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All About DID

Finley has many mental illnesses such as DID, PTSD, Anxiety and Depression. Finley also works close to 40 hours every two weeks.

What Causes DID?

DID is caused by severe repeating childhood trauma before the ages of six to nine. If this happens then the personality can't integrate like normal and will cause fragmentation. The fragments will develop their own identity with their own name, age, sex, sexuality, gender identity, etc. Trauma is different for everyone and everyone will be able to tolerate different things at different levels. This is called the Window of Tolerance.


What is the difference between DID and OSDD (Otherwise Specified Dissociative Disorder). There are two main subtypes of OSDD there 1a and 1b. OSDD 1a refers to individuals who have dissociative parts that are not sufficiently differentiated to qualify as alters. This may be the person at different ages they experiences trauma. OSDD 1b refers to individuals who do not have amnesia between alters. So, as you can see OSDD is different from DID. DID requires distinct alternate identity states and amnesia between alters.

Tips For Someone With DID?

My tips for someone with DID is to keep a system journal. Write down System Rules in the front of the journal that your system must follow. After that write a introduction of yourself and check back on them later to see if there's a reply. This is what an alter in our system did and now we're going on three years out as a system. If you're not ready for that though that's okay. That brings in my other tip. If you're not ready to be out as a system then you don't have to be. Just remember your mental health is important and you matter.

Does a DID Diagnosis Help?

A DID diagnosis may help you. It depends on your personal circumstances. If you're trying to seek disability then it will help. If you're trying to figure out what's wrong with you then it'll help. If you're wanting more tailored therapy to the diagnosis then it'll help. It just depends on what you're needing and what you're specific circumstances are. There's a lot it can help with.

Is It Scary Knowing There's People In Your Head?

It's not that scary. Without them we wouldn't be here today. They've saved our life as much as they can make it difficult at times. Without them we wouldn't have had a job for a month now and we wouldn't be getting a new apartment in a month or so. It can be scary hearing thoughts you know aren't yours but once you get used to it's not that scary at all. We've known we're a system for three years now but there's signs before that to suggest we were hiding from the host.

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