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Alcohol Beverage Good Or Bad?

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I am a young adult who lives with an alcoholic in the family


Alcohol has changed the lives of many people in this world. In terms of the individual and the people around him. These changes have positive and negative impacts towards the effected people.

With that said, what is alcohol?, how it effects people?, is it good or bad? this article will cover certain aspects of alcohol and alcoholics in general.

What Is Alcohol?

Alcohol or ethanol is a very common ingredient that is found in many products in the world. These products include common everyday products such as hand sanitizers and cleaning chemicals. However, alcohol is a very popular ingredients in drinks like beer, wine, whisky, champaign, vodka and etc.

As for what it is made from, alcohol is made from yeast combined with different types of food most commonly fruits like grapes and apples. This is because the yeast tend to ferment the natural sugar from the chosen fruit and turn it into carbon dioxide and ethyl.

The above image is examples of alcohol brands. (Please take note that this is just an example and there is no promotional intent.)

The above image is examples of alcohol brands. (Please take note that this is just an example and there is no promotional intent.)

Is Alcohol Good Or Bad To Consume?

When it comes to the topic of alcohol being good or bad, it is very dependent as alcohol at times is also used as a medical treatment for skin problems and methanol. But at times people abuse alcohol for pleasure which at times can be a very bad thing.

The above table shows some positive and negative aspects of consuming alcohol


Reduces risk of getting heart disease

Causes cancer

Reduces the risk of ischemic stroke

High Blood pressure

Reduces risk of diabetes

Liver disease

Cures certain skin problems

Causes inflammation

What Is An Alcoholic?

An alcoholic is a reference to an individual who has an addiction towards alcohol. In other words, this individual is uncontrollably drawn towards alcohol.

The image above shows a man sinking his sorrows into alcohol.

The image above shows a man sinking his sorrows into alcohol.

Do People Choose To Be Alcoholic Or Is It Chosen For Them?

In common days drinking alcohol is the go to trend for adults. It is the most common drink to have when having family outings or gathering among friends or colleagues. But drinking is just one thing, some people take it a step further and start consuming alcohol like as if their life depends on it. So why do they do that?

In most cases, people tend to become alcoholics as a sign of depression due to high levels of depression, alcohol tends to give them a sense of ease and relaxation. This is why at times it is hard to find faults towards alcoholics, due to them already being stressed, upset or depressed some people find it difficult to advice the individual to control his alcohol consumption.

In other cases, some people also become alcoholics just for pleasure. To these people it is just fun to consume a lot of alcohol and lose control and they seem to enjoy it. At times it also makes them feel like as if they are the cool ones among their buddies and friends just because they consume a lot of alcohol.

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Therefore, when it comes to either choosing or being chosen both ways can develop a person into an alcoholic.

What Effects Do Alcoholics Have Towards Themselves And The People Around Them?

In my opinion, alcoholics tend to do more harm then good.This is because alcoholics tend to unknowingly hurt the people around them both mentally and physically. Some alcoholics have even gone as far as killing their loved ones just because they are drunk and have no control of their actions. This is just the physical pain that the people around the alcoholic goes through, but a lot of people tend to go through some mental pain as well as the alcoholic has no control over what he or she is saying either their words can scar their loved ones to the point its even worse then death itself.

On that note, this will reduce the respect given towards the alcoholic individual will reduce drastically. As people will tend to see him as more of a burden and a kind of danger rather then a friend or a reliable family member.

With that said, in my opinion it is not worth being an alcoholic just because of depression as in the end its gonna lead you to even more depression and suffering.

Live Less Out Of Habit, And More Out Of Intent.

— Camberland Heights

Can Alcoholics Turn Over A New Leaf?

Yes alcoholics can change. It's just a matter of their will to change. Some alcoholics are open to the idea of change and can successfully manage doing it on their own. However some find it difficult to stop although they sincerely intend to change. For these people they need the support of their good family and friends to help them and guide him to a successful change in lifestyle.

On top of that, some people also find it too difficult to change even with the help of their loved once. For these people it is better for them to try a rehabilitation course as it can really help them to open and change their thoughts and mindset.

Change Is Possible You Just Need To Have The Courage To Embrace It.

— Rahul


Just like how kids are able to conquer their sadness through constant tears, adults also need their way to relief their sadness. In this world, people tend to be stereotypical and always seem to say "Men Cannot Cry". But in reality a person who does not cry tend to live a shorter life as they have no way to relief their sadness. Sometimes even sharing your problems isn't enough to heal the pain. Therefore they use alcohol as a means to calm themselves.

On that note, it is very difficult to say if consuming alcohol is wrong or right, but a person must always learn to limit himself as respect and sincerity are very crucial moral elements in life.

I Hold This As A Rule Of Life: Too Much Of Anything Is Bad.

— Terence


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Ronnie Francis on November 25, 2020:

A very well written and insightful article. I am sure anyone reading it especially if he/she is troubled by alcoholism may try to make a change for the better. As the author aptly puts it.. " Change is Possible. You just need the Courage to Embrace It. "

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