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Amazing Benefits of Doing Plank

In this article you will know some benefits of planks also there are some good reasons that why you should plank every day

Amazing benefits of doing plank

This plank is a common and very easy exercise that you can do at gym or home
You don't need any equipment to perform this exercise. Most of the people use it to reduce their waist fat, not only it is good for reduce waist fat but also it build several muscles at a same time.

My personal experience , i am doing plank from past couple of week and i see some difference in my body after doing this Exercises for week I see that my abs is better than before not only my abs also it build my chest, shoulder, back and some other muscles. just by performing only one exercise , you can target several muscles by doing plank.

If your searching for a exercise that target several at same time, so I would highly recommend this exercise to you

This exercise is mostly for those who are very busy and have no time to go to gym they can do this exercise before going out for work . It just takes a minute to perform

How to do it ?
1. Lie down flat on the floor
2. Place your elbows and legs similar to push up position
3. Lift your body
4. Hold this position for 1 minutes
If your are a beginer so you can start with 30 sec and increase 10 sec more in every week .

The best way to do a plank is with an engaged core, tight legs, tucked neck position, deep breathing and elbow aligned forward
I'm sure the following changes will make your plank workout much more effective.

Benefits of plank

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1. it improve your posture and strength.
2. This exercise is strength your chest, back, shoulder, neck and abs.
3. It improves several muscles at the same time
4. It boost your body flexibility
5. It calm your mind

Doing a plank everyday, even a minute that will strength your entire core also improve your overall balance
This exercise also effective for tone of your abs also you will be burning ton of more calories at the same time that it would take to perform other exercises, say crunches, squats and sit ups
Through plank, you can calm your brain while helping you treat anxiety and even depression symptoms.

There are such benefits including boosting your flexibility and activate more muscle and even stimulating fat loss around your belly
Do this Exercises regularly and see the results so make sure that you do plank every day even for a minutes.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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