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Alternative Medicine - Understanding your Chakra's

Chakra Diagram

Chakra Diagram

The history behind Chakras

For a number of alternative medicines you will be using energies, of some form, channelled to or at specific Chakras, so understanding your Chakras is very important. For instance if you are thinking of trying out Crystal Healing for Pain Relief you will need to understand which Chakras are linked to which parts of the body.

Knowledge of the Chakra system and points has come from ancient Indian texts and ideas. There are a number of Indian texts describing energy centres or Chakras spread through the body, with the 7 major points being spaced in line with the spine. By focusing energies on certain areas or removing bad energies from areas, you are able to rebalance and aid the body in its natural healing processes.

Each chakra channels a certain frequency of energy, so when the chakra becomes stressed or over worked it losses/lowers its ability to channel and direct energies correctly. Although each chakra is linked to a specific part of the body they are all interrelated. When one is not functioning to full capacity it may have a knock on effect to the others. Over time this constant imbalance can cause emotional upset or even physical illness.

Each chakra is linked with a physical function, and emotional/mental state and a colour

When trying to heal it is often more beneficial to aim for overall balance of the entire chakra system rather than target one area - although targeting one area for pain can provide short term relief.

The Seven Chakras

So as I explained the body is made up of 7 major Chakra points that are spaced along the spinal column, each being connected to a different part of the body. The main process of the chakras is to maintain a healthy balance between the different parts of the individual.

These are the 7 chakra points

First or Base Chakra

The 'Muladhara' or Base Chakra is located at the base of the spine.

  • Colour: red
  • Body: adrenal gland
  • Main functions: physical survival, stability and energy distribution
  • Mental/emotional: practicality

Second or Sacral Chakra

The 'Svadishthana' or Sacral Chakra is located in the lower abdomen, on the pubic bone.

  • Colour: orange
  • Body: genitals
  • Main functions: sexual drive and pleasure
  • Mental/emotional: emotions tied to relationship and feelings in general. Plus creativity

Third Chakra or Solar Plexus

The 'Manipura' or Solar Plexus Chakra is located just below the ribcage.

  • Colour: yellow
  • Body: pancreas and spleen
  • Main Function: personal power
  • Mental/emotional: sense of identity and self-confidence

Forth Chakra

The 'Anahata' or forth chakra is located in the centre of the chest.

  • Colour: Green
  • Body: Heart and Thymus Gland
  • Main function: relationships, direction
  • Mental/emotional: love, sharing and personal development

Fifth Chakra

The 'Visuddah' or fifth chakra is located at the throat, by the thyroid gland.

  • Colour: Blue
  • Body: Thyroid Gland
  • Main function: Communications and flow of information
  • Mental/emotional: Personal expression

Sixth Chakra or Third Eye

The 'Ajna' or third eye is located in the centre of the forehead between the eyebrows.

  • Colour: Indigo
  • Body: Pineal or Pituitary Gland
  • Main function: Mental Organisation and knowledge
  • Mental/emotional: Understanding and perception
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Seventh Chakra or Crown

The 'Sahasrara' or crown chakra is located at the very top of the head.

  • Colour: Violet
  • Body: Pineal or Pituitary Gland
  • Main function: Overall balance of the chakra system, channelling life energy into the body
  • Mental/emotional: sense of wholeness, perception, intuition and inspiration

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Chantele Cross-Jones (author) from Cardiff on November 03, 2012:

Good for you! Understanding chakras can help greatly with illness and in life

Marvin Parke from Jamaica on November 03, 2012:

I have managed to master and understand my solar plexus. It gives me great power in terms of making friends and being happy.

Chantele Cross-Jones (author) from Cardiff on August 13, 2012:

I have been interested in crystal healing since I was 14 and am still interested. It is such an ancient practice that I think there must be something in it!

Chantele Cross-Jones (author) from Cardiff on August 13, 2012:

Precisely! That is very well put.

Chantele Cross-Jones (author) from Cardiff on August 13, 2012:

No problem! I love checking out other people hubs, Im glad you found mine interesting!

Stephanie Bradberry from New Jersey on August 13, 2012:

I love learning more about chakras. Ever since I first heard the term as I watch "Naruto," I was hooked. And I was not even sure it was a real thing beyond anime. But lo and behold it was.

I think they tell us a lot about our bodies and what is going on. I found them extremely interesting once I saw people in different alternative practices essentially saying the same chakra points were "off."

KDuBarry03 on August 13, 2012:

Ah yes, I think chakra should be much more incorporated with other cultutes and shold be minded more. I wonder how much money people would save if they pay closer attention to themselves other than the close attention to the doctor bill..

Mike Pugh from New York City on August 13, 2012:

I like this Chakra hub, I've heard of it many times in the past all throughout my life, but never felt the need to research or study up on it all.

I do believe this info is very relevant and useful for today, and mainly when people are in seek of learning more about the human mind in conjunction with the emotional side as well as the body, and how it all interplays with one another.

Awesome hub voted up and getting shared for sure. I also like how you organized this hub, it looks pretty darn professional indeed.

Thanks for checking on of my hubs out recently as well Daisy, that was cool of you to do.

Chantele Cross-Jones (author) from Cardiff on August 07, 2012:

Thank you!

Chantele Cross-Jones (author) from Cardiff on August 07, 2012:

Thank you, lots of alternative medicine uses them, but I thought an overall hub would help people. Thank you

Terrye Toombs from Somewhere between Heaven and Hell without a road map. on August 07, 2012:

Daisydayz, this is a lot of great and interesting information! Great job!

Sophie from United Kingdom on August 07, 2012:

Very nice and informative hub - I have heard a lot of chakras before, but never had an overall knowledge about them - now I do :).

Thanks for sharing - voted up + interesting!

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