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A Nurse's Touch

The touch of compassion...

When in a place where most things you cannot do, laying there helpless, barely able to move; nothing seems to matter as much, as a single gesture made, of a nurses caring touch.

If she knows you, that’s fine, if she doesn’t, that’s fine too; she’s there to encourage, when a family can’t be; she takes their place for a fleeting moment of time, and makes you happier, by her nurse’s simple touch.

Does she know, does she care that you need her, someone to assure you that things are going to be all right, that you will sure get better? The sky will get brighter, maybe in just one more day, by the hope she inspires, through a tender brief touch.

No more will you see her, as you leave her special place, no longer do you really need her, perhaps others do; though you’re glad to go home, still you’re sad when you leave; for long will you think of… a nurses special touch.


My daughter had to spend several weeks in the hospital as a young child. We found that the care and compassion of her nurses was awesome, in that they really cared! Some time after that, I had to spend a month in the hospital waiting to get well, and the brief but caring touch of the nurse was what I needed.

May 5, 1995

Rebecca Lynn Jones

My youngest Daughter, after fighting a long battle with Auto-immune syndrome, lymes disease, and uncontrollable mononucleosis, passed away on Jan 4, 2016, at the University of Washington State, Seattle Washington. Her mother Kem stayed with her the last 3 months before an infection suddenly entered her heart and brought a sudden death. IN the 3 months before she passed some wonderful things happened and Rebecca was an inspiration to the hospital staff and cheered whatever room she entered. She made her inner-heart preparations to meet her future through what we believe were the doors to heaven. She surely will be in Angels presence and Gods presence on that side of the vail of tears.. WE LOVE YOU REBECCA!

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Rebecca Lynn

Rebecca Lynn

© 2012 Oscar Jones


Oscar Jones (author) from Monroeville, Alabama on April 21, 2012:

yes... my daughter was the one that inspired this poem.. well, maybe when I had shoulder surgery as well..

Laura L Scotty from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on April 21, 2012:

Thank you for reminding me to thank the nurse who took the time to care for an elderly lady's need to bathe. Not only did she bathe me she did it with massaging gentle hands that just made my day.

Catherine Tally from Los Angeles on April 21, 2012:

Oscar, What a beautiful tribute to the caring hands of nurses! Even in the rushed and understaffed hospitals of today, nurses still leave lasting impressions of kindness and nuturing.

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