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Acalka and Rowatinex Medicine for Treatment of Kidney Stones

Medicine for Kidney Stones

I remember it clearly. Last night, I was driving when the pain hit me. It has been bothering me for a while now but it hasn't been this strong, and frankly, I guess I wasn't expecting it to be.

I have had kidney stones before so I know exactly what it feels like. Back then, I was more erratic with dealing with the pain because I didn't really know what it was. I was afraid I would die because of the pain. Some articles on the internet say that it is one of the most painful things in this world. And when it first hit me, I thought it was appendicitis, and kept on thinking that I could die in case that it bursts. I was sweating like hell, throwing up (due to the pain), and when I reached the hospital they checked my blood pressure to verify that I wasn't just acting it all out.

When I was diagnosed, I was expecting they would open me up or something like that. Also, I've heard of other procedures like the shock wave therapy, a non-invasive medical procedure, although very expensive. But by prescription of my urologist, supposedly one of the best in town, he said that all I would need would be medicine. And so he prescribed three things for me to drink Aclaka, Rowatinex, and a herbal medicine called re-leaf forte that is extracted from the plant sambong. The plan was that I can melt these rocks and just get rid of them through my urine. 

Acalka Medicine

Acalka Medicine

Acalka Medicine Review

Back when I first had kidney stones, I was also prescribed Tramadol, some sort of quasi-opiate to relieve the pain. Of course I wasn't sure if this was an over the counter drug and so last night I resorted to just buying the Acalka potassium citrate tablets, Rowatinex, and re-leaf forte. To my surprise, around 30 minutes later, the pain would then subside. I realized that the pain reliever would probably be only needed for the more extreme cases because if the medicine I take can do its job right then it will ease the spasms and contractions of my kidneys thus relieving me of my pain and allowing the stones to easily be broken down and passed through.

Once you have experienced it, you'll know exactly how these drugs work. I realized also that they work very well if used together. Also, you have to drink lots and lots of water because relaxed kidneys mean more urination and you might get dehydrated. Also drinking lots of water will help aid in the passing of the stones. 

Rowatinex Capsule

Rowatinex Capsule

Rowatinex Tablet for Kidney Stones

The instant relief of the pain assured me that I can easily get rid of these if I just constantly drink the medicine. Having been experienced with this kind of pain helps me to be more relaxed and be more composed when dealing with it. I don't think other people would be able to do what I did: I drove all the way to the drug store and bought the medicine and then drove again after drinking the medicine and watched Fringe with my most favorite person in the world (I guess the TV show and being with her helped with my dealing with it as well). With that kind of pain, I do believe I handled it well.

In attempts to be more pro-active, I am writing about it. I mean, I might as well help out and at the same time make some money by writing here on Hubpages. Might as well make the kidney stones pain profitable, yeah? Also, writing about it is part of my dealing with it, really, since writing is something that I really love to do and becomes some sort of outlet, you know?

There are really so many things that are so burdensome in my life right now and writing is the most pro-active way I can think of that I can do. Also, I should really avoid foods that cause kidney stones. From what I've learned these are food that are rich in uric acid. Also, lack of water is one of the main reasons for kidney stones. Of course this is something I've learned already. I've also theorized that this actually isn't a recurrence but two of the stones that have been stagnant and not bothersome that I have overlooked and ignored. Now I know that this is something I shouldn't do. I hope I was able to help.


Muhammad Suleman on September 22, 2017:

What is price in Pakistan?

Susy may on March 08, 2016:

I was hospitalized for kidney stone. Two weeks ago. I used acalka and rowatinex and tamsulosin hci as per docs prescription. Lucky i am when i have my followup ultrasound my .6mm stone is gone. Drinking lots of water also help.

JeanneB72 on October 01, 2015:

Hello everyone! I have no more stocks of Acalka and have long been sold out. Just informing those who are still texting me based on a post here two years ago. Again, I am NOT selling Acalka anymore. Thanks!

BRIAN on July 27, 2015:

I have kidney stone 7mm in my left kidney, presence oy protein in the urine for almost 8 months now. rbc ang wbc is also present at times but more often rbc ang proteinuria positive 1 or 2. What should i do? Thank you

Mila Velasco on July 13, 2015:

I had undergone ct stonogram last July 8, 2015. Impression says:

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1. Obstructing large left UPJ Stone, with uretero-pelvo-caliectasis stone with chronic severe hydronephrosis and cortical thinning. Multiple nephrolithiases at left my left kidney.

... I was advised for immediate shockwave.

--- I went home for i do not have 100,000 pesos for the procedure.

2011 both kidneys had stones, I was advised by my doctor to take acalka, rowatinex, sambong forte 3x a day/each, plus at least 1.5 liters of water and apple juice.

After 3 months, i had kub again and the stone at right had gone down to my ureter, thus, continued the medications, until my doctor advised me to stop the medicines.

Gleva on June 25, 2015:

CT scan i did last week Friday revealed i have hydronephrosis and renal calculi (kidney stones) on my right kidney, my Doctor advised i should get these two drugs(Bioxime and Tenex). I ve stared the medication already with plenty daily fluids such as water. Please i need further advise especially on the best foods to eat now, bcos so far i havent been able to get good info on that as all the sites tends to focus more on what to avoid, and almost all the classes of foods are involved. Pls i need your advice.


jacqueline on November 19, 2014:

it is safe to take acalka and rowatinex everyday?.. by the way, i have kidney stones in my both kidneys.. i am so depressed right now, idont know that to do..

lilia penolio on November 11, 2014:

About 10 yrs ago i had a kidney stone and treated by bombarding the stone through a stent in oct 2012 i had a litrotripsy then on march 2014 i had the procedure again not wanting to experience the pain now nov 2014 kub utz reveals i have it again i am so tired taking acalka rowatinex sambong and sodium bicarbonate by the way im 64 yrs old already and feel so hopeless and financially drained

jeffg on July 08, 2014:

Hello there,

I also suffer last month from the pain of kidney stones on my left kidney..It was seen on the ultrasound result last june 2014..I have 2 stones found, one is 6.75mm on my upper left kidney and the other one is 4.57mm located on my ureter which cause me the unbearable pain..I consulted a nephrologist and she told me that i must immediately need to undergo a shockwave operation in a week and asked me to prepare around Php100k...

I was really depressed that time as i have no cash as big as that, but some friends and family member advise me to take a second opinion..What i did since i dont have that amount, i just drink 1 litre of water every morning 45 mins before i take my breakfast..I only take the relief sambong as my medicine though the doctor also recommended to drink acalca, i hesitated since i have a gastro problem which i found on the net that its not advisable to take for thos ewho has a gastro problem..

So i am just taking sambong relief tablet 3 times a day plus drinking at least 4 litres of water a day..Then one time, as i was peeing..i just felt something strange and a bit pain coming out of my male organ..then i saw i small stone on the floor...I passed out the 4.57mm stones on my ureter..

Then i added drinking a ural sachet 3 times a day also plus the sambong relief..and i just had my ultrasound test again last july 5,2014..

And it was found on the result that the remaining 6.75mm is now shrink to 5mm in just three weeks..I really thanked God on the result as i might not need to undergo the shockwave operation..Now i am also taking the acalca as i also asked my Gastro doctor if its just ok to take the acalca and he said yes to me...Hopefully i will dissolve the remaining stones in my left kidney..Also i guess taht by taking proper meal also helps plus the regular drinking of water..=) Just sharing my experience..=)

eidmarjan on February 06, 2014:

sir i am suffered in the pain on kidney and there is stone in my kidney about 5mm and i am using the tablet rowatinex , urocit -k, voltral , chymoral fort,.. is these medicine is good that it will help me to remove the stone from my kidney ,,,, or what should i do more? on February 06, 2014:

sir i am suffered in the pain on kidney and there is stone in my kidney about 5mm and i am using the tablet rowatinex , urocit -k, voltral , chymoral fort,.. is these medicine is good that it will help me to remove the stone from my kidney ,,,, or what should i do more?

Daryl on August 12, 2013:

Can I buy these medicines without prescription from the doctor?

Susette Horspool from Pasadena CA on June 27, 2013:

Drink water with a little sea salt added to balance the electrolytes. I know doctors push drugs and I know kidneystones are painful, but they can be prevented and cured naturally (see my hub on kidneys). The drugs cause lots more problems than they fix. I'm a health enthusiast who has learned the ins and outs about how our bodies work, so that I don't have to get sick or take drugs (expensive, yes?). And I write about it. Good luck, all.

Jeanne Basallo from Iloilo City, Philippines on December 10, 2012:

December SALE! Buy 4 bottles of ACALKA (30's) = P1,200 and get 1 bottle FREE! That's a savings of P300 on top of an already discounted price. Discounted price at P300 for a bottle of 30 or P10 per tablet as compared to drugstore prices of P15-P16+ pesos per tablet. P720.00 savings based on original price plus the one FREE bottle worth P480, that's a P1,200 value/savings! If interesed, please hurry and text me at 0918-9627220 and we'll talk about the payment details and mailing. Offer is good while supply lasts, so please don't let this opportunity pass by :-) Thank you.

JeanneB72 on November 10, 2012:

Meron po. I already texted you on your cp number given above. Thank you, po. :)

ms. jean on November 10, 2012:

is there available rowatinex? bibili ako.this is my no.09063722594

Jeanne Basallo from Iloilo City, Philippines on October 28, 2012:

Hello, everyone! I have stocks of Acalka and Rowatinex (original like the Acalka pictured above from Spain/Rowatinex is from Rowa Pharmaceuticals of Ireland) and I have many stocks available for sale (free mailing via courier) at half the price compared to the drugstore prices. Acalka for P10/tablet or P300 per bottle and Rowatinex at P12/cap or P120 per pad of 10 capsules. Expiry dates are still Aug/Sept 2013 for Acalka and 2014 for Rowatinex. If interested, please text me at 0918-9627220. I was also diagnosed with kidney stones and talagang stone former so pabalik-balik talaga if I am not careful with my food intake and staying away from those foods with high uric content. Just like everybody else here, Acalka and Rowatinex have been prescribed too and been very effective in making the stones disappear. I just happen to have plenty of stocks than I can manage to take since my stones have disappeared already and sayang naman kasi tulong pa din sa iba if I offer it at half the price. Thank you.

nathaniel on September 06, 2012:

for me acalka is the best, 3x daily just for 2 months... goodbye kidney stone

Majoy on August 21, 2012:

Can I take akalca if I'm breast feeding? So with sambong? Thanks please feedback

ninoy on July 09, 2012:

for kidney stone problems take 2 tab 3x a day acalka, 1 tab rowatenex once a day with sodium bicarbonate once a day. Hope it will help. Good Luck

Mellany on May 30, 2012:

hi sir i want to ask u because i have 2 stone 1 in my right kidney and the other 1 is in my ureter part what should i take the acalka and rowatinex or re-leaf (Sabong) thanks

ding on April 12, 2012:

For the third time, it is my fault why i have kidney stone and even worst last because i have stones one from kidney and the other on ureter that explain the pain and you will feel it is there. On first stone it was diagnose using x-ray and i don't remember the medicine prescribe but only natural methods which i learn from co-worker used of whom he himself suffered and way to operation but prior to it he takes natural method as advice by a doctor the result operation was aborted although all expend paid by company. The same thing I used and the stone drawn out with dark black color a 3mm in size. Second stone develop after taking vitamin C advertising as non-acidic but unfortunately I ended up in hospital and thanks that the stone came out with almost 5mm in length by 3mm width in a cream color. But this time its become bigger and it cause by drinking young coconut milk early morning with an empty stomach. I was hospitalized 3 times and finally diced to undergo Extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy ESWL and it is covered my insurance still the process depend on how stone start to reduce its size, it may be a year. As of now I'm using acalka, tramadol for pain but with natural juice drink made of raw radish white or red and added with carrots just to make it more drinkable. It helps smooth the kidney stone slowly as the pain also it is natural meaning no side effects. You can further search for yourself and Please this is only a suggestion.

Mat Malaysia on December 09, 2011:

I first got kidney stone on 25 Sept2011. Ultra sounds shows that i had 6mm stone on my right kiney.

I started talking cystone tablet until 16November2011. I then changed to rowatinex pill until now 10December2011. It seems nothing had change to my kidney stone. I still had a mild pain at my back. I am high in uric aacid and I also got gout at finger foot.

Please advise me.


lite on November 10, 2011:

I got a KidneyStone, way back July 2010.

The Doctor precribed me to take Akalca, I noticed when moving my bowel, akalca is still at its shape, I cannot digest it, that's why I chew it when taking akalca.

I've gone to Saudi Arabia to work, and akalca is running out on my stock, so I asked one of the local pharmacy, they asked me to take this Uralyt-U and Rowatinex.

After a month of medication, and gone to do the ultrasound, the doctor said that the kidney stone is gone.

Uralyt is around 50 Saudi Riyal, and Rowatinex is around 20 SR.

Miro Star on September 22, 2011:

Hi all.

Foxmaiden its right. Acalka cost here in Portugal €20.00.

Harry Santos, there are allot more suplements similar and probably better than Acalka.

NQI is manufactured in Brasil with allot more vitamins and other healthy things, 2 packs of 100 capsuls cost €67.00 if ordered from Brasil. Best results with 3 capsules 3 times a day if im not mistaken. Check online for the oficial website and more especific info. Resolutivo Regium is manufactured in Spain and comes as a syrup in a bottle of 600 ml, to be taken 2 soup spoons 15 min before the main meals.

Im only mencioning the ones that has more positive comments and testimonies, even from people i know.

Resolutivo Regium, the one my mum and her friends used and still use to "expel" out the "stones" from her vescicle. This one works in all human organs susceptible to get "stones". And its cheap €15.00, can be found in many Dietetics Shops.

Im started using Acalka yesterday, ive taken 2 together, and unfortunately all the contraindications and side efects hit me, thought the pains were relieved. Today ive been taking one pill, 3 times a day, 30 or more minutes after meals and i feel good.

Unfortunately there are more testemonies that with Acalka the pain is bigger wen the litiases are coming out. So probably i will give a try to Resolutivo Regium wen Acalka finishes, cause its said it causes no pain getting rid of the "stones", and also cause maybe i have them also in other organs in my body.

You can all get more concise info starting on Google.

Wish you all that suffer from these and other painfull things to get better asap ;)

patchie saldua on August 18, 2011:

i want to know what are the best medicine for kidney stone ,as of now i take acalka and sambong re -leaf.and drink cranberry juice and eat apple.drink lots of water.

Harry Santos (author) from Metro Manila, Philippines on June 03, 2011:

You're probably some medical representative of a company or something promoting Acalka. I really don't know. Based on my experience all three worked perfectly with each other. But hey I'll never really know.

But then regarding your info on how it works, does this mean that this can be used as a preventive or maintenance drug a person can take to lower chances of forming stones? Taking before a meal high in uric acid or calcium perhaps?

ed on May 28, 2011:

Thank you Foxmaiden for the information you gave.. for those who can share more information , kindly share your ideas for us to know more, on how to deal with kidney stones..

foxmaiden on May 17, 2011:

sir i would recommend only acalka to save money, im not againts rowatinex or sambong but the fact is these 2 are only diuretics not a medicine drug to get rid of your kidney stone. as for acalka it has 2 actions the citraturic in which the citrate component bind with calcium in our system thus decreasing the calcium and preventing the formation of calcium oxalate stone and also it prevents the nucleation of calcium stone. while the other action which is alkalanizing maintain your urine ph to normal level to prevent the formation of uric acid stone. in summary the action of the other 2 medicine that you take is already inside the acalka.

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