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Are Hospitals in a Crisis Today?

Claudette is inspired by positive thinking that she tries to share with as many people as possible to give them hope for the future.

How Coronavirus Is Effecting Hospitals and Their Workers

Imagine arriving at a hospital‘s emergency room bleeding profusely from a severe cut on your hand. Normally this would be an emergency. With a bloody towel wrapped around your hand, blood gushed from your cut to the floor. Over an half an hour later no medical worker responded. The workers unfortunately were so overwhelmed with other patients. Sadly this is a true story which happened to a very dear friend. She did eventually get help but by that time she had lost a tremendous amount of blood. After weeks of therapy her hand is gradually getting better. Is this the reality of a hospital visit today? Lets look at some of the evidence.

On the news series CBS This Morning Anchorwoman Gayle King explained, “The surge in new Covid cases is putting an enormous strain on hospitals across the country. At Bellville Medical Center that is outside of Houston, Texas patients needing a ICU bed are being airlifted to hospitals in other states. But finding an open bed there is often difficult too. It’s a struggle that can have life or death consequences.” Lead Correspondent David Begnaud shared this horrifying experience. “The next time you hear somebody say that the Covid crisis is affecting non Covid patients. Remember the name Daniel Wilkinson. He was a US Army Veteran... He started feeling sick last week and he lives just an hour and a half down the road from Houston where they give some of the best medical care in the world. And he lives within yelling distance of the local hospital. But when none of that was enough when he started feeling sick and couldn’t get the medical care he needed to survive.” Daniel later died from “Gallstone Pancreatitis. Gallstones are a common cause of pancreatitis,” said one specialist. A phycian during the interview said he has never lost a patient from Gallstone Pancreatitis because it is common. Daniel Wikinson died from a lack of a bed in ICU due to the abundance of Covid patients. The majority of these patients overwhelming the hospital were not vaccinated. This proves that our decisions can have an effect on others that could be deadly. Please let’s prayerfully make the right decision not only for ourselves but for others.

A Shortage of Nurses and ICU Bed Shortage is Effecting Hospitals Today

Photo of ICU Nurse at work.

Photo of ICU Nurse at work.

Strains On Hospitals Due to Covid Surge

“The surge in new Covid cases is putting an enormous strain on hospitals across the country. At Bellville Medical Center that is outside of Houston, Texas patients needing an ICU bed are being airlifted to hospitals in other states. But finding a bed is often difficult.”

— Lead News Correspondent David Begnaud of “CBS This Morning.”

Covid Continues to Put Stress On Hospital Staff

How much stress is the pandemic putting on nurses and doctors? In a recent interview by News Correspondent David Begnaud of CBS This Morning, Dr. Hasan Kakli, revealed the struggle of doctors and nurses in their attempt to treat Covid patients. Doctor Kakli‘s eyes were filled with tears because he tried everything he could for more than seven hours to save a man’s life but couldn’t because of the lack of beds within his hospital and surrounding area hospitals. Covid patients had consumed hospitals and their staff throughout the Texas area. It was heart wrenching as l watched this news report along with additional reports about this hospital crisis.

Tony Dokoupil who serves as Anchorman for CBS This Morning presented this earthshaking report by revealing, “But many hospitals in that region were already full with Covid patients and the stress of caring for them is taking a toll. A survey during the pandemic found that 62% of Intensive Care Nurses are burned out. Now we’re seeing the long term impact of that burnt out. Senior Medical Correspondent Dr. Tara Narula spoke to ICU Nurses who have left their frontline jobs or dropped out of the profession entirely.”

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During Dr. Narula‘s report she mentioned, “The nurses we spoke to said both the number of hours they work and the number of patients they are responsible for have them feeling depleted and unresourced. For many it’s about preserving quality of life and maintaining a workplace environment where they can give patients the attention they need.” Doctor Narula spoke with Paulette Wrangle an ICU Nurse that carefully expressed, “Some nurses were working 4 or 5 six days a week. Twelve hour shifts. You felt guilty for wanting to call off because you knew that you were gonna leave your co-workers behind and they would have to pick up the slack.“

The feeling of determination and professionalism exuded from Paulette Wrangle as Dr. Narula went on to explain, “Wrangle says her training gave her the skills to respond to a pandemic but did not prepare her for the emotional toll.“ Wrangle continued by stating, “ When you are working 12 hours straight in these high stress, high adrenaline situations it takes a lot out of you. We want to be there for our patients but when we are running on fumes it’s hard to do that... I would just come home and go straight to my room. The kids were not around me in there. And l wasn’t touching them or talking to my husband. I was just telling them l really don’t want to get you guys sick.“ Dr. Narula also expressed how Paulette sadly stated, “After trying counselling and antidepressants Wrangle switched to a job in community health. Seeing healthier patients during the daytime hours...Some nurses care for as many as ten patients.

Within The Watchtower magazine No. 2 2021 the article entitled, How You Can Live in a New World features photos of nurses on pages 10 and 11 stressed out and overwhelmed. You can find this article along with its hope for the future on Within these pages is an encouraging point where Jesus said: “This means everlasting life, their coming to know you, the only true God.“ (John 17:3) New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures. While on earth and as Jesus continues to do today through the Bible, we are taught how to love God and our neighbors. Based on that love for God and each other we would always want to take whatever precautions are available whether it’s a mask or vaccines to not only give us a hope to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Our lives are precious not only to Jehovah God our Grand Creator but to each of us. Please let’s do whatever we can to show our loving God that we appreciate life.

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