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Things that Make You Thin & Ways to Add Weight


You may be wondering why your shape is not quite all that it should be. Maybe you're the thin type, always have been, but you only just made up your mind to do something about it. Or perhaps you're getting skinnier and skinnier for no apparent reason.

Things that Make You Thin

If you are having issues with a lack of weight, ask yourself how did you get so thin? It is understandable when all the ladies in your family line are slender, but can be some kind of torment when the reasons are pressures and stresses of life.

There are different things that make you thin, and luckily there are great ways to naturally add weight and look great.

Worrying Too Much

To worry is normal, but when it becomes a mainstay can lead to weight loss. Develop some soothing interest that takes your mind off whatever it is that worries you; whether it is your work, your children, or your husband.

Try to settle down and stop worrying. When you feel like entering into a worried state, force yourself to do something interesting.

Pick up a book or magazine to read, but choose an exciting topic so it elates your attention towards confidence. Listen to your favorite music, cook something decadent, visit the garden, fix your closet ... anything that can calm your mind. That will absorb your thoughts and distract them from whatever you are worrying about.

Slow down...

Slow down...

Rushing All the Time

You can’t think of any good things out of rushing because your mind refuses to stop thinking. This is a sickness that triggers and increases your body's output of the stress hormone cortisol.

This unhealthy "go fast" obsession forcefully brings you beyond your capacity and makes you forget to handle things with care. In the long term, it leads to depression that can have a direct impact on your body's internal functioning.

Slow down your pace and take life easily, allowing yourself enough time to do something deliberately in order. Experts strongly advise on putting off till tomorrow some of the things that don’t have to be done today.

Improper Metabolism

When your body turns the food you eat into energy so it can function better and keep you alive, this process is called metabolism. One cause of being thin is that you may have a fast metabolism. The amount of calories your body burns for fuel regulates your metabolic rate — so since your metabolism is faster, that means you tend to burn more calories in a given time frame.

Deprivation may not help

Deprivation may not help

While a fast metabolic rate doesn't necessarily bring harm to your health, being aware of the calories your body needs can nourish and sustain your body.

You may wish to cut calories from your diet. But think twice as you might end up cutting out too many calories that your metabolism can go into a state of shock. Instead of eating less, consider nutrient-rich foods like vibrantly colored vegetables, whole grains, eggs, beans, fish, lean meat, and poultry.

The trick is to eat on time. Get regulated meals by not skipping breakfast, eat lunch not past its time, and have a sumptuous dinner at the right dinner time. Inspiring yourself this way can drive you to prepare meals in advance and pick better food choices.

Ways to Add Weight

Put on your best gear and move!

Put on your best gear and move!

Sweat Out and Have Fun

Exercise automatically relaxes the brain, helps you sweat, gives you energy, makes you feel good. If you like strenuous games, they will create an appetite. Try to take a good walk in the fresh air every day without getting overtired, or do at least twenty minutes of planned exercise, preferably with music every morning.

If you can walk to your local farmer's market or for church on Sundays, then you'll have the chance to make walking natural for you. Can you cycle around your neighborhood? If you work nearby, then enjoy a walk home. That's great!

Putting on the perfect exercise attire is a motivating factor. Invest in stretchy, fitted fabrics that wick away sweat, they're not only the best choice but can make you excited every time. If you make exercise a part of your health plan, it also will give you toned muscles.

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Get Plenty of Rest

Sleep boosts your immune system

Sleep boosts your immune system

It is recommended to take eight to nine hours of sleep at night and make sure it is restful sleep. Being rested can boost your immune system helping your energy levels high. Drinking something warm an hour before bed helps induce sleep - chamomile tea is popular. If you love warm milk, it's a total beauty drink. Slide into fresh and clean beddings -- this relaxes the mind and body that puts you to a sound sleep.

Lie Down for Naps

If you can, give yourself at least 15 to 20 minutes to lie down after lunch. It also helps to free yourself from working right away so the mind can rest from anything. Another thing, control the urge to quickly rise from your seat as soon as you're done eating and proceed for a nap right away. Sit on and chat for a while.

Indulge in a protein diet

Indulge in a protein diet

Eat Frequently But Well

Thinking of fattening foods? Just make sure not to fill yourself between meals. While they say that eating frequently helps you bulk up, beware as it may be a trap to overeating which is not the answer. It is in eating real and healthy food that gets results.

Aim to have three good meals a day, plus any extras you fancy but in good proportion. Even if you eat a lot of white rice which is high in carbohydrates, eating small portions gives you a snapshot of a fully balanced diet. With extra small meals that you can eat in smaller bites, your metabolism is revved up several times a day allowing your digestive system to absorb more of the nutrients and calories.

Choose Nutrient-Rich Foods

Since muscle is made of protein, a high-protein diet utilizes the extra calories and turns them into muscle. The most basic thing to remember here is to apply the principles of clean eating.

Adding lots of greens into your diet, drinking homemade protein smoothies, and the right portion of protein, carbohydrates, and fats are highly nutrient-dense. Avoid incorporating diet soda, and other diet drinks too much as they offer few calories with little nutritional value. Did you know that incorporating tea into your diet keeps overeating at bay?

Milk is a complete food

Milk is a complete food

Drink at Least a Pint of Milk a Day

Milk is an excellent source of whey proteins and is shown to help you add muscle when combined with weightlifting.

If you just can’t bear the taste of plain milk, disguise your milk with a dash of coffee or cocoa. There are high-calorie milkshakes that you can buy. The old-fashioned powdered supplements did and still do provide reasonable amounts of protein and calories when mixed with milk, bananas, and other fruit.

Some options are milk and egg-based protein powders (if they suit your system), skim milk or alternative, fruits, nuts, seeds, and healthy oils. A soothing drink last thing at night provides extra nourishment; it ensures deep sleep allowing you a full quota of eight to nine hours sleep.

If your body lacks something, supplements provide it

If your body lacks something, supplements provide it

Take Supplements

You would love to gain most of your weight as muscle rather than fat. While food and exercise are needed for you to gain muscle, supplements can help supply your body with calories and protein. Shakes, smoothies, or bars are a quick way to fit delicious supplements into a busy schedule.

Fish liver oil will help supply your body with the needed fat. If you're still having trouble gaining weight, find weight gainers with high-calorie supplements.

Meet the Everlessly Thin But Healthy People in the World

So There You Go...

Fattening up may be easier said than done, but discipline will make it possible. It sounds like being a bit strict to yourself which is tough. A little careful planning with a cup of fun will help you put on weight... and hopefully, muscles too. Above all, do it according to your pace and see to it that it will work. Believe and you will see results.

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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Tonette Fornillos (author) from The City of Generals on June 20, 2012:

Hello kj_force,

I'll take that from a medical mom! "eating the proper nutrients /proper sleep/exercise you should not have a problem putting on the weight and maintaining it..if this is NOT the a physician/nutritionist asap to rule out health issues/mental or physical".

Thanks for the motion :=) of all!

kjforce from Florida on June 20, 2012:

Good advice..well's unusual to read about "putting" it on..very few people realize this is not a rare situation..some due to medical issues..some due to metabolic system..eating the proper nutrients /proper sleep/excercise you should not have a problem putting on the weight and maintaining it..if this is NOT the a physician/nutrionist asap to rule out health issuses/mental or physical

Tonette Fornillos (author) from The City of Generals on June 18, 2012:

I'm with you a 100% - we may have been doing what we think the best ways to put on weight, still I'd recommend consulting a physician. They know what's best for everyone. Best wishes!

JP Carlos from Quezon CIty, Phlippines on June 18, 2012:

Eating properly and adequate rest and exercise does the trick! It is always a good idea to consult a professinal just to be sure. :)

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