes an anxious mind. This evocative oil can be used to open up one’s emotions which can in turn give you and your partner’s physical union a move toward a more spiritual intimacy. It can be used to soothe fears and anxieties of sexuality, and allow partners to be drawn into a sensual reality of the bliss happening around them.

Vanilla – Comes from the vanilla bean plant. The sweet smell of vanilla candles burning before sex can help create a romantic mood. It is a sensual aphrodisiac that has a rich scent and can be a perfect scent to turn your partner on having a euphoric effect on the brain. It can be found in many perfumes and is found to be relaxing and comforting in addition to being sexy.

Jasmine – This scent has the aphrodisiac qualities of being relaxing, calming, romantic, and sensual. Often can be found in a perfume mix with other sexy essential oils and is believes to help maintain self-confidence, helps one to get rid of lethargy, as well as contributing to conjuring up all types of sexy delightful experiences.

Bergamot – Bergamot has a combination of a delightful lemon and floral aroma and is usually blended with other aromatherapy products. The smell of bergamot can be enticing, refreshing, and uplifting. It can add balance to a partner that is anxious or depressed, and has the ability to ease tension and anxiety.

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Erotic Oils to Boost Vitality

Ginger - If you need a boost and new vitality in your love relationship this just might be the spice to do it. Many have reported that this spice revives a waning libido better than Viagra; while others have said that it heats your lover up and melts those cold emotions towards having a good time. It’s sexually enhancing properties was used by the Romans by adding it to a combination of mulled wine mixed with rhubarb, vanilla, and cinnamon to set the mood for passions of desire.

Clary Sage – Clary sage decreases inhibitions with its relaxing and calming properties. This deeply sensual oil has been termed euphoric by many because it has been said to be helpful in boosting libido whenever one or both partners are under stress or having external worries. It is used to diffuse the emotional blocks of fears and anxieties that can be at the root of sexual dysfunction. The mildly intoxicating quality of this aphrodisiac has been historically used in white magic to ignite the interest of a desired lover.

Patchouli – Patchouli has a lingering scent that is deep and musky that reminds one of sensuality and spiritual elevation. This essential oil became popular during the hippie era of “free love” and sexual freedom. Men you will either love this scent or hate it. My partner tolerates it because it is one of my favorites. This sensual musky aphrodisiac has been accused of having magical powers. The aroma that this plant emits decreases inhibition, encourages desires, and allows one to succumb to the body’s innate sexuality.

Neroli - Can be a component of a sensual oil mixture. It is obtained from the bitter orange trees, but it helps to reduce stress and anxiety, in addition to providing courage and energy. Now this good is a wonderful combination for someone that needs to relax and be energized. Historical orange blossoms have been included in a bride’s bouquet for happiness, good luck, and fertility. For the groom there is an Arabic recipe to aid in virility and assist with impotence issues.

Other Aromas to Explore

Peppermint - O.k. on this one I will have to tread lightly since this is not an adult site, but peppermint is an aphrodisiac for women. Guys many ladies will love a massage in this essential oil not only for its cool, powerful, minty-fresh smell, but for some females peppermint aromatherapy is a quick trick to heighten stimulation towards the big “O”. Numerous aromatherapy products using peppermint have deemed to assist some women in becoming multi-orgasmic. However, be careful – peppermint feels cooling at first, but too much of it can burn. Make sure that your loved one is not sensitive to the massage oils, or other products that one might be using prior to experimenting with this one. After all you would not want to ruin the mood instead of enhancing it…

Lavender - Ladies the most powerful scents to use on your man are pumpkin spice and lavender. For those that appreciate the aroma of lavender essential oils it can be a welcoming scent for the bedroom to create soothing, relaxing, and balancing qualities. Or pumpkin spice is a great scent to make him feel warm and cozy while setting the mood. Studies have shown that these two aromas have been shown to increase the penile blood flow up to 40% and put a man in the mood for sex. Lavender’s healing, and nurturing properties can assist in bringing peace and calm to the mind; thus creating a sense of timelessness to a couple preparing for lovemaking.

Rose - As a final note let’s talk about the essential oil scent of a rose. The rose supposedly has aphrodisiac properties that are appealing to both men and women to get who and what they want in life. Roses are sent on Valentine’s Day, they are sent on anniversaries, used in weddings, and sent to woo that potential new love. Since, roses and lovers just seem to go hand in hand and are usually associated together, it just makes sense that it would work well as an aromatherapy essential oil.

More info on Aromatherapy

Desire - by NeoGabloX

Desire - by NeoGabloX

Wrapping up

As scents are inhaled, the aroma travels across the olfactory nerves located inside the nose and then it moves up to the part of the brain called the Limbic System that controls our moods, memories, and the ability to learn.

When this area of the brain is stimulated it releases endorphins, neurotransmitters and other “feel good” chemicals that can ease one’s emotions and assist in putting one in the mood. Needless to say there are numerous varieties of essential oils that one can try that will tantalize ones thoughts and imaginations.

As stated earlier many aromatherapy essential oils can relax you, while others lifts one’s spirits and decreases one’s inhibitions. So begin your experience with a ready nose, an open mind, and a willing heart to explore the new heightened awareness that you and your partner might discover about each other.

This concludes Aromatherapy Essential Oils to Spice up a Love Life, now it is left up to you to explore the ones you and your partner will enjoy. Please take the poll above and feel free to share personal experiences with aromatherapy and or comments in the section below. Enjoy your adventure! :)

Disclaimer: This information is solely for informational purposes. IT IS NOT INTENDED TO PROVIDE MEDICAL ADVICE. Before engaging in any complementary medical technique, including the use of natural or herbal remedies, aromatherapy, you should do your own research, and then consult your present physician if you are under a doctor’s care for any health reasons.

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Great information Money Glitch, favourites are patchouli and ginger, surprising about peppermint, though! I have several aromastones throughout the house for essential oils, far better than those synthetic plug-ins. Lovely hub, thanks.

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Money Glitch (author) from Texas on March 08, 2010:

@Princessa- Really love experimenting with aromatherapy products therefore, I was familiar with some of the ones mentioned in this hub. But, must admit that I've discovered a few new ones that are on my list to try, including the tea tree oil. Thanks for sharing your insight and stopping by for a read. :)

Money Glitch (author) from Texas on March 08, 2010:

@vox vocis - "Eye-catching", hehehe, cute little saying Vox! Happy to hear that you will be trying some of the aromatherapy essential oils that I've listed. You and your partner will probably have a lot of fun on this new adventure. Good luck to ya and thanks for stopping by for the read. :)

Money Glitch (author) from Texas on March 08, 2010:

@anglnwu - Wow,I didn't know that vanilla and pumpkin spice had been scientifically been proven to cause arousal. Very interesting, I will have to research that for myself. :) Hehehe! Thanks for stopping by and sharing you insight. :)

@elayne - Hi elayne, yeah I love pumpkin pie as well. So well that in one sentence I used pumpkin pie instead of pumpkin spice. But, if it helps any the pumpkin spice does smell like pumpkin pie. :) Thanks for stopping by and commenting. :)

Wendy Iturrizaga from France on March 08, 2010:

Great hub, I am one for sensory estimulation. Apart from the oils that you mention I have used Tea tree oil rubbed on the back to "wake up" a lover, it works wonders ;-)

Jasmine on March 08, 2010:

Nice to know these many hubs on health topics but this one is eye-catching. I intend to really use some of these oils after reading this. partner will probably be even more thankful :-))

Elayne from Rocky Mountains on March 07, 2010:

I love pumpkin pie (to eat) so I was surprised it was used as an aphrodisiac. Have to try a few of these out. Thanks for the inspiration. Aloha!

anglnwu on March 07, 2010:

Interesting hub. You mentioned pumpkin spice and vanilla--I did a hub too and I mentioned those 2 too--they are scientifically proven to arouse. I like your pictures and each accompanying section that details its use. Thanks.

Money Glitch (author) from Texas on March 07, 2010:

Wow, psychicdog, now that is interesting! But, I can kinda see where that would be true. Because the pheromones of an individual is what makes you think about them. Just think, you can't smell your love ones shirt or blouse and instantly think about someone else. :) That smell will make you think about them. Thanks for sharing your insight and commenting! on March 07, 2010:

Great hub. Most important reason people stay together or separate? Not personality but pheromones so a study has revealed. Forget everything else just use your nose!

Money Glitch (author) from Texas on March 07, 2010:

@LRobbins - Hi LRobbins, I love peppermint as well, but I must admit that I did not know about the aphrodisiac part either until gathering material for this hub.

Once I read it I couldn't help but wonder if it might be the secret that products like "KY" have discovered but, are NOT sharing with the public. Hehehe! Anyways thanks so much for stopping by for the read and commenting. Have a great week! :)

Money Glitch (author) from Texas on March 07, 2010:

@I*n*v*i*c*t*u*s - I'm so glad you enjoyed the hub and found some new secret scents. Aromatherapy can be a wonderful place to discover new adventures and secrets. Thanks for the read, I*n*v*i*c*t*u*s and sharing your favorite scents as well. :)

I have so many aromatherapy essential oil favorites, it's hard for me to pick just one. I usually let my mood dictate which scent, I'll enjoy. While composing this hub, I was burning a candle called "Love" which has a combination of cinnamon and suede which has a very warm and enticing smell.:)

Laurel from Germany on March 07, 2010:

Oh, what a crative use for aromatherapy. I love peppermint, but had never thought of it as an aphrodisiac, and cloves? Who knew? Thanks for all the new uses for aromatherapy:)

I*n*v*i*c*t*u*s on March 07, 2010:

wow, this is an awesome hub! :) So informative and delightful to learn. I love vanilla and lavender.. those are the two that I use most. Though, thanks to you, now I'll have more secret scents! Wonderful read! :)

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