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Addiction Is a Choice

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Addiction comes in all forms

Addiction comes in all forms

When you are addicted to something temptation is extremely difficult to fight. It can range from gambling, drugs, and sex. Addiction means you cannot control your desires to the substance, thing, or activity. Temptation means you desire to do something; especially knowing it is wrong or unwise. There is not too much difference in either except one knowing that it is wrong.

If you have ever had an addiction problem and have been sober for a lengthy period of time. The temptation is always there. It always has been. It is up to you to fight harder. Some people cannot. Some people can fall into the temptation in a bad impulsive moment. Or they can be led into the temptation by another person. At the end of the day, it is always up to the person to say NO.

Temptation comes at you in many forms. When you are a married person the temptation of another person other than your spouse. When you love to play poker games or slot machines the gambling temptation is there. When you enjoy alcohol and you become dependent on it; you have an addiction.

All these things are temptation but when you have a history of being an addict any one of these can be the culprit. The temptation is harder to fight for you because you are an addict. It is hard to resist what you crave. There will be people who will disagree with what I am about to say. When you are an addict and you have given up whatever your ailment was. Do yourselves a favor and ask yourself have you substituted one addiction for another? If you were addicted to pcp and stopped it, then began drinking alcohol every day and need it to sleep? Isn’t that an addiction also? You are just replacing one substance for another. This is what I believe.

Have you noticed a change in your behavior when you do not drink? Can you sleep? Are you irritated? Do you suffer from impotence? All these signs are factors that you need alcohol to soothe your behavioral symptoms. You must recognize the signs before it is too late, and you lose everything you have struggled to fight for. Everyone has lapses during their recovery. No person is perfect. You simply need to stand up to face them and fight harder. Do not throw your life away and lose it all because you fell into that temptation. You will always have a chance to say No every single time.

When your addiction is the opposite sex knowing you’re married or in a relationship. If you chose temptations and options over everything and everyone else. You could have ended your relationship/marriage before falling into your temptations to avoid the heartache to your partner. Then of course this is the action of an addict; one who hurts, destroys, begs, steals & manipulates to feed their addiction. This person feels no remorse.

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You are better off without this type of person in your life. Keep your distance as much as it hurts, or you will end up just as much as they are hurting themselves because they chose their addiction.

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