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All You Need To Know About The Military Diet

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What is the Military Diet?

The Military Diet is a three-day diet plan in which one can lose up to ten pounds by following it. The diet is also known as the three-day diet, or Navy diet. It is a low-calorie diet plan, and extremely specific, down to the calorie intake per day.

Why is it called the Military Diet?

The diet is known as the Military Diet because it is commonly mistaken that the diet is used by army and navy men to get into shape, this however, is false.

Dietary Specifics

The diet plan is very specific, and if you want it to be successful, you must follow the portion size and calorie intake down to the last syllable.

The way the diet works is that there are three days where you follow a certain meal plan, that is none negotiable, and for the other four days of the week, you are free to eat whatever you like, as long as it does not exceed a 1500 calorie per day limit. If you follow this diet plan for one month, you can potentially lose 30 pounds.

It does not focus on burning calories through consuming certain foods that may help with the process, instead you are depriving yourself of calories by cutting the amount and types of food you consume on a daily basis.

Diet Plan

Day One

For breakfast – a cup of black coffee, with half a grapefruit and one slice of plain toast.

For lunch – half a cup of tuna served with one slice of dry toast, and a cup of black coffee.

For dinner – three ounces of any type of meat (it can be lamb, or beef, or anything else of your preference), with a cup of green beans, half a banana, one small apple and then a cup of ice-cream for dessert.

Day Two

For breakfast – a slice of dry toast, with one egg and a banana.

For lunch – one cup of cottage cheese, with a hard-boiled egg and five saltine crackers.

For dinner – two hot dogs (no bun), with a cup of broccoli and half a cup of carrots. Then half a banana and half a cup of ice-cream.

Day Three

For breakfast – five saltine crackers with one slice of cheddar cheese and a small apple.

For lunch – one hard-boiled egg, with one slice of toast.

For dinner – one cup of tuna, with half a banana and half a cup of ice-cream.

There is little to no room for adaption according to your preferences. The only thing that you can do is switch coffee for tea, and choose which way you would like your egg to be cooked.


The only beverage one who is on the Military diet should consume besides the assigned amount of coffee is water. There is no limit on how much water you are allowed to drink, in fact, it is advisable to drink as much as you can, as it is quite beneficial for your health.

The only real addition the diet allows is consuming more coffee than specified. However, only black coffee is acceptable in this situation as there is only five calories in it, so having a few cups here and there for an energy boost is perfectly acceptable and will not mess with the end result of the diet at all.


Vegan Substitutes

Other than the above-mentioned substitutes, there is one other altercation you can make in this diet, and that is if you happen to be a vegan, or vegetarian and do not eat meat, you may switch it out for tofu or beans.

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The diet is only recommended for you if you are looking to burn unwanted weight quickly. You should only follow this diet plan if you are able to deal with the low energy and hunger that comes with it.

The diet should not be followed if you are above the age of fifty, as it could be injurious to your health and wellbeing. Consuming low calories in such late years could lead to kidney diseases and problems, so it is best to avoid.

Risks of the Military Diet

There are some risks that come with this diet, due to its intensity and fast pace, like constipation. Constipation can occur due to the lack of fiber in this diet, which affects digestion.

There are also risks of losing nutrients when one is on this diet as it is such a limited plan.

Another risk of this diet is one who is following it may become extremely calorie conscious, even after they are off the three-day plan. This is because the diet is so centered around limiting your calorie intake, that it is easy to become too hyperaware of this fact, even after you return to your normal eating habits, which is not healthy for one at all.

You also risk over eating after you are off the diet, as your body is trying to regain all the nutrients it was deprived of during the three-day time period. This is extremely unhealthy, as it can cause burden on your kidneys and liver, and also lead to weight gain.


Besides the obvious benefit of weight loss by following this diet plan, there are some others. Studies show that by following a low-calorie plan like this one, there is a reduction in chronic inflammatory diseases, such as gum disease.

A benefit of the diet completely unrelated to health is how inexpensive it is.

Is it healthy?

The diet is highly inconsistent. It does not follow the daily recommended nutrient amounts or even calorie amounts.

It also contains several foods that are extremely unhealthy for you, like hot dogs and ice-cream.

The diet calls for a limited amount of fruit and vegetables which effect the level of fiber, vitamins A and C, potassium and other nutrients entering your system, which may cause several health problems. There is also a limit on how many dairy products you consume, which may lead to deficiency in vitamin D, calcium and potassium. While the diet allows you to survive, it does not give you the correct number of calories required by your body, which effect energy levels.


Similar Diets

There are diets similar to the Military diet, which limit the number of calories consumed over a certain amount of days, like:

Cabbage Diet: this diet, as you can tell from the name mainly consists of eating a homemade cabbage soup several times a day, with some over foods for nutrients.

Juice Cleanse: this diet also lasts for three days, in which you only have raw, organic juices several times a day and no other foods.

Grapefruit Diet: this diet is slightly longer than the other ones. In this diet you are recommended to eat or drink grapefruits with every meal for ten days.

The M-Plan: in this diet, the M stands for Mushrooms. You are told to switch out one meal every day with a low-calorie mushroom dish for weight loss purposes, as mushrooms reduce daily calorie intake.


One thing anyone who follows the diet should be aware of is that it is almost guaranteed that when you stop the diet plan, you will regain some of the weight you lost while you were on it. Weight that you lost from muscle and water will 100% come back once you are off the regimen.

The diet is also not one of the healthiest ones out there, as many of the foods are high in fat and calories, like hot dogs and ice-cream, while these two foods do not cause weight gain straight away, they do have an increasing effect on your weight in the long run.

Some of the food in the diet is also highly processed, like the crackers, and not the healthiest option for your body.


The best diet always for weight loss and overall health benefits is to just stick to eating healthy and avoid binging or processed products. You will see yourself losing weight naturally through these processes, and will notice a big improvement on your daily health in terms of feeling lighter and more energetic.

There is no need for you to go on intense diets which have side effects and make you feel weak to lose weight, instead, meet with a dietarian who will help you draw out a meal plan that incorporates foods that are good for you, your health and your weight without having to limit calorie intake and nutrients.

The best diet advice one could ever receive is: “eat healthy until you are full” that is what is most beneficial for your body as you do not overburden the liver or kidneys with processed products, nor do you deprive it of necessary nutrients.


While the Military Diet allows for quick and easy weight loss, the side effects that appear after it out way the benefits, in most scientists and nutritionists’ opinions, especially when there are more healthy alternatives out there.


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