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Are You Troubled by Disturbing Negative Thoughts? Here Are 5 Ways to Deal With Them.

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Almost all of us waste our time thinking and worrying about the future within our own minds, rewinding past events and simply dwelling on the aspects of life that make us unhappy. Unpleasant thoughts keep you from enjoying events and experiencing the good in life, distracting you from concentrating on what's important , resulting in you draining your own energy. These thoughts can also lead you to feeling anxious and depressed.

On a positive note, consistent mind training with thoughts that are really beneficial, you can eventually eliminate negative thinking patterns. Mind training can also result in an immense contrast to your happiness and comfort on a daily basis

Consider these 5 ways to enable you to manage and deal with the negativity in you.

Identify Your Thinking Patterns

There are subtle and uniform ways for our minds to persuade us of somethings that are actually not true. Such misleading thoughts enhance negative thinking. You can work on tackling these thoughts by studying them and then taking up the challenge to conquer those thoughts. Here are two of the most common drastic thinking patterns that studies have shown:

  • Filter thinking- Selecting to just see the negative aspects of a scenario.

  • Catastrophizing - Thinking that the worst possible scenario will occur.

Work out on Tackling Negative Thoughts.

Stop to decide if it is right whenever you have a confusing thought. Assume an individual comes to you for advice because they have the same negative thoughts and opinions that you're having. You will most probably deliver a strong refutation to that individual's negative perspective in order to support them. Use the same ideas and logic to deal with your negative thoughts.

Letting Go of Judgement

All of us judge ourselves and other people subconsciously, by comparing our lifestyles to any perfect form of discontent. If you are willing and able to let go of judgement, you are more likely to feel at ease and live in harmony. There are a few strategies to pull free from judgmental thinking like noticing your own reaction and responding to it accordingly, analyzing your thoughts and letting it all go, and also making use of another beneficial technique known as "positive judgement", it is whenever you are found to be negatively judging yourself, an individual or a circumstance, look for positive attributes in what you judge negatively in order to diminish your negative judgmental thoughts.

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Becoming More Grateful

Studies have found that being grateful has a huge effect on the degree of optimism and satisfaction for an individual. Even when you're going through a rough period in your life, you can still find things to be grateful for, even if they are little. Noting things that are going well and making you feel good is going to keep you in touch with them. Another way to develop gratitude is by carrying a journal of appreciation and recording a few things in it to be grateful for every single day, and it is also one simple and productive manner to work and build your gratitude.

Concentrate More on Your Strength

It is common that almost every human focus on the bad and disregard the good. The more you can develop and concentrate on your strengths and abilities, it becomes easier to avoid and not live on the faults that you had committed in the past, hence the quicker it becomes to feel more optimistic of yourself and the path that your life will take. If you tend to find yourself thinking deeply about your character or behavior, pause for few moments to sit down and think of something that you love about yourself.

What Else Can You Do To Feel More Positive?

Often negative thoughts are related to the way you live on a day to day basis. Here are few things you should try looking into in order to see the better side of life:

  • Share your thoughts to someone close to you

There are times where everyone go through negative thoughts, and talking about them with somebody close would help you put your feelings into perspective.

  • Do something nice for yourself

Maybe you could take a break from whatever that is stressing you, and do what would make you feel happy or atleast feel better as long as you don't harm yourself or anyone else in the process.

  • Reflect on what you're feeling right now

If you're sad, feel sad. But do not convince yourself that you have always been feeling this way, and that you are destined to feel miserable always. Sadness is a passing cloud. The negative thought can persist until you let go of it.

  • Eat, sleep and be more active

The more loving you are to your body, the better it will be to feel more optimistic about yourself.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Abid Hussain

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