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The Most Destructive Sources of Injustice and Racism

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Will Breonna Taylor’s Family Receive Justice Now that Grand Jury’s Tapes Are Released?

Will Breonna Taylor’s family receive justice after she was killed in her home by a police officer? What source of information is revealed on those intriguing tapes from the Grand Jury? Answers were revealed on CBS This Morning by news anchorman Anthony Mason. He presented the story by stating, “Lawyers for #Breonna Taylor’s family are asking Kentucky‘s governor to appoint a new Special Prosecutor to reopen the case. That follows the release of recordings of grand jury proceedings on the Louisville police shooting that killed Taylor. The tapes have conflicting accounts of the police raid in March. One witness said, he heard officers knock and announce themselves before bursting into Taylor’s apartment. Taylor’s boyfriend who was with her in the apartment and a neighbor said they did not here that.”

News anchorwoman Gayle King of CBS This Morning also contributed by revealing, “The Grand Jury also heard a tape of Detective Myles Cosgrove interview twelve days after shooting. He told investigators he believed he fired about four shots. The evidence later showed he fired sixteen rounds including the bullet that killed Taylor. Kentucky Attorney General #Daniel Cameron says he did not recommend charges in Taylor’s shooting because he believed that the officers acted in self defense. One officer was charged with endangering a neighbor by shooting into that apartment next door.” The recordings were finally released to the dismay of the family as they heard conflicting reports by the officer that killed Breonna. Injustice is an understatement when all the evidence is revealed to help Taylor’s family see why her death was not considered in the Grand Jury‘s decision.

Adriana Diaz is a news correspondent for CBS as well. She previously presented information concerning a Grand Juror who wanted to come public concerning why they made that verdict. Diaz explained, “The Grand Juror who’s petitioning the court to speak publicly says, they wanted to talk about what might not be in those reports. Possible charges or defendants not presented. Protesters and Breonna Taylor’s mother, Tamika Palmer have not stop demanding justice. Especially after Kentucky General Daniel Cameron admitted he never recommended murder charges for Taylor’s death.“

Within Adriana‘s news story she featured Attorney General Cameron‘s explanation, “Utimately, our judgement is that the charge that we could prove at trial beyond a reasonable doubt was for one endangerment against Mr. Hankinson.” Adriana continued as she explained, “Former Detective Bret Hankinson faces three counts of one endangerment for shot fired into a neighbor‘s apartment. He has pleaded not guilty. In an exclusive interview with WDRB TV Cameron said, “While some feel justice was not served, the facts won out. l cannot fashion the facts in such a way to meet a narrative that in many ways had already been put out there.”

The Taylor family attorney #Ben Crump made this plea, “We will continue to ask for full transparency.” Adriana went on to explain that Taylor’s family attorney Ben Crump says, “The upcoming release of the Grand Jury release is one small step toward justice.“ Now that these tapes have been released we will see. Attorney Crump made this thought provoking statement, “We at least want to know that it’s equal justice under the law for black people as victims not only when black people are accused of crimes.”

Adriana Diaz continued the news report concering the other two officers, “The other two officers‘ shots at Taylor including the bullet that killed her, Myles Cosgrove and Jonathan Mattingly were not indicted on any charges. Kevin Glogower, the attorney for the annonymous juror who wants to speak out says, His client felt compelled to take action after how Cameron presented the Grand Jury findings last week.“ During a press conference with Daniel Cameron and Kevin Glogower who said, “It would be more dangerous to set a precedent to not disclose everything to the public that you’re allowed to.”

Diaz also interviewed incoming Intern Police Chief Yvette Gentry, “The first woman in that role says one of the first orders of business is regaining trust.” Gentry stated with confidence, “l think you have to acknowledge that some of the reasons why they don’t trust it is because some of the basic information has been skewed and l understand what it feels like to be angry and neutralized and upset both from what the protesters are feeling and the officers as well.”

Gayle King commented at the end of the news story by stating, “Yeah. But the fact that this juror said l want to speak. I want the public to know exactly what we saw or maybe didn’t see, is very, very important.” It is all of our sincere prayers that justice will prevail not only in this case but that everyone who is being mistreated will receive justice. This can only happen through the wonderful promises offered to us through God’s Kingdom that Jesus taught us to pray for at Matthew 6:9,10. That is where my only hope for true justice remains.

A Raisin in the Sun is a masterpiece that proves the destructiveness of prejudices. This video is presented on youtube.

The Revised Play “A Raisin In the Sun” Depicted Harsh Racism Within Housing Market

A Raisin in the Sun, was a powerful revised play on Broadway, with the starring role played by Academy Award winner, #Denzel Washington. During an interview with Robin Roberts of Good Morning America, Washington explained the struggles of his character Walter Younger. "He is struggling as a driver in 1959. He is taking his boss to places he got to see but is not a part of it." Washington's character, imagines how the white boys talked about million dollar deals that he desired to be able to do one day". The award winning author Lorraine Hansberry, wrote this masterpiece. "What happens to a dream deferred, does it dry up like a raisin in the sun." Walter Lee Younger, the lead character is devastated to see that his son has to sleep on the sofa in the living room. Washington's character Walter Younger, is thirty five years old and has been married for more than eleven years. He has completely loss his dignity due to the treatment Younger has received as a black man in America. Although this was a drama on Broadway, in New York, the issues of racism and prejudice persist as a devastating practice by people all over the world. No matter where we live in the world prejudice exist, wherever humans are.

In the June 2013 Watchtower magazine this comment and questions were featured, "Despite the prevalence of prejudice, however, most people are quick to condemn it. This truly is a paradox. How could something so disliked be at the same time so widespread? Evidently, many who disapprove of prejudice fail to recognize it in themselves. Could that be true of you? How would you answer that question?" Detecting prejudice within our heart can be difficult. The Bible states: "The heart is more deceitful than anything else." (Jeremiah 17:9, Holman Christian Standard Bible) As imperfect humans, we may try to convince ourselves that we are tolerant of all different types of people. But are we really?

What does the word prejudice mean? Researchers have struggled with the definition over the years. Some express it as, "A negative attitude or feeling toward an individual based solely on that individual's membership in a certain group. Others say that this attitude is based on 'insufficient information which leads to the prejudgment of members of a group. Whatever the case, prejudices can be formed against another person because of his race, weight, gender, language, religion, virtually any perceived difference." The negativity that surrounds prejudices is extremely detrimental to its victim.

#Prejudice and racism, has affected and continues to affect people of all walks of life. Jesus Christ, was the only perfect man who walked the earth and he experienced vicious prejudice. Jesus was looked down upon by the religious leaders due to jealousy, lack of humility and greed. Eventually, these horrible tendencies by the religious leaders caused them to spread lies about Jesus and even plotted to put him to death. "When he was being insulted, he did not threaten, but he entrusted himself to the One who judges righteously." ( 1 Peter 2:23) New World Translation Of The Holy Scriptures What a perfect response to the negative actions of prejudice and racism. Once again, racism and prejudices, can bring out the worst in each of us. Therefore, we should work diligently to completely eliminate these feelings. Below is the poem, A Raisin In the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry which is the origin of this play that was "produced on Broadway shortly before her death in 1964; . . .When A Raisin in the Sun premiered in 1959, it was the first play by an African-American woman to be produced on Broadway."

A Raisin in the Sun

What happens to a dream deferred

Does it dry up

Like a raisin in the sun?

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Or fester like a sore -

And then run?

Does it stink like rotten meat?

Or crust and sugar over -

Like a syrupy sweet?

Maybe it just sags

Like a heavy load.

Or does it explode?

Prejudice and racism, are cowardly sources of manipulation that can cause a person to take away or defer the dreams of another. The victim of racism, can fester or cause resentment because they feel helpless, due to skin color which they cannot change. We are not our hair or the color of our skin but a magnificent creation, called #human beings that caused even the angels to applaud when man was designed by our Grand Creator. We are "wonderfully made," which should cause admiration rather than criticism and judgment based on prejudices.

The award winning mini series "Separate But Equal."

"Their goal was to get equal schools," said Sydney Poitier, who played the role of Thurgood Marshall, in the Academy Award winning mini-television series, Separate But Equal. In 1991, this movie depicted the landmark Supreme Court desegregation case Brown vs Board of Education. This decision had a tremendous effect on the education of millions of black children in the south. I was one of those children.

The second video featured in this article, captivated my attention and tore at my heart, as I researched information on prejudice and racism. Intriguing points are revealed which explain how "Separate but equal was a legal doctrine in United States constitutional law that justified and permitted racial segregation, as not being in breach of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution which guaranteed equal protection under the law to all citizens, and other federal civil rights laws. Under the doctrine, government was allowed to require that services, facilities, public accommodations, housing, medical care, education, employment, and transportation be separated along racial lines, provided that the quality of each group's public facilities was equal. The phrase was derived from a Louisiana law of 1890, although the law actually used the phrase 'equal but separate.'"

A confirmation for state-sponsored segregation was given in the Plessy v. Ferguson of 1896. These segregation laws "emboldened segregation states during the Jim Crow era, which had commenced in 1876 and replaced the Black Codes, which had restricted the civil rights and civil liberties of African Americans with no pretense of equality during the Reconstruction Era." These laws took away every legal and human right for black Americans, especially people in the south. I was born and raised in South Carolina. We had worn books that were passed from local white schools down to us. As a young black girl, In order to receive an education at a segregated black elementary school, we walked more than six miles daily. My single mother had no money to buy a vehicle and buses were not available for black children. This continued until I was in about fifth grade. Regardless, of the weather conditions, we walked to school, in order to receive an education. I was innocent as a child in the south, because I knew nothing about the color of my skin being a problem for some people. I can recall, the designated signs for blacks and whites on water fountains, stores, hospitals and restaurants in the sixties. After the desegregation law was passed, our schools were integrated in 1971. Finally, black and white children were allowed to be educated together. Our school facilities were improved, as well as our books and educational process.

A Solution For the Problems of Racism and Prejudice

Genuine love, is clearly the solution. True Christianity, taught by our Grand Creator, Jehovah God which was clearly demonstrated by his son Jesus Christ, while on earth. Our Heavenly Father, gave us his thoughts, through his word the Bible. In an article entitled, Love Conquers Prejudice, this suggestion is given, " A new form of religious community appeared for the first time in history: not a nation celebrating its patriotic cult, but a voluntary group, in which social, racial and national distinctions were transcended: men and women come together just as individuals, before their god."- A History of Christianity, by Paul Johnson. This description was given about Jehovah's Witnesses as a religious group. We must learn to live together "in true peace and unity." That is the only way love will conquer, prejudice and racism.

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