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Advantages of Developed Countries

Developed countries in North America and Europe offer their citizens a different standard of living and set of life expectations than do underdeveloped nations in Africa, South America and Asia, with the exception of Japan and South Korea. Within every country there are rich and poor, but it is far more pronounced in the underdeveloped world where people may literally be starving outside the walls of a mansion.


In developed countries the roads, bridges and public transportation systems are well developed and maintained. In the underdeveloped countries, however, roads are often full of potholes, bridges collapse and the public transportation systems are often run by private entrepreneurs eking out a living driving a taxi or a minivan. Many people in the underdeveloped world do not have safe drinking water.


Education is a right in developed countries and most have laws requiring students to stay in school until they are 16 or have a grade 10 standing. Although there are public schools in underdeveloped countries, there are often 50 students in a class. School uniforms are expensive and many parents don’t send their children to school because they need them to help on the farm.

Infant Mortality

According to the World Health Organization, every 30 seconds an African baby dies from malaria. Consequently, it is the custom in some areas not to name a baby until she is a year old. Children in developed countries, on the other hand, are born with higher life expectancies.


Women in developed countries can expect to be literate, work and hold bank accounts and property in their own names. In the underdeveloped world however, many women are illiterate, have to work on the farm and the husband controls all the money. In some countries, such as Nigeria, a man may have up to four wives.


In the developed world, people are safer, because police, fire fighting and ambulance services are in place. In the underdeveloped world, however, police can be bribed, fire engines are rate and ambulances are only available to those with money. Thefts and muggings are also common in underdeveloped countries where people are desperate.


Although people, such as George Sadowsky, had great expectations that the Internet would help developing countries in 1996, that has not eventuated. Instead, the Internet has served to clearly identify the rich from the poor in developing countries. Some rural villages in countries, such as Nigeria or Cambodia, still don’t have electricity

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Andrés on July 26, 2016:

Enough industries but the government said that we will developed in 2020 and we will the first developed country in South America well the second because Argentina was the first developed country but because of a Crisis they have descended to the underdeveloped level

Andrés on July 26, 2016:

Well i think that Chile is developing - high because we have a good security everybody must to go to school apart of being a right is an obligation too we have a good internet connection ,there is 4g in the country but we still have extremely poverty and we don't have enough in

Bad Shiba on May 06, 2016:

good. v good.

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