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Counterproductive Reports of "New Testing Positive" Cases of Covid-19


Val is a life-long practically oriented student of effective emotional and attitudinal responses to the many challenges of life.

Image by Willfried Wende from Pixabay

Image by Willfried Wende from Pixabay

If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude.

-- Maya Engelou

Number of Those "Testing Positive": How Does It Help Us to Know It?

As I am undertaking this task to give a non-popular, alternative view on this current pandemic, I am totally aware that my voice is less than a whisper compared to the thundering daily bombardments of the Covid-19 reports.

And yet, being myself, I can't keep even that whisper to myself, so perhaps you may find at least a soothing moment of relief by considering it to be correct.

I am not in a habit of watching news, and those knowing anything about me already know why. As for all others, I don't need the machinery of the Media to think for me -- I can use my own mind.

For if I don't, there will always be somebody who will have a different opinion, no matter how hard I might try to be a mental copycat; even if I was able to talk Einstein's math. Thus, with no fancy of being particularly smart -- like the title of a book said: "I Ain't Much, Baby, but I'm All I've Got", and going against grain makes it so much sweeter.

That's exactly what I am doing, using my own mind, after unintentionally overhearing this new daily report about the global numbers of people testing positive for Covid-19.

Maybe the best way to talk about my response would be to go straight to the point, without much beating around the bush.

So, allow me to remind you, while assuming that you already know it, that you can test positive for something like, say, urinary tract infection with no symptoms at all. All bacteria are there, but no burning while you pee.

Now, considering the fact that UTI is a very common, albeit not deadly infection, with many people having the symptoms, one has to deduce that many others have it as well, but don't know about it. What's relevant here is the fact that their test would turn out positive.

The same can be said about the yearly flu season, when thousands of people die worldwide -- while many, many more could test positive, but don't bother getting tested, simply because there is nothing to be concerned about, except maybe some sniffles for a few days. Those that we like ascribing to "seasonal allergies" anyway.

Just because of those thousands of people who died of flu, should we all be urged to take a test for that flu, and then hear daily results about how many have tested positive? Moreover, should we all take that much advertised flu shot -- even if it's possible that we'll get one that was only good for last year's strain, not for current one. And even after having heard about all those folks who got sick like dogs after taking it.

Really, what's going on with these Covid-19 reports? Are they in any imaginable way helping us at preventing our being infected? If not, why do we keep hearing them daily? If yes, I wonder if anybody can educate me how we are benefiting by being up to date with those new numbers.

Go to Google and type in ANY three digit number, and add to it "new cases". Then see what happens. No matter what number you pick, you'll see some posts using your picked number as the one of "new Covid-19 cases". Make your own conclusion about how we are being duped..

Image by melli666 from Pixabay

Image by melli666 from Pixabay

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

-- Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Adrenaline Reaction to Fear Mongering

In every surgical procedure of an organ transplant, patient gets a huge dose of adrenaline, a hormone normally produced by our adrenal glands -- to shut down their immune system, as it has the tendency to reject the organ being transplanted.

While it's one useful side of adrenaline, let's say something about its flip side. It's our chief stress hormone, flooding our system in every situation which we are experiencing with negative emotions. It works in tandem with our sympathetic nervous system, mobilizing that much mentioned fight-flight mechanism. It's the one we still genetically carry as inheritance from our "Jurassic park" ancestors, when so many beasts roaming around found us a very delicious item on their menu.

So, it doesn't have to be a tiger chasing you, it could be mother-in-law coming for dinner to trigger that mechanism.

And now, let us remember that important detail of adrenaline shutting down our immune system -- so good in organ transplants, but outside of that scenario so detrimental to our overall well being. So I will let you make your own conclusion about what this daily reporting and fear mongering does to our immune system.

Look, microbes are all around us at all times, many of them possibly deadly, and our immune system almost magically fights all those germs off, or lets them hang around the body, only disabling them from making us sick. It's been evolving to this perfection for many eons, while having to fight some incredible microbial foes.

So, at this point I am making one major assertion:

Considering the airborne characteristic of Covid-19, it's more than likely that you have already been infected by it since January, and your immune system developed a defense against it -- simply because you are still alive.

I am kind of reluctant to say it, thinking of that early mentioned difference between "my whispering voice" and "thundering voice of health authorities" -- but I'll say it anyway.

Don't you simply find it logical that exactly the same way that those people with asymptomatic flu survive without masks being worn -- so do all of us who have survived since the outbreak of this "highly transferable" corona virus.

When you think harder about what "airborne" actually means, you just can't but see the virus everywhere, not only in some places where "many people are gathering". What I mean is, that virus doesn't really care if it's attacking a group of 100, 50, 20, or a single dude walking down the street -- so what's that keeping the distance good for?

When you come out of a store, you come home and touch your doorknob, touch few other things before you get to the bathroom to wash your hands. Since we touched something outside with a virus on it, does the damn critter wait for us to come home to wash our hands, before getting all comfortable in our body?

Do you really think that your home makes it a "germ free" place for you? Then let me give you the news -- it's been scientifically established for a fact that the outdoors, polluted as they may be, are healthier for you than your home -- no matter how clean you are keeping it. Germs just like it there.

And then you take your mask off -- now at "safety of your highly disinfected place -- like those operating rooms are" -- to eat, to drink, to take a bath, to sleep. And again, with the virus being airborne, you don't need a bunch of people sneezing at you to get the virus.

Sheer logic tells you that in that group from which you could get it, there must be one single person who got it first before giving it to others -- out of the air. So, who says you can't be that "first person" in a new chain of transferring, not getting it from others, but from the air?

That's why I am contending here that you must have been already infected and developed an immunity.

During that casual look at the weather channel which interrupted its program with Covid-19 report, I also happened to see a long lineup of people in front of a testing center.

I just shook my head in disbelief.

Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay

Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay

No doctor has ever healed anyone of anything in the history of the world. The human immune system heals, and that's the only thing that heals.

-- Bob Wright

Who Is Likely to Get Sick

Yes, people die of corona virus.

Yes, people also die of yearly flu.

Yes, people also die from many other causes -- many of which seem to be added to corona victims. Looks like everybody is dying of corona these days. and I am just short of being surprised that fatalities in car accidents are not being included as well.

People are so prone to ascribing something bad to a single cause. Like religionists say it's evil that's behind "all" problems on earth.

Political followers say "all" problems in the country are caused by Democrats/Republicans -- including the spreading of this virus. (?!)

And "who-knows-who" is behind this claim that Covid-19 is the "only" cause of all sickness on earth that we should be focusing on, so we "should" keep being informed about the growing number of those testing positive.

And all of us "should" also get tested for Covid-19, whether we feel any symptoms or not. Since many are infected while not being sick, the (desired?) impression follows that the number of those testing positive shows the "seriousness of the pandemic".

If you ever cared to familiarize yourself with the basic tenets of psycho-immunology, you could be shocked at all this popularization of Covid-19.

Science is making such fools of us for doing it to ourselves, as we are so readily forgetting the enormous negative effect that our fear of corona has on our susceptibility to it.

Psycho-immunology is studying the effects of our prolonged stress on our psycho-physical health -- notably fear, as the strongest negative emotion because it's tied to our survival instinct. I mentioned it elsewhere, and I will shamelessly repeat it, about the controversial claim of this holistic psychiatrist Kelly Brogan, MD, that people have been massively dying of fear, not directly of the corona virus.

Reading about that I started thinking about all those folks with already lowered immune system, not necessarily in the age group which is considered to be at the highest risk.

In that variety of candidates to attract the virus I saw all those that are undernourished, all heavy druggies, all alcoholics, chronically worried, pissed, or financially challenged folks -- in short all those whose immune system is already weakened by their life-style and/or mind-style.

And now, on top of that predisposition comes this systematic daily fear mongering, with masks, social isolation, distancing, which especially falls hard on us humans who are inherently social beings. The sole disruption in that important pattern of our interacting with others may seriously affect our psycho-physical equilibrium.

We are already seeing a sharp increase in incidents of depression, anxiety, marriages breaking up, even suicide rates.

So, is dr. Brogan right? If she is, and her claim sounds scientific enough to make her so, why are we all taking this, possibly bogus pandemic, so seriously -- if our immune system is the only true protection we can have against any infection, if not also any disease and condition ever befalling us.

"Possibly bogus" makes it this highly questionable number of people who "officially" die of the virus, not of other preexisting conditions, not of their predisposition caused by bad life-styles and mind- styles -- and not caused by fear which ruined their immune system.

That immune system which has achieved a state of perfection, and can face any microbial enemy -- seems to be very vulnerable to our existential fear, which signals certain genes to activate adrenal glands, which turns our immunity down, preparing us for fight or flight.

A question that must come to mind to any normal person:

Doesn't it almost come as a logical imperative that we stop listening to virologists and start listening to psycho-immunologists? For, no masks, hand washing, and social distancing can do what our immune system is supposed to do -- which has been made weaker with persistent reports about "alarmingly new numbers of those testing positive" at home and globally.

Again, does testing positive mean anything else than with any other infectious disease for which we have developed immunity?

Image by Sarah Richter from Pixabay

Image by Sarah Richter from Pixabay

The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.

-- Coco Chanel

Could We Afford to Put Our Minds at Ease?

Really, folks, if the virus hasn't killed us since January, what are we so worried about? And why are authorities suggesting that we should be worried? It has evolved into a social psychosis -- definition of psychosis being detachment from reality?

As for any conspiracy theories -- I won't go there. They are actually helping a little to ease down the initial fear of corona, while converting it into anger, but then it's anger that's raising our adrenaline in bloodstream, as we are tempted to scream out: "How dare they do it to the whole humanity?!"

Well, we don't need one or another trigger of adrenaline reaction, which is bound to lower our immunity. What we do need is some sober, calm, rational thinking about the whole situation.

I happen to privately know this lady who, after coming home from the store, immediately takes her blouse and what else off, and shoves it into a washer.

In a strictly psychological sense, and empathically, I can understand any fear -- we are all only humans, and we individually choose our responses to life challenges. So I am far from mocking it, or criticizing it in any way, but then I start wondering why I am so insensitive to this pandemic. Am I finding my own defense in a denial of the seriousness of it?

Moreover, am I some sort of a nut in a mission to downgrade the voice of authority, carried away by my strong inclination to de-hypnotize myself from suggestive influences of the political, religious, medico-pharmaceutical, and business manipulations?

Is this attitude generated by that mistrust -- or, is it possible that my logicalness holds water as I see this wild popularization of a pandemic going on?

The above mentioned lady hasn't hugged her grownup kids for some months, as they are leaving groceries at each other's doors, and walking away. Am I a nutcase by almost daily hugging my grownup kids?

Well, I am 75, and don't anybody mind if I maintain that I simply must have attracted corona virus during this pandemic period without knowing it -- the way that I've been moving around freely as if there is no pandemic going on. I am in that age group of people at highest risk -- but I honestly don't give a rat's ass about any of this global corona crap.

Guilty as accused, but that will be a cold day in hell when I succumb to others' collective fears. And corona seems to know it.

© 2020 Val Karas


Val Karas (author) from Canada on September 26, 2020:

Jan -- Sorry for the delay with this response, lately I am not visiting HP like I used to. Thank you for your interesting and so correct comment. No regular yearly flu ever "deserved" these preventive measures and this constant reporting on number of those testing positive -- despite hundreds of thousands of people dying and countless others suffering the symptoms. None were even called a "pandemic".

It simply takes some logical thinking, that's all, no "conspiracy theorizing" necessary.

Jan Greeff on September 24, 2020:

Well said and thanks. It has been apparent from the outset for all who wished to look past the media hype to see that covid-19 is just this year's 'flu but is attracting abnormal attention for not-so-obscure covert reasons.

Val Karas (author) from Canada on September 17, 2020:

Rinita -- This massive psychosis is not the only example where we see the world being swayed by fear mongering -- it's also the business-oriented attitude of medico-pharmaceutical establishment who have made us believe that our health is in a constant peril, and we need them badly in order to survive.

Mankind hasn't got extinct from this planet for eons without any medicine around.

Just like the fear mongering comes from political authorities who are inventing all kinds of "enemies" -- because it's easier to manipulate a scared populace.

And, although it's fine to have a faith in God, if that helps us to find peace, there is also fear mongering in organized religion -- with concept of evil lurking from everywhere, and our being inherently sinful -- while church being "the only source of salvation".

You are totally right -- mental health is something that we should cultivate and nurture, because otherwise we fall victims to manipulation coming from so many sides.

Thank you for your interesting comment, my friend.

Rinita Sen on September 17, 2020:

Makes a lot of sense. Also, from fear comes mental health issues. From socially isolating yourself comes depression and these can be as bad as, if not worse than, getting the virus itself. My mother is in your age group, high risk with co-morbidities. Since March she's been living alone, meeting no one, inviting no one inside, not even going out to her daily walks. And now, it has begun to take a toll on her mental health. Now we've convinced her to come and stay with us awhile, get out of the house, etc. I want to shout out to anyone who'd listen -- "mental health is equally important guys". Let our voices be heard, and not drown as a whisper any more. Thank you for writing.

Val Karas (author) from Canada on September 16, 2020:

Helna -- Your faith is truly admirable. Keep believing.

Helna on September 16, 2020:

Only Jesus can help us. Do not fear anything, just covered in the blood of Jesus. By his stripes, we are healed. Not only healed but also we have salvation through Jesus.

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