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Health Benefits of Eating Garlic on an Empty Stomach

Rajan is a botany and chemistry major. He has worked as a poultry breeder for 23 years, breeding layer and broiler parents.

Garlic is a native to Central Asia. China is the leading producer of garlic followed by India.

It is easy to grow and can be grown at any time of the year.

The cloves in the bulb are mainly used whether raw or cooked. It is frequently used in Indian cooking. Garlic can be made into powder, and 1/8 tsp of garlic powder is equal to 1 clove of raw garlic.

Some garlic pods have just 1 clove. This is called pearl garlic. It is full of all the good qualities of garlic. The garlic that is normally available is the one having 10 -15 cloves in a pod.

Keep garlic in an earthen pot to prevent spoilage.

Properties of Garlic

The active compound in garlic is allicin which is antibiotic and an antifungal.

Garlic has antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal, and antioxidant properties. The typical garlic smell is due to diallyl disulphide, while the hot sensation is due to allicin.

Garlic is best eaten crushed, whether raw or cooked. Crushing damages the cells, and, allicin is released. Garlic destroys free radicals due to its antioxidant property.

Let the garlic sit for about 5 to 15 minutes after crushing. Crushing it releases the enzyme alliinase which converts alliin to allicin.

Garlic Nutritional Information: Value Per 100 g.


(Source: USDA National Nutrient data base)



Nutrient Value

Percentage of RDA


149 Kcal



33.06 g



6.36 g


Total Fat

0.5 g



0 mg


Dietary Fiber

2.1 g






3 µg



0.700 mg


Pantothenic acid

0.596 mg



1.235 mg



0.110 mg



0.200 mg


Vitamin A

9 IU


Vitamin C

31.2 mg


Vitamin E

0.08 mg


Vitamin K

1.7 µg






153 mg



401 mg






181 mg



0.299 mg



1.70 mg



25 mg



1.672 mg



153 mg



14.2 µg



1.160 mg






5 µg



0 µg



16 µg





Pressed Garlic

Garlic Benefits

Garlic improves appetite, gives heat to the body, lustre to the face, and expels worms. Eating garlic every day prevents many diseases, and when consumed, helps in preventing many diseases.

It is of help in skin diseases and low libido. It also increases blood, strength, and semen, and joins broken bones. Garlic helps in controlling heart diseases, fever, constipation, gas, cough, swelling, piles, leprosy, asthma, phlegm. It is good for the eyes and the brain. It increases urine output and removes the distension of the stomach.

In swellings, paralysis, joint pains, and spleen affections, it is beneficial. It relieves pyorrhoea and lessens thirst. Garlic aids in cases of repeated occurrence of boils, paratyphoid, flu, kidney diseases. It kills disease-causing germs.

Garlic Benefits in the Following Conditions

1. Asthma

Garlic juice 10 drops, 2 spoons honey in a glass of water given daily to asthma sufferers helps in controlling attacks. This can be given even during an Asthma attack.

2. Pleurisy

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If water has accumulated in the lungs, there is fever, breathing comes in spurts and there is chest pain, make a poultice of ground garlic and flour and tie on the back.

3. Tuberculosis

Garlic improves immunity. It kills the TB germs. It helps in all types of TB and is literally nectar. Garlic has Sulphuric acid in a good measure which kills the TB germs.

In 250 grams milk add chopped 10 cloves of garlic. Boil this milk, eat the cloves and drink the milk.

It reduces phlegm output, stops night perspiration, increases appetite and brings on good sleep.

Garlic benefits after meals too.

In TB of the stomach, take garlic juice 5 drops with 12 grams of water internally.

4. Sore Throat

Gargle with hot water mixed with garlic juice.

5. Pneumonia

Add some juice of garlic in hot water and drink this. It reduces chest pain too.

6. Cough

A. In 60 grams mustard oil put 1 full garlic pod after removing the outer skin. Cook this. Massage this oil on the chest and throat.

Also, eat garlic with currants 3 times a day. Stop eating sour things.

B. To a glass of pomegranate juice add 20 drops of garlic juice. It aids in all types of cough.

7. Whooping cough

Soak 5 almonds in water at night. In the morning remove their skins, add a little candy sugar/mishri and 1 clove garlic. Grind all these. Take this for a few days.

In children, putting a garland made of garlic cloves and massaging with garlic oil also helps.

Juice of freshly juiced garlic 10 drops, 4 grams honey and water each. Take this mixture 4 times a day.

8. Itching

Boil garlic in oil. Strain and cool. Massage with this oil.

9. Eczema

Burn garlic. Mix the ash in honey. Apply on the affected part.

10. Dental diseases

In Pyorrhoea, swelling of gums, pain, bad breath, add 20 drops of garlic juice to 1 teaspoon honey and lick.

To 60 grams of mustard oil add 1 pod garlic cloves de-skinned. Cook this till the garlic is burnt. Cool the oil & strain it. To this add 30 grams burnt carom seeds and 15 gms ground rock salt. Brush teeth with this oil. It relieves normal dental problems and pyorrhoea if continued for 2 to 3 months.

11. Baldness

Apply garlic juice to bald spots and let it dry. Apply thrice a day for some weeks. Garlic benefits in growing new hair.

12. Hair lice

Grind garlic. Mix with lemon juice. At night massage this in the hair. Wash hair in the morning. Do this for 5 days every day. It kills lice.

Caution: Keep the lemon garlic juice out of the eyes.

13. Sagging Breasts

Eat 5 cloves of garlic daily. This firms up the breasts.

14. All Types Of Headaches & Migraine

Grind garlic and apply on the temples or wherever the pain is. Pure garlic juice is corrosive and can cause blisters. Apply for a short while and wash off.

For migraines, put 2 drops garlic juice in the nostrils opposite to the side of the head pain. Every 2 hours 2 cloves of garlic can be chewed and gulped down with water.

15. Ear diseases

Boil 4 cloves of garlic in 1 tbsp mustard oil and put a drop in the affected ear. Garlic benefits in relieving pain, wound, pus discharge of the ear.

16. Deafness

Fry 8 cloves of garlic in 60 ml in ginger or sesame oil.Strain and cool. Put 2 drops of this oil in the ears for some days.

17. Hysteria

Putting garlic juice in the nose brings the patient to his senses.

18. Epilepsy

A. Crush garlic and let the unconscious person smell this. It brings back consciousness.

B. Take 10 cloves garlic boiled in milk daily.

19. Stomachache

Add 1/2 tsp garlic juice to 4 tsp water. Add salt to taste. Relieves stomachache.

20. Cholera prevention

Keep de-skinned garlic at various places in the house. It kills cholera bacteria.

21. Intestinal worms

Eat 5 cloves garlic with honey or currants thrice a day. Continuing this for 2-3 months improves health.

22. Digestion

Consuming 4 cloves garlic daily. Garlic benefits by cleaning out gas and strengthens the digestive system.

23. Stoppage of urine

Tying a poultice of garlic below the navel strengthens the weak bladder and brings on urine.

24. Paralysis

In one-sided paralysis, grind 25 grams de-skinned garlic cloves. Boil this in milk. When the mixture thickens, take off fire and cool it and eat daily.

Also, grind 250 grams garlic. Add 500 grams mustard oil and 2 litres water in an iron vessel. Boil this till all the water evaporates. Cool and strain. Massage with this oil daily for benefit.

25. Bones

Broken bones, bone increase, diseases of bones are benefitted by garlic consumption.

26. High blood pressure

Drink a mixture of 6 drops of garlic juice in 4 tsp of water twice daily.

27. Cholesterol

It is very effective in reducing cholesterol and therefore of help in heart attacks and heart disease.

Ghee or Clarified butter increases blood thickness and increases cholesterol which causes thickening and hardening of arteries. Garlic consumption reduces these changes from occurring.

In 50 ml of garlic juice, there is just 1 drop of the active ingredients having the beneficial qualities of garlic which are mainly diallyl disulphide, allyl propyl disulphide and polysulphide which keep the blood thin and clears the arteries clogged with cholesterol. It also prevents the arteries from shrinking.

28. Nightfall

Chew 1 clove garlic and swallow. Do this before going to sleep after washing hands and feet.

30. Impotence

A. Fry 60 gms garlic in pure ghee and eat daily.

B. Grind 200 gms garlic, add 600 gms honey. Fill this in a bottle and cover this in a wheat mound or wheat bag for a month. After a month remove this and take 15 gms in morning and evening both with warm milk. Do this for a month. It is very beneficial.

C. Early morning chew 5 garlic cloves and drink milk. Do this all winter. It helps in infertility in women.

30. Rheumatism

A. Massage with garlic oil daily.

B. Deskin a garlic pod. cut each clove in 2 and boil with 250 ml milk till it thickens. Drink this for 6 weeks. It should be taken at night. Avoid sour and sweet things.

31. Bites by poisonous insects

Garlic juice massaged at the bite spot relieves the pain of the bite.

32. Jaundice

Add 4 cloves garlic in 1/2 cup hot milk and drink. after this drink 1/2 glass of plain milk for a couple of days.

Below I list some important points from the book "Garlic The Unknown Miracle Worker" by Yoshio Kato of Japan

Eat garlic for health in the following conditions:

  • Stomach cancer

Garlic consumption helps in cases of stomach cancer. Grind garlic and mix in water. Drink this regularly.

Taking garlic after meals 3 times a day keeps the stomach clean. It stimulates the liver due to which oxygen and blood reach the capillaries of the stomach.