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Apocalypse Of Antibiotics

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A war has been going on since ancient times, which aims to keep itself alive and safe. As we know today due to scientific discoveries, every multicellular organism has originated through unicellular organisms through the process of evolution. Our ancestors will be a unicellular organism somewhere, which still exists today. Since the beginning of human history, humans have seen and fought many dangerous diseases. However, due to the lack of modernization of technology, we faced lots of problems. Then perhaps even a small bacterial infection could have become a major cause of our death. But I believe that human curiosity, creativity, and innovation can get the man out of every trouble. The same happened with this problem when words like vaccines came into existence due to the important and phenomenal contributions of our scientists. But the discovery of penicillin in the year 1928 brought a revolution in the field of medicine. The discovery of penicillin is attributed to Sir Alexander Fleming, who made the discovery of penicillin possible due to an accident. From this invention, the age of antibiotics is started, which now treated many dangerous bacterial infections, such as urinary tract infection and some pneumonia infections. After the arrival of antibiotics, it was ensured that no one died of any common bacterial infection.


Antibiotics Begin To Fail:-

The time after World War II proved to be a golden period of antibiotics. Many new antimicrobial and antibiotics drugs were discovered, manufactured, and marketed extensively from 1940 to 1970. But suddenly by the 1980s, this rate suddenly started to decrease. Due to the complex discovery and manufacturing process of antibiotic drugs and the less promising results in investment, many state governments and companies stopped searching for new antibiotics.


That's when, around this time, scientists encountered antibiotic resistance. This new problem arose from the inappropriate use of antibiotic drugs. Similarly, due to excessive and incorrect use of antibiotics in food producers animals, antibiotic resistance pathogens are being seen in many animals today, like pork meat and many other meat products. Due to which these animals have no effect on antibiotics when they are suffering from any bacterial infection. But the most dangerous fact is that through food chains, they reach humans as well. If we do not take this thing seriously, then we will reach again in the fearful era which we saw before the age of antibiotics. Antibiotic-resistant bacteria cause thousands of deaths every year.


Spread of Antibiotics Resistance Through Food Animals:-

Whenever we have encountered a new deadly infection or any deadly microorganism, the reason behind it is often some of the other animals. For example, the Ebola virus that spread to humans through bats, avian flu that spread to us from many birds and there are many examples that are buried in the pages of history. Sometimes the antibiotics that humans use as a treatment for their own disease, the same drugs were used by many farmers only to promote the growth of their animals and not to protect them from any disease. The danger from these perhaps not only to the animals they are exposed to but also to farmers, slaughtered house workers, and veterinarian doctors, and even the food they manufacture can be contaminated with bacteria and that are also resistant to antibiotics. Once a bacterial infection that is caused by such bacteria, shows how easy it can take the form of a global pandemic.


So let's understand this with an example that suppose there is a chicken that has got a bacterial infection. What will the farmer do now? The farmer will give antibiotic drugs to the chicken without consulting the doctor. Those bacteria will die from this drug, in which resistance to excess antibiotics was not produced. But the bacteria that have produced immunity to antibiotics will survive. In this way, the bacteria will continue to replicate inside and inside, and the bacteria will contaminate the animal meat, egg, and soil too. So now you must have understood how serious this problem is?

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Impacts On Humans:-

If I tell you that humanity is moving towards such a danger or enemy, for which our technology may not have any cure. Actually, we are the reason for this and this enemy is antibiotic-resistant bacteria. We are the reason behind their power. As a matter of fact, we are the ones who exposed these bacteria to different antibiotics, which made them resistant to antibiotics. Actually, the antibiotic was supposed to be the last line of defense for our bodies. But we did not have a slight cold or cold that started taking antibiotics without consulting doctors, inaccurately started strengthening the bacteria.


If you still do not find this problem seriously, then imagine a situation that you have been infected with a bacterial infection that was treated with particular antibiotics till the last year. Now you are hospitalized and when the doctors give you the same antibiotic and that drug does not leave any effect on the bacteria because that antibiotic is resistant. Now doctors are beginning to understand what has happened to you? And in the meantime, your situation worsens further. So you saw how serious this problem is? Anyway, the discovery of antibiotics is declining year after year.

I hope you all have become aware of the biggest danger of human rights. One of my advice is to accept that you should never use antibiotics without consultation with a doctor. See you in the next article, till then be happy and keep smiling and keep reading my articles.

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Manu Saraswat (author) from India on August 06, 2020:

Thank you vey much

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on August 06, 2020:

A real good subject handled real well. My dad was a doctor and we have three real good ones right now. I think my son had some about 2 years ago. We avoid them.

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