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Americans Get Yourself Vaccinated

Most Americans have been vaccinated, with others planning to do so. The strain of the delta variant is more dangerous and contagious.


President Biden made it possible for every American to get Vaccinated, now it's up to you

I am a survivor of the coronavirus. I am asking everyone to go to your nearest center and get vaccinated. Most Americans are vaccinated or planning to do so. But there are those who are in doubt. There are no good reasons why every American has not been tested or taken the vaccine.

Some minorities are skeptical about the vaccine and are refusing to get vaccinated because of trust and lability . Who do you trust , a killer virus or a vaccine that has already saved lives? Why wait when so many lives could depend on the people rolling up their sleeves and getting vaccinated. The coronavirus is a disease that have taken the lives of over 600 thousand Americans and is still surging from state to state. Those who are waiting to get vaccinated are endangering the lives of others.

What would Happen If There was no Vaccine

After 600 plus Americans have died and was infected from the coronavirus,it's hard to imagine what it would be like with no vaccines.

Another Strain of The Coronavirus

The delta variant is another form of the Coronavirus,surging throughout the United States. This virus is much faster,dangerous and contagious than the previous strains of the coronavirus. Young people who are unvaccinated and those who has taken one shot are more likely to contract the delta virus.

Throughout Americans hospitals were finally able to schedule Surgeries and other procedures they put off,with the virus slowing down. Hospitals are now experiencing a rise in the delta Variant, in patients who have never been vaccinated. Minorities communities have to open up their eyes and see that people who have never been vaccinated has a change of contracting the delta variant. Millions of people are at risk because some are refusing to get vaccinate because of their beliefs.

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1. Some Americans says the vaccines was a rush job.

2. They have no trust in the government.

3. They don't know what's in the vaccine.

4. The vaccine could change their DNA.

5. Some believes the Vaccine could interfere with other medical issues.

Dr. Fauci,a medical expert on contagious diseases, warned the American people to get vaccinated as soon as possible, with the delta variant spreading across the United States. The delta Variant is one of the biggest threats than anyone of the other strains.

Over 600 thousand American died from the Coronavirus, these victims didn't have a choice whether to be vaccinated , you do.


Maxine Daniels (author) from Randolph Ma on July 17, 2021:

Every Americans have a choice to take the vaccines or not. It would be in your best interest because of the strain of virus's. No one ever thought another virus like delta variant would come to the United States when we are still fighting Covid-19. The vaccines were quickly developed, but it is saving lives. Just imagine there was no vaccine, there would be more deaths and panic would sit in. Those who are choosing to wait are jeopardizing the lives of others. Most of us, who have been vaccinated, do not know if the person next to us is infected with the virus. 600 thousand American died from this deadly virus. These people didn't have a choice,to consider being vaccinated,all of you do have a choice.#JMD

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