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An Open Letter to All Hunters and Lovers of Automatic Weapons

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I just want to know cause I can't understand the need for superior rapid firing rifles in hunting or target practice or any other normal shooting disciplines?

“An Open Letter To Hunter’s

And Automatic Weapon Lovers.”

Can any hunter please try explaining to me why any citizen needs automatic weapon if a huge buck draws near and your shot is quite clear are you simply afraid that you’ll miss him. Cause it only takes one shot or sometimes just two to kill rabbits, squirrels quail, pheasants or ducks so why would you have to use AR 15’s unless all of your shooting skills suck And don’t tell me they’re good for practicing when your trying to hit paper targets even blind men could aim and hit a bulls eye clean there’s no real talent after you’ve shot it Using thirty rounds fired from your magazine will not make you equivalent to a Marine who can put one shot through it dead center again and again until it’s just routine What happened to the real men who could hit a silver dollar tossed in the air, aiming with great care using their rifles or their revolvers rapid fire brings Marksmanship dishonor Please don’t harp at me about black markets banning these weapons will bring controls with tough laws instituted to put fear into all heartless souls Those who sell them will get life in prison those who buy them will get twenty years there will be no kind of mercy shown when in courtrooms they will appear. And all who re=sell them will suffer massive fines and great public shame as their put on a list for watching to catch men with their own selves to blame Gun laws must be made more barbaric for all shooters who hunt and kill kids no appeals…just executions for the horrible crimes that they did Criminals will at last have less access though it will take a very long time till all automatic guns vanish leaving all of our lives more sublime Let’s raise the price on ammunition for all rapid fired guns $200.00 dollars for each bullet then maybe at last we’ll be done with killers who use these cruel guns you can keep every gun you now own nobody’s taking them away but if their made to be auto-fired turn them in or you will pay in stronger, far more harsher ways And no one should wear body armor unless your job’s protecting the law turn it in to those who really need them donate it to their worthy cause. Military grade weapons were strictly designed for only one true use you see built for putting huge holes and exacting cruel tolls on America worst enemies. They weren’t made for civilians to use them just because they think it’s fun they were meant to lay withering fire leaving corpses to rot in the sun cutting off all attacks so they’d never come back so why in the hell do you need one? Cause sadly they’re also effective in the eager hands of crazy men cowards intending to butcher children by shooting them all again and again until DNA is required to identify each child cause their flesh has been defiled. But what if it was your own daughters or sons? Would you realize then gazing at closed coffins? that were a necessity to let you say goodbye to your child that was tragically chosen to die cause some eighteen year old had faced no real laws applied so he entered a school and let his bullets fly into innocent kids with no real reasons why? Would you vote for a ban that would only apply on weapons designed for cruel uses in war? not for leaving your child dying on a school floor Would you change your mind fast and begin to abhor the very same weapon you had fun with before? until you lost the most precious life you adored decimated in seconds would you then learn the lessons that no one should be ever foolishly messing with military weapons? and I will guarantee that you never will see any of the head honchos from the great NRA come to knock on your door just a couple of days after your dearest child fatally passed away offering comfort to you in your worst time of grief But they’d still mail you pamphlets preaching all their beliefs in the rights to own guns fearing they might decrease hoping for a donation to continue your hobby to help in enriching senators with cash for their lobbies that allow you to keep your semi-automatics would that be something you’d find problematic? would you finally at long last despise all their tactics Just weeks after nineteen young students were killed my mail held a letter that made my heart chilled and sickened me in so many sad ways but I chose not to open it I threw it away and guess what the name of the sender displayed?? In very large letters it read ……NRA These gun toting, cash cows sent promotional crud to help take my mind off the gallons of blood and I’m sure they sent millions into mailboxes shoved even to grieving parents who’d lost children they loved cause it’s not about gun rights which makes it not funny it’s about their sick need to raise so much more money every time there’s a shooting do they think we’re all dummies So I have to return to the start of this rant cause I desperately need a reply as to what it will take for you all too forsake guns that shoot endless rounds rapid fire while your facing these killings so dire Will it take one more shooter armed with them bursting in to a hospital nursery with a most wicked grin killing 35 newborns and the nurses there too? Would that shock you enough to give up all your pursuits of keeping harsh weapons that were not made for you? Can some hunter just one try explaining to me your true needs for military grade weapons? Just give me straight facts with no second guessing if you lost your own child from a madman gone wild would you still give such weapons your blessings???? God help us if you’d still be addressing more donations to the people possessing the power to keep such damned guns on the streets or would you think it’s past time for suppressing? I’m just asking you know I wish no harm on anyone’s child but it’s getting to that point where sanity’s been defiled any of us could fall to the powers of these weapons and it’s something right now that we shoud be preventing Written at: Art~Whimsically Yours Studio Please don’t shoot this messenger

© 2022 Matthew Frederick Blowers III

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