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Age, Money, and Time Does Not Define the Success of Your Future. Chase Your Dreams!

Michelle is a self-love and wellness coach on her personal healing journey. She empowers others through her experiences.

You're never too old to try someting new

When we are young, we think we have forever in front of us to figure out what we want out of life. Some of us do figure it out but there are others of us who struggle for years before our soul awakens and says, "omg I want to do that!" For me, I had to go through decades of pain, trauma, loss, and abuse before I finally realized what my life purpose entailed. Sometimes that's just how it is. Sometimes, bits of your destiny get introduced early and other parts later on in life. I was introduced to writing when I was just 12 years old. It was my therapy in my teenage years. My way of writing down my feelings and my thoughts. Fast forward to 30 years old and I started my healing journey. Writing had become a distant memory until this journey. Then I finally finished writing my book, "A Doll's Redemption" (available on Amazon) as part of my healing but also knowing I would help other women heal as well. I focused deeply on mental health and on sharing my experiences on Instagram. Mental health and writing became my ultimate passions. Yet, I still felt lost. I still felt confused as to where I was going. So I continued. I tried new things. I started my small business, Rose Q (roseqrebel on Instagram), reselling clothing and promoting self-love and healing. I did more in the last two years in search of my ultimate purpose than I have in a lifetime! I make jewelry and paint t-shirts. I upcycle clothing into new pieces. I love everything I have tried and am doing but a part of me still felt like I wasn't at my "destination" yet. I had to keep going. I had to keep being curious. I had to keep exploring. A part of me drowned in cynicism thinking that I was only getting older and running out of time. But, time doesn't go as fast as we make it seem. So much can happen in 365 days!

Don't be afraid to say yes!

In the past, I said no a lot. I was cynical and didn't have much hope. I didn't have much belief in myself either. If I thought something would fail or I would fail at something, I wouldn't even try. In my healing, I learned that it's okay if you fail. Failing just means that you tried something and it didn't work. At least now you know what doesn't work and when you try again, you have more chances at succeeding. So I tried and tried. I worked on my business, painted, wrote articles, entered writing contests, upcycled, shared my stories. I can't say that I failed at these things because they have provided me with new knowledge, pocket change, and new relationships. But, I did feel like I shouldn't stop. This was fueled by the lack of income I was bringing in but confirmed by my soul's compass.

One day, as I was struggling with my thoughts about where I was financially and in my life, a sign presented itself. A job. It was an answered prayer, to be honest.

I had been voicing my need for a part-time job so that I could ease back into the working world after 10 years of being unemployed and a mental health warrior. Something simple. Something where I could bring in a bit more money so I could continue paying off my student loan and be able to provide for my growing kids and all their needs. The one obstacle stopping me was not being able to afford childcare and being scared that I'd have to miss a lot of work because of them.

This job came from my youngest daughter's school. It was perfect all around. Part-time and I could be with my daughter every day. I get days off when the kids have days off and all the school holidays will be spent with my kids. I never imagined working in a school. It was never part of the plan but it answered my prayers for income and lack of childcare. So I said yes!

Stepping stones to your destination

Sometimes, it's hard to see the universe's plan for you. It's hard to see where we are going or how to get there. Sometimes, we know where we want to be but the path is filled with darkness, holes, and mountains blocking our view. Sometimes, the universe guides you through all these obstacles with signs and opportunities. We don't always see them but if we keep an open mind and learn to say yes there are more chances that we won't miss the universe's help in our journey.

For the last two years, as I have been focusing more on mental health, I kept getting thoughts of wanting to be a counsellor, a social worker, a mental health worker, a psychiatrist, a psychologist, pretty much anything that put me in a position to help others with their mental health. As a warrior myself, I noticed a lot of holes in the system already put in place and I wanted to make a difference. I think I've wanted to work in this field in the last decade but I struggled with my own mental health, had babies, and had no way of getting there. During these two years, my craving for this type of work intensified. As I explored the possibilities, I realized that I didn't have the funds to accommodate the education needed. I also noticed that it would take years for me to be certified. These challenges quickly shut down the dream which is why I focused on doing what I can without the certifications - helping others through Facebook and Instagram. It was mainly aimed at women and adults, though my message spoke to everyone. My focus never lied on children. This was based on the fact that I had kids myself and I struggled to be there for them. I think as parents, we forget that they are people too. I guess, I thought I didn't have the patience to help kids. Then, for a second, a friend and I impulsively decided to start a homeschool program and began babysitting. This opened my heart and made me see children in a whole different light. This is probably another component of why I took on the job at the school.

Two weeks into my job, my craving to work in mental health intensified even more. I witnessed SO MUCH in that school. From how the school is run, to how the adults treat the kids, to how the kids treat others and themselves. Being an empath and a warrior myself I feel like I have x-ray vision for mental health problems and abuse at times. What I saw made me want to help these kids. It made me want to include youth in my mental health work. Here, I encountered the same obstacles: getting certified will take money and time. But this time, I didn't care.

Taking this job at the school became yet another stepping stone to where I am going.

You can do it. Start now!

I sat down the other day and my mind kept racing. I want to help people. I want to help kids heal. I want to help these innocent souls heal and have a better future. Helping adults was and will always be part of my repertoire but the idea of helping younger people heal so that they can be healthier adults pulls at my heartstrings. I refuse to let these kids accumulate all this darkness only to keep suffering in adulthood and then be forced to heal their childhood trauma just to be able to feel free. I want to break the cycle before it begins. I want to teach these kids how to be strong and how to create their own happiness. How to forge their own paths and how to feel free mentally despite being "caged" physically.

I jumped on the computer and looked at the courses at my local college for youth mental health. They have a four-year course and it's about eleven thousand dollars for one year. So not only is it 4 years of my life, but it will take me a few years to even save this kind of money since it's what I make in a whole year. I could get financial help but seeing as I am still paying a loan from 2011, this isn't an option. I am not letting this deter me. I bookmarked the website. I started looking for alternatives and free courses I could follow while I work and save money. I did! So I am putting time aside every day to follow this free course and deepen my knowledge. For now, I will continue working at the school and help the kids in the schoolyard as much as I can. Sometimes, a simple conversation and new perspective can make a difference and be as powerful as a counselling session. Don't ever minimize your power based on circumstances and time. You have a power that is bigger than all of that earthly stuff. Use it <3

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