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Are You Living? or Just Pretending to Live?

When I see people running after the world like it's going to end tomorrow, I get a little surprised by their passion for living life to the fullest. They thrive like the fierce waves of the ocean but can't be silent the way it (ocean) is deep and calm. That's the point where they lose themselves in this crisscross world, forgetting the fact of its immortality.

I am not saying this because I am a boring or passive person, but I feel this is the power of my words, and that's my exception and intensity of thinking and analyzing the facts, tbh.

I have never been very fond of discovering and exploring the world like most people are. Neither am I very social to get engaged to the people all over or take an interest in their personal lives as I have a world of my own existing in my mind. I am an overthinker, but an intelligent one who has a proper command of every thought generated out of mind.

I believe if you are a masterpiece who can conquer the desire to live a life you crave, you are a monster from inside with an exterior as typical as anyone else out there. Because we see, not everyone else can do this. People live; they cross any limit or make their comfort zones in any toughest situations to fill the dreams they want to live. But the exception would be if they conquer their desires or hearts to let the life live them.


You genuinely get to know yourself and the reality of this world by freeing yourself from your inner whispers to live. I feel that people running after desires don't live; they suffer because they run one after the other for their inner satisfaction. They will always end up disappointed and craving for more because they haven't put a limit on their deep-seated insect, which eats them from inside in their desires and doesn't let them live in reality. At the same time, they think that they are living a perfect life while they aren't even living.

They are suffering the life God gave them. And also wasting it to the point of getting old but never truly knowing the satisfaction of a soul free from natural human desires. Some think their lives aren't worth living because they didn't get what they wanted from life. That's where the true meaning of actually living life is hidden. Here, bodies live and souls die; I am illustrating a world where souls live, compromising the materialism of bodies.

What I just said is a little tricky to understand. Still, in simple it means when you stop getting bothered by artificialism or materialism, that's the point where you discover your true soul, authentic self, and a whole new you, observing the world with a deep and introverted eye when no one can tell by looking at you that, what must be going on in this person's mind as it's the state of you having the purest soul, free from every possible eagerness.

If you are the one who can let go of this particular part in you, your whole view of looking at this world, people, affairs, and things will change. Change in every possible way you could think. Just imagine once living a life with a human body but a soul free from human desires? It's crazy but isn't it fantastic?

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You can embrace that state of divine consciousness, knowing your true self and soul but only if you're the one who can conquer the inner demon of selfishness and dreams.

Because the state of mind I'm talking about is of complete selflessness to attain the purest of soul.


You might be thinking, why should I? You can't, and your way of thinking is the reason. Your trail of thoughts always attracts materialism and the very unrealistic fabrication of this world. You are a robot. You follow. You don't feel the desire to think with a full, free and conscious mind. Because you don't need it and because you are a meaningless part of this world living and enjoying the so-called life as everyone else is. You are either a piece/part of the chess of this world or a player who uses the other pieces to be the winner. But you aren't an actual chess player. You can never find the true meaning of satisfaction this way.

You don't want to free your soul. You want it to be engaged and bound with your selfishness to live while the life today's humans live is, to me, unworthy and kind of miserable as it's similar to centuries without a minor change. People come and leave this riddled world without knowing why they even existed.

Unworthy because they think their life doesn't worth a try or change. It ends without the sensation of knowing the true happiness and satisfaction, which is only hidden in my prior discussion.

It's hidden in being simple, natural, and material-free. That's where your soul lives, and you would find eternal peace and satisfaction in that way of living and breathing because that's the righteous way to live! As long as you can discover it. But no one gives it a thought!

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