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Living a Life of Uncertainty

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The coronavirus has effected the lives of every American. This virus has effect me finically, emotionally and it has made me live in fear everyday .I am a victim of the coronavirus , I laid in a bed for almost three months in a world of uncertainty, I didn't know if tomorrow would come.

This Virus has left me emotional drain, I no longer can sat across the table and enjoy a meal with my friends without thinking one of them might be carrying the coronavirus. Everything has changed, I can no longer run into a store and buy anything without wearing my mask.

I can no longer be with my friends , go to parties or walk among a group of people and feel safe. I am afraid of the my next door neighbor's, my children going to school interacting with their friends. I am of being of being with my family members because of their reaction to the coronavirus. My time is spent in isolation I goes to the grocery store, the doctors and back home, I am a prisoner in my own home. Young people has not came to the realization that this virus is serious, they thinking more of partying then they do human life.

I sat back and watch the President down playing this deadly pandemic, by telling the people that the virus is on the way out. Across Most states in America people are dying everyday with no end in sight. America has been without leadership for four years with a president who doesn't seem to care.

Every state Trump goes to it leaves a trail of coronavirus, why Trump tells you to be fearless and live with the virus. Trump has not took the Oath of being the president serious, the promises he made to the people was all fake promise. One of the worst things of all is that the president has basically made a joke out of a Virus out of a deadly virus that continue to kill. Trump is guilty of being the worst president in History.

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Maxine Daniels Foster (author) from Boston MA on October 31, 2020:

The coronavirus is no joke and should be taken serious by everyone. This virus effects you mentally and physically leaving you live a life of fear. It's time to obey the rules and regulation and medical exerts and wear our masks, social distance ourselves from a group of people. It's hard not to interact with our family and friend but we are going against a virus that have dominated the Entire world. JMD

Maxine Daniels Foster (author) from Boston MA on October 30, 2020:

Trump thinks that he is untouchable as long as he as long as he is the president. He will continue lying and feeding his supporters the wrong answer. Supporters one day you will see that President doesn't care about you. JMD,

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