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Acne Nutrition Guide

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Tired of looking for a way to stop acne breakout? You might have known some useful remedies to heal acne disorder, but following a healthy and nutritious diet plan is also another crucial preventive measure to reduce or even stop acne growth on your skin.

Recent research shows that some foods can help protect you from an acne breakout.

Several skin care specialists and nutritionists highly recommend adding healthy and nutritious food items to the acne preventive care routine.

Nowadays, so many people especially, in developed countries, prefer eating fast food that does not contain any necessary vital nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants to ensure a healthy life. They even can’t find enough time to eat healthy and fresh food.

What are the necessary vitamins and minerals you need to fight acne?

Vitamin A: Vitamin A is an essential nutrient to fight acne breakout. It is mainly found in vegetables and yellowish-orange fruits. Green veggies, carrots, pumpkin, peach, and apricots are the best sources to get vitamin A. It is also produced by plants and is mostly known as Beta-carotene.

Make sure you do not eat high doses of this vitamin as it can be toxic if taken in high dosages.

Vitamin B complex: These vitamins help in the prevention of acne breakout, and also they relieve stress and reduce the cholesterol level. B-1, B-12, and B-6 are some useful vitamins for stress relief.

B vitamins are loaded in oats, spinach, lentils, fish, mushrooms, and more.


Vitamin C: this is one of the best antioxidants loaded with anti-inflammatory properties that prevent your skin from acne. Vitamin C is widely found in oranges, melon, kiwi, and tomatoes.

Vitamin E: let's say that broccoli, wheat germ, almonds, sunflower seeds, avocado, green olives mostly contain Vitamin E. This vitamin is considered to be the perfect cure for healing scar tissue.

Zinc and Selenium: These minerals are plentifully found in white beans, eggs, whole grains, nuts, onion, and garlic. These minerals are important to improve the skin and health as a whole.

Nowadays medical research has fully developed. So if you want to add some nutritional supplements to your diet you can get vitamins in a high-quality supplement from the drugstore.

Drinking plenty of water is also useful to improve your skin as well as your overall health.

If acne breakout persists, I advise you to see a doctor so that they will prescribe you the convenient medicine.

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