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Why Is Water and Especially Hot Water Good for Your Health?

Rajan is a botany and chemistry major. He has worked as a poultry breeder for 23 years, breeding layer and broiler parents.


Water plays a very important part of our daily lives. We use it for drinking, bathing, cooking, washing and so many other uses every day.

More than 70% of the Earth surface is water but 98% of it is saltwater. Only 2% of the water is drinking water. Water is the basis of all life including our body.

In addition, the benefits of drinking water can be seen as under:

Water regulates the body temperature, is a means of transporting nutrients to various organs and tissues, transports oxygen to the cells and removes waste. It also protects the joints and organs and acts as a lubricant.

Water is lost through respiration, perspiration and urination.

Benefits Of Drinking Water

Our body requires 2.6 litres of water every day to maintain itself. The kidneys take in about 1.5 litres, skin about 0.650 litres, lungs about 0.350 litres and bowel movements about 0.130 litres.

Also, our muscles contain 75%, blood 82%, lungs 90%, brain 76% and bones 25% water. About 70% of our body weight is water. Thus it can be seen that our health is very much dependent on the quantity of water we drink as well as the quality.

This water requirement is met both by the water we drink and the water content of the food we eat. Still, to maintain a healthy balance in the body, one should drink about 2 to 2.5 litres of water a day.

Water should never be drunk at one go. Instead, it should be sipped slowly to allow it to reach the stomach as close to body temperature as possible. Also, very cold water should be avoided and water at normal temperature should be drunk.

When not to drink water

Immediately after a hot meal or intake of cucumber, watermelon or melons,immediately after getting up from sleep,after milk , tea or coffee,immediately after sneezing or after coming from outside in hot weather and immediately before meals.

Just a 2% drop in the body's water content can cause dehydration.

When to drink water

If water is drunk before meals it weakens the digestive process and makes one thin. Drinking 5-6 sips of water in the middle of a meal makes the meal to be digestion sooner.

Drinking immediately after a meal causes the body to put on weight since the digestive process is slowed.

Drinking water 1 hour after meals gives strength to the stomach. Those suffering from diarrhoea should avoid drinking water with meals.

Benefits Of Drinking Water

In high blood pressure, heat stroke, urinary diseases, constipation, burning sensation in the stomach, and bleeding drink as much water as possible.

Mild dehydration is one of the most common causes of daytime fatigue.

Little known facts about dehydration

Lack of water leads to dehydration which leads to tiredness. Toxins start accumulating leading to slowing down of the body's internal processes.

We need to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.

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Coffee, tea, certain medicines and alcohol consumption increase the amount of water the body loses.

Thirst is a sign of dehydration and one must drink water before one feels thirsty.

Mild dehydration can cause joint and muscle pain, lower back pain, headaches and constipation. Strong smelling urine also indicates water dehydration.

The benefits of drinking water are enormous. So, drink more water.

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