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A Salt Water Flush Detox for Cleansing

There are various methods of cleansing our systems. An enema or colonic will concentrate on cleansing the colon of wastes. A salt water flush will accomplish this but also it will flush out your entire system.

A Salt Water Flush for Cleansing

A Salt Water Flush for Cleansing

While performing a flush, you will also be detoxifying your kidneys and liver. These are two very important organs our body needs in order to purge toxins out. To prepare yourself for a salt water flush, it is a good idea to fast the night before. The evening prior to your flush, abstain from eating after 4:00 PM.

For best results, start to perform the flush immediately upon waking after you have fasted. Since performing this type of flush requires drinking large amounts and purging, it is a good idea to plan to be close to bathroom facilities all day on the day you do the flush. Ideally, a day off or a weekend would work the best.

Here is a simple salt water flush recipe. Everything you need to prepare the flush can be found right in your kitchen. The recipe calls for a saucepan, purified water and sea salt. Preparation is simple. The steps are outlined below.

1. In a sauce pan, warm a quart of purified water over medium heat.

2. While the water is warming, add two teaspoons of sea salt to it and stir gently in order to dissolve the salt.

3. When you can see that the salt has dissolved into the water, give it a taste. It should have a flavor that is slightly salty. If it doesn't add a bit more salt.

4. Do not let the water boil or overheat. Once it is warm (not hot) pour it into a drinking mug.

5. Drink the water down quickly one glass at a time. But do not chug the water. This may cause vomiting. Drink a total of 2-3 glasses of salted water.

6. When you have finished drinking, massage your abdomen gently to assist in breaking up waste that has accumulated.

7. Between 15 minutes and 2 hours after the water is consumed, you should develop diarrhea. The water that you drink will pass right through your colon in order to expel out of your anus. You will not absorb the water that you drink.

You can accomplish many goals by performing this flush. In addition to the detoxifying effects, a salt water flush will help to purge Candida out of your system and cleanse it of any parasites. Keep in mind that a salt water flush should not be considered a standalone treatment. It should however, be used as an important compliment that can be highly effective.

When the flush is completed, it is a good idea to replenish the good bacteria you have lost. You can do this by taking a probiotic supplement.

A holistic practitioner is a good person to consult with in order to discuss the most appropriate method of cleansing that is suited for you.


Value on July 16, 2015:

how often to perform this salt water cleanse

Salt on November 14, 2014:

I just poured a bunch of sea salt into my water tonight and it tasted just like sea water. I've also done this many times. I think it's a rumor that it's dangerous. I mean, your body will tell you when to drink. I got thirsty afterwards yes, but I just drank more water (without salt) and am fine. I've done it many times in the past too. Don't believe the rumors that this is bad. I bet if you were stranded at sea for days you'd even be better off taking a sip of the salt water. I could be wrong, but I know you would die from dehydration. Maybe the sip of water would be enough to keep you alive, without being too much to actually kill you.

Rose Winebrenner on August 17, 2014:

I have been regularly practicing the salt water flush for over three years. I feel great as a result. Of course I back it up with regular water when I get thirsty. My skin glows and I have m

Aditya on August 13, 2014:

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Thank you for this post :) I haven't been doing a salt water flush but doing what is called the water cure. Its similar but you don't dissolve the salt in the water but For every 500 ml of water you dissolve 1/8 tsp of Sea salt not Table salt.. must be consumed.. It does cause an osmosis throughout the body but you need to make sure you consume enough water that's all :) good luck..

For more information check out

Bob on July 13, 2014:

People do this all the time, it's not dangerous. The salt water goes right through your system.

I've personally done the flush at least a dozen times, afterwards I got very thirsty, so I just drank some regular water.

Jake on May 02, 2014:

You can die but as long as you stay hydrated you'll be fine. Hospitals and homes alike have been using this remedy for years. STAY HYDRATED and all will be ok.

Rose on April 15, 2014:

Before you do this, DON'T, YOU CAN DIE OF DEHYDRATION FROM THIS. We do not drink seawater for the same reason. The salt will leech water from the rest of your body through osmosis, which causes the ill effects described. THIS IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU. Just drink more water. You can die from doing the above.

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