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A Speculation About Pandemic Ending -- Placebo Replacing Nocebo Effect?


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And Then One More Bubble Got Busted

And Then One More Bubble Got Busted

Beliefs have the power to create and the power to destroy.

-- Anthony Robbins

The Power of Placebo and Nocebo Effect

First things first -- nothing in the entirety of this post is insisting on being taken for more than a speculation -- albeit it's oftentimes hard to tell it apart from facts, which will be proven as we go along.

So, let's start by giving a simple definition to placebo and nocebo effects, with their opposite impacts on our health. In a classical explanation, your good doctor diagnosing your issue as being "all in your head", prescribes a sugar pill, upon which you get well, simply by trusting the authority. Or, by your own generated positive expectation of a good outcome, you produce the same effect.

Nocebo, just like placebo, may be started by your doctor, who gave you a devastating prognosis which you believe -- with the fatal results following. While that doesn't sound one bit like a nice thing to scare you like that, well, doctors are instructed not to spare you from truth -- at least a truth that statistically looks correct to them.

And similar to placebo, you can literally scare yourself to death with your own dark imagination causing yourself a prolonged stress, which doesn't have to be a reflection of a true threat to your health at all.

At this point we can start seeing a possible connection between the world authorities' daily advertisement of corona virus and the public state of health as a result of that nocebo.

For a sole purpose of a speculation, let us think for a moment of a hypothetical scenario in which the world authorities -- through their constant tool, the media -- suddenly announced that the whole danger is over.

Think of it in terms of this sudden placebo replacing nocebo, with world celebrating that lifting of the constant deadly threat. No masks to be seen around, everything being back to normal, people hugging and shaking hands again, businesses being reopen.

But, what you don't know is the point of the hypothetical character of that announcement -- that it's false, like it is with sugar pills which look like legit medications.

Now, how many of you are saying: "So what? How our thoughts matter at all with the real presence of a deadly virus?"

Well, let's see.

Microscope -- Oftentimes an Instrument of Guesswork

Microscope -- Oftentimes an Instrument of Guesswork

Isn't that a bit unnerving that doctors call what they do "practicing"?

-- George Carlin

Trusting Authority May Be Hazardous to Your Health

The internationally renowned cellular biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton, in one of his many You tube videos clearly says how our immune system, just supported by a normal life style and especially by not succumbing to fear, can beat any pathogen on its own. (See the video at the bottom of this post)

In the same one he mentions how massive doses of adrenaline are given to patients prior to organ transplant procedure, to suppress the immune system which is bound to reject the new organ.

Could I count on your seeing the relevance to our story here, because adrenaline is also the chief stress hormone -- now leaving it to you to figure what that prolonged stress caused by the media is doing to people's immune system.

Are you still not convinced that authorities' announcements can have such a detrimental effect on our health -- even if we don't remove the virus from the equation of this pandemic?

Consider that case in a small town where the sheriff radioed about a high reading of pathogens in water, which would make it necessary to add more chlorine to it. Not long after that announcement his telephone didn't stop ringing with multiple complains about a "disgusting taste of drinking water".

As it turned out, the technician responsible for that reading realized a mistake he had made, so no additional chlorine was put into water. So, what made that water so "disgusting"?

In 1938, then famed actor Orson Welles did that much mentioned radio broadcast of "War of the Worlds", depicting an invasion on earth by space people. That caused an incredible wave of public panic. Makes you think, doesn't it? Are people massively suggestible to such an extreme that they can't even tell apart reality from a radio program?

Could we, after all, give a benefit of the doubt to that holistic psychiatrist, Dr. Kelly Brogan MD, who "had the audacity" to contend that people are dying of fear, not of the virus?

When They Talked About "Love Bug" Did They Mean This?

When They Talked About "Love Bug" Did They Mean This?

Misinformation is a virus unto itself.

-- Brianna Kellar

If It's Airborne, We All Must Have Got It by Now

Indeed, could it be that the virus is not all that deadly as they are telling us -- albeit very infectious -- but just enough to push over the edge those with a preexisting condition, plus those who fell victims to their own strong nocebo effect?

In my own uneducated estimate, considering the fact that corona is allegedly airborne -- practically everybody got infected in all these months since the pandemic started. So it's not about how well we have been protecting ourselves that we are not sick, but how well our immune system is working.

As I am standing at the curb waiting for a green light to let me walk across -- with mask on my face I can smell someone's cigarette smoke on the other side of the road. I am practically smelling their breath -- so mask or not, I could also inhale their virus.

What I mean is that corona might as well be one of those many pathogens that we regularly host in our bodies, but inactive thanks to our immunity. So, people go to get tested for COVID-19, and they test positive, and the official numbers are growing with people being tested, not due to the nasty nature of the virus.

But now we would have to step into those murky waters of conspiracy theorizing, as it comes logically next thing to ask -- why all the hype?

All of the following can be found on Google, so I am not making anything up.

There is this very powerful organization called Global Preparedness Monitoring Board, or GPMB for short. Those within it are World Heath Organization, the World Bank, the Red Cross, few others, and with individuals of great influence like Bill and Melinda Gates, dr. Anthony Fauci, and dr. Tom Frieden.

Also being there, John Hopkins University, the main voice behind daily reports of all global testing positive and death cases, and majorly sponsored by Bill and Melinda Gates.

I found it interesting, although without much more supporting information, that the testing and diagnosing kits were already mass-produced in 2017, and 2018 -- although not labeled as for the use in coronavirus. They were so labeled only after the breakout of the pandemic.

Not familiar with the technical side of those kits, I am only spurred to ask one thing here -- how could those kits be made in advance to fit the specifics of corona later on -- while corona was for some months "not very understood virus"?

But then, there is this decision during the GPMB Geneva conference in September of 2019 (one month prior to public announcement about the outbreak of COVID-19) about "at least two systemwide trainings and simulated exercises to be conducted by the United Nations, including one covering the deliberate release of a lethal respiratory pathogen".

Now. let me assure you that the whole thing is way too smart as to come in some crazy transparency which would allow a layperson like myself to make some valid claims.

It simply looks strange to my instincts which are normally not calibrated to generate conspiracy theories..

If We "Followed the Money" For Our Answers -- to Some Strange Places We Would Come

If We "Followed the Money" For Our Answers -- to Some Strange Places We Would Come

Life is a shipwreck, but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats.

-- Voltaire

Let's Not Question Ethics in Any Ugly Scenario Possible

We may play all we want with the question of how ethical it would hypothetically be, for all those powerful players and governments sucked into their game, to mess with our minds and create a lethal intensity of a global nocebo effect.

But, like the wise man always says -- let's follow the Big Buck; and if we do that, we might as well see as both world wars and actually every one in the history of wars as doings of the Big Buck.

The big game is always about money, market, and political upper hand. And if both wars passed the test of morality under this or that name, what really prevents us to start seeing something at least unusual about this pandemic.

If your good heart has a problem seeing anything unethical there, maybe you'll recognize the power of the Big Buck with the FDA and Big Pharma not being liable for drugs that turn out deadly or damaging. And those over 300,000 yearly deaths caused by medical establishment in the USA alone also are not mentioned as a "crime" committed by those who are sworn to "heal and do no harm".

The 9/11 tragedy got a quick "official" explanation, with all that very convincing debunking being promptly swept under the rug. Like the statement coming from world's experts in metallurgy who challenged the theory of the planes' fuel being able to melt the skeleton of the buildings all the way down to the ground. That suggesting the theory of a well organized implosion. Plus the mystery of that unattached building 7 which went down without being hit by planes.

This is merely a little illustration aside of the main theme, pointing at the power of the authorities to make claims that are not to be challenged, and not to investigate any further.

We all got so used to the daily conditioning by the media making it "true" for us that we are dealing with a deadly virus, with the only "godsend possible" coming from a vaccine.

Is that to stay as just another of so many lies that we have been fed -- with all our cultural paradigm actually being a good mix of placebos and nocebos?

To Believe or Not to Believe Is the Question

To Believe or Not to Believe Is the Question

Vaccination evokes strong opinions and emotions. Some are grateful and relieved to get vaccines. Others are angry and resentful about vaccination mandates.

-- Louise Kho Habakus

Could Vaccine Be a Sugar Pill?

But, what if the vaccine is to be just a placebo, after which everybody's immune system is to get so strong that otherwise so-so lethal virus becomes quickly a matter of the past.

With authorities not always playing fair games with the population of the world, could we see it as a big business venture? I mean, there are drugs that "some" people need "some" of the time -- but this vaccine would be needed by the complete world's population. Can you imagine the astronomical profit from it?

By the usual laws of increasing the market's demand for a product with a good advertising -- what's a better advertising for vaccine than a massive and prolonged fear mongering?

Remember, it all started as a non-airborne virus affecting almost exclusively the old folks. Then the advertisement was building up the need for a vaccine by including those in their 50's. Then, after so many months during which it was somehow "unnoticeable" to science -- the virus became airborne. Then it started affecting kids for the first time in months after being pronounced airborne.

That's how you build up the need for your product, by not allowing the people to "develop tolerance" to the initial news.

So, what if the vaccine is merely a "blank ammunition", a sugar pill, doing nothing but putting people's mind at ease and boosting their immunity, so that the relatively serious virus stops being anything of a threat.

Imagine the scenario of people rejoicing all around the world. Just like they did after the World wars, when nobody was in the mood to blame politicians for anything -- being just too happy for being alive.

There could be other elements of this need for this pandemic, beside money being that obvious one. Maybe it has something to do with a crisis in the world's monetary system, with the World Bank crying for a solution similar to that provided by world wars -- with another world war being impossible due to the presence of the nukes.

Maybe a partial economic standstill was a must, with the price of gold going sky-high just like it was the case before the both big wars -- which shook up the Stock Exchange market in ways that I am not smart enough to identify in all this.

Maybe Trump disturbed something in that system with the growing threats of an imminent de-dollarization of the world's market -- and now that he is about to step down, "it's the time for the corona to disappear".

Really, folks, who can be smart enough for all this CHL, which is my private short for "crap at the highest levels"?

I hope this post at least entertained some of you, if not added to your own suspicions, or collided with something down to earth in you which simply says: "It's a virus and people have been dying from it -- and now let's get a vaccine, get well, and move on -- no conspiracy theorizing necessary."

Which is fine with me either way, I am not "defending an academic dissertation " here -- just playing with some placebos and nocebos.

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