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Low Calorie Alcoholic Drinks List: Alcohol That Won't Make You Fat

Gabriel loves a gin and tonic and makes no excuses when it comes to the perfect G&T.

Low Calorie Alcoholic Drinks That Won't Make You Fat

Low Calorie Alcoholic Drinks That Won't Make You Fat

The Real Deal When You Drink Alcohol at Parties...

Alcohol is very often not the cause of that extra pound or two you gained over the holidays or after a few parties. The fact that alcohol relaxes you, lowering your inhibitions means that unless your dancing on the table you're probably scoffing all the high fat, high sodium nibbles on the table. You conveniently forget all the cheese sticks and sausage rolls you ate and blame the alcohol. Stick with the list below and I'm afraid you'll have to face the truth. You're a binge nibbler after a few tipples.

If you need a complete overall with your approach to alcohol then check out the book: The Slim Drinker. Lots of great advice plus skinny drinks too. Plan you party and have fun.

Top Ten Low Calorie Alcoholic Drinks

  1. Sparkling wine is surprisingly low in calories, containing a mere 105 calories for a 140 ml glass.
  2. White wine averages 91 calories per 140 ml glass. Sweeter wines will average an extra 20 calories. Pour your white wine into a long glass and top with soda water, adding volume to your drink without adding calories. Alternatively pop a couple of ice cubes into your wine glass.
  3. Red wine comes in at 98 calories for every 140 ml glass.
  4. Next up are some low calorie spirits. Vodka comes in on average at 55 calories per 25 ml. Add plenty of ice, 50 ml of lime cordial and top with soda water for a long drink. A total of 61 calories a pop. Yippee! bring on the vodka...
  5. Gin is also 55 calories per 25 ml. Add lots of ice, a slice of lime and 100 ml of Schweppes's tonic. This delightful tipple will rob a mere 92 calories from your daily allowance.
  6. A 25 ml of whiskey topped with soda water has to be the lowest of all, hitting home at only 55 calories. Ye hay!
  7. A 25 ml of whiskey and 120 ml of ginger ale will set you back 95 calories.
  8. A martini averages 200 calories per glass, if you don't eat the olive. I say eat the olive. There's a lot of alcohol in that olive. To hell with the extra 8 calories.
  9. A better choice would be a bloody mary with a celery stick! A bloody mary will cost you about 120 calories. Tomato juice is also full of vitamin C, which helps prevent a hangover the next morning. And celery is a zero calorie food. Three good reasons to drink bloody mary's.
  10. A Tom Collins runs alongside the bloody mary at a 120 calories per glass.

Invest in Your Wine Glasses


Lift Your Spirits

There are plenty of alcoholic drinks that won't ruin your waistline. On a serious note however, moderation is the key with everything you eat and drink. Too much of anything is not good for you and that goes double for alcohol.

Drinking is a social commodity to be enjoyed on special occasions and with friends and family, over a romantic dinner or to celebrate a great event. Of course it's perfectly natural to enjoy a drink while relaxing in the evening after a hard days grind and indeed we all enjoy a night on the tiles now and again.

The thing to remember: it's not necessary to empty the drinks cabinet or drink all your lunch money to have a good time. Being responsible when you drink alcohol doesn't mean you're boring, it simply means you're being aware.

Below listed are ten spirits to add to your list of low calorie alcoholic drinks. If a shot is more your type of tipple, you can still enjoy drinking it without feeling guilty.

  1. Bacardi Rum 54 cals per 25 ml
  2. Malibu Rum 61 calories per 25 ml
  3. Tequila 54 cals per 25 ml
  4. Brandy 56 cals per 25 ml
  5. Peach schnapps 71 cals per 25 ml
  6. Tia Maria 75 cals per 25 ml
  7. Kahlua 76 cals per 25 ml
  8. Port 98 cals per 50 ml
  9. Sherry (dry) 100 cals per 50 ml
  10. Cream liquors 150 to 200 cals per 50 ml

One of Your Five a Day: Vodka and Fresh Orange Juice

Add Fresh Juice to Your Vodka

Add Fresh Juice to Your Vodka

Your 5 A Day

A little healthy attitude with your alcohol will keep calories at bay and you feeling fresher the next day. Mixers that are so worth the fuss.

  1. Mix fresh orange juice with your vodka.
  2. Ditch the tonic and do the grapefruit juice with your gin.
  3. Splash a little ginger in your brandy.
  4. Pour your red vino in a pitcher, add ice and sliced fruit. A healthy option indeed.
  5. Top your whiskey with boiling water (slightly cooled) add in a lemon wedge and a few cloves.

Increase Your Iron Levels: Opt for a Pint of Guinness

Full of Iron

Full of Iron

One For The Beer Lovers

A pint of larger hits the scales at 200 calories. Ale is slightly less at 180 calories and cider a little more at 220. A pint of Guinness comes in at 210 calories. Less than a bag of chips. But hey! Who eats ten bags of chips right? Beer is actually relatively low on the calorie scale compared to most drinks that are readily available to us every day. When you think about it, alcohol isn't fattening at all if you enjoy a drink or two; it's consistent bingeing that results in the dreaded beer belly. I guess the five pint-er among us is cringing! Thank God I'm a gin and tonic lover! I feel no guilt whatsoever, and the lime, that's one of my 5 a day.

The Fat Bit

Generally speaking wine and spirits don't have any fat content. It's the sweet fizzy mixers that go along side our drinks that add the calories.

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A can of coke has 140 calories. A can of 7up 147 calories. If you're topping up your drink with calorie laden-ed mixers you're basically spooning in sugar.

Perhaps it's time to change your drinking style. Of course you can always opt for sugar free or diet mixers instead. To aid your slimming mission even more opt for soda water as a mixer: calorie free.

Don't go ruining a night out counting calories. Opt for a drink that won't spoil your waist line. Don't be a party poo-per either: no sulking over a diet spritzer in the corner while drooling over the prospect of some salted peanuts passing by.

If you have to have a cocktail or two, stick to ones that don't have added cream, milk or artificial fruit juices. Leave the pina coladas and margaritas in their bottles. White spirit based cocktails with fresh juice and cordials are a good calorie bet.

Oh! and leave the salty pretzels, potato chips and taco dips for someone else to scoff! Now hit the dance floor and get boogieing, time to 'waist' away a little more than just the time.

© 2010 Gabriel Wilson


Gabriel Wilson (author) from Madeira, Portugal on August 14, 2019:

Cranberry juice is good for you but opt for a lower sugar version if you're planning on having more than one as cranberry juice is surprisingly high in sugar.

debra metz on August 13, 2019:

what about vodka and cranberry?

Gabriel Wilson (author) from Madeira, Portugal on July 05, 2012:

You can enjoy a drink without feeling guilty. Tanx for your time :)

Shawn May Scott on July 04, 2012:

Found your Hub just in time for summer drink season!!! Awesome calorie drink menu. Shared, voted up, followed, pinned etc.

Gabriel Wilson (author) from Madeira, Portugal on June 16, 2012:

Hi landscapeartist. Life is just too short not to enjoy a social drink with friends. Tanx for commenting!

Roberta McIlroy from Ontario, Canada on June 15, 2012:

Awesome! I know a few people that will like this list. thank you so much. You have made some people very happy.

Gabriel Wilson (author) from Madeira, Portugal on May 17, 2011:

No guilt whatsoever!

MarleneWheeler on May 17, 2011:

Thanks, now I won't feel to guilty when I have a drink.

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