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Tower Purifier with Air Filter for Your Room: Larger Honeywell Enviracaire Model 60000

John was a Navy hospital corpsman. He worked the general sick bay, managed a carrier O.R., and treated heat rash, eczema, and dyshidrosis.

Enviracaire 60000

Enviracaire 60000 Air Filtration by Honeywell

The Enviracaire 60000 made by Honeywell has markedly improved my wife's quality of life. In this discussion, I will describe my wife's particular health issue, and then describe the performance of the Enviracaire 60000, a good home air cleaning unit.

My wife and I live in Superior, Arizona, a very dry place and well-known for its hot summers. The dryness of the air and rising heat off of the desert from May through August cause fine dust particles to rise. Add a little wind to that and you can get quite a brew of particulates in the air. Of course, after a rain everything in the desert seems to bloom overnight and then you have pollen. None of this bothers me, but oh, my wife can suffer. As the air cools, particulates start to settle to the earth's floor causing higher concentrations in the evening. The Enviracaire 60000 is a great home air purifier for dust.

Right around sundown when you could tell for sure that cooling was taking place, she would get a stuffy nose. The congestion would worsen as the evening progressed. It is hard to watch somebody get so uncomfortable. I thought that if I could clean the air around her, maybe she would get some relief. Of course, the ultimate solution would be to modify the AC/furnace with a home air filtration system (an electostatic furnace filter), but that was too expensive for our budget. So I began to research room air purifiers online.

My decision to purchase an Enviracaire 60000 was based on mainly positive reviews and the fact that it had IFD filtration (Integrated Filter Dryer), so there was no need for replacement filters. I took a chance and bought the Enviracaire 60000 with the intention of buying a HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) system if necessary. As it turned out, the 60000 model was a very good buy, especially for our modest-sized bedroom! If your heart is set on a hepa filter, there is a very good product by Honeywell. It is the Honeywell 50250, ideal for larger rooms (up to 390 square feet). But on to the Enviracaire 60000.

We put the Enviracaire 60000 in the living room with plenty of room around it near my wife (most often in the evenings). Our living room was somewhat larger than the recommended room size of 11'x13', but it worked fine. The first thing we noticed was that the congestion was much less in the evening. As my wife can develop bronchial asthma after being congested a long time, this enabled her to put the congestion in check.

At bedtime, we moved the home air purifier to her side of the room (11'x12'), again with plenty of space around it. She has slept very well - congestion remains minimal if any at all. We have been following this pattern for 5 years now with the same good result.

In the spring when pollen is at its heaviest concentrations, the air filter helps with that, too. Generally the combination of chlorpheniramine maleate and the Enviracaire 60000 are a tremendous help. I mention chlorpheniramine maleate (Chlor-Trimeton) only because after years of prescription allergy medicines, my wife decided it helped her as much as anything, and was much less expensive. Of course, any medication should be only taken on the advice of a physician. It has some side effects, but my wife notices none. Here are some other names for this medicine: AHist, Aller-Chlor, Allergy Relief, C.P.M., Chlo-Amine, Chlor-Al Rel, Chlor-Mal, Chlor-Phen, Chlor-Phenit, Chlor-Trimeton, Chlor-Trimeton Allergy SR, Chlorphen, ChlorTan, Ed Chlor-Tan, Ed ChlorPed, PediaTan, Ridramin, TanaHist-PD, Triaminic Allergy, Wal-finate.

The Enviracaire 60000 consists primarily of a case with a fan and two (2) filters. The back of the model 60000 pops off by pulling (see instructions) revealing a black foam type filter. This collects the bigger particles which are pulled through it. The second (bigger) filter is a "honeycomb" looking filter with many small chambers which get charged to attract the smallest particulates. This is where the majority of the dust is trapped.

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You can take the thinner foam type filter and clean it in warm water and let it dry. The bigger "honeycomb" filter can be removed and placed on a piece of newspaper. I gently tap it and then vacuum it with my brush head. You can see dirt on the newspaper. Do both sides. This cleaning should be done once a month. That's all there is to it!

You can set the speed to quiet (1) or turbo (2). We sleep with it on turbo, but I have read reviews that that speed is too noisy. In that case set it on 1. This is no more loud than an ordinary fan.

I clean the outside with a clean dry cloth. It is recommended that extension cords not be used with the Enviracaire 60000. The cord provided is about 6' long.

For the price I paid for the Enviracaire 60000 ($238), it has paid for itself over and over. I will not hesitate to buy another one if and when mine wears out. My honest opinion is that it is one of the best home purifiers on the market.

Draws 0.4 amps and 30 watts.

UPC 090271600009

Sq. Ft. Coverage 150 Sq. Ft.

MPN 09027160000

5 year limited warranty

Enviracaire 60000 Manual - PDF File

© 2010 John R Wilsdon

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