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Alum or Phitkari - Uses and Benefits

Rajan is a botany and chemistry major. He has worked as a poultry breeder for 23 years, breeding layer and broiler parents.

About Alum

Usually, when reference is made to Alum, it is specifically with regards to potassium alum which is also called potash alum, tawas or potassium aluminium sulphate, with the chemical formula KAl(SO4)2 and it is commonly found as KAl(SO4)2.12(H2O) - the hydrated form of potassium aluminium sulphate.

Alum is a naturally occurring mineral and is found as encrustations on rocks that contain sulphide and potassium minerals in areas where weathering and oxidation take place readily.

Alum is available in crystalline form though it is most often sold as a fine white powder. All alums are solid at ordinary temperature.

There are many types of alums but the most common alum is potash alum which is simply called alum and this article is about this type of alum.

Alum Crystal

Types Of Alum

Alum is a double sulphate of potassium or another univalent metal like sodium or ammonium and a trivalent metal like aluminium, iron or chromium.

Hence, there are the following types of alum :

  • Soda Alum - Sodium aluminium sulphate. It is used in the manufacture of baking powder.
  • Ammonium Alum - Ammonium aluminium sulphate. It is used in water purification, in deodorants, vegetable glues, tanning, dyeing etc.
  • Chrome Alum - Chromium potassium sulphate. It is used in tanning.
  • Selenate Alum - In this compound selenium replaces the sulphur so a selenate is formed instead of a sulphate. It is used as oxidizing agents and also as antiseptics.
  • Aluminium Sulphate - Technically it is not an alum. It is also called the paper maker's alum.

Uses Of Alum (Potash Alum)

Some of the uses of Alum are :

  • Since the earliest times, alum has been used for the purification of drinking water as well as industrial water. It has the capacity to adsorb the suspended impurities in water and these then settle down at the bottom making filtration and subsequent purification easier.
  • It is used in the tanning of leather and is an ingredient of baking powder.
  • It is used as a pickling agent.
  • Alum is used as a flame retardant while it is also a component of foamite which is used in fire extinguishers.
  • It is used in cosmetics because of its astringent properties and is also used in many brands of toothpaste and tooth powders.
  • It is used to get rid of snails as in gardens and pots as it kills the snails as well as its eggs.
  • It is used as a roll-on deodorant as it kills bacteria and prevents smelly underarms.
  • Alum is incorporated in body hair removal waxes as it soothes the skin.

Benefits Of Alum

In traditional systems of medicine like Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, alum is used both topically and internally for healing. Alum has antibacterial, astringent, hemostatic, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

  • Because of its astringent and antibacterial properties, it has been used in oral health products. These are used as a mouthwash to protect against tooth decay and gum diseases.
  • Alum water made by putting some alum in water and stirring it is used as bathwater. It helps to stop itching and relieves body odour.
  • Styptic pencils (that which stop bleeding) are used to prevent bleeding from nicks, cuts, abrasions and haemorrhoids.
  • In the block form, it helps to stop blood loss by coagulating the blood.
  • Alum is used as an adjuvant in vaccines.
  • Rubbing alum crystals or stone on insect bites gives relief from, itching, swelling and redness.
  • Alum has no smell, does not block body pores and doesn't stain clothes and can be applied to the feet to stop foot odour while mixed with water it can be applied to the face to tighten pores. The solution can be washed off after 10 minutes if applied on the face.
  • Alum also lightens, whitens, and also tones up the skin.
  • Alum mixed with 1/4 cup of witch hazel and applied on pimples and acne provides relief.
  • Powdered alum has been used as a remedy for ulcers.




The information provided in this hub is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Please consult your physician, or health care provider before taking any home remedies, supplements or starting a new health regime.

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

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Bianu from Africa on December 22, 2015:

Alum is also used for washing fresh snails to remove the slime.

Rajan Singh Jolly (author) from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar, INDIA. on December 15, 2015:

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rahman on September 14, 2015:

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Gufrana naik on October 16, 2014:

Thanx for the information shared on alums...but i wnt to ask one question as one of relative told me to rub alum pwder aling with coconut oil and apply it on the not only prevents hairloss but also helps in new much is it true??plz reply..

davemukund@gmail,com on July 20, 2014:

thanx for informative share on alums...however i would like to know about RED ALUM CRYSTALS if possible you can inform me ..thanx and regards.

Motaleb on June 19, 2014:

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curious on June 13, 2014:

i used to alum whet i was kid. nnothing bad happened to me. may bbe drinking it kills bacteria inside the body system.

Rajan Singh Jolly (author) from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar, INDIA. on May 19, 2014:

yes bushra you can't eat alum.

bushra on May 18, 2014:

if anybody take to eat little quantity alum or phitkari so its harmful for him her or any problem create him or her.plz reply must .

Rajan Singh Jolly (author) from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar, INDIA. on March 16, 2014:

Vidhi, yes it is safe to purify drinking water though it only removes the sediments in water.

vidhi on March 14, 2014:

Is this Alum comestible? I mean is it safe to purify drinking wáter , ?

Rajan Singh Jolly (author) from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar, INDIA. on September 23, 2013:

Alum is available at the chemist shops or the pharmacist. Thanks for sparing time to read and share.

Have a great day, Sue.

Sueswan on September 23, 2013:

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Thank you for this very useful and interesting hub on Alum. Is it sold in health stores?

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Patricia Scott from North Central Florida on June 18, 2013:

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This article not only filled in the gaps in my knowledge of this 'wonder' substance but also took me on a walk down memory lane. Thank you for sharing. Angels in abundance are on the way ps

Aurelio Locsin from Orange County, CA on June 18, 2013:

When I was little, I had a chemistry set with a vial marked "alum powder." I always thought it was a weird chemical, which the instructions confirmed. Didn't know it was actually a healthy ingredient, until your hub explained it. Voting this Up and Interesting.

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