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Acne Cure Guarantee : Coenzyme A - Pantethine


When you go for any treatment for acne starting with natural remedies or other alternatives and reaching to chemical prescription drugs, their competitors will make you doubtful about either their effect or their safety, presenting you their best cure of acne.

You may be wondering - like me - if there are all those cures, why do we find new cures every day?. Well, all what the competing people are saying is true, there is not a one single treatment deals with the underlying cause of the condition - which is not a disease - they either deal with the symptoms or violate the body to change its normal behavior with a lot of side effects.

Here you will read about the basic requirements for your body not to develop acne, and why it acquires it, thence any light treatment of the developed symptoms will cure acne for ever.

The recommended regimen here is aimed at relieving symptoms of acne, it is to be used temporarily and for a short time. Long term use of high doses of these supplements may induce side effects, and some of them may be serious. If you plan to use them for a long period consult your doctor.


How Can Your Body Not Develop Acne

As explained in Try The New Acne Cure, the body of the growing people in their teens requires synthesis of huge amounts of hormones which are fat in nature. Synthesis of these hormones starts with COENZYME A, which is the central molecule in human metabolism, since many major metabolic pathways start through it ( such as energy production, fat synthesis and degradation, and Acetyl Choline synthesis).

When the body faces a situation of a high demand of an essential nutrient, it choses to maintain the physiologically more important end products, and to slow down the less important metabolic pathways. In our case the body accelerates synthesis of sex hormones and slows down oxidation of fats in certain areas (the skin).

In other words, the human body during growth deals with a huge amount of fats (synthesis and degradation), and this in turn requires large amounts of Coenzyme A. If the body have large amounts on Coenzyme A, acne will not develop.


How to Boost Synthesis of Coenzyme A

Synthesis of Coenzyme A requires 3 precursors:
- ATP (energy source for almost all metabolic reactions)
- Cysteine ( an amino acid that is supplied by food or derived from Methionine which is another amino acid that is essentially supplied by food)
- Pantothenic acid ( a vitamin that is present in foods)

ATP is at its highest level in the human body during the growth period ending in the early 20s, since it is produced mainly from fats under the influence of Growth hormone.

Cysteine is a sulfur amino acid that is supplied by food, or derived from the essential amino acid Methionine.

Pantothenic acid is a vitamin (vitamin B5) that is avialable in all foods in trivial amounts.

To boost production of Coenzyme A, we need to supply the body with extra amounts of both Pantothenic acid and Cysteine.

When Dr Lit-Hung Leung tried Pantothenic acid alone, it needed to be given in very high doses to capture any free Cysteine and forms Coenzyme A. We can reduce the dose of Pantothenic acid by 90% if we concomittantly administered Cysteine.

To boost synthesis of Coenzyme A, take both L- Pantothenic acid ( L-Pantothenic acid 500mg three times daily) and L-Cysteine (L-Cysteine 250 mg three times daily) every day.

Where To Find These Supplements

Other Supplements that Help Cure Acne

The direct precursor of Coenzyme A is a compound called Pantetheine, which is now produced in a solid stable form called Pantethine. By using it we can reduce one metabolic step. It has another advantage of being sustained over time, because its elimination is delayed since each molecule should be split first. Some people are using Pantethine to cure acne, as they say at Acne.org.

Another supplementis L-Carnitine which helps speed up oxidation of fats to produce energy.

Other supplements that help cure acne includes Chromium, Zinc, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, and Vitamin B complex specially Lipoic acid.

Where to Find These Supplements

  • Acne Facts
    Revise the details of thses supplements.

How can We Guarantee Cure of Acne

 Boosting synthesis of Coenzyme A by administering (L-Pantothenic acid+L-Cysteine), or Pantethine, will cure acne or make any complicated acne more readily cured through the traditional therapies, like antibiotics for infected heads, exfoliating treatment, remedies ...etc.

Acne does not necessarily occur to every individual, if any one who develops the first pimple or white or black head, takes the recommended supplements  he will kill acne before it is born.

In fact any teenager should be proactive and think of supplying his body with abundant amounts of Coenzyme A, by taking these supplements.

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Joe on August 20, 2014:

Thanks elqalatawy,

So I have to take them permanently? Like if I stopped than the oily condition with my skin will come back?

elqalatawy (author) from Egypt on August 17, 2014:

Pantothenic Acid + L-Cysteine.

Joe on August 17, 2014:

How should I go about it?

Pantothenic Acid + L-Cysteine


Pantothenic Acid + L-Carnitine

elqalatawy (author) from Egypt on April 02, 2014:

Hi bene,

Cysteine is not freely circulating in the blood because its pool is strictly controlled by the liver, this is why we recommend taking both B5 and cysteine together to boost Coenzyme A in the body.

Don't forget that cysteine is used in many biochemical pathways the priority of which is determined by the body. We can not assure that cysteine will be taken from keratin.

elqalatawy (author) from Egypt on April 02, 2014:

Hi bene,

Cysteine is not freely circulating in the blood because its pool is strictly controlled by the liver, this is why we recommend taking both B5 and cysteine together to boost Coenzyme A in the body.

Don't forget that cysteine is used in many biochemical pathways the priority of which is determined by the body. We can not assure that cysteine will be taken from keratin.

bene on April 02, 2014:

Hi theren. What if I have too much keratin in my skin, my pores are getting clogged and I want to boost Coenzym A in my body. Does that mean I should be only taking vitamin B5 because cysteine will be provided from my body as I apparently want to reduce keratin. Thank you for your answer.

livp on August 28, 2013:

hi elqalatawy,

are you sure is it ok to take pantethine? i read is it for lose weight too ...and from october last year by now due to different regimen i lost almoust 10 kg (i`m 1,83 cm and 65-66kg). i bought 2 bottles 2 months ago but you said to try a detox first; if i`ll take 5 pills like jhwilso took i`ll only have for 24 days

elqalatawy (author) from Egypt on August 27, 2013:

Hi liviup,

Try pantethine and local antibiotics like clindamycin or erythromycin for a while.

liviup on August 27, 2013:

Hi elqalatawy,

now, i`ve been taking for 2 months NAC(3/day)+C(3/day)+E(1/day)+Silymarin forte (3/day)+Selenium 200mg(1/day)+whey protein from gold standard (2/day)+antibiotic Zinnat 500(1/day); i have a lot less acne, it is reduced to 2-6 pimppels, they are small not enormous as they use to...but they just do not disappear. how much longer do you think i should take these to clear acne?? or i should add pantethine??

liviup on June 20, 2013:

hi jon,

how is silymarin and NAC works for you now? Do you still have the same good results??

liviup on June 18, 2013:

ok elqalatawy,

thank you for advices. hope to return with good news..

elqalatawy (author) from Egypt on June 18, 2013:

Yes it's OK.

We hope that the detox relieves the liver overload as soon as possible.

liviup on June 18, 2013:

hi elqalatawy,

i took whey protein after a long period of illness, the doctor recommend it and it improved my acne too, i do not remember if it clear my face completely.

i forgot to tell you that i also take antibiotics (zinat) and probiotic for another 10 days- hope to calm my face'acne. is it ok to take it with detox?

how long do you think i should do the detox ? and when can i use panthetine that i already ordered??

elqalatawy (author) from Egypt on June 18, 2013:

Hi liviup,

Yes it is OK.

You can use l-cysteine.

For redness you can use Aloe extract.

By the way Whey protein is a rich source of Glutathione.

liviup on June 18, 2013:

hi elqalatawy,

i tried a few months ago just with creams(different brands; i even order for US clearogen set) and even if they worked, they did it only by a certain point, and then only got worse. my skin become verry sensitive and redness every time i put a cream on so i gave up on anything. right nou i am only using a clean cream with no soap and parabens in it, has clay and goji fruit and then splash face with rose water; this seem to calm my skin, no redness.

I took your advice with detox and start yesterday silymarin 300 mg cps (once a day) and vit C 1000mg + vit E, i also want to take NAC 1,2-1,8 g/day bcause i read that increase glutathione in liver.

is it ok this detox cure? how long do you think i should do that? can i use lcysteine untill i get NAC? does it do the same ? the skin on my face is verry verry oily but only on my face in rest normal skin no grease at all that's way i hoped that b5 and lcysteine will do miracle.

About 5 years ago when i had the same break out i used whey protein and others and clears my face verry well..i do not know if it was only the whey or it was all togheter.

elqalatawy (author) from Egypt on June 17, 2013:

Hi liviup,

They are the same but I was committed to what I had tried personally.

liviup on June 17, 2013:

hi elqalatawy,

is it any difference betwen nacetyl cysteine and lcysteine???? there is a whole discussion about it...

elqalatawy (author) from Egypt on June 17, 2013:

Hi liviup,

As I mentioned before the liver deals with L-Cysteine within a tight margin.

You may stop anything systemic and keep on dealing with acne through local treatments for a while, then you may adjust the doses.

liviup on June 17, 2013:

hi elqalatawy,

i still do not understand what happend, why b5 and l-cysteine worked so well for 5 days(cleared my face almost completely) and then suddenly went so rong...sice friday break out continously even i increase b5 to 6 g and lower lcystein to 2g. i do not now what to do anymore...

elqalatawy (author) from Egypt on June 17, 2013:

Hi liviup,

All vitamin B complex members are recommended after taking antibiotics for a while, because it will affect the beneficial flora that participate in producing these vitamins in the intestine.

Pantothenic acid will neither stop the antibiotic nor enhances its effect and you can it with the antibiotic.

liviup on June 17, 2013:

hi elqalatawy,

i've read now that pantothenic acid is recommended after long term antibiotics becouse removes toxines. is it recommended to take it with antibiotic (zinat) at the same time??? will it let the antibiotic to do it's job??? or it will stop it??

liviup on June 16, 2013:

hi elqalatawy,

i woke up with another break out this morning and my face was verry oily especially aroud my nose ; it looks like 6 g b5 and 3 g cysteyne is not enough for me, probably i should go to 8-10 g b5. i started taking antibiotic now, zinat 500 mg, twice a day maybe it will clear my face a bit. is it ok to take antibiotics with b5 and cysteina or thei interfere ??? i" ll wait for pantethine ( ~ 10 days) and if does not clear my oily face in a couple of days i"ll have to go to roaccutane as my doctor said it"s the only one that can cure me horrible face.

elqalatawy (author) from Egypt on June 14, 2013:

Yes, and you may refer to comments of jhwilso 1 here in this hub as he manipulated the doses brilliantly.

liviup on June 14, 2013:

Hi Elqalatawy,

pantethine it is not sold in romania so i`ll have to order it on the online sites. it will take some time. any suggestions what i can do in the meanwhile?? increase b5 and stay with cysteine at 2,5g...

elqalatawy (author) from Egypt on June 14, 2013:

The problem is that the liver deals with l-cysteine in a narrow margin, either you switch to Pantethine or make a liver detox using herbs like milk thistle, dandelion ...etc.

liviup on June 13, 2013:

Hi again,

now i`m on a 11th day of 5g pantothenic acid and 2,5 g lcysteine and i just have a break out: 2 big ones and others very small; thing is that in the first week my face clear up completely and remained so for 2-3 days, then appeared some very small ones and then break out ... what do you think happened?? what should i do? increase dosage / switch to pantethine or give up becouse it does not work???

elqalatawy (author) from Egypt on June 13, 2013:

Hi Craig,

From 1 to 1.5 grams per day.

Craig on June 13, 2013:

Hi Elqalatawy,

Given my previous dosage of B5 and l-cysteine (4g and 2g per day), how many grams per day of pantethine would you recommend me to begin with?

Thank you,


elqalatawy (author) from Egypt on June 12, 2013:

Hi Craig,

You may switch to Pantethine.

Craig on June 12, 2013:

***pantethine not pantothene

Craig on June 12, 2013:

Hi Elqalatawy,

I have been taking pantothenic acid and l-cysteine for a number of months now and after manipulations, I am currently at 4g pantothenic acid and 2g of l-cysteine per day and have been taking this for 3 weeks. Unfortunately, my skin has showed no significant improvement in the last 6-8 weeks. Do you recommend further upping the dosages (as they appear quite high already)?

Or a switch to pantothene?

Thank you,


elqalatawy (author) from Egypt on June 11, 2013:

Hi Kaleb,

I can not recommend changing any thing if you are satisfied about the results.

Coenzyme A contains other ingredients with Pantethine including Pantothenic acid, L-Cysteine and Carnitine, and I don't know your body's response for their combined effect.

Kaleb on June 11, 2013:

Hi Elqalatawy, thanks for th equick response. I'm sorry for my confusion. I meant 2g of Pantethine, not Pantothenic acid. I have 1g tablets. I was taking 1 in the morn & 1at night. Is it better to start at the 1g you suggest then add more if needed. Or am I safe keeping it at 2g and then dropping down? Just want to make sure I don't degrade the effectiveness by taking too much. Also do you recommend co enzyme A over Pantethine? Thanks!

elqalatawy (author) from Egypt on June 10, 2013:

Hi Kaleb,

You mean 2 g (grams) and not 2 mg (milligrams) of Pantothenic acid.

I usually recommend half this dose of L-Cysteine (1 g in your case) to accelerate the effect, but as long as pantothenic acid is doing well alone go ahead and good luck.

Kaleb on June 10, 2013:

Hi, I've been following the advice in this article. Thanks by the way. I've had horrible acne for over 20yrs w/very oily skin. I began pantethine acid 3 days agao. My skin seems to be clearing up and less oily. I am on a dosage of 2mg per day. I take one tablet in the morn and one of the evening. My question is if I am taking too much. Seems like the recommened dosage is only 1mg a day. Also do you recommend supplenting anything else with it? Thanks!

liviup on June 04, 2013:

hi Elqalatawy,

sorry, i didn't understand, what do you advice me, increase lcysteine to 5 pills to be half of B52,5g/5 g or should i stop antibiotic (minoz)??? i tried a detox with tea herbs for a couple of weeks but it only got worse, much worse so i stopped. strange is that my face or body skin did not dry as other people say,(it's only been 4-5 days) it is just not as oily as it was before.(other side effects that i noticed are: my pee is dark yellow and my stool is lighter. how long i can safely take lcysteine and pantothenic acid?

elqalatawy (author) from Egypt on June 04, 2013:

Hi liviup,

You may try that, as well as thinking about a liver detox. I wish you good luck.

liviup on June 04, 2013:

hi Elqalatawy,

i'm 39 y.o. and i have pustulos acne for ~10 years mostly on my chin, around lips and nose. for years i stayed clean with antibiotics then with homeopathic pills and all kind of creams. Now antibiotics does not work and dermatologists said the only cure is sotret for 3 months. i found this site and i begun last monday B5, 10 g/day, but after 3-4 days break out more acne so i started take minoz 100 mg , 2 times/day but no change. saturday i start taking B5 5g/day and l-cysteine 2 g/day divided in 4(with minoz). on my face i only use rose water to hydrate and calm my very red skin. first 3 days worked great start cleare my skin , no new pustules but today i saw new ones not as big as usual, but still new ones. what do you think i should do, increase lcysteine to 5 pills to be half of B5 or should i stop minoz?

Craig on April 30, 2013:


I have never really noticed breakouts from eating too many carbs(I don't really eat sugary foods or sugary drinks), although when I have run out of fruit for a few days I do notice a slight deterioration in my skin. From what you have written, it definitely seems that sugar/carbs is a major contributor to your acne.

I am currently on 2.5g a day B5 and 1.25g l-cysteine. Doses are quite low compared to what some people on this were taking but as I said before I want to gradually build up and find the 'optimal' dose for me.

Keep me updated on your NAC/MT regime

Good luck

Jon on April 29, 2013:


All carbs and sugars make me break out inc fruit. I was asked this directly by a dermatologist in London in January and I told him yes. He said there's a growing body of research info that sugar can be to blame. I'd already read the research. I'm doing my bloods 3 or 4 times a day and checking what raises my sugar and not. I've the worst diet at the moment [high fat, high protein low carb]. It's boring and lacking nutrition but works. I've only been acne free once, until now, in 37 years - when I went on atkins to lose weight. I kept to 10g a day and as a + side effect my acne cleared. It's not easy [regardless of what you read] and v. restrictive. 10g!

I've always believed mine personally is due to insulin/sugar/liver/pancreas. I went yesterday, all day, without carbs and had water only after 6pm and no food. took bloods at 0730 [ie 13.5 hrs later]. i was 5.8 [ie just above higher end of normal]. That's after 13 hours fasting and 30+ hours w/o carbs. should be 4.3-5.5. If I eat a pizza, bread etc my bloods go sky high and I get severe acne.

I won't demonise carbs, as such, though. Carbs have their place. It's probably carbs + (unknown factor/s). The insulin/sugar route is well documented.

When I had success with NAC + Milk Thistle [I'm acne and follicultis free as I type this. The nose zit I had on Saturday has healed and gone], I took some liberties introducing some greens like spinach, asparagus, okra, bok choi. Steamed veg twice every day was a much more nutricious diet. But that was 20g carbs a day and I think that's what set me back a bit. So I'm on low carb again but I'll run into problems eventally [constipation etc]. So, I'll have to reintroduce carbs at lower rate. I'm having greens for tea later.

My bitter melon powder had just arrived. This is supposed to help lower blood sugar. I've also got gymnema sylvestre on the way. again some find it helpful with blood sugar. I'm hoping if these work I can go back to a healthy green diet and they'll keep my blood sugar lower. I'll maintain the NAC/MT. Both protect he liver. I had a liver scan in January. Working great. Bit of a fatty liver and that's it. Had my acne since 12 yo. couldn't have had fatty liver then. The reason given for NAC success is it replenishes glutathione in the liver. Glutathione is an antioxidant at cellular level.

I'm currently reading Forbidden healing by TC Randall. Very simple science based on electrons, hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, free radicals, oxidative stress [read up on glutathione and acneiform follicultis and you'll find that term come up regularly] and then some remedies [not upto there yet].

How much B5 and cysteine are you taking and is it L cysteine?

elqalatawy (author) from Egypt on April 29, 2013:

Hi Craig,

I usually recommend 2-3 times per day, yet spreading it out more times seems to be a bit better.

Craig on April 29, 2013:

Hi elqalatawy,

In your experience, do most people benefit more from taking their B5 and cysteine doses over say 2-3 times per day or spreading it out 5-6 times per day?


Craig on April 29, 2013:


Thanks for providing information on your former regime. I'm going to stick with the B5 and cysteine to try and find the dosage that works best for me. At the minute, I'm only gradually increasing my dosage and giving each new dosage 1-2 weeks to see the effects. Since I stopped using topical creams 2 weeks ago, I was expecting my acne to get much worse as this is usually what has happened and although I have red areas on my face and a horrible 'bump' on my forehead, other areas on my face appear lighter.

I usually eat a quite high carb diet for energy when working out. Is it your experience that eating high carbs affects your acne badly?

Jon on April 27, 2013:


Unfortunately i have no notes left on my coenzyme a/Vitamin B5 reime. The B5 would have been what was generally recommended on here. I may even have posted the exact amounts earlier in the thread...just found it...here's what i wrote, "but significant improvement with coenzymea + 3g twin labs B5 rather than 3g B5 alone or 3g B5 + 1.5L Cysteine." This was short lived though [only side effect was taut skin] and my acne came back the same and I couldn't repeat the results [not even the taut skin!]so I just stopped the B5. Still have unopened jars of the stuff. I may even have gone upto 5g of B5, with no improvement, at one time.

As for coenzyme a...not a clue. I still have my coenzyme a tecnologies bottle. It was probably 1 tab twice a day. that's what the label says. I can't have used much the bottle is almost full. and at that price I cant have bought more than 2.

Since my post I've had 2 zits come up. one healed overnight and was nothing but the other - yesterday - was an old school one [painful, inflamed albeit not as large as before still v v painful]. Still there now but looks like it may be healing a bit. We'll see this time tonorrow.

I put this down to my stupidity of going overboard on the carbs when i had success. I worked out today I'm eating x4-x8 times as many carbs as I was ie taking liberties. So, today, I went back to my strict carbs diet. We'll see if it works.Bear in mind I had dozens of extremely sore and inflamed ones before that just wouldn't heal.

Otherwise I'm going to up Milk Thistle from 120mg to x3 and maybe the 600mg NAC to x3 rather than x2. I should add I'm taking 1g vitamin c per 600mg NAC.

My blood sugar is all over the place too. 6.1 fasting yesterday, 6.3 today. With a high after meals [2 hr] of 6.7 yesterday and 6.3 today [despite me not eating any carbs at all today]. So, I'm going to possibly try bitter melon and gymnem sylvestre to get that down.

Craig on April 26, 2013:

Hi Jon,

Glad to hear you are very close to being acne free. What dosages of Coenzyme A/B5/cysteine were you taking since the last time you posted and what worked best for you?

Keep us updated on how the milk thistle and NAC works for you.

Jon on April 23, 2013:

I realise this thread is dead but I thought I'd update my situation. I've posted earlier in thread.

Long story short - i'm now 99% acne free for only the second time in 37 years after reading this http://www.acneeinstein.com/studies-reveal-almost-...

I take 1 x milk thistle 120 mg once a day; and 1 x 600mg NAC twice a day. That's it. I saw immediate improvement in only 3 days.

I'm still experimenting and can give more info if anyone's interested.

elqalatawy (author) from Egypt on April 10, 2013:

Hi Craig,

Yes, stop everything and try to manipulate the doses.

Good luck.

Craig on April 10, 2013:

hi Elqalatawy

I have been using Pantothenic acid (1.5g per day) and L-Cysteine (750g per day) for about a month now. Also, I have been using Skinoren Azelaic Acid 20% 2 times a day. While there was noticeable improvement after the first 2 weeks use of B5 and l-cysteine, my skin has started to worsen since. (This may have been related to eating a lot of chocolate and drinking alcohol over Easter). Although since then I have had no noticeable improvement despite eating healthily, no chocolate, lots of water etc.

THe Skinoren doesn't help my skin improve at all but it does usually stop the acne from getting worse. I am currently trying to reduce usage to once a day to see if this has any effect on my skin, whilst keeping the b5 and l-cysteine doses the same.

Do you recommend stopping use of topical creams altogether and focusing solely on the b5 and l-cysteine? I have been reading this post for a while now and have had acne for years. Like jhwilso I am willing to go through the inevitable trial and error process to beat this.


elqalatawy (author) from Egypt on December 11, 2012:

Hi Chase,

Thank you.

Your skin is oily and you may use this regimen to prevent accumulation of oil in your skin.

Chase on December 11, 2012:

Great article, very informative and based on real science.

I get acne on my upper back/shoulders, but it's not the typical white-head type of acne. The acne on my back is mostly "colorless"...no whiteheads or red blemishes, but they are colorless bumps and my back is also pretty oily. If I squeeze the little bumps, a small amount of white/yellow stuff comes out in a single little chunk. It is not inflamed, but it seems that when I squeeze them, they come directly out of the pore.

What exactly is happening? How can I prevent this? Will this regimen help this case, or should I follow some other steps?

Thanks for any help.

Nick88 on November 20, 2012:

I photographed my progress each day for 12 days, using pantethine, pantothenic acid, and l-cysteine. I'm so happy now! Here's a link


elqalatawy (author) from Egypt on October 11, 2012:

Hi akilani,

Thanks for reading the article and trying the treatment.

Would you try Pantethine? Here is a link to another hub where one reader tried different regimens until he caught up his optimum treatment:


Luis on October 10, 2012:

Can you recommend any cream/gel to use? Whats the best panthenol cream?

akilani on June 27, 2012:

Hey elqalatawy,

First off I just want to say thank you so much for this. I've searching/using products for my acne for so long to no avail. When I came across this site, I decided to give it a try since nothing else was working. After reading through this hub page i decided to give it a try, couldn't hurt since my face was already bad. I started taking pantothenic acid (nature's plus, 100mg) and L-cysteine (bluebonnet, 500mg). I started with 3 tablets of each for the first week or so. Didn't see much of a difference at all, but I expected that since the dosage was so little. I increased it to 5 tablets a day of each (5 grams of PA, and 2.5 grams of L-cysteine) I take them together an hour after a meal. Initially my face broke out kinda bad, but I stuck with it and a week and a half in my face started clearing up considerably. The oil on my face produced throughout the day was less (or that's how it looks to me), but most amazing of all most of my pimples that usually get at certain spots stopped appearing. Anyone with moderate to severe acne knows when and where they usually get their breakouts and how long they last. I knew mine and after the week and a half the acne i get in certain areas the most decreased A LOT. I was amazed at how less they were, and when i would get some, how quickly they reduced and faded. I've been on this regimen for about a month and maybe couple weeks, and my face is about 85% clear. I wanted to get that 15%, so I upped the dose of PA to 7 grams, but kept the cysteine the same at 2.5 grams. I haven't seen much of a difference, maybe lost some ground too idk. My question would be at this point, if I were to up the dose of PA to 10 grams, can I up the dosage of L-cysteine to 5 grams to keep that 2:1 ratio that had before? Is there a toxicity level for cysteine when going that high? And also since I'm taking so many doses, I don't have any meals towards the end to take them after (eat around 5 meals a day), so I take the rest of the doses 1 hour after each other and call it a night. Is that okay to do, taking them only an hour gap from each other? I'm sorry for such a large post, I just wanted to get everything out there, so I know what exactly to do. Hope to get a reply, thx again for your page...even though my face isn't fully clear, I can say this definitely changed my life :)

Elle on June 04, 2012:

Update - sorry to say, none of this has actually worked for my son's skin. We continue to be on a roller coaster of looking for answers. He has even been off diary products for 3 weeks and that does not seemed to have made a bit of difference either.

Good luck to all of you - I hope you have success. Dealing with bad skin can be so heartbreaking and tough to deal with. It is hard to hear about my child being teased over it.I truly wish there were an answer...

Darragh on May 28, 2012:

I tryed starting slow but when i kept gettin breakouts it really annoyed me so i went to six which seems to be keepin me clear, i want to decrease to maybe 3 or 4 but maybe wait another week or two i just want to make sure i know the amount to take that keeps me clear

dia on May 26, 2012:

It's my 3rd week with 1350g pantethine. But somehow i got worse breakout around. the oiliness is reduced although my skin isnt dry which i think should be good. Hmmm i just dont get it. Maybe I should wait till the 4th week?

elqalatawy (author) from Egypt on May 26, 2012:

Hi dia,

The pool of cysteine is tightly controlled by the liver so it is not too abundant to initiate hyperkeratinization.

dia on May 26, 2012:

Hello mr elqalatawy,

Could cysteine promotes hyperkeratinization and therefore prmotes the formation of acne?

dia on May 23, 2012:


why do you take 6 tabs i thought 4 tabs helps. I read your previous message.

Darragh on May 23, 2012:

yeh im still shedding its not so bad that ied go doctor or anything but its still coming out but my hair is short so not that bad. When i look in the mirror i dont notice anything wrong with my hair so hopefully the hair shedding is insignificant. I looked all over the web but couldn't really find anyone saying that it stopped unfortunately.. did u?

L-carnite wont do anything i was taking it at the start didnt do anything Pantethine should take care of it on its own ur probably gonna have to up the dosage tho ive been on 2.7g(6 tabs) for the past few weeks with very good results i got one spot last friday night but it was tiny usually when i get one ill get 3 or 4 so i know its defo doing sumthing. Im really not sure did my oil reduce its to hard to tell maybe it did abit i have a feeling if i upped the dose again it would but im taking alot at the moment and i feel like an idiot because b5 made me lose my hair and here i am mega dosing again but i f****ing hate spots more than anything else so just glad to be clear at the moment

wini on May 23, 2012:

Darragh, are you still shedding? My hair is still falling out, but not as much, and has become thin all over my head but mostly in my crown area where you can see the scalp.

I've just added L-carnitine to my regimen yesterday to see what happens. So currently i take 3x450 mg Pantethine and 2x500mg L-carnitine a day. I will write my results from it in a few days if there has been any difference.

I'm afraid of "megadosing" something again so i won't go higher than 3, maybe 4 tabs of pantethine.

Darragh on May 23, 2012:

Wini we are very similar, i took PA for 4 months and got excellent results no spots no oil than i got lazy and stopped around 2 months went bye and the oil returned i then ordered more was on it again for 3 months and nothing happened and even worse my hair start shedding so i stopped and im on Pantenthine now. Panthetine has cleared me up but still have oily skin and im taking 6 tabs a day which is alot. You cannot use that cream the perfect thing to find would be a Moisturizer with Panthenol in it so have a look around i will aswell.

elqalatawy (author) from Egypt on May 21, 2012:

Yes, after panthenol is absorbed by the skin it is converted into PA and proceeds in the normal way to decrease sebum production. Just look for another brand that is less greasy and mix it with glycerin, if you find a cream that is not heavily promoted as a moisturizer it will be OK.

wini on May 21, 2012:

Isn't Panthenol cream (Penaten?) a really thick and greasy cream? My main problem is my sebum production and i can't really understand how a cream could do that? Will it work like PA och pantethine and decrease the sebum production and shrink the pores? If so, i'm really willing to try!

elqalatawy (author) from Egypt on May 21, 2012:

Taking PA systemically (orally) activates fat metabolism in the whole body, it activates both synthesis and breakdown of fat, this why I prefer using Panthenol cream locally.

wini on May 21, 2012:

I've been on PA before for about 2,5 years ago. Started megadosing at 9 grams a day then lowered to 5-6 grams a day for about 1,5-2 years. I decided to stop supplementing one day and i did and 2 weeks later the abnormally amount of oil started to come out of my pores again. Then i started supplementing again for about 1-2 months but nothing happened it was like it has stopped working for me. Do you maybe have an explanation or a clue why it didn't work when i went back on it?

thank you for your input!

elqalatawy (author) from Egypt on May 21, 2012:

Yes you may try PA with either l-methionine or MSM, and yes they both contain sulfur.

wini on May 21, 2012:

For about 8 months ago I tried MSM-powder to see if it helped with my skin. It also contains sulfur right? And i don't remember any problems with red cheeks back then. Seems really strange to me.

wini on May 21, 2012:

I don't know really, but that might be the case. I will quit the pantethine today and see if it gets better. Is it possible for me to use PA with l-methionine or something instead?

elqalatawy (author) from Egypt on May 20, 2012:

Hi wini,

Are you hypersensitive to Sulfur? They both contain sulfur.

If you use Aloe gel and the redness is not gone then you may be hypersensitive to sulfur and you should quit both.

wini on May 20, 2012:

Mr Waheed, i have a question regarding pantethine and cystiene. I experienced increased facial redness since starting with cysteine and/or pantethine. I quit cysteine about a week ago and the redness is a bit better but still there. Is there something in the pantethine that can cause this aswell?

jw on May 19, 2012:

Thank you for your quick response!

I've read all the comments so far and it's interesting how if works differently in every individual. I still want to try L-Carnitine since other people have had good results from it. I'll definitely come back with god/bad results!

elqalatawy (author) from Egypt on May 19, 2012:

Hi jw,

If you go through comments of jwilso1 you will find that he had got results that are not encouraging when used L-Carnitine. You may add either pantothenic acid or local pantothenol to your regimen, they proceed in the same pathway and may deal with the individual variations.

jw on May 19, 2012:

I started this regimen with 900mg pantethine a day to get control over my oil production and also get rid of the few pimples i get sometimes.

I noticed that i barely got any pimples after a week but the oil didn't go away. I bumped up to 4x450 mg a day for a little more than a week but noticed no difference in oil production. Now i'm back at 900 mg a day because it seems it keeps acne at bay.

I'm thinking about adding L-carnitine (500mg) once a day to my regimen since i read that this might boost the metabolism. What to you think about that?

Thanks for your time!

elqalatawy (author) from Egypt on May 07, 2012:

Instead of L-Cysteine let him takes only 3 capsules of Pantethine.

Only cheeses and dairy products are debated for their effect on acne for the time being. Also deficient Linoleic acid present in vegetable oils is attributed to formation of acne.

Elle on May 07, 2012:

Update - it has been 2 weeks now of 900mg of Pantethine and 1000mg L-Cysteine. There has only been a slight improvement in my sons skin. He still has many red marks, black heads and whiteheads on his forehead, nose and chin, and around his mouth. Should he increase the dose at all? Also - I have read conflicting information about diet affecting acne. After reading about the Krebs Cycle, it seems it would help to lessen the amount of fat the body is trying to metabolize. What are your thoughts on eating less fattening foods? Or perhaps omitting diary from the diet...?

Thank you for your input -

wini on May 07, 2012:

Hello elqalatawy!

I wrote for about 2 weeks ago and now i have some new questions. This is my current regimen:

Morning: 450 mg pantethine, 1000 mg biotin, 500 mg l-cysteine.

Evening: 2x450 mg pantethine, 500 mg l-cysteine.

So far so good, face is almost clear from pimples, still have a bit oily nose and t-zone but it has improved since a started.

I do have some concerns though.

I read on some comments posted a while ago about a guy, Doc_007, who suffered from rosacea-like symptoms with red cheeks. My cheeks also gets red easily and i think it has been worse since starting with cysteine. Only reason i take this is for my hair loss due to megadosing B5. Is there something else instead of l-cysteine i could try for my hair that won't make me go red?

I really appreciate your help!

elqalatawy (author) from Egypt on May 06, 2012:

Yes, increase the dose to 1350 mg to dry up the formed oil in the pimples, many people used this dose and some others even exceeded it, but this range is within the recommended doses.

As for the pimples with pus you can use an OTC antibiotic gel or cream.

dia on May 06, 2012:

hello mr elqalatawy.

this is my experience so far taking panthetine. I have stopped taking that red bottle coenzyme a tablet and switch to panthetine. today is the 7th day. i must say panthetine is soo good at reducing oil and my pores are smaller and blackheads around the nose are not recurring. However i still get pimples the red one with pus. as I also suffer from bacne, i got more spots but they dry up very quickly and some other blemishes are gone. Im not sure whether the pimples are some sort of purging? detoxification? but the oiliness of my skin are pretty much controlled. i also use aloe + tea tree oil mask everyday on my face.

my question is, should i increase the 900g intake to 1350g? or i should wait a little while. thanks alot mr elqalatawy :)

elqalatawy (author) from Egypt on May 01, 2012:

No, I see that increasing the dose of Pantethine is more safe than using isotretinoin.

Lou on May 01, 2012:

I also tried panthenol but no improvement! I'm using fucidin but i still have the same red spots..can i combine isotretinoin with pantethine?

Darragh on April 30, 2012:

Hi everyone,

Thank you for the information elqalatawy i'll keep taking cysteine hopefully the hair loss will stop after a few months its not really bad just makes me paranoid, too everyone else i wish i had of took Pathethine first instead of PA (10G). PA did work the fist time but not the second time which is strange and i got hairloss the second time so was a double bummer.. I think maybe because i had no cysteine left in my system that's a total guess but it makes sense cause you need cysteine to makeup co-enzyme and plus your hair needs its. Wini im taking 4 capsules a day 1800mg(450mg capsules) im gonna try half this in a couple of weeks its just i want my skin to be perfect before i drop down so i'll know whats my ideal dose if i get acne again.. my skin is perfect at the moment nose still a bit oily but 99% better than before(i use to get super oily) The first two weeks i took Panthethine nothing happened to be honest i think i was more oily than the third week got a huge breakout was horrible(spots in places never got before) then the 4th week face was clear it was honestly like a light switch the way it works it didnt make oil less and less a day which you think it would it was honestly like an overnight light switch.. the night before it really happened i got really dry lips there kinda gone now which meant something did happen in my body that night.. everyone is going to be different with this stuff i would start off at 900mg for two weeks than if nothing happens like me double it as soon as i doubled it i got the horrible breakout but that's when it really started to work.. Thank You good luck everyone

elqalatawy (author) from Egypt on April 29, 2012:

Hi Lou,

There are some people who got good results with increasing the dose to more than 2 grams/day, but I do not like to increase systemic doses. You may need to support it with local panthenol cream.

Biotin is different from pantethine.

Lou on April 29, 2012:

It has been a month since i started using pantethine and i actually cant see any result,i was taking 1.5g/day! And i seriously have no idea what to do.

One last thing is biotin forte the same as pantethine?

elqalatawy (author) from Egypt on April 27, 2012:

Yes, go ahead and tell me about the result.

dia on April 27, 2012:

mr elqalatawy,

ive read about your PA mask and wish to give it a try. can i simply use pantethine, crush it and mix it with yogurt and molasses? is that ok? thanks

dia on April 27, 2012:

Thanks aloT! :)

elqalatawy (author) from Egypt on April 27, 2012:

The immediate precursor of coenzyme A is Pantethine. Although coenzyme A capsules contain a good blend of nutrients that may be required to produce coenzyme A, yet this variation when taken systemically, it circulates allover the body and no one can be certain about its effect on acne.

Some people find that taking L-Carnitine worsens their acne.

dia on April 27, 2012:

the reason why i asked is that i just thought it is easier since you dont get to buy many bottles of pills, since some of the readers do combine pantethine with l cysteine and what not so it makes me wonder just why not use the simpler method?

But i do find that with the coenzyme a pills you cannot alter the mg of certain precursors.

But i also notice that you are keen in advicing readers to start on panthetine and not the coenzyme a tablets.

dia on April 27, 2012:

so do you personally think that pantethine is a better option? since you do not know how many mg it is each of the precursor of the coenzyme A in the tablet?

elqalatawy (author) from Egypt on April 27, 2012:

Hi dia,

This because Coenzyme-A capsules don't contain coenzyme-.

CoenzymeA capsules contain Pantethine, Pantothenic acid, L-Cysteine, Calcium Pyruvate, Magnesium Malate and L-Acetyl Carnitine.

It contains the precursors of coenzyme-a.

dia on April 26, 2012:

why is most readers here took PA or pantethine and none took Coenzyme A I wonder? I thought it is much easier to take coenzyme A? Thanks

wini on April 26, 2012:

Darragh, are you taking 4 capsules 4 times a day, a total of 16 capsules and 7200 mg a day? Or did you mean 4 caspules a day? Otherwise it seems dangerously high! I'm currently on 450 mg x 3 times a day and will try that for another week or so. I'm also adding cysteine for my hair, and for the last 2 weeks I've been drinking some multivitamin stuff with 300mcg of biotin in it. Hope this will help!

elqalatawy (author) from Egypt on April 26, 2012:

Hi Darragh,

Glad to hear this news!

Pantethine is not probably a cause to hair loss. High doses of Pantothenic acid may withdraw some cysteine preventing it from incorporation in hair (in keratin), and this not the case of pantethine because it already contains sulfur and it increases cysteine content in the system.

Darragh on April 26, 2012:

hi everyone,

Ive been taking Pantethine(jarrows)for nearly a month now and all acne is gone still little oil but im hoping that will go to zero after another month. I start takin 2 450mg and then bumped it up to 4, 4 times a day.. Really Happy with the results and i hope the effect isnt short term.. Wini im the same as you i took b5 and still have the hairloss problem but is not that bad but still have loose thin hairs. I take a mix of Cysteine Methionine im really not sure if it helps to be honest people usually recommend them two and biotin not sure which is the best i take biotin aswell but not in large quantities,

Do you think Panthethine in high quantities would cause hair loss i doubt it would but not sure?

wini on April 24, 2012:

Okay, I'm going to try that. Hopefully my oil will subside! I'll write again in a few days to tell how it went

elqalatawy (author) from Egypt on April 24, 2012:

Hi wini,

Increase the dose of Pantethine to 3 capsules/day and see.

wini on April 24, 2012:

Hello elqalatawy!

I've been taking pantethine 2 x 450 mg a day for about a week now. Haven't got any new pimples but som of the oil is still there on my nose/t-zone. I'm upping the dose to 3 x 450 mg and I hope it's still safe.

Also I was on B5 for over a year ago and have experienced hair loss since. The hair has also lost most of it's quality and texture. Maybe i should add some Cysteine or Methionine for the hair aswell? Which do you prefer?


elqalatawy (author) from Egypt on April 23, 2012:

You may use it every day until you know exactly what is best for you.

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