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An Asperger's Syndrome Fairy Tale Turns Into A Nightmare

I'm an aspiring writer, but overall, I am an American who seeks a better United States of America. Come join me in my journey of truth.

*Note - This article here of mine was initially published on February 10, 2021.

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KELLEPICS created this image.

Much to the disgrace of the United States of America, "Asperger's Syndrome" seems to have turned into a product of American pop culture despite that it no longer has a standalone presence in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition ("DSM-5"). Not too long ago I came across a television advertisement showing a new Muppet on the children's educational show Sesame Street who was supposed to be autistic. Now, it was never specified whether she was supposed to have "Asperger's Syndrome" or some other form of autism, but it was somewhat disturbing to see this same advertisement inasmuch as there is a great amount of misinformation out there regarding autism.

Please be assured that I'm not here to disparage anything and everything that has to do with the improvement of the quality of life for those who actually suffer from autism. Didlake, Inc. has a wonderful team of people who help disabled individuals like those with autism to find a job that pays them what they are worth. Because handicapped and mentally disabled people are the ones who confront the most challenges in life out of anyone, I would be all in favor of our nation instituting a Universal Healthcare system that was similar to that of other English-speaking industrialized nations so that nobody would be deprived of the kind of medical care that they so need. Medicaid doctors do not always give the same quality of care to patients that regular physicians do whenever a private medical insurance plan is covering it, but nations that have Universal Healthcare don't seem to have that problem.

If you read my article titled "Don't Fall For The Asperger's Syndrome Fairy Tale!," then you're already aware of my skepticism over whether "Asperger's Syndrome" is anything but a fairy tale that had its origins from Dr. Hans Asperger, who was an Austrian neo-Nazi pediatrician and a state-sanctioned child killer during the dictatorship of Adolf Hitler in Austria and Germany. As I have stated in that same article of mine, I am not here to rain down on your parade if you have been diagnosed with "Asperger's Syndrome" and you are happily in treatment for it with a psychiatrist. However, because there are so many injustices and atrocities that fall within the orbit of this so-called neurological, developmental disorder, I cannot remain silent about it and I cannot allow anyone to silence me about it either.

Over the course of almost a decade, I have been following the activities of this one family that I first saw in television back in 2012. The parents are Michael Barnett and Kristine Barnett, and they came into the spotlight along with their children when their then-13-year-old son, Jacob Barnett, interviewed with the late Morley Safer on 60 Minutes nine years ago.

5712495 of the photographer of this picture.

5712495 of the photographer of this picture.

1. Jacob Barnett Became The Icon Of The Asperger's Syndrome Fairy Tale To All Parents

Once upon a time a young boy named Jacob Barnett was introduced to the world in a television interview as a genius and a prodigy in the fields of mathematics and science. According to his parents, he had suffered from "Asperger's Syndrome" when he was a toddler and stopped speaking shortly before he was 2 years of age. He allegedly continued to have difficulties speaking in years to come when he was very little, but he excelled in subjects that interested him. You can watch Jacob's interview in the video below.

Jacob Barnett Interviews With The Late Morley Safer In 2012

In that same interview with the late Mr. Safer, Jacob Barnett appeared to be living the American dream. Here he was already a sophomore at Purdue University in Indiana despite that he was barely a teenager. He, his parents, and his siblings all looked like the picture-perfect family that you'd see on a rerun of The Waltons.

Jacob's parents, Michael and Kristine Barnett, had no problem in putting up appearances as the perfect couple with the perfect children. What baffled me was that here Jacob was personable and outgoing insofar as he did not seem to have any difficulty making friends at the campus where he matriculated, and yet his parents insisted that he had autism as a toddler.

It is specified in other sources of information that Jacob supposedly had suffered from "Asperger's Syndrome." Hmmm. I thought that Aspies or Aspergians were supposed to be loners who lacked the social skills to form relationships. Something already seems fishy here. Moreover, I thought that "Asperger's Syndrome" was a high-functioning form of autism, and yet he had virtually become a mute upon approaching his second birthday. It seems way too good to be true.

You might have noticed in the part of the interview above where the 60 Minutes television crew was filming the Barnetts at their dinner table, there was a little girl there whose face was not shown and she was eating with them. They also caught her on camera when they were filming the Barnett boys in their living room, playing video games.

The little girl's name is Natalia Grace, and Michael and Kristine Barnett adopted her in 2010 when she was only 6 years old. She is Ukrainian, and, further on herein, I am going to point out how Michael and Kristine Barnett exploited both her and Jacob to serve their own greedy ulterior motives.

Kristine subsequently got a book deal, among other things, that allowed her to capitalize off of Jacob's fame and success. Now, I am not mindless of the fact that a mental-health professional from Ohio State University took an interest in Jacob's high IQ and she attributed it to his reported autism. However, as you watch the video below, something starts not to feel right about Jacob's parents.

Kristine Barnett And Jacob Barnett Interview With Steve Paikin In 2013

The video above was of an interview that Steve Paikin held with Jacob and his mother, Kristine, on The Agenda with Steve Paikin in 2013. There can be no question that Jacob has always been a prodigy and a genius in the fields of mathematics and science as well as physics. It bewilders me why he would be happy to be autistic as he told Mr. Paikin, if he really is.

Kristine's story is quite impressive about how she resisted the opinions of doctors and therapists that her son, Jacob, would never live a normal life because of his "Asperger's Syndrome," which she solely referred to as autism in the interview above, but there is still a tone of opportunism in the way she presents everything regarding her upbringing of Jacob and his two brothers. Kristine and her then-husband, Michael, certainly took full advantage of all the television appearances they were invited to, and I would not doubt that they were paid generously for them.

Because I am a layman who is not qualified to diagnose anyone with Asperger's by proxy, I will not go as far as labeling Kristine as such. However, I will not discount the fact that she acts suspicious in the way that she presents her information in the interview.

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Kristine claims that she collected no money from parents who brought their autistic children to her in her so-called therapy center in her garage so that she could apply the same methodology on them that she used to get her son speaking more frequently than before as he grew from a toddler to a young boy. However, according to a website named *"Justice For Natalia Grace," Kristine's so-called therapy center eventually evolved into what was named Jacob's Place, Inc., and she raked in grants and donations that added up to a six-figure amount of money. (*Note - I provide a link to this same website further on herein.)

Where this same interview begins to get creepy is when Mr. Paikin asks Jacob and his mother, Kristine, what their family's reasons were for moving from Indiana to Canada, they leave out the fact that Jacob's parents had left their adoptive daughter, Natalia Grace, behind and had abandoned her in an apartment in Indiana upon moving to Canada. Jacob only acknowledges that he has two brothers after Mr. Paikin asks him whether he has any siblings. Then Kristine also claims that she and her husband only have three boys and no other children, and she gives the ages of Jacob's two brothers. However, nobody makes any mention of Natalia Grace, who is Jacob's adoptive sister.

AD_Images is the author of this image.

AD_Images is the author of this image.

2. Michael Barnett And Kristine Barnett Exploited And Abandoned Their Adoptive Daughter

Some of you may not know about the story behind Natalia Grace Barnett and how her adoptive parents, Michael and Kristine Barnett, manipulated the court system to get Natalia Grace's legal age changed from 8 years old to 22 years old back in 2012. Therefore, I have embedded a video below that provides you with all of the details about it.

A Compilation Of Videos That Covered The Development Of The Natalia Grace Barnett Story Up To Recently

The video above is a marathon of videos that Jarred Bronstein and Charlotte Dobre filmed from the outset of the scandal regarding the crimes of Michael Barnett and his ex-wife, Kristine. Near the beginning of the video above, the two hosts of it appear to believe that Michael and Kristine were victims of some homicidal female dwarf who bore an unusual resemblance to the killer named Esther in the 2009 movie titled Orphan. However, toward the end of the marathon of videos, Charlotte finally realizes that Natalia Grace really was a victim in this entire plot of the Barnett parents to remove her from their lives.

As the video above reports, Michael and Kristine adopted Natalia Grace in 2010 when she was only 6 years old. Kristine alleges that Natalia Grace had pubic hair and was menstruating back then. However, her accusations have been proven false, because Vincent DePaul and his wife, Nicole, witnessed Natalia Grace's baby teeth when they were attempting to adopt her before the Barnetts adopted her. It should be noted that when Vincent DePaul and his wife, Nicole, contacted the Barnetts in 2013 after they had moved to Canada, the Barnetts lied to them and told them Natalia Grace was living with them when, in reality, she had been living on her own in an apartment in Indiana.

As the video above indicates, Michael and Kristine have fabricated outrageous lies that Natalia Grace had become violent with them and had threatened their lives while she was living with them in Indiana. However, all of those accusations against her do not add up, because she would have been physically incapable of committing those actions against them because of her small size and limited strength.

Kristine and Michael lied about Natalia Grace being unable to understand a friend of theirs when that friend had spoken to her in Ukrainian. When Natalia Grace was younger, she had needed an interpreter to communicate with English-speaking healthcare providers.

According to the video above, Kristine and Michael claimed that Natalia Grace was diagnosed as a sociopath and a psychopath. In gathering all the facts together and considering them all, it leads me to question whether any psychiatrist ever made this same diagnosis of Natalia Grace. A primary care physician of theirs claimed that Natalia Grace suffered from sociopathic personality disorder, but his motives for doing so were suspicious. I will give more information about him below.

Kristine and Michael did claim that they had Natalia Grace committed to a state-run psychiatric facility in 2012. They said that mental-health professionals heard Natalia Grace brag about plotting her adoptive parents' murder. Then again, Kristine and Michael always seemed to know who all the charlatans were in the medical profession who could serve their agenda and spew whatever falsehoods they wanted them to for the right amount of money.

According to the video above, in 2011, Michael got his primary care physician, Dr. Andrew Phillip McLaren, to write a letter stating that Natalia Grace was an adult so that he could get a judge to change her age legally from 8 years old to 22 years old in 2012. The judge who heard Michael's petition did change Natalia Grace's legal year of birth from 2003 to 1989. This same court proceeding was very unfair, because Natalia Grace was deprived of legal representation and it was based upon a lie.

Dr. McLaren was not qualified to make the determination on whether Natalia Grace was an adult or a minor at the time. A bone density examination had been performed on her in 2010, and a bodily examination had been performed on her in 2012; and both examinations proved that she was a child below the age of twelve in 2010 and 2012. A highly qualified endocrinologist was involved in the second examination. Both of these examinations took place at Peyton Manning Hospital.

Also, Natalia Grace's Ukrainian birth certificate specifies that she was born in 2003. Her biological mother even later vouched for the accuracy of that same birth certificate.

Nevertheless, after August of 2012, Michael and Kristine helped Natalia Grace get an apartment for her to live in on her own. They secured welfare benefits for her that would allow her to subsist. In the video above, Kristine claims that she paid for Natalia Grace's rent for a whole year.

In 2013, Michael and Kristine took their three sons and moved from Indianapolis, Indiana to Waterloo in the Canadian province of Ontario. They now were confident that they could legally leave Natalia Grace behind to live in her Indiana apartment. However, regardless of how old or how young Natalia Grace was at the time, Michael and Kristine still broke the law, because parents in Indiana are prohibited from abandoning a dependent of any age, especially when that dependent is disabled in any way. For that reason, they were later arrested and criminally charged.

Now, if there are any of you reading this article here of mine who believe that Michael and Kristine were really good people who attempted to provide a decent and loving home for a handicapped person and you're going to leave a post in my comments section about it, stop typing. In early 2014, Michael moved back to Indiana, and he began divorce proceedings from Kristine. He later remarried, but here is the interesting part about it. He was still legally married to Kristine upon marrying his second wife.

I have seen Michael and Kristine both claim to be devout Christians in interviews they have done with the media. Well, I hardly think that Michael being a bigamist at one point in time would constitute a very godly thing for him to do. Therefore, don't be giving Michael or Kristine any pity parties, because they don't deserve them.

It can be no mystery that Michael and Kristine did not want to pay for Natalia Grace's periodic bone surgery that she needed to keep herself from going into constant pain. Their teenage son, Jacob, had been accepted to an exclusive institution of higher learning in Canada and they didn't want Natalia Grace's medical needs to stand in the way of their goals concerning Jacob. Once Michael and Kristine both got caught at their crimes, they knew exactly how to manipulate both the medical profession and the legal system to sell their specious story about Natalia Grace being a clone of Esther from the movie Orphan to anyone in the media who was foolish enough to believe it.

According to the video above, in 2014, Natalia Grace reported to the police that Michael and Kristine had abandoned her the preceding year. The authorities began to investigate the matter and attempted to secure proper living conditions for Natalia Grace.

In 2016, a close friend of Natalia Gracie, Margaret Axsom, found out that Natalia Grace had been evicted from her apartment. Okay, well, it's not exactly easy for a 13-year-old girl to take care herself and live on her own. When I lived in New York City, a co-worker of mine told me that she knew this one plumber who had come to the Big Apple to live on his own when he was only 12 years old, but he did so clear back in the early 1950s and he already had marketable skills in a popular trade, which was plumbing. Times have definitely changed since then.

According to the video above, it turned out that Natalia Grace was living with Antwon Man and his wife, Cynthia, who later appeared with her on Dr. Phil. Upon their appearance on Dr. Phil, they told Dr. Phil McGraw that Natalia Grace had lived in two different apartments at separate times after the Barnetts had abandoned her.

The Mans attempted to adopt Natalia Grace, but the legal issue with her age was what stood in the way. They tried to get her legal year of birth changed from 1989 back to 2003 inasmuch as they believed that she was still a minor. However, Michael contested the court proceeding and produced a letter from his rent-a-quack primary care physician, Dr. McLaren, stating that she was an adult.

According to the video above, Dr. McLaren did not have the expertise he needed to draw any conclusion on whether Natalia Grace was an adult or a minor at that time. Also, this was the second time that he had done something this unethical. In my humble opinion, he shouldn't even be allowed to practice medicine at this point in time and his medical license should be revoked on the basis of his professional misconduct.

The prosecutor in the criminal case against both Michael and Kristine has obtained a gag order against them to stop them from spreading their malicious lies about Natalia Grace to the public through the media. It only makes sense, because the public had only heard one side of the story up to that point in time; and Michael and Kristine were capitalizing off of their crimes at the same time and slandering Natalia Grace in a way that could be prejudicial against her in court.

Despite that Michael and Kristine attempt to weasel their way out of paying for their crimes against Natalia Grace, the prosecutor in their criminal case continues to slap them with additional criminal charges. Somehow I don't think that these two flimflam artists are going to be walking away scot-free from the trouble that they brought upon themselves. A jail cell would be a perfect home for them.

Dr. Phil has become one of Natalia Grace's biggest advocates. It is nice to know that she has someone famous on her side. Her childhood has been stolen from her.

If any of you still don't believe that Natalia Grace was born in 2003 instead of 1989, photographic evidence featured on the website named "Justice For Natalia Grace" shows that she aged from a tyke into an adolescent girl from 2009 to the present. She is not in her thirties now and will not be for a long time.

I'm not a loyal fan of Dr. Phil, and I haven't always agreed with everything he has ever said on his television show. However, I do have to hand it to him that he treated Natalia Grace with the utmost respect back when she appeared on his television show in 2019. You can watch clips of that same interview in the YouTube videos below.

Dr. Phil McGraw Interviews Natalia Grace Barnett And The Mans

Natalia Grace showed her complete sincerity during the entire interview above. The Mans were able to vouch for the fact that what Michael and Kristine had said about her behavior being menacing could not have been true. Dr. Phil was receptive about everything that she told him.

After the interview that Dr. Phil held with Natalia Grace above, he provided his afterthoughts about it to Jenny McCarthy before it was to air on nationwide television. You can watch the interview in the video below.

Jenny McCarthy Interviews Dr. Phil McGraw On Camera

According to the interview above, Dr. Phil believes that Natalia Grace was unusually sophisticated in her way of expressing herself verbally for someone who was only supposed to be 16 years old and whose second language was English. However, he was dead set about holding onto his opinion that she could not have been in her thirties.

An important point that Dr. Phil made in his interview above was that Michael and Kristine signed on to adopt this girl. Therefore, it was really not their place to go abandoning her and leaving town. It brings to mind the lyrics of the song below.

The Song Titled "Bless The Beasts And Children" By The Carpenters

It can put tears in your eyes when you think that the sort of injustices that Michael and Kristine committed against Natalia Grace happen to other kids throughout the world. Natalia Grace had already experienced enough tragedy in her life up to the time that she went to live with the Barnetts in Indiana. When they adopted her, she did not need for them to betray her so terribly.

"johnhain" is the author of this image.

"johnhain" is the author of this image.

3. Michael Barnett And Kristine Barnett Sought To Exploit And Capitalize Off Of Their Children

Considering all the lies that Michael Barnett and his ex-wife, Kristine, have told the press and the media after their arrest and the fact that they capitalized off of their crimes against their adoptive daughter, I have to question whether or not their son, Jacob, was ever really diagnosed with "Asperger's Syndrome." There can be no question that he is probably the smartest person that anyone could ever meet. He has worked hard to earn his fame and success as an academic.

The bigger picture here regarding Michael and Kristine is that they seem to know how to find every charlatan and predator in the medical profession to serve their agenda. I do not believe that any psychiatrist or any licensed mental-health professional would have diagnosed Natalia Grace with psychopathy, unless Michael and Kristine had somehow influenced them to do so, most likely with money.

Shady shrinks simply love parents like Michael and Kristine. They find children to be very vulnerable as I pointed out in my article titled "Protect Your Children From Shady Shrinks," and they zero right in on them once an opportunity to do so is presented to them. They're unscrupulous individuals who have no mercy for defenseless innocents, and they will do anything to make an easy buck in their profession.

After Michael and Kristine had found out that their oldest son, Jacob, was a genius and a prodigy who excelled in the fields of mathematics, science and physics, they may have as easily wanted to take their discovery one step further and fabricate this entire bogus story of theirs about how their son showed symptoms of "Asperger's Syndrome" when he was a toddler and about how the mother came to the little boy's rescue and turned him from a nearly mute Aspergian into a thriving whiz kid. It is all seems to have been way too convenient for terrible parents like Kristine and Michael for them not to have acted upon that same temptation of theirs. The opportunity was there, and they seized it immediately. Moreover, "Asperger's Syndrome" is supposed to be a mild, high-functioning form of autism that doesn't normally involve speech problems.

If Michael and Kristine were someday to be diagnosed with Asperger's by proxy, it would not surprise me in the least. According to the website named "Justice For Natalia Grace," their actions involving Jacob reeked with "Asperger's Syndrome" fraud and abuse. Therein, it reads:

Spectators are asking if it's possible Kristine Barnett suffers from Munchausen syndrome by proxy with psychiatric features since she claims 2 of her children and her ex husband are autistic, her claims that Natalia has schizophrenia and was diagnosed as a psychopath/sociopath and her other son and her nephew were deathly ill as infants.

Asperger's by proxy is a subset of Munchausen Syndrome by proxy ("MSP"), which is now known as Factitious disorder imposed on another ("FDIA"). It should be noted that Jacob's doctor told Kristine and Michael that Jacob could drop the autism diagnosis in 2011. However, Kristine continued to capitalize off of her presentation of Jacob as an Aspergian genius. Eventually she was claiming that another son of hers, Ethan, also had "Asperger's Syndrome" and that Michael fell on the autism spectrum. Michael went along with it too. Kristine has even gone as far as telling people that she healed her nephew of a serious illness in some supernatural way. It all becomes very suspicious once you connect the dots.

The difference between how Michael and Kristine handled their son, Jacob, and how they handled their adoptive daughter, Natalia Grace, in view of how different these kids were from other kids was that Jacob put dollar signs in their eyes, whereas Natalia Grace presented them with a situation that they were too selfish, greedy and irresponsible to handle. That is, Jacob was going to earn them money and Natalia Grace was going to cost them money.

Before Michael and Kristine were arrested, they were making all sorts of appearances on television and the likes to capitalize off of Jacob's academic fame and success; and they were traveling all over the world to do so. When Jacob interviewed with Steve Paikin in 2013 as described further back herein, it had to have felt horrible for him to know what his parents had done to Natalia Grace earlier that same year.

Natalia Grace is an intelligent girl. Therefore, it was very likely that when she was living with the Barnetts, she was able to see how Michael and Kristine were exploiting Jacob and capitalizing off of him. There may have been family secrets that they did not want her divulging to others as it became apparent to her that they were not giving Jacob a normal upbringing.

Jacob may have confided in Natalia Grace personal concerns he had about his parents and how they were misusing him to line their own pockets and get their faces on camera everywhere they could. After Michael and Kristine realized that Natalia Grace was going to cost them exorbitant amounts of money to get her the surgery that she needed, they decided to look for a way that they could get away from her without suffering legal repercussions. After they were aware that she knew too much about their true colors regarding their oldest son, they were in a rush to distance her from their lives as much as they could.

Michael and Kristine were also trying to live their selfish dreams through Jacob, and his acceptance to a prestigious institution of higher learning in Canada would allow them to further their goals in that regard. They wanted to get Jacob to Canada to attend that school, and Natalia Grace's medical condition was standing in their way. Therefore, they bailed on her despite that they knew that she was way too young to be on her own.

Now, whether or not a mental-health professional could diagnose Michael and Kristine with Asperger's by proxy or with any sort of FDIA, there is one fact about them that cannot be overlooked. They are a danger to children, and they should never have become parents in the first place.

Michael and Kristine became inebriated with grandeur upon signing on their oldest son, Jacob, to take part in an Asperger's Syndrome fairy tale that they likely conjured up in their twisted minds, and they took their deluded fantasies even further by bringing a disabled little girl into their clutches who needed parents that would love her unconditionally and would tend to her every need. Once they realized that they had bitten off more than they could chew, they attempted to remove this little girl from the picture and concentrate on capitalizing off of Jacob as much as they could.

My fellow Americans? These kinds of people are a disgrace to society, and allowing for unscrupulous and greedy mental-health professionals to cater to their every whim is going to destroy our nation. Children are our future, and we cannot afford to allow for them to be absorbed into an Asperger's Syndrome fairy tale or into any kind of deluded fantasy that will harm them in the long run.

There needs to be more public awareness about Asperger's by proxy as well as "Asperger Syndrome" fraud and abuse. The mental-health profession should not have as much leeway as it does to aid and abet in creating these kinds of scenarios that are hurting our nation's children. The authorities and medical licensing boards need to get really tough on shady shrinks, and parents who misuse their services to exploit and even capitalize off of their children need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Alexas_Fotos is the photographer of this picture.

Alexas_Fotos is the photographer of this picture.

4. My Final Thoughts Regarding This Topic

As the mental-health profession expands here in the United States of America, the chances of people being misdiagnosed with "Asperger's Syndrome" continue to increase. As a skeptic who rejects the authenticity of the "Asperger's Syndrome" diagnosis altogether, I am particularly leery about parents who rush their kids to a psychiatrist to get them such a diagnosis when those parents are displeased with their children for some ludicrous reason or another and they want to force their children onto the autism spectrum to serve their own selfish motives. It is equally as despicable when parents see "Asperger's Syndrome" abuse and fraud involving their own children as a moneymaking scheme.

Natalia Grace was not the particular child that Michael and Kristine forced onto the autism spectrum so that they could capitalize off of the whole "Asperger's Syndrome" fairy tale. However, the fact that they committed reprehensible crimes against her causes one to suspect whether they were sincere about their super intellectual son, Jacob, ever having suffered from that same neurological, developmental disorder. They would have had the perfect opportunity to exploit him in that regard.

Michael and Kristine were capitalizing off of Jacob's celebrity status as an academic on a regular basis. He was their cash cow. I would not doubt that they had adopted Natalia Grace to shine the spotlight of fame on themselves as these good-hearted parents who only wanted to do good for the world.

One common characteristics that I have noticed about parents who fit the mold of someone with Asperger's by proxy is that they manipulate the mental-health profession to get their child diagnosed with "Asperger's Syndrome" so that they can misuse it to cover up abuse they have committed against that child or other children of theirs. The whole concept and theory of "Asperger's Syndrome" somehow has a way of being a magnet for injustices and atrocities against children and even adults.

Anyhow, the truth came out about Michael and Kristine, and most of us would think that they would have been afraid to show their faces on camera afterwards. However, they continued to make television appearances for generous amounts of money and to convince the public to throw them pity parties because of their so-called blameless confrontation with the law when fact has it that Natalia Grace was the true victim here. It would cause one to question whether they were scamming the public with their story about Jacob suffering from Asperger's Syndrome. They certainly lived lavishly off of all the money that they brought in upon capitalizing off of Jacob's walk in the spotlight of fame and success in his role as an underage Albert Einstein.

Asperger's by proxy poses a very strong danger to our children. Parents and even adult siblings who suffer from this disorder need to be identified and isolated from the family members that they victimize.

I may believe that "Asperger's Syndrome" is nothing more than a fairy tale, but I have no doubt in my mind that Asperger's by proxy is very real and could have some serious consequences for our nation if cases of it are not addressed by the medical profession and the criminal justice system before too many people are harmed. Even one person who gets harmed by it is one too many in my school of thought.

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A Poll For Americans Who Want Something To Be Done About Asperger's By Proxy

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Jason B Truth


Jason B Truth (author) from United States of America on August 21, 2021:

Ladies and gentlemen? Most disgracefully, abusive parents have learned to weaponize the autism spectrum to toy with their children's live in the most harmful ways. These parents can become a menace to other children as well, especially ones that they adopt. Read my article above and you will get the full story about an Indiana couple who took their obsession with Asperger's Syndrome way too far.

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