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Life -lessons and How to Make a powerful comeback

Perhaps you think life has landed you a blow and you don’t know how to get up.

I would like to remind you there is something you can do about it. The first thing to do is not to keep lying there, feeling that you are done in. The blow might have been really hard but that’s all the reason why you should bounce back. It happens all the time, but the game is won when you resolve to give it another go. Hold on tight and never let go.

Blows come in so many different ways, sometimes it’s a divorce, never anticipated, at others a job that suddenly folds up and you are never quite prepared for such. Sometimes it’s the sudden passing of a wife or husband or child and you are quite at a lose how to pick up the pieces again.

Many find their whole life’s saving depleted gone and there is nowhere to turn. Sometimes the decisions people make turn their lives upside down, and at times the company many keep destroys what took them years to build.


Life has an armful of challenges it throws at us but a defeated mindset is never the option. There are those that fold their arms and sit back, doing nothing about it.

Did you notice how Tiger woods' world came crushing down on him? The image he had acquired over the years was tarnished. For a few years we read about the marriage breakdown, the divorce, The passing on of his father who was his greatest pillar.

How to empower self to transform your life cirmcumstances

It seemed everything just came crushing down on him, Over night, he was no longer the much beloved golf sensation, the world over got to hear about his ‘extramarital affairs” his addiction to sex and women. He just seemed to lose control of his life.. The world must have thought he was done in and buried. But he surprised everyone even the critics who thought he would never make a come back of any sort. What a great comeback! He did it again!

“To watch him across the past eight months has been to see a man come back to life. To see him hold off 18 of the best 20 golfers in the world at East Lake was something closer to witnessing a rebirth.


Everything had gone wrong at some point. Things can turn the other way when we least expect it. And those we thought were our allies turn against us too. For a little while, it seems you are all alone. In that darkest hour that’s when you either quit or make a great come back. That’s when you decide to correct what went wrong. I believe it always starts with the conviction that you can come out of the mess or situation and you can excel. That thought alone will push you until you stand again. It is in such moments it is helpful to know many have gone through such moments and triumphed. They however don’t know exactly how they pulled through but they just did. Then there are those who decide to be buried by the situation and never know how to rise again. Nothing is different in all man its just the determination the sheer will that separates them


How To Be Empowered For An Amazing Awesome Victory

Macaulay Culkin, he had a great start but as he grew older things haven’t worked so well, his fame as declined and he has never made a come back.

The child actor had numerous hits when he was younger, but then had the challenge of figuring out what his career as an adult would look like. He did try to make that transition with Party Monster, but it wasn’t well-reviewed. After that, the actor started making headlines when he was arrested for drug possession."

He had a great start but somewhere along the line things didn't end as anticipated. There are some people who will always need others to direct them, they don't seem to know how to make it on their own. They will always want encouragement else they can never stand on their own.These kind of people never had confidence in themselves , they will always need a guiding hand.

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The one thing any person can do for themselves is try to build a strong resolve. That is what will get anyone through and that is what helps a person stay strong.


How To Successfully Overcome When Faced With Life Challenges

Always stay positive when faced with a difficult time in your life and be patient with yourself.Moments when people are faced with dark moments has nothing to do with a person’s status, it’s a phase in life that either shapes a person or destroys them, depending on one’s interpretation of the turmoil around them. I have read of family man secure in their marriage for many years and who are suddenly faced with divorce papers. They never know what hit them, but they do get through it and go on to remarry or reconcile after a while. It’s devastating to have a husband walk out or a wife walk out of a marriage.

When the tide turns on you the first thing you do is shoulder the blame .You really think it’s your fault and starting thinking that maybe if you had done things differently things wouldn’t have ended the way they did. It’s a human tendency to want to blame self, especially in woman. But at the end of the day, cases are so far gone there isn’t much you can do. Learn to be patient with yourself. You can’t change how a person thinks towards you but you can change the way you think towards yourself and when you do, everything around you changes and seems to cooperate with you.

Isn’t it amazing that the very people who cheer you on in your moments of glory are the very ones who tear you apart when you slip? They never really want to know the truth, they are ready to label you all kinds of negative words they have ever heard.

Everyone has it in them to make a great turn around for their lives but the decision is yours alone. It isn't about what people are saying or not saying . It is all about you.


How To Make Your Worst Moments Into Great Achievements

I am convinced your down moments are the moments that can build you up into more than what you were before. They can help you be strong and find your purpose again. I also think that moment when all seems to flee from you is another opportunity for you to rebuild and find other ways of getting back on your feet. It is also wise never to question why you of all people should go through such difficult moments when everyone else seems to have it altogether for themselves, and it is also not a place to blame yourself. True you might have been the reason why your world cam crushing in on your head, but learn from it. Let it be a lesson to you. If you don't take it as a lesson you will never progress you will only keep doing the same things that got you where you are in the first place.

Learn to admit you were wrong, you made the wrong decisions. You might never have appreciated your wife or your husband and you never thought they would walk out on you. Take full responsibility for your mistakes and be willing to turn over a new leaf. In many situations it might be too late to get that relationship back on its feet but you can start again and be a better person in the process.

A blow from life is a sure indicator that you need to work on yourself, you need to correct a lot of things. You certainly need to handle things differently. It is no use trying to pin the blame on other people, and factors. You have to be in a position to admit that in the end the decision is always yours.

It is also a time to look ahead and not lament on what was. That is in the past, move on. No other person can do that for you and don't look on people as though they owe you a life. You are the one who owes yourself a fresh start and all life has done is give you another opportunity to fix yourself and get a brand new life.

Never expect to be treated the way you were when you had your life all together. Know that each situation in life has a set of people that it draws your way and you would be very fortunate to have friends that do remain loyal and faithful to you through all your transitions.


How To Make Mind Blowing Opportunities From Challenges

There is every reason to rally onto your feet again, and there is every reason to be a better person at the end of it all. Make sure you don't give in, stay strong , hold on. As long as you keep your hopes up there is a good chance that you will spring back again.Have a plan to work with , have an idea how you can build yourself again. It doesn't have to be big, just have something to start with. Always keep moving , keep trying even in days and moments when you don't feel like doing anything.

If you could do it that first time round you are sure to do it again. You are still the same person , it is just that now you have to bounce back . Let the desire and the need to stand again consume you until you do stand again and you have accomplished more than you had anticipated. It is possible to do so when you convince yourself, it's not the other men that need to hear it and believe it, they only need to witness it.

Treat yourself kindly and give yourself an opportunity to have a go at it.

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