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Abortion Doctor Will Risk Health to Save a Life

I hold a BA Hons and passionate about good health and the prevention of diseases. A woman's health from labour to birth interests me.



Some years ago, I was in a talk on the feticide issue. The discussion concentrated on terminating the fetus because it was not a human being. In my opinion, that was doubtful. It seems more of a murder than anything else.
Could you as a human being, specifically, a woman risk termination, if you think the embryo is not a person?
In fact, 90% of the populace will agree to a deliberated aborticide. The figure has been rising lately by more than 7%.

1. Medical definition and reasoning.
2. The fetus is a person being formed.
3. A basic background.
4. Risking Abortion.
5. Loose woman.
6. The talk.
7. A question of life and death.
8. A challenge.
9. The test-tube baby.
10. The breath of life.
11. God creates life.
12. A comparison of the top 10 countries with the highest and lowest abortion rates.
13. The blastocyst.
14. The women speak.
15. A horse with a green tail.
16. Factual information about abortion.
17. The Soviet Union.
18. Risking abortion to save your life.
19. Reasons against abortion.
20. Oversight on abortion.
21. Conclusion.
22. References.

Medical Definition and Reasoning

The medical definition of abortion is simplified. The had this to say: "In medicine, an abortion is a loss of pregnancy due to the premature exit of the products of conception(the fetus, fetal membranes, and placenta) from the uterus due to any cause." This meaning is such that a layperson can understand it instead of technical reading. The operation will prevent a baby from being born. But the baby will die.
One major medical definition is: "Termination of pregnancy before 20 weeks' gestation calculated from the date of onset of last menses. An alternative definition is the delivery of a fetus with a weight of less than 500 g. If abortion occurs before 12 weeks gestation, it is called early; from 12 to 20 weeks it is called late."
Doctors are of the opinion that the unborn human fetus is life. Dr. S. Chandraserkhar is reputed to be a specialist in family planning and childbirth issues. Is he a voice for the doctors? Let's hear him here: "the zygote, which contains the complete specification of a valuable human being is not a human being and is almost valueless even when the zygote has reached the foetus (fetus) stage." Most doctors depending on their religious or ethnic background I bet could not submit to that.

The Fetus is a Person being Formed

I consulted the dictionary and this is what I get. A fetus is developing past the stage of parturition. And this is from the third to the ninth month. The fetus possesses all the external features of a person-eye, nose, leg, arm, and ear, and some hairs on the head.
The being is active in the womb so much that expectant mothers felt it get hungry and the mother-to-be eats immediately to sustain it. My spouse told me that it even play in the womb.


Pregnancy Poster


Pregnant Womam Sleeping

A Basic Background

As a boy, I learned many things within my immediate family. The family seems to be a school before I went to a public school. I learned nutrition in school but the family has already laid the foundation for my life for the school to build upon. The teachers leverage that to drill the subject home soundly. Otherwise, the result would be negative or insignificant.

Risking Abortion

Among my family members, one of my nieces got fertile after marriage. Somehow, she felt sick and was admitted to the hospital. The doctor said the fetus is dead. She was operated on and that saved her life. But during the operation to remove the dead fetus, she equally risks losing her life. Thank heavens she survived and is in good health by the time of writing.

A Pregnant Woman being Examine by a Doctor

Loose Woman

I mean a lady or a girl. But any way you take it. She's a neighbour. She got in the family way by her man-boy-friend. She kept fecund to herself and went to miscarry. After the operation, she was bleeding profusely. Her parents took her to a medical center. It was confirmed that she risk labour to end the fetus. she died later.
Women who succeed in ending the fetus except on health grounds later regretted their loss of life, a human being. Their conscience worried them for some time until they received sound counsel from family health workers, a church, or an institution like an abortion clinic near devoted to such issues.
The fact of doing an induction with no risk of conscience is not found in reality.

The Fetus is Developing


Consulting a Fringe Doctor

The Talk

I participated in a discussion on the topic. The majority were men. All were agreeing that termination should be done. The reasoning and logic are that the unborn fetus is not a human being while in the womb. I disagree with the majority.
I'm a man and born of a woman. I nearly give myself a break instead of splitting hairs with folks that seems to be derailed by unsound or unfound facts. How would the fetus a life result from the mating of man and woman, not a human being?

A Question of Life and Death

Did you know that a human fetus is a person? Then it is life. Is it from God or is it a chance of man and woman mating? Your answer is as good as mine and everyone else. I was asked this question long ago as a boy along with my peers. Where do babes come from? Any time childbirth took place, we children are being asked.
Some of us children will answer from heaven. Others from God. While some will say from the belly. All three replies are correct, right? Babes come from God via, the womb.

A Challenge

Let me pose another challenge. When a stillbirth took place, d'you consider the issue a person, a thing, or "piece of flesh?"
The fetus, I will not call it a child or baby here. It's alife and doctors in their expertise will nurse or incubate it to a stage and hand over it to the mother at nine months old. No doctor or surgeon has ever said that this thing is not human and needs to be thrown away. Why has not that happened yet if the fetus is not a person?
Actually, when the fused zygote is dividing and multiplying in the belly, it's not a sign that life has formed. When the process of division and multiplication ceased, and the thing attached itself to the parental wall, it's not yet a person. Though it's a life.

The Breath of Life

Breath is what makes the difference between life and death. A person is alive not because he or she regularly breaths in the fresh air. There's a force or power that differentiates a person from an animal or bird.
But the breath of God, a spirit in a person, makes the difference. The breath I'm talking of is "pneuma" not fresh air. It connotes spirit and life. I realize that my Hindu friends call it "Prajapati prana." But whether pneuma is related to prana is not my intention here. When the breath of life of God infuses the fetus then it becomes more than a soul. It becomes a person, for animals have souls. This divides the person from the beast.

Animals have souls or intellect but they're not spirits. A person is a spirit, made or created in the likeness of God, the Lord of all spirits.

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The Unborn Fetus is a Person Being Formed


God Create Life

It's a fact that all life comes from God whether you'll religious-minded or not. Only an atheist will think otherwise.
Mankind, angels, demons, and of course plants and animals source their life from God, the creator of all things.
All living things including human beings, animals, birds and reptiles, insects, and plants exhibit life. And human life is significantly different from a cow or sheep. Why that is so is that the spirit breath of God is not found in any of the lesser beings. But again, an antagonist will argue against that. Even my Hindu friends will not agree here.

The Blastocyst

Dr. S. Chandrasekhar has said that the blastocyst, the zygote, the fetus, and the infant are life at a differing stage of development. But I wonder why he should not qualify these along the originating human line. He knew that at birth that a human being will result. How could the fetus be just a piece of flesh? Or liken to a cancerous wound that can be chopped off? Where are the women I ask myself? I found two, and then three. These made significant contributions as human beings.

The Women Speaks

I've said that I'm a man. As a human being, I'm born of a woman. If my mother had sheath me while she's expectant, I wouldn't be around now. Would I? She carries too much trouble during the morning sickness I'm told.
The fetus was developing, and at a certain stage retarding, or underdeveloping. It was like a ding-dong, ding-dong affair.
Significantly, the women agree that sheathing a fetus is not the right thing. It's killing a human being which the men said is just a piece of flesh, and likened to a sore wound or cancer that qualifies to get rid of by the surgeon's knife! I think this type of man has not got a good conscience and had no feeling for a human soul, which the fetus is.

Supporting Abortion

A Horse with a Green Tail

This is the story of a fourteen years old English girl. She accepts the invitation to see a horse with a green tail. Very curious indeed. A horse with a white, black, brown, tail is not curious and inquisitive. But why a horse with a green or blue tail? A red-tail? Wondering.
But unknown to the girl, she's being enticed to be raped. After the ordeal, her physical and mental health is deteriorating. So her doctor, a gynecologist, and an obstetrical surgeon did the bypass surgery on his opinion of "danger to life and danger to health".
Dr. Alec Boarne further opined that "if we waited for (the) danger to life, the woman is past assistance" because her nervous system is already damaged, producing physical symptoms that undermined her physical health.
Life depends on health. If health is greatly impaired, death results. In such a case, abortion is necessary.
I knew of a case in which a girl was similarly enticed and raped. The fraught was allowed to stay. She put to bed but the babe died. Unfortunately, the mother is still mentally deranged seeking help in spiritual or voodoo churches.

Factual Information About Abortion

⦁ It's legal on health grounds if the mother or fetus's health is at risk.
⦁ More the 56 million freaks are done each year in the world, and 45% of those are unsafe.
⦁ Induced abortion is done to preserve the life, including the physical and mental well-being of the productive mother, and to prevent the completion of childbed as a result of rape or incest.
⦁ Induced abortion can prevent the birth of a child that can result in central or genetic abnormalities.
⦁ For social reasons that the girl is only 8, 10, or 12 years.
⦁ Elective abortion is only asked by the expecting mother for reasons only good to her, not for health or disease.
⦁ What age the fetus is only considered viable for premature birth is a question among medical professionals.

The Serviet Union

The Soviet Union is said to be the "first" to legalize the French letter in the world. Dr. Chandrasekhar narrates what transpired in an abortion clinic nearby he visited. He described the simple procedure that took place for just three minutes.
But what mattered much here is why the pregnancy termination was done. He interviewed a girl of 20 years and a woman of 40 years respectively. Both are married, and three months in confinement. They are scheduled for operation. The only reason each give was that the girl a student, need to finish her college or university education. And the lady has children who are already married.
In both cases, birth control had failed and both are anticipated.
However, why did not both ladies seek help earlier when the implantation has not taken place? Induced abortion it was held can only take place when nidation is resulting. Why didn't they seek pregnancy tests much earlier? Its absence is a sign that a lady is a morning sick or in labour. Thirdly, why not seek segmentation of the fetus within two to four weeks after nidation? These are significant questions.
Here it seems abortion is being used as a method of birth control which is wrong.
Dr. Chandraserkhar reasoned that during mitosis or the multiplication and division of the young blastocyst or zygote, many wastages occur. These wastages he likens to spontaneous abortion and compared to induced abortion are insignificant or "zero."

Risking Abortion to Save Your Life

From the information from"Education for Choice" and the "British Pregnancy Advisory Services"(BPAS) and the WHO, the following factors show why women chose pregnancy intervention.
1. Too old or too young.
2. The timing for gestation is wrong.
3. "They were single and lack support."
4. Disability, a baby is likely to be born disabled.
5. A "fetus" is not the same as a person.
6. Lack of security.
7. If a girl or woman is disabled, the segmentation would cause a greater health hazard.
8. Due to rape or incest or mentally incompetent person.
9. Opinion of the public in supporting legal abortion.
10. Relationship or marriage problems crop up after labour.
11. The women-folks have the right choices.
12. A heavy woman can only decide whether she wants the child or not.
13. Safety of legal abortion in favour of a parturient or unwanted child.
14. Perturiecy cannot be prevented by conception alone.
15. Children can only be born to parents who want and love them.

Reasons Against Abortion

⦁ Abortion is murder.
⦁ Sanctity of human life.
⦁ It's brutal and uncivilized.
⦁ Guilt and trauma.
⦁ It's discrimination against disabled persons if the quickening is aborting.
⦁ Adoption is alternative to abortion.

Oversight on Abortion

1. Pregnancy breakdown is as old as mankind.
2. The Roman Catholic view on botching a pregnancy seems rigid to others, and it's hard to understand even by medical practitioners.
3. The Muslims held a permissive view, but nevertheless discouraged the practice when nidation has occurred.
4. The fact that miscarriage is given legal and medical backing has reduced criminal abortion through fringe or back street doctors.


Abortion is a complicated issue. It should be seen with a sympathetic eye and realistic counseling on family planning.


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This content is for informational purposes only and does not substitute for formal and individualized diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed medical professional. Do not stop or alter your current course of treatment. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

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