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Abdominal Hysterectomy and the Da Vinci Robotic Surgery


Over 600,000 hysterectomy procedures are performed each year in the United States. Seventy-five percent of these procedures involve an abdominal hysterectomy, which is performed with an incision running 6 to 12 inches across the abdomen. This technique typically results in a hospital stay of several days followed by a 6 to 8 week recovery period, in addition to a 6 to 12 inch scar running across the lower abdomen.

Luckily, for a woman requiring a hysterectomy procedure, this does not have to be the case any longer thanks to the Da Vinci Surgical System, developed by Intuitive Surgical. When performing a Da Vinci Robotic Surgery, gynecologists are now able to utilize a much less invasive procedure while maintaining a high level of precision.

Dr. Dennis Eisenberg, a Dallas-based gynecologist agrees.

"The Da Vinci Robotic Surgery," says Eisenberg, " has proven to be extremely effective. It makes procedures easier for me, as well as less invasive for the patients, both for their bodies and their aftercare. With all that goes into a hysterectomy, the Da Vinci Surgical System makes it better for everyone involved."


Hysterectomy Overview

A hysterectomy procedure is used to treat a number of gynecological conditions including endometriosis, uterine fibroids, uterine prolapse, several types of cancer and uterine disease. There are several different types of hysterectomy procedures. A total hysterectomy requires the complete removal of the uterus, the fundus, and the cervix, while a partial hysterectomy will leave the cervical stump. Finally, radical hysterectomies are used to treat various gynecological cancers, among other conditions. In radical hysterectomy procedures, a surgeon will remove the cervix and the uterus, as well as the fallopian tubes, pelvic lymph nodes, ovaries, and possibly part of the vagina depending on the spread of the gynecological cancer.

As previously mentioned, most often a hysterectomy procedure will involve an abdominal hysterectomy. The reason an abdominal hysterectomy is so widely used is that a large incision in the abdomen will allow surgeons to see the entire area and better facilitate the removal of the uterus as well as any other affected organs such as the cervix or ovaries.

An abdominal hysterectomy will give surgeons greater dexterity with their hands as well as their surgical instruments. If any other conditions or problems are discovered during an abdominal hysterectomy, these issues are easily addressed during the surgery.

Potential Drawbacks

While an abdominal hysterectomy is the most common method of hysterectomy, there are several potential drawbacks to the procedure. The risk of complications is higher, and the procedure itself can be extremely painful and strenuous for the patient as well as for the surgical team. In addition, an abdominal hysterectomy will result in more scarring.

Complications from an abdominal hysterectomy can include excessive bleeding, blood clots, and damage to other abdominal organs such as the bowels or bladder. There is a higher risk of infection from an abdominal hysterectomy than in a less invasive hysterectomy procedure.

The hospital stay after an abdominal hysterectomy usually lasts one to two days, however this could be as long as four days. The recovery period after the procedure is usually six to eight weeks. During recovery, activity is severely limited with patients slowly returning to normal life over time.

It is possible for a less invasive hysterectomy procedure to be performed, such as a laparoscopic hysterectomy, which only requires a few small incisions, or a vaginal hysterectomy, which does not require any incisions on the abdomen at all.

According to Dr. Eisenberg, "these hysterectomy procedures, as performed traditionally, do not allow the surgeon as great a view of the affected area, and further limit the dexterity of the surgeon during the procedure. In addition, these procedures are only for minor conditions such as fibroids and are not practical for a condition such as gynecological cancer. If anything else is found during the procedure, the surgeon will more than likely have to revert to an abdominal hysterectomy."


Da Vinci Surgical System

While a Da Vinci hysterectomy is technically a laparoscopic hysterectomy procedure, a Da Vinci Robotic Surgery is significantly different from previous laparoscopic methods.

The Da Vinci Surgical System is a two-part system developed by Intuitive Surgical. The system contains a surgical console set up separately from a patient cart. The patient cart is equipped with four robotic arms that actually perform the surgery while a surgeon will sit at the console controlling the arms with pressure sensitive controls that replicate the exact movements of the surgeon. The controls are able to provide extremely precise and dexterous movements, while a tremor reduction system minimizes the effects of unintended hand movements, meaning that the Da Vinci’s robotic arms can provide more precise movement than an actual human hand.

While the surgeon is across the room at the console, he or she can have an excellent view of what they are doing with a highly magnified fully three-dimensional image provided by a 3D camera on the patient cart. This means that, hypothetically, the surgeon does not even have to be in the same room as the patient. While this is not what a Da Vinci Robotic Surgery was intended for, it goes further to show the effectiveness of the system and the possibilities that could be achieved with such a robotic system.

The entire system is designed in such a way as to significantly reduce the fatigue of the surgeon and support staff. The surgeon no longer has to worry about positioning instruments and is seated comfortably for the entire procedure. Most of what the support staff now does is limited to switching the instruments on the robotic arms. With the reduced stress and fatigue, the surgical team is able to provide more effective care for patients.

The Da Vinci Surgical System is used in the following procedures: cardiothoracic procedures, sacrocolpopexy procedures, myomectomy procedures, hysterectomy procedures, urologic procedures, and other less invasive general surgery procedures.


Da Vinci Robotic Surgery Hysterectomy

A Da Vinci Robotic Surgery has proven to be a far less difficult hysterectomy procedure than a traditional abdominal hysterectomy. The procedure does everything that a traditional abdominal hysterectomy would do but uses several 1 to 2 centimeter long incisions, rather than one larger incision. This results in far less scarring.

Other benefits of a Da Vinci Hysterectomy include a diminished risk of complications and infection, and a less intensive hospital stay and recovery time. Many patient cases have resulted in better outcomes due to the precision that results from a Da Vinci Robotic Surgery.

Recovery times after a Da Vinci Robotic Surgery are significantly reduced, with many patients recovering in as short as one to two weeks, with only a few activity limitations after that period.

"I have found," says Dr. Eisenberg, "that I am able to achieve an amazing precision using the Da Vinci Surgical System. This goes further in providing my patients with a much more comfortable experience during and after surgery.”

Example of the dexterity of the Da Vinci Surgical System

Gynecological Conditions

There are a wide variety of gynecological conditions that are treated surgically.


Endometriosis, a condition that occurs somewhat frequently in women during their childbearing years, results in the uterine lining, or endometrium, growing outside of the uterus. The endometrium will thicken with menstruation, however, as the tissue is growing outside of the uterus in the body, there is no place for the uterine lining to escape when it breaks down, resulting in inflammation and scars around the affected areas. The situation is further worsened as time progresses, with each menstrual cycle adding more endometrium, which breaks down and more blood collects in the body with no means of escape. This growth of endometrium will increase the severity of the symptoms of endometriosis, causing further discomfort.

Endometriosis treatment consists of a variety of methods including hormone therapy and surgeries. Laparoscopic surgery is used to remove uterine lining growing outside of the uterus and to enable the patient to still possibly bear children. In more serious cases, endometriosis treatment will require the uterus to be removed with a hysterectomy procedure.


In addition to the aforementioned conditions, hysterectomies are used in response to several different types of cancer. Endometrial cancer, also known as uterine cancer, affects the uterine lining, or endometrium. Endometrial cancer occurs when the uterine lining begins to thicken without leaving the uterus. Treatments include a hysterectomy procedure to remove the uterus.

Cervical cancer, which occurs when cells in the cervix begin to uncontrollably grow, is often treated surgically. This will require removal of the pelvic lymph nodes during a hysterectomy procedure.

Finally, tumors growing on the ovaries can mean a diagnosis of ovarian cancer, which can be treated surgically. In addition to the ovaries, the uterus may have to be removed as well. After surgery, chemotherapy is used to kill any remaining cancer cells.

Uterine Fibroids

Uterine fibroids are tumors that grow on the outside, the inside, or in the wall of the uterus. While uterine fibroids occur quite frequently in women, with 80% of women developing them, uterine fibroids are most often benign, in fact less than 0.1% of uterine fibroids prove to be cancerous, or less than one in 1,000.

While most women with uterine fibroids do not experience any symptoms, those that do can be subjected to extremely uncomfortable symptoms. Uterine fibroid symptoms include painful periods with excessive bleeding, fullness in the abdomen, and lower back pains. Some women with uterine fibroids experience problems with sexual function and satisfaction. In addition, uterine fibroids can often cause reproductive problems such as infertility, which is rather rare, as well as other problems during pregnancy.

Once uterine fibroids are diagnosed, many women will not need treatment as most do not experience any discomfort from the condition. However, those women that do have discomfort from uterine fibroids do have several options for treatment. These options include over-the-counter medications to relieve pain, and birth control pills to lighten periods. For some more serious cases, surgery is often recommended. These surgeries include a myomectomy for women still wanting to have children, or a hysterectomy for women either past their child bearing years or who no longer want to have children.



One of the biggest consequences of a hysterectomy procedure is that it eliminates the possibility of a woman having children after undergoing the procedure. The reason for this is that most if not all the necessary structures for reproduction will be removed in the hysterectomy procedure. Because of this, women who have a uterine fibroid problem, but still might want to have children, should consider a less limiting procedure known as a myomectomy.

A myomectomy is a surgical procedure that only removes the uterine fibroids, while keeping the uterus and other reproductive structures intact. This allows women who undergo the procedure to still possible bear children.

A myomectomy is performed with either an open incision in a laparotomy, or with smaller abdominal incisions in a laparoscopy. As the procedure does use the same methods as a laparoscopic hysterectomy procedure, it does carry the same inherent drawbacks.

A myomectomy procedure can also be performed using the Da Vinci Surgical System. During a Da Vinci Robotic Surgery, a surgeon can achieve a remarkable level of precision in a myomectomy, and even in uterine reconstruction after the fibroids have been removed. This precision is extremely important in preventing uterine rupture during any possible future pregnancies.



The number of surgeons performing the Da Vinci Robotic Surgery procedure is growing as the procedure proves itself to be both safe and effective. Women are increasingly requesting the Da Vinci technique as well, due to the reduced invasiveness and post-surgery discomfort. The Da Vinci system allows the surgeon to easily achieve a much higher level of precision in a less invasive procedure while allowing the surgeon to maintain a high level of comfort. This will reduce the stress on a patient undergoing the procedure as well as further minimize the difficulties of recovery.

“Women now have a less invasive alternative to the traditional abdominal hysterectomy,” concludes Dr. Dennis Eisenberg, “and as the clinical data continues to prove the effectiveness and safety of the technique, I think you will see more and more women choosing Da Vinci and having a much more manageable and faster recovery from surgery, returning to work and activities in a fraction of the traditional time frame.”

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red rose on June 22, 2017:

My Dr. order a Robotic Hysterectomy,

but im old school

And i want to have a Abbominal Hysterectomy.

is it my choise to choose or i have to go with what tge dr. ordered?

Megan on March 06, 2017:

I had a DaVinci TAH and BSO one week ago. I went home that afternoon and was up and feeling good the next day. I did not take any pain medication - back to walking 2 miles a day with no problems.

suzy thompson on October 17, 2016:

i had the DaVinci total vaginal hysterectomy eight weeks ago. I still have abdominal pain and bloating. No one wants to hear this. I had post-op diarrhea for 17 days. The surgeon dumped me onto the cancer doctor before the pathology reports were in. The cancer dr asked why I was there at his office since he couldn't plan my care or treat me without final pathology reports. Two CT scans show fluid in the surgery area and this has not improved in the past 30 days. I had total hip surgery a year ago and that was like a walk in the park in comparison. This is not a simple surgery where you are better in two weeks. Don't believe the hype. I am ready for a second opinion before I start chemo.

Sue on October 02, 2016:

I had a Da Vinci hysterectomy 2 years ago. When I was in the recovery room, I had extreme abdominal pain & couldn't urinate. I was sent home the same day anyway.

2 days later, I was admitted with an infection on my vaginal cuff & bladder infection.

I had extreme gas pains for 8 months & couldn't pass gas. I continue to have severe abdominal & pelvic pain & urinary retention. I have a hard time standing, walking, sitting up in a chair without extreme pain & I have to self catheterize 3 times a day. I also have nerve pain & pain constantly shooting down my legs. I haven't found a doctor who wants to help with my chronic pain. The Da Vinci robot has ruined my life. I will never be the same again.

Cassandra Thrash on September 16, 2016:

I am having a davinci hysterectomy (total) on Sept. 28, 2016. I'm scared.

It seems like gas pains are horrible.

Karel on August 12, 2016:

I just had my T. H. Six days ago by Davinci. I'm 41, very active and fit. I had two sections as well. I will tell you the surgery part was wonderful, up moving and ready to walk. I was t even In their for 24 hours. I am seven days out but I went back in on the third day. The gas pain is out of this world!!!! The gurgling. The gas in your stomach. It's the most pain I have ever felt!! Then I started having a hard time peeing. I went back by ambulance as the pain is relentless. The gas pain is too much! I got there had c t scans and everything my whole insides are full of gas that they used to blow me up!! You can literally watch the gas bubbles in my stomach. I liken to contractions. I just got home today, I'm in tears as this gas pain is horrific. I have taken it all! They gave me fetanyl and morohine! I hated that feeling but they could see it hear it and so they knew the pain is so intense. Don't let them tell you all the good without the bad. Gas is extremely painful.

Alice Mann on August 09, 2016:

I had a Di Vinci roboitc laparscopic suregry on August 3rd, I am now 7 days post op. I woke up in more pain than I did with a C section, hurting from my breast bone to the opening of my vagina. I was discharged from the hospital same day in sever pain. 7 days later the pain hasn't lessened any. I would strongly recommend to any woman considering this kind of surgery to investigate all other options before going with this one. I have one incision in which the brusing continues to spread and the surgeon just tells me to go to Instacare of the ER for the pain and brusing.

audrey jean taylor on July 10, 2014:

I had robotic surgery for reconstruction in 2010. They removed scar tissue from previous surgeries( from bladder and bowel) now have a twist in bowel and have to take Mirilax every day. Am now waiting to have surgery for a large pelvic mass and adhesions. Don't know if I would go for robotic surgery again.

ACD on March 10, 2014:

Please do your research on the Da vinci robotics.

I had my surgery in 2010 and it was a nightmare . I had a large fibroid the size of a volley ball , my doctor removed but he could n't save the uterus. The next day i went home from the hospital because i felt find just bloated . three days later i was pale extreme belching, temp. 99 degrees . Doctor did not think i should go see him. i started to vomit .

i my gut was filled with e-coli and blood leak . I had been 6 months in out hospital i had to have a second surgery traditional where they removed my ovaries and tubes and the infection.

My advice with you are going to robotic surgery watch for the belching, vomiting ,pale gum s and eyelids low grade fever temps .Before you leave the hospital stay at least three days .

dmvymlatil on December 20, 2013:

I had a robotic total laparoscopic vaginal hysterectomy on 11/18/13 which means I had my cervix removed. I think many of the shorter recovery periods are for individuals who had a supracervical hysterectomy meaning their cervix was left in place. So anyone who is or was feeling guilty like for me not having a fast recovery it is because of the difference in what was removed.

mcqone on May 22, 2013:

I saw a post from someone who had Da Vinci surgery and ended up with a right foor that was hot and the dr said he'd never seen this before. I also have the same issue following colpoplexy. My urologist finally sent me to another surgeon who specialized in varicose veins, did a blood flow study and said he could find nothing, but said that he agrees that yes, my foot is hot to the touch compared to the other foot, a different color and that this seems to be surgery related. I never had this before the surgery. Has anyone else had this? It's driving me crazy and I'd like to know where to turn for an answer. The surgeon is not too interested in figuring it out. I have another appointment for a 3 mo followup in about 10 days.

sharon allie on May 07, 2013:

I had the Da Vinci hysterectomy 4/18/13. I had polio when I was 3 ys. old. I can't use my leg that the polio affected since the surgery. I have no control over some movements in my leg. Can't drive my car. I sure hope this numbness and lack of movement control leaves me soon.

Tina D. on August 01, 2012:

I had the davinci procedure for a partial hysterectomy (uterus and Fallopian tubes), and tomorrow will be one week. I feel great, no pain meds, I do have some discomfort, and move slow. I drove today and did well. I go tony post op appointment tomorrow, will see when I am cleared to return to work. This was my first surgery and I was amazed. If you have questions about this procedure, you can watch one on you tube.

jeriann on June 19, 2012:

I am 11 days post-op. I m feeling pretty good. Had davinci this time. Once before I had the "smile" incision and this is much less invasive. Feeling good...overnight stay...no pain meds needed...just feeling some abdomanal discomfort. Only concern....it feels like I am wearing a tampon....need to check with my dr. I also want to drive!!

katt on May 19, 2012:

had full davinci 4 weeks ago- walked and ate normal same day- out next day- next day felt pretty good except needed to sleep more than usual and naps- every day stronger and less tired- only took meds day of surgery after that motrin- incisions are not completely healed yet and cant stand up for long or lift...

anna on March 25, 2012:

I was told by my doctor I could not have the Da Vinci because by uterus is too big. Is this true?

Marga on March 23, 2012:

I am 2 weeks post op from a total hysterectomy due to massive hemorrhaging and hyperplasia and I feel better already. I felt amazing but bloated for the first three days after but then I hit a wall. I was very tired and was uncomfortable. The pains came from gas, sneezing and the incisions. During this healing process it has been hard to take it easy and remember to slow down, however should you forget, you'll know the next day! So my aches and discomfort move around a bit which leads me to think that healing is working. I'm just on ibuprofen as needed and some days I don't even need to take it.

To tell others not to have a procedure much less with this method is pretty reckless. Everybody should do their homework on the doctor's experience, training and who will be in the operating room should issues arise. I had two experienced surgeons, the robotic representative plus the anesthesiologist and all the residents, nurses, and whomever else was learning.

During my pre-op appointment, I had tons of questions and I know my doctor was annoyed, since he is wonderful as a surgeon but his bed-side manner lacks, but I don't care. It's my body, his job is to answer all my questions no matter how silly he thinks they are -and I want to hear his big fancy explanations, not just some stuff I could and did find on google.

So I guess what I'm saying is, please ask all the questions you want. Ask even if you feel stupid. It's their job to make you comfortable. Make sure your doctor has a lot of experience in these procedures, although no two cases are similar, you want someone who is very familiar with the controls and can work efficiently and thorough.

I wish I had done this earlier, the time I've been home sick are over!

Lauren on March 15, 2012:

Angela...I am glad I read your comment. My mom had her davinci hysterectomy November 29 2011 and she is still having complications. Her doctor brushed his hands of her. I have taken her to like 35 doctor appointments since then for help. INcluding regular gyne and uro gyne (who just so happens to be the surgeons neighbor) so of course they are all sticking together and talking about my mom behind her back. She has bad abdominal cramps that come and go. SHe has the pain in her pelvis and low back I have been reading others have too. And to boot she had major bladder infection with 2 different kind of bacteria. No one would test her urine and I had to take her to Med Express to get urine culture and bladder infection diagnosis. It is a shame and should not have happened. She only had debris filled cyst on right ovary, no other issues. Feel free to elaborate more. I need to help mom feel like her self again. They just think she needs drepression meds and therapy. Screw that she is having real post op symptoms. WARNING do not have it done!

Diana on March 13, 2012:

I had a total da vinci hysterectomy on March 9,2012. I was on the table for about 6 hours due to excess scar tissue attaching my ovaries to my colon. The only real issue I have had is intense pain in my arm and shoulder area. I do not have much of an appetite yet. I would recommend this procedure to anyone. I have had three surgeries prior to this and I was in the hospital two to three day whereas which the davinci i was in for about 23 hours after surgery ended.

Stacy on March 03, 2012:

I am 10 days post op. I feel amazing! I had this surgery due to severe endomitriosis and fibroids. I also had multiple large cysts on my ovaries. This was my 3rd surgery in a year and a half. I can honestly say, I feel better now then I have in years!!! The procedure took about an hour. I got to the hospital at 7:30 a.m. I was on my way home at 3 p.m. Two days later I was feeling wonderful. I do believe this surgeries outcome has much to do w physician ability. Mine is amazing!! Very positive feelings on it from me. Good luck in all of your recoveries!!! ;)

Angela on February 26, 2012:

Amazing to me that all of the comments on this site are positive - the Da Vinci surgery ruined my life - lets see it this gets posted - if so I will elaborate in detail - the training these surgeons receive is hardly enough to prepare them for how to deal with the possible occurrence of complications - the vaginal cuff failed three times and I had two intraabdominal abscesses then following that two bowel obstructions from the scar tissue that formed and now reoccurring formation of scar tissue in my abdominal cavity I had a minimally invasive procedure that lead to 11 follow up surgeries - four of which were emergency life saving following MY da vinci hysterectomy...

Sara on February 03, 2012:

I had the robotic surgery on 1/6 do to endometriosis. Today I'm 4 weeks post - op and still having bleeding and lower abdominal pain. Everyone recovers differently, but this recovery has been harder then I expected. If I lay down the bleeding is less. I get really tired very easy. Sucks can't wait to feel normal..

Sue on February 01, 2012:

I had the Da Vinci complete hysterectomy on January 19th and I still have pain in my lower abdomen, I feel tired and a lot of cramps and when I go to the bathroom to pee I have a sharp pain where my cervix was. I think this procedure needs to be evaluate, because every women is different. Today is February 1th and I hope all this cramps and pain goes way soon.All the parts came out from the vagina.

Leah Woods Moore from Grayson KY on January 30, 2012:

I had the total hysterectomy procedure done January 24, 2012. I will have my 1 week follow-up appt tomorrow. I have to say the gas/pressure/bloating was the worst for me. There is pain but I've been having painful periods for nearly 30 years so I can handle that part. I stayed 1 night in the hospital and the nurse would only give me ONE gas reliever every 6-8 hours. I would advise bringing GasX strips with you. I'm not sure if they really helped or not because GasX works within the stomach and the gas was in all of my abdominal area....but it made me feel better psychologically I think. I have 5 very small incisions and the pain really is manageable. I didn't take the prescription pain meds because I didn't want to be constipated so I've been taking ibuprofen and Tylenol. I find that I do have more pain towards the evening and I think if you take a nap at mid-day it really helps a lot with that. I'm so happy that I finally got the surgery! Good luck to the rest of you.

I would really like to know how they get the parts OUT... I've looked online and I know it may sound gross....but I'm just curious.... how do they get the large pieces out? Does it all come through those tiny incisions? If anyone knows..... let me know. I'm curious!!!

laura on December 23, 2011:

I had davinci 9 days ago, feel OK I stayed 1 day in hospital. Was in excruciating pain for about 8 hours after then it eased up to just Vicodin and motrin pain

Bad gas pain x 2-3 days but beatable. My concern is horrible stabbing rectal and pelvic pain with gas or bowel movements, literally stops me in my tracks, can't move last about 10 secondss each time. Anyone else with this???? I had water diarrhea today. But could be from prophalactic antibiotics. I would recommend procedure, but 2 weeks!? It is major surgery give yourself time! I'm An emergency room Nurse ina busy trauma center, who.lifts and gets in scary physical situations so my doctor said to give it extra time to heal.

Lisa1017 on December 02, 2011:

I am 5 weeks post op with a Da Vinci partial hyst, (I kept my ovaries). Even though the incisions are smaller to get inside you, it is still considered to be, according to my doctor, MAJOR abdominal surgery. I'm healing well but I'm still not lifting anything over 10 lbs and am being careful when I bend over. My energy level is great one day and then not so great then next. I'm looking forward to my 6 week follow up appointment to see how well I'm healed. Hystersisters.com website was a lifesaver for me. Good luck !

Jessica Wigington on November 30, 2011:

I had a Da Vinci partial hysterectomy Nov 22nd and I would recommend it. I was out of the hospital the next morning and didn't take any pain medication at all. My problem is it is really hard to take it easy because I feel fine. I do seem to get tired when I start doing things but that is normal after surgery.

maria on November 17, 2011:

I had the daVinci Complete hysterectomy on Nov 8th and went home the next day. THe worst part of it was the gas pains and discomfort trying to move around in bed the day and night of surgery. It kind of feels like my insides are bruised, but nothing I cant live with and haven't taken any pain meds other that three Motrin a day after being home. I had ovaries and tubes and cervix go as well. I feel good, after 8 days, but still a little gassy/bloated want to do more than i should. I soon learned that overdoing it can cause a little more discomfort and getting tired. I would recommend this procedure if allowable.

Kaye on November 14, 2011:

I am 14 weeks out from the robotic supracervical hyst,&BSO

along with a sacral colpopexy. The recovery was not at all what I expected, extremely painful. Still lower abdomen pain, taking meds daily to function. The pain is right behind my pelvic bone, radiating up, with still an unrelenting "tightness". Will I ever feel right again??

Pam on October 24, 2011:

Im 21 and am due to have a da Vinci complete hysterectomy due to dangerous endometriosis. My surgery is on nov 16th. I was diagnosed at 13 and I have a beautiful miracle 14 month old baby girl. I'm just wondering a few things. My surgery is at 1 in the afternoon, will I have to stay overnight? Also how long in the or? Cuz my appendectomy only took 1/2 hr and it took me 4 hours to wake up. My tonsils took 45 minutes and I only took an hour to wake up. My family doesn't do well with long time under. I am also curious how long before I'll be able to pick up my little girl again? She weighs 24 lbs. I'm hoping to be feeling normal by thanksgiving.

lila on October 24, 2011:

i am going to have in 2 wks hysterectomy ovaries are staying how was sex after and meds what is it like after with your husbands asap please respond and how many days in hospital i have herniated disc pain mangement for this please i need to now scared

lynnrochelle on October 22, 2011:

I am 65 and was diagnosed with cancer. I had a radical da vinci hystorectomy 9/15/11. Due to my heart racing for a few minutes in recovery they kept me over night for observation, otherwise I would have gone home the same day. I went home about 10 the next morning. I took a pain pill anticipating pain on the ride home (70 mile drive). I left the hospital with my daughter, went to DuPar's for breakfast which is next to the Grove Mall (Los angeles) and a friend of my daughter's met us there and we went shopping afterward. I needed a new pair of crocs. Then we drove home. I never took another pain pill and never really thought about my surgery again. I did have to have the foley catheter for an extra week and then had to take cipro for 3 days do to UTI, but other than that I have felt fine and they took everything including 37 lymph nodes. The surgery was on Thursday, my daughter went home a day early because I really didn't need her help. Sunday I went out and did my normal grocery shopping. It has just been a month and my replaced knee gave me more trouble when I put in my winter garden. Believe me this surgery was the easiest I have ever had bar none. I could have gone right back to work, but since my doctor gave me 6 weeks off I have enjoyed the time. I drove 3 hours to my daughter's house for a week when she had vacation and hiked all over Yosemite park and helped her plant flower beds. Back to work next week. I work as an officer in a juvenile detention facility and expect to have no problems handling my job. Don't be afraid of this surgery, it's great.

g01ingtw on September 25, 2011:

I had the Davinci hysterectomy 3 days ago for uterine fibroids and a hydrosalpinxed left fallopian tube. I was in the OR for about 3 hours. I stayed in the hospital over nite just for some observation. Ive had 4 previous pelvic surgeries, so he thought he may have some problems, but it all turned out very well. Im still a lil sore, but feeling pretty good.

A friend of mine had the Davinci hysterectomy 2 days before me is now in the hospital with a high fever.

Today, I plan to go to the dollar store to pick up some Nexcare bandages to re cover the lap holes for another 2 days along with some other essentials.

Ive been having gas pains which go away when I get up and walk.

My peri pad is now dry. It was pretty bloody the 1st 24 hours, but went away.

I plan to stay off work for 4 weeks, even thought I could return earlier.

Overall, its been a pretty positive experience.

mh on September 23, 2011:

I had the Da Vinci procedure performed 9 days ago and I feel really good at this point. I would agree with those who say to use common sense about your level of activity because it would be easy to overdo it when you are feeling really good. I am 40 years old and I am a therapist so I am a bit concerned about going back to work to do any patient care due to required lifting. The first 3 days were the worst which were partially complicated by the need for coming home with a catheter because I was unable to urinate. After they removed the catheter 2 days later I really began to feel better but the bladder spasms and the gas pains made the initial few days pretty rough. I felt a lot of pressure in my pelvic floor area the first couple of days as well. I only took pain meds the first 4 to 5 days regularly and beginning on day 5 I have only taken 1 from time to time due to overdoing it. I have to remind myself to slow down & take it easy. I did have more pain on the lower left side but I assumed it was because they only took my left ovary & uterus so I was more sore on the left than the right but I also had a small hematoma to develop under my incision on the left and it burst causing significant bruising and adding to my discomfort. Overall it has been pretty amazing. I do get tired pretty easily which surprised me. I have been to Walmart 1 time and that was a fairly quick trip because my lower abdomen started hurting. I have been driving a little. I did have to attend an inservice for 3 1/2 hours on post op day 6 and it was surprisingly easy to make it through. Sitting was the most uncomfortable position for the first 5 days. Now after 9 days I just have to pace my activities and be careful not to twist or lift otherwise I'm doing great! I'm a youth leader and my youth keep me pretty busy so hopefully I will be fully back to normal soon. I do recommend using colace for the first bit as it is impossible to strain! I would highly recommend this procedure to anyone! It is however like several have said, it is major surgery and should be treated as such. Good luck all & God bless!

Jag on September 20, 2011:

It was 1 week ago that I had the Da Vinci done. I am getting around well but have some pain. One of the 4 incisions is very sore still. But my bigger concern is the sharp almost electric shock feeling pains that I get when I have a bowel movement. I'm not constipated I am having no problems going accept for the almost not wanting to go because of the discomfort. Has anyone else experienced this type of pain? I have a follow up on Friday so of course I'll discuss this with my doctor but wanted to see what others thought.

GIA on September 10, 2011:

THIS IS NOT A SIMPLE PROCEDURE as much as they would like you to think. I had a complete hysterectomy - with 4 small incisions in my abdomen and he removed my enlarged uterus out through my vagina. The incisions are not placed in a neat formation but rather randomly placed - one is very high up and about 2 inches across. The surgery took 3 hours and my recovery from anethesia another 3 hours! They finally decided to keep me overnight because I was having a hard time coming out of anesthesia.

BTW, what they don't tell you about this robotic thing is that it is necessary for them to put your head much lower than your feet on the operating table, which they tilt...thus your head and shoulders are bearing your weight for several hours. Because of this I woke up to having a severe pinched nerve in my neck and shoulders. I could not lay down flat once I awoke and literally had to sit straight up for 2 days straight with no sleep because the pain in my neck was excruciating.

I did not pass gas or have a bowle movement for a week though all other post surgery issues seemed light in comparison to the fact that for one week I could not lie back in bed, but had to be propped up so I would not feel the horrible pain in neck and shoulder. I finally had to see an orthopedic doctor just after having my hysterectomy and they gave me muscle relaxants and pain killers unlike the doct who did my surgery. I'm now in physical therapy for the pain caused to my neck during this "simple outpatient procedure".

Also, I'm now having shooting stabbing pains on my lower left side that come and go. My taped sutures are still clinging on to the incision areas and I was told to wait til they fell off to pick them away. They look pretty tattered and I'd like to get them off.

I would warn anyone contemplating this type of surgery to really do their research. They tell you you can go home the same day but thats really a plus for THEM and your insurance company ...not for you. This is a procedure that should give you atleast a two night stay and then you should see your doctor within 2 weeks, not the 6 weeks they recommend. You will be extremely tired with bursts of energy that come and go but you might end up thinking you can do more than you should and end up extremely fatiqued so take it easy. This is MAJOR SURGERY.

Elaimy on July 03, 2011:

had this surgery wed today is sunday feeling a lot of gas and pain immidiately post eating and my abdomen feels like it's going to burst. Lots of pains. I had a lot of adhesions from previous abdominal surgeries and my surgeon perforated my bladder in the process of removing adhesions. Still have foley catheter to void that will be in place until Tuesday. Not what I expected

mwhkmh on June 21, 2011:

I had surgery on June 13th, 2011. This was not a bad surgery, the worst part for me was the gas and being constipated -- that hurt. I did take GasX and Colace which helped. I have been moving around a good bit, got out and about the other day. I do notice I get tired very easily, but that's to be expected after any surgery. Hoping to go back to work next Monday, but still taking it very easy. I would highly recommend it for anyone!

pat f. on June 06, 2011:

Had the surgery on May 16, 2011. Very tired for the first 6 hours after surgery. Took pain pills for 2 days then just tylenol. But, then felt better than I have in YEARS. Now 3 weeks later want to go back to work but not released yet. Recommend this procedure to whoever needs it. Recovered better than when I had C-section.

Leslie D. on May 18, 2011:

So grateful you all are talking frankly about the gas pains. After having a foot surgery years ago that was supposed to be so painful, I had more pain with getting constipated on the 3rd day, then from my foot! It was a nightmare and I swore that my next surgery...I wouldn't eat for a week! My Gyno tells me that you need to eat food to get the "asleep from Anesthesia" intestines up and working again. She said, just eat small meals, salads, soup, etc. After reading all the above comments, I know I'll have Colace and Milk of Mag on hand. I will do a cleanse the month prior and will stay away from all fatty foods two weeks prior. And...I will get up and walk as much as possible post-surgery. I know how horrible stabbing gas pains and constipation are. By the way, I have a Uterous the size of a 5mth pregnancy with at least 5 Fibroids in the 4-5 centimeter range. That's the size of a baby's head (each one of them!), thank you very much. :-) My Doc and now you all...have me 98% talked into doing my Hysterectomy via the Robot when indeed I do have it. Thanks so much for the great tips!

eileen H. on May 17, 2011:

gery for the removal of an ovarian tumore. With little information re what to expect, other than the positive hype, I was "surprised" to be in horrible pain following the robotic surgery. Later told re the gas pumped into the body. I had no idea. Pain medication did not help it a lot. Staff seemed to think my pain was unusual. I was discharged anyway. It was a horrible few weeks at home. 6 weeks post surgery and just now doing better. A traumatic experience however.

CGreen on April 29, 2011:

I had a Robotic hysterectomy just a week ago today and I feel 100% normal. I am 29 yrs old and very fit and active, I was diagnosed with Cervical cancer and after several opinions decided the best option was the hysterectomy since I already have 2 children. Great experience. Surgery took 2 1/2 hours, up walking hospital halls 3 hours later, went home 8 hours later, walked to my car and the next day up making my own coffee and taking a shower. The first 2 days are the worst but honestly the worst part was all the bloating and gasiness, after a week I still have it some but nothing like it was. I am in shock this surgery was so SIMPLE and the recovery was sooo quick. I have 2 small boys so I was not able to lay around for a 6-8 week recovery, I am so gratful for such an amazing surgery experience :)

Victoria on April 24, 2011:

I had the Da Vinci surgery for endometriosis. I had a horrible experience. First off I was so dehydrated after the surgery that it took 3 saline bags to get me to pee because of the halflytely from the day before.

I had more pain than I did with my 2 c-sections. I guess it was because of what I had done though. He had to cut into my muscles to get some of the adhesions out and he had to cut into my right ovary because one of the adhesions was in a very awkward spot. I took more pain reliever than I did with my c-sections. My stomach is also still swollen and kind of hard which I have no idea if that is normal or not because I have no way of getting hold of my doc because I had my surgery on a Friday so his office is not open on weekends. I also did not bleed like my papers said I would. It said I should have a period like bleeding for 5-7 days. I only bled the first night and not anymore after that.

I think I would have had a better experience if I had been able to talk to my doc about my concerns. I will never have another surgery on a friday. Today is Sunday and I am feeling better but still can not sit straight up and standing up and walking hurts as well. I am hoping by tomorrow I feel better.

I went into this thinking it would be a breeze but I was very wrong.

Jennifer C on March 16, 2011:

I live in Greenville, SC. Have endometrosis & fam history of female cancer (both sisters had complete hysterectomies). Was trying to put off having this surg with meds & hormone therapies but the pain is almost constant. Sched for surg April 26, 2011. Thanks for all the comments here from those of you that have had the surgery. It told me to ask my dr questions I hadn't thought of (like bladder tacking and specific recovery questions since I have a very active 4 year old son!). God bless you all & my prayers are with you all. Its nice to know I'm not the only one going thru this!

Rosemary K on March 12, 2011:

Will have the DaVinci surgery on Wednesday, March 16th. I am 68 years old and have been going back and forth about having surgery for 4 years. Prolapsing. Very uncomfortable. Tried other methods but just too irritating. All that I have read, lead me to believe that I should be ready for gas.

Deb Pavone on February 23, 2011:

I just had the DaVinci surgery 6 days ago, I was overnight in hospital released next morning... No painkillers....

A little sore but Dr Burke said I could try to go to work tomorrow and then maybe once a week for the next 5 weeks

Still Swollen, bruised and but gas pain in gone......

Have a cough ... but that will go away

cat on January 23, 2011:

I too had the Davinci Robotic Surgery. I had a total abdominal hysterectomy. I would recommend it but it is not a 2-4 week healing back to normal like advertised for the very active person. I went home 4 hours after waking up from anesthesia. I am physically fit working out 2 hours per day prior to surgery. However, the discharge instructions to slowly increase your activity back to normal and restart abdominal excercises in 2 weeks was totally misleading and wrong. I work out at the gym doing various aerobic classes (step, pump, zumba), elliptical, spinning/rpm classes, etc. and back to normal activities in 2 weeks applies only to people who's normal activities are being basically a couch potato. Even though I was healed on the outside, the vaginal cuff is not ready for normal activities after 2 week or even 4 weeks. My doctor even released me after my 2 week post op appointment to restart spinning and step class at 3 weeks. I would not consider a spinning class till the 8-10 week point and only after the doctor verifies your cuff is healed. Spinning would rip you apart! Sex after 6 weeks is out of the question and don't resume this till cleared by exam and then I would wait an additional 2-4 weeks). I started step aerobics without the step (just a mat)and holding back without any jumping, totally low impact at 4 weeks. I had some spotting and granulation tissue I believe due to this. I scheduled myself a 6 week appointment even though I had been discharged at 2 weeks (forever) and had to have silver nitrate with 10 days of just walking. Annoyingly, at my 6 week visit the doctor suddently didn't remember giving me the okay to head back to the gym at 3 weeks (which I didn't, I waited till 4 due to common sense). I think the "back to normal" activities after 2 weeks is just something docs are forced to say by the manufacturer to sell the technique. It is not true for the very active person so ladies be careful! Otherwise, I am very happy with the technique. I have 4 incisions and they are so small. The one through the top of the belly button where the camera goes is invisible because it is the crease. The other 3 are so small they will fade to nothing. I had no pain that wasn't relieved with Tylenol. No blood loss. The gas was the worst pain and lasted a week. Take your Milk of Magnesia faithfully for at least 4 weeks. I returned to work from home the next day ( I work from my computer at home) and I got up and about without problem. So overall, this is a far better way to go if you realize recovery for the very active person who goes to the gym and does classes is not 2 weeks or 4 weeks. It is really 6 weeks. BE CAREFUL and use your common sense.

jj in denver on January 16, 2011:

I had a Da Vinci total hysterectomy to remove large fibroid tumors (cantelope size +) 4 days ago. The surgery took 3.5 hours. I have 5 small incisions across the top of my abdomen. I was in the hospital less than 30 hours and felt ok to go home. They had given me lots of fluids due to dehydration from the bowel cleanse. I gained and lost 13 pounds of water weight in 3 days, but it wasn't bad, just puffy feeling. I started right away walking around the hospital halls, and walk around the house several times a day. I eat small healthy meals (stuffing not a good idea). I was on percocet for the gas pains (the worst part) but am now on Ibuprofin now that gas has dissipated significantly (by day 3). I will not be jogging around the block anytime soon. I feel good, but feel like I had a big surgery. I'm still bloated, but not too gassy. Regular Gas-Ex helps. I am going to take a mild laxative to help get the bowels going. For the woman who asked how they remove the uterus/tumors, for me it was vaginally but I had a lot of mass to remove. I plan to give myself plenty of time to recuperate. But my doctor believes I will bounce back much more quickly than if I had full abdominal surgery.

Moreno Valley, Ca on January 11, 2011:

I am having the Da Vinci Hysterectomy in 2 weeks thanks for all the great comments I feel much better in having this done instead of having a big incision.

Brenda on January 02, 2011:

I had the Da Vinci procedure done Dec. 29,2010 I went home the next day with 5 small incisions glued shut. I was a little sore for the first two days but was still able to get around. Four days later almost back to normal just feels like I did to many sit ups. Back to my normal schedule now. I was prepared for the worst but this wasn't that bad only took pain meds the first 2 days now I'm good to go. This is definitly a better way to go.

Karen on January 01, 2011:

I had a robotic hysterectomy 3 days ago on Dec 29,2010, at UC Irvine to remove the uterine cancer that was diagnosed at Thanksgiving. I'm 55 and otherwise very healthy and active. The surgery took 3 hours, and I stayed at the hospital less than 24 hrs. My husband read a Bill Bryson book to me during the waiting in pre-op, but a diversion that causes belly laughs is not appreciated post-op! I had five small incisions that were super-glued and then given a comforting elastic abdominal wrap. The gas and bloating caused the most discomfort, with the CO2 moving up into the shoulders. Percocet helped and still helps with that, as 3 days later the gas is not yet gone. I walked around the hospital and am now walking a lot inside at home. My appetite is good, but I can't eat/drink too much at one time, though that's not an unhealthy habit to form! I had a laparascopy in 1996 for infertility, and those 3 little scars are long gone, so I have faith that these 5 new ones will heal up easily as well.

Connie on January 01, 2011:

I had my surgury Dec. 1, 2010 and was home a day later and baking cookies two days later. Yes I was more tired and felt very crampy for the first two weeks. I am 62 years old and they fould fluid in the tubes so I decided to have it all taken out at the same time. I also had a kidney (cancer) taken out two years ago with the robic surgury and did wonderful with that surgury also. So a lot of holes later from robic surgury we are doing fine. Nothing to fear and and I was never in pain with either surgury

Wendy on December 27, 2010:

I had my surgery 6 days ago and feel great. Did not have to do bowel prep ( like some others). Stayed overnight day of surgery and home the next day. Gas pains are the worst but walking really helps. The insicions are sore but not bad. Planning on returning back to work next Mon. Great way to take care of my female issues!!

Cindy on November 13, 2010:

I had the Da Vinci procedure April 30,2010 with total hysterectomy and bladder TVT sling. Just had to have the bladder procedure redone. I still have the pain in the right side where the instrument was inserted and lower back pain when on my feet alot I am concerned because where my incision from where the intruments were inserted was not done the way the picture is shown above they were put every where. The physician I was sent to for this procedure stated to my husband and myself that I was the perfect candidate for it. I was in very good health and fit before this procedure. The physican told us afterwards that I was not the perfect candidate because I was not wide enough. I am 5'4 and 107 lbs. I am not one that sits around because we live on a ranch and there are plenty of things to do. After the procedure I even stayed off for 8 weeks doing nothing! SCARY!!!! I had check him out with the state board and two hospitals that he practiced at and receive high recommendations. Don't always go by that because they are not going to say nothing about another physician. I hope that you do better than I am doing, makes me wonder if I should have chosen a vaginal hysterectomy instead of this.

Yolie Cardiff on November 13, 2010:

I was 32 years old when I had abdominal myomectomy in August 2006, doctor wanted to remove a total of 4 pounds of fibroids, one of those was the size of a medium orange, and avoid the hysterectomy since I was young, newlywed and no kids. Back then I didn't have the DaVinci Robot surgery option and the recovery was long and very painful. Unfortunately multiple fibroids returned in different sizes and very degenerative. This time hysterectomy is the only option and I was the perfect candidate for the DaVinci robotic procedure.

I had robotic hysterectomy two weeks ago, Oct 29 2010. I spent two days one night in the hospital hardly waking or eating. Third day I walked out of the hospital feeling ok but certainly not feeling wonderful afterwards. At home, I stayed in bed, walked and ate to move my bowels but 5 days after procedure I started to feel the most horrible abdominal pain I never suffered. I was rushed to hospital next day and after a scan it was determine that I have a severe constipation and I had to stay in the hospital until clearing my intestines. The pain medication taken during the fist days caused constipation, as a consequence gas pain and an intense pain over my entire abdomen area, my stomach bloated so badly that the four small incisions started stretching, definitely this wasn't in my plans. Once cleared the digestive system I was send back home with some ibuprofen.

Today is day 15 after procedure and I am started feeling a bit better, however, I am far from being back to normal, I feel like my insides are drooping down, if I stay on my feet for long I feel intense pain in my lower back. Also I am having blood spots with a very funky smell and a vaginal pain, I am having check up with my doc on Monday and see if these new symptoms are normal.

Besides these "small complications" I still recommend the robotic hysterectomy, every person is different and I admire the ladies that after five days where able to go shopping, do groceries and get back to work within two weeks. Fortunately, I work from my home office and I hope to get back on my duties soon, but I can see that for me it will take at less four weeks before I start feeling great.

Chelle S. on November 12, 2010:

I had the robotic surgery 5 weeks ago. My doctor prescribed 6 weeks of medical leave, but based upon information from my research, I was expecting to recover in 2-3 weeks, and be able to return to normal activity. That is far from the truth. While I am getting better each day, I still cannot stand for extended periods and shopping trips have to be very short. Otherwise I get stabbing pains in my left abdomen and lower back cramps. I am expected to return to work next week and I am concerned that the 6 weeks will not be long enough. It's nice to hear that at least a few other women are not experiencing the very short recovery time.

Chelle S. on November 12, 2010:

I had the robotic surgery 5 weeks ago. My doctor prescribed 6 weeks of medical leave, but based upon information from my research, I was expecting to recover in 2-3 weeks, and be able to return to normal activity. That is far from the truth. While I am getting better each day, I still cannot stand for extended periods and shopping trips have to be very short. Otherwise I get stabbing pains in my left abdomen and lower back cramps. I am expected to return to work next week and I am concerned that the 6 weeks will not be long enough. It's nice to hear that at least a few other women are not experiencing the very short recovery time.

B.Nagy on October 26, 2010:

I had the robotic surgery done do to cervical cancer,it was a radical hysterectomy and some of my lyph node were removed this was done Sept 7,2010 the very next day I was able to get up slowly some pain of course as expected but what I didn't expect was one of my legs numb and one foot completely swollen when I ask the Doc he didn't have an answer he said he has never come across this in his 20 years of practice so I was sent to see a vasculer specilast which he said yes it was because of the surgery,So now I'm stuck with a numb leg and one hot foot and has anyone out there experience this PLEASE HELP....as far as the recovery of the surgery the pain might have lasted for a week and my belly was swollen for about the same time.New symptom that started last week I have been getting dizzy alot and once again he does not know why.I am 42 small frame weight 113 and I feel like an old lady that can't walk well and feels like i'm going to loose balance because I'm light headed all the time.Any help out there I have been researching but can't find anything to help me .

Marlixta on October 17, 2010:

I had Davinci surgery Oct 11,2010 for uterine ca and everything was removed along with the pelvic lymph nodes. It was a 4 hour surgery with staging. I was in recovery for 2 hours, two IVs in each arm( was dehydrated they said).Had done the bowel prep the night before to clean the bowels in case they are nicked and lessen the chance for infection.I had a foley catheter and 5 incisions. There were 3 incisions on the left ,one in the middle and one on the right side.

I was sore and belly swollen after surgery was able to get up so they removed foley and I peed on my own even though it was a slow start. I walked around the hallway as much as i could but I night I had the sequentials (SCD) or compression stockings hooked up that pumped and squeezed my legs to prevent blood clots.

I went home the next day because I was eating and drinking and passing gas.

I have to give myself subcutaneous inj in my abd once a day for 28 days with Lovenox to prevent blood clots. Not my favorite thing!

I would be great except I get this spasm like almost stabbing pain on the left side where the 3 incisions are just below my ribs...it take my breathe away have to stop and wait til it passes..more at night but fine when I lay down or take my pain pill. Also had large bruising on left side along lower abdomen to upper thigh and pelvic region..no pain, not hard, but just plain ugly.

I am now 6 days post op and though I can eat well move my bowels(take colace) it is going to be a slow recovery. I see my dr in 4 days & if i am like this still will have to ask him about it.

I would recommend it though because it does avoid the belly incision and long recovery.It seems most have a good recovery so it works well. Just make sure you ask what you may expect afterwards,,etc.pain, gas, discharge.

Preethi on October 14, 2010:

Had my surgery 2 weeks back and am feeling real good. First 4 days was tough mostly because of shoulder/neck pains due to gas and sore stitches. Now I am able to walk and do basic chores with ease. No drivng yet tho I would like to.

Doc did not give me any details about the size , weight, condition etc. Said she will let me know after the pathology report came in or at post op checkup.

Is that the case with most of you ?? Or did you know right away ? Just curious.

Jean on October 08, 2010:

Had davinci in last week. Walked same day of surgery. Make sure doc removes gas plug after surgery. A gas is used to blow up stomach area for easier manuevering. 5 incisions were made. One hole for camera, one hole for cutters and one hole for suctioning up the yuck. Not sure on other 2 holes. The procedure time depends on size of tumor / fibroid. A two pound fibroid took 4 hours for removal. Able to drive within 2 weeks. Have a slight cough from tube down throat. Although less invasive, treat this like full blown surgery for better recovery. I'm not a doctor, but a good patient. IF after surgery, any foul odor discharge, go back to doctor for possible bacterial infection. Antibiotic time.

Jane on October 06, 2010:

Can anyone tell me what the prep is for the DaVinci surgery?

Preethi on September 28, 2010:

Have the Da Vinci Total Hysterectomy scheduled for tomorrow, Sep 29t at 1:00.... Based on all the reviews so far I am feelin good. They did not tell me if I would require an overnight stay. I will know after the surgery.

Fingers Crossed :)

Jenn on September 15, 2010:

Scheduled for davinci hysterectomy in early Nov. Have to say I am more concerned about the bowel prep then the surgery at this point! If you don't mind a lot of guts, you can view a 10 minute video of the procedure on utube.

PAM on September 15, 2010:

Had my uterus removed using the DaVinci method on 9/8/10 and was home by dinner time on 9/9/10. Dr. said my ultrasound dimensions were misleading when she saw my enlarged uterus and fibroids that seemed to be have multiplied several times over from the ultrasound 5 days earlier. Used pain meds for 3 days and haven't used any since. Bloated with lots of gas but gets better with each passing day and no spotting with minimal pain. Up and walking around since the surgery, 5 small incisisions with scabbing (and to Shelly, the uterus is removed through the inscisions on your abdomen after the Dr. uses the robot instruments to chop/cut your uterus and it is then pulled out through the incisions like "chicken strips"). Minimally invasive is the perfect term and Dr. Yancy with the DMC in Michigan is an excellent surgeon. Definitely the way to go!

Tracy on September 11, 2010:

Today is Saturday the 11th of September I had my surgery on Tuesday the 7th. I had an overnight stay in the hospital. I have to mention that the gas pains for a few days are awful, the more you walk the more they escape pre-surgery don't forget the GAS-X (make sure ok with your dr.) it helps a little. Good luck to everyone!

Cheryk Abordoh on September 09, 2010:

I had my Da Vinci Hysterectmy surgery on Sept. 2, 2010. I was a little sore after the surgery. I stayed in the hospital 2 days. The day I came home I had very little pain. On the day after I came home I was holding my 18 pound 4 month old Grandson, and I even cooked dinner for the family. By day 5 I went to an appointment I had scheduled before surgery, after the appointment I went grocery shopping and drove home, after being out for several hours. I got home and had no pain. I even stopped taking the pain medication after the 3rd day. I just take Ibuprophen when I get ocassional minor pain. I am feeling great!I feel so much better. It has been a week now. I will be back babysitting on Saturday which is 9 days after my surgery. If you need this surgery dont put it off I highly recommend it. I am a person that is a baby when it comes to pain. If I can do it you can do it. I felt more pain from blood draws. I am glad I stop putting it off and got it done.

Thank You

Jennifer on September 07, 2010:

I had the davinci robotic hysterectomy two weeks ago. I am still having some bleeding from the incision in my belly button...have any of you had this problem? My doctor says not to worry and it is normal...but it concerns me.

Susan on September 03, 2010:

Had hystorectomy with davinci 9 days .I slept half the day and I am still taking ibprofen but not much pain now more pressure when on my feet too long .I think 2- 3 weeks recovery is the normal .I think to read about a couple of days and you are back to work is wrong and what physcain would allow it .I think it is better then open type but it is not a magic pill .it is surgery and there is recovery time needed.by the way after the surgery pain medication is needed for sometime depending on each person .

it was not a severre as a c section but narcotics were needed.

Rosemarie on August 20, 2010:

I am 67 and had the daVinci complete hysterectomy 2 weeks

ago. I was home the next day. I felt great for the first 2 weeks but now am experiencing lots of gas. I wonder if anyone else who had this procedure is having

this kind of problem. Other than that I would recommendend this type of surgery to any women.

Dallas on August 20, 2010:

I had a DaVinci Robot hysterectomy 5 wks ago and I am still experiencing some bleeding and cramping. I am also experiewncing constant pain and soreness in my right side near my rib area

lasiksurgerydallas on July 19, 2010:

Very interesting Article. thanks for sharing. I'm thinking about moving to Dallas :)

pherin on July 11, 2010:

I had a hysterectomy utilizing the da Vinci robotic system performed by Dr. Cathy Dahl at St. Francis Hospital in Topeka, KS.in April of this year. I was back to work full time in one week. I had the occasional bloating but no pain to speak of and at home, I took no pain pills what-so-ever. I was in the hospital overnight, walking after resting a few hours and I have not stopped since. I have four very small incisions instead of a large zipper like intrusion on my body. I would highly recommend Dr. Cathy Dahl and her team at St. Francis if anyone is anticipating a future hysterectomy. This was a truly unique and amazing experience, a very least invasive addition to the surgical world!!!

VivekSri on July 09, 2010:

just learning about them, and a horizon of new info. will thank you for all the time and effort you did here.

pat on July 03, 2010:

I had the DaVinci Robotic Assisted surgery for fibroid tumors in Jan. Within 5-6 weeks I was told that I could become sexually active. Whoa - what pain! 2nd time was in April & 3rd time 1st of july. Sexual act was only initiated each time, with a burst of blood, then tremendous pain -compared to labor pains and bad gas pains..doubling me over. Each time, within a few hrs. a clear, nonordorless discharge began & lasted for 5-6 days along with the intense pain covering my entire abdomen area. My stomach bloats & get a hard feeling whereas I cannot hold it in at all. The gyn. ordered a CT Scan & the results seem to be colon related. I went to see a GI Dr., esp. since I have a brother & sister who's had colon ca. He performed a colonoscopy & it was totally clear. My gyn. wanted to do exploratory laparoscopy surgery, assisted with a colonrectal surgeon. I opted to get a second CT scan with contrast & this one did not show any inflamation in my colon. My gyn told me I was fine & could resume sexual activity at any time. That's when the 3rd time happened! I am seeking a second opinion from another gyn but wondered if anybody else has experienced epsiodes like this?

shelly on June 27, 2010:

I am still trying to find out how the uterus actually leaves the body! Does it come out in pieces? Are they able to remove it with suction? Or does it actually come out the vagina? Sorry to be so graphic, but I cannot find it on the internet.

teresa on June 22, 2010:

has anyone had one of the surgical tools fall off this robot? in my sugery a tool fell off in me the dr.had to look for 1 hour to find it in my body she found it using xray but from all the poking around i am extreamly painfull 1 week post opp

Shelley Sears on June 08, 2010:

I would caution anyone about pain following a hysterectomy to have it checked out throughly. My mother had cancer and used the davinci procedure. She had pain following the procedure and was told by her dr. that he may have hit a nerve during the procedure which could result in pain for up to a year. She began taking pain medication to manage the pain. She then became constipated which she thought was caused by the medication. She had colonoscopies and they found a 4-6 inch tumor on her colon. When she had surgery last Wednesday they found that she had cancer in the organs in her abdomen. These were uterine cancer cells that had fallen off when she had the daVinci procedure for her hysterectomy last fall. She now has Stage 4 cancer! I would caution anyone that has this procedure and has cancer to also take radiation or chemotherepy to get any stray cancer cells that may fall off and spread to other organs. Her dr. told her that he got all the cancer when he did the hysterctomy so she didn't have any radiation or chemo.

Chavela on May 29, 2010:

I had the robotic assisted procedure 9 days ago. I'm feeling pretty good now but find myself to tire easily. I had my uterus, tubes, ovaries and cervix removed. I wasn't able to go home the next day because I ended up with a fever of 101 degrees so they kept me an extra day. I also had a nurse rush in with 6 IV bags, 5 potassium and 1 of magnesium. I've tried to read up on this and have found that it's only given intravenously in severe cases and not an amount like that. I was pretty out of it since they had me on morphine so I guess I won't know what happened until my follow up appt. Apparently it's dangerous to be low in potassium and they tried not to alarm me. Well the potassium made me violently nauseous. I don't remember the drive home which was 30 miles. I spent the next two days in bed hardly waking or eating. I feel much better now but I certainly didn't experience feeling wonderful afterwards. I have 4 incisions 3 horizontal and one they had bandaged that I removed when I got home. It was vertical and very wide with a horrible scab. They are all still scabbed over and I feel a little bloated and only wear sweat pants so far. The whole purpose of removing everything was because of the chance of cancer and my family history and I'm thankful they didn't find any. I'm sure I'll recover just fine but sometimes I feel like my insides are drooping down, and I still spot if I over do it also. All in all better than the alternative. So far haven't experienced any menopausal symptoms, I'm 51 and was still having periods up until my D & C in January. I'm worried about that. Maybe it takes a while to start? Feel a little sad sometimes too, guess that's par for the course. Good luck to others who will have the operation and make sure you ask a lot of questions.

Cindy M on May 19, 2010:

I had the DaVinci total hysterectomy and a bladder sling for stress incontience 2 weeks ago. I still have alot of tenderness in the abdominal area. I feel bloated and gassy and no energy. I am 46 years old but very active playing soccer 3 days a week. The dr suggest to walk at brisk pace, which I have no problem but I am far from being back to normal. I feel that it will be more like 5 weeks or longer before my body is where I need to be. My dr told me for my body to be totally healed inside and out it would be up to 18 months. He also told me in about 8 weeks I could start playing soccer again. I still have some spotting if I over do it. Did anyone else have that problem?

Amy C on May 19, 2010:

I had the DaVinci hysterectomy 5 days ago. I am doing very well. I was in the hospital only one day. My abdominal region is sore and I feel bloated and gassy, but overall I feel great. I can get up and around without much problem at all. I am a more tired than ususal, but I am sure that is to be expected. I am so glad that I chose this method as opposed to the traditional. I can't imagine being in the hospital for 3 days and on bed rest for 6 weeks! I am 41 years old and this was a great decision for me. I would recommend this for anyone.

tennille on May 08, 2010:

hello my names tennille i had the robot done 3 days ago camehome on the 6th i was in surgey for 4an half hour i cant lift for 8 weeks wont be able go back to intill july thats what the dr said but iam up moveing around sore with a liitle pain but iam so glad i had it done and i cant work out for 3months at the gym either i had a hysterectomy iam 34 with no kids i still have my oivers just not the other part no more peroids yea

Pauline on May 08, 2010:

I was diagnosed with uterine cancer a little over two weeks ago and just this week had a radical hysterectomy performed using the DaVincci Robbotic Assisst. Wonderful! Marvelous! Fantastic! 5 small incisions compared to one long incision. I was able to get up and walk within hours after surgery and walk I did. This has been wonderful!

Diana on April 29, 2010:

Had a Da Vinci hysterectomy last Wednesday for uterine cancer, went home Thursday morning, and walked from my room to my car in the parking lot with no problem. I'm still a little sore, but despite all my doubts before, am feeling really lucky this was an option for me.

Lisa on April 10, 2010:

I had a subtotal hysterectomy and both ovaries and tubes removed at Vanderbilt on March 15, 2010 (which was 3 1/2 weeks ago). I am 52. I had surgery at 1:00 and was on my way home at 9:00. I only took ibuprofen for the pain I only had stomach pain when I tried to sit up or sneezed (allergy season). I did have some gas pain in my shoulder area but not too bad and it lessened every day. After 10 days, I was able to wear my normal clothes instead of the sweat pants I had been wearing. I went back to teaching on the 14th day after surgery and felt fine. It sure is easy to over due for I feel I never had surgery. My incision is only one small X ( 1 1/2 in to 2 in size) over my navel. I worried so very much about this surgery and researched it all I could. In hind sight, I worried a lot for no reason for it was wonderful.

JAN aBBEN on April 09, 2010:


Wanda on April 09, 2010:

I was told I need to have a hysterectomy as I have a very large fibroid they say it's the size of a cantelope. I am very small frame built, was just desperately wanting to know if this da vinci surgery would be a way out of having the old fashion way of a hysterectomy. You don't have much on large fibroids on the website. Would really appreciate some help. Thank you

janice on March 28, 2010:

I'm 60 years old and having da Vinci complete hysterectomy in one month and I'm so afraid...how long does the pain last......I have heard horror stories

helenever on March 25, 2010:

Please, please! The recovery time for a hysteretomy is not one to two weeks as advertised. Please go to hystersisters.com and read more. Too many women are told they can return to work and are fully recovered in as little as one week and it is just not true. Many women are then put in the position of job or health. Davinci "sellers" need to be very aware of the damage they are causing telling women this. It is a 4-6 week recovery, same as traditional laproscopy. Many women even take off 8 weeks to ensure a full and safe recovery.

Regi on March 19, 2010:

I had Davinci hysterectomy 1 day ago, on March 17th. Absolutely amazing, I am home and went with my husband to work for a couple of hours to watch him. I feel great just bloated and gassy. I researched and found Davinci and was referred to an amazing Dr. Kurtulus who made me feel like he cared! I am hoping my recovery goes well and I'll be back to business as normal soon!

Dawn on January 22, 2010:

how long did the da vinci surgery take i am having it done on jan 29th?

Alesia on December 11, 2009:

I had the DaVinci for a hysterectomy 3 days ago. I was out of the hospital in less then 23 hours. I am thankful to the amazing minds that developed this so that I could have an easier post op recovery..I have had several open abdominal surgeries in the past and this one was a refreshingly easier surgery...

Angela on December 08, 2009:

I had the DaVinci complete hysterectomy just 5 days ago. I was up taking a shower the morning after and went home in the afternoon the day after surgery. I was up moving around without much pain when I got home. I only took pain pills for 3 days. I am amazed at how well I feel. I am taking it easy because I was told to, but it would be real easy to overdo sice I feel so good. I'm so glad I didn't have to get the old fashioned surgery. I would still be in bed.

Barbara Atkinson on December 06, 2009:

I had the DaVinc Robot surgery on 9/25/2009 - I am a nutrionist, I am in excellent phycial condition,however, I have found my recoop period to be much longer than the 4 to six week timeframe - you can go back to work but I am just now starting to feel like my healthy self. The surgery has left me with stabbing pains where the uterus and cervic use to reside. I am going back to my doctor on 12/9/2009 to have a followup and will be asking him about the stabbing pains. I am blessed to feel the cancer was caught and I only have a 1% to 2% chance of it returning.

Becky on July 05, 2009:

I am thinking about getting a Da Vinci hysterectomy for uterine fibroids/endometriosis. My surgeon has done about 25 previous cases. What is the learning curve for doing this procedure? I have read 20 - 50.

Amy S on June 06, 2009:

I had this procedure done with the Da Vinci 2 1/2 weeks ago. The day after I was up walking and got to go home. Im back to doing a lot of my daily things. I highly recommend this technique if you must have this procedure.

pro.seods on May 24, 2009:


The article you just wrote sounds very informatie and interesting. Infact I have not heard about Da Vinci surgery before reading it here.

Thank you for sharing

Tammy on May 01, 2009:

How long do I expect to be in the hsopital after the procedure ?

karen eini on November 19, 2008:

Thank you for signing up to be my fan. I was wondering which of my hubs had interested you and then I found your Da Vinci surgery. I am now 8 weeks post an abdominal hysterectomy and just getting back into the swing of things. I haven't heard of the Da Vinci robotic surgery in Israel. I will definitely mention it to my doctor on my next check up.

Karen Eini